1.52 Poker Face

Micah watched the sprite floating in the air before him. In spite of what he knew about them, he found their presence strangely calming.

He sometimes wondered if Cordelia’s memory of her mother’s death was skewed somehow, if it really was the fae that killed her mother as she believed. She was only a child then, after all. And perhaps replaying a memory over and over in one’s mind made people misinterpret it somehow.

Then again, he knew his memory of Carys’s death rang true, as many times as he relived it in his head. He forced himself to shift his mind elsewhere.

Would he ever get used to this new reality of his? The fruit that gave him life in a similar way blood would. The strange relationship with Morgyn, with Cordelia tangled in. The Sylvan Glade sun that only gently stroked his skin instead of burning it to crisp… No, the sun he could never get used to.

“You’re really quiet today,” the elf on his side commented. “I mean, you’re always quiet, but even for you..”

“Sorry. I’m not exactly renown as the world’s best company, I know.” Micah chuckled to himself dryly.

“It’s ok.” Dandelion replied with a slight shrug. “Any company is good company.”

 Micah studied the elf’s face for a moment. Was that why Dandelion so eagerly welcomed the sprites at every possible occasion, he mused? As a vampire, he was no stranger to loneliness, but he couldn’t recall anyone who seemed as lonely as Dandelion. It didn’t make a lot of sense.

“Cordelia is at this end of summer bonfire festival thing with Morgyn,” he explained to the elf. “I’m sure she’ll swing by soon, though.”

“I dunno, she’s not been here much lately.” Dandelion said. “She spends a lot of time with Morgyn, or, well, you. Only comes over when neither of you are around. I see you a lot more than her these days.”

Of course, Micah was in Sylvan Glade on most nights – he had to come for the fruit, and he often lingered for the sun. Spending time with Dandelion was a mere by-product of those things. He couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt.

“I’ll speak to Cordelia.” He said to ease his conscience.

Dandelion shook his head. “No. I mean, I want her to come over because she wants to, not because she thinks she has to. It’s not like I didn’t expect it, anyway.”

“Expect it?” Micah tilted his head, wondering what the elf meant by that.

“Nobody stays here. Lulu didn’t… so why would Cordie?”

“Why do you stay?” Micah asked.

Dandelion looked stumped for a moment. “It’s my home. I’ve lived here as long as I can remember. I like it here. Why leave?”

Perhaps he had a point, Micah thought. Not everybody was on a run from their past, after all. Besides, if the saturated beauty of Sylvan Glade was all Dandelion had ever known, how could the rest of the world compare?

“Fair enough.” Micah nodded, deciding to leave it at that that.

He made a mental note to spend more time with the elf deliberately. After all, he owed him everything, possibly even the fact he was still alive. Micah wasn’t sure if he would have found the strength to go on without the fruit. Nobody he knew had given him as much as Dandelion did, and yet, the elf asked for nothing in return.

And he hadn’t been the only one who benefitted from Dandelion’s generosity. Micah’s eyes landed on the sprites. He wasn’t sure Cordelia even realised what the elf was doing for her. Maybe he could change that, to repay Dandelion in some small way.


Cordelia’s mind was still on the festival. She was drunk on all the time she got to have the sage to herself. The summer had been… blissful.

Or as close to blissful as one could get when they had to share their lover with someone else. Still, on days like these, it was easy to pretend Morgyn was hers alone. Who would have thought this would be her life when she first came to Glimmerbrook a year ago?

Yes, there had been some minor hiccups at the festival, namely, seeing all the people she didn’t feel all that comfortable with seeing.

Darrel Charm, looking stupidly content with his wife. Apparently all three of the sages attended the Charm wedding, but neither Cordelia or Micah were particularly keen on being Morgyn’s date for that particular occasion.

Cordelia couldn’t even fathom going back to the Hex Shop after the events of that night when the mob of spellcasters showed up at their door. It wasn’t like she needed that job anymore, they had everything they could possibly need in the house, didn’t they?

But it wasn’t just her former employer – and his annoying bratty sister that kept shooting her death stares – who Cordelia had to face at the bonfire. What hurt even more was seeing her former co-worker, and former friend.

Grace kept looking towards her; a few times, Cordelia almost thought the spellcaster was going to approach her, but in all of the instances, either her awful friend Tomax interfered, or Cordelia managed to dodge her attempts – luckily, Morgyn was more than happy to whisk her away…

“Earth to Cordelia.” Micah’s voice brought her back to the present. “Your turn.”

She stared at the cards in her hand. Micah had been trying to teach her poker for a while. She was not particularly good at the game.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about… uh, nothing.” She stopped herself midway through the sentence.

“Nothing is a pretty distracting concept.” Micah teased her, nodding in a mock-serious way.

“I…” She searched her mind for an excuse, but couldn’t come up with anything. “I was just thinking about my date with Morgyn. Sorry. I didn’t mean to… I know you don’t want to hear about that… I’ll just… can I get a card?”


Cordelia glanced at the new card and groaned inwardly. She didn’t have the luck needed for this game.

Micah looked amused. At least he didn’t seem to care about her mention of her time with Morgyn. But of course he wouldn’t. Micah knew how to keep his cool, didn’t he?

“You really need to work on your poker face, Cordelia.” The vampire told her.

“What can I say, I’m just not that good at lying. Surely that’s a good thing.” She pouted at him.

“Not always. You know, like when playing poker.” He chuckled softly. “I mean, most people have a tell, but you’re not even trying to bluff. Maybe we need to simplify, have a go without the cards.”

Cordelia was confused. “Without the cards? What do you mean?”

“Poker’s not really about the cards anyway.” Micah told her. “How about this, tell me one thing that’s true, and one lie, and I’ll guess which is which.”

She didn’t see that coming. “I… I don’t know.”

Micah watched her as if she was incredibly entertaining. “You can’t come up with a lie, can you?”

She couldn’t, really. But equally, what truth could she tell him that he didn’t know already? He’d had a look inside her mind back when he fed on her, surely he knew all of her secrets already… not that she had any.

“No,” she cleared her throat. “It’s the truth part that’s harder.”

The vampire let out a laugh. “Oh come on, that’s clearly the lie. You couldn’t even lie about daydreaming about Morgyn just now.”

She felt the blood rushing in her face – good thing Micah’s found a way to control that thirst of his somehow these days, she thought.

“I am sorry about that… I didn’t mean to gloat. I know that even the thought…” Not any better, Cordelia, she scolded herself. “Um, maybe you should go first, and I’ll do the guessing?”

“Ok.” Micah agreed. “One truth, one lie.”

She looked at him expectantly.

“It doesn’t bother me when you spend time with Morgyn.” Micah volunteered the first statement.

He looked completely at ease and sounded so sincere she had to believe him. Apart from that niggling part in her heart that knew how taxing the situation was for her. So how could it be so easy for him? Could he be lying? Cordelia wasn’t sure. Until he offered the second fact, that was.

“And your friend Dandelion is completely smitten with you.”

“What?” She snorted out. “It’s not really a game if you don’t make them both believable! It’s obvious which one of those is the lie!”

“Got me, I guess.” He smirked. “But speaking of Dandelion, when was the last time you’ve seen him?”

Cordelia hesitated. She actually couldn’t recall. “Uh… can’t have been that long ago.”

Micah gave her a funny look. “I think we’ve already established you’re a terrible liar. He misses you, you know. And that’s the truth, in case you were wondering.” He added.

“I didn’t mean to avoid him. I just sort of… got distracted. I didn’t realise how long it’s been.”

Micah shook his head. “You don’t need to justify it, not to me, at least. Just talk to him. Maybe he won’t have proclamations of undying love for you, but there might just be a thing or two you’ve been missing.”

She felt terrible. “I’ve been a pretty crappy friend, haven’t I?” She sighed. “Truth, that one.”

“I’m not judging.” The vampire said. “Can’t exactly say I have friends myself.”

Cordelia hadn’t really thought about that. Micah was the handsome vampire, the one who would always make her look inadequate in Morgyn’s eyes, because he was so damn perfect. He always knew what to say, and was always so impossibly kind to her. Even when both of them were at their lowest, in their pursuit of reviving Morgyn, he had been there for her…

“That one’s a lie.” She told him. “You do have friends. Because we’re friends… aren’t we?”

For once he actually seemed stumped for words. For a brief moment, he just stared at her before finally managing to speak.

“I guess we are.”


Cordelia couldn’t quite recall the last time she’d been to Sylvan Glade. It couldn’t have been that long, could it? She’d been so busy…

Although perhaps buys was not quite the right term, she had to admit. She no longer had a job to worry about, so technically, she should have had plenty of her mind, but her mind had been elsewhere. Which is perfectly normal in a new relationship, she affirmed with herself.

She didn’t see Dandelion anywhere, but she could hear the sound of the violin from the waterfront.

There he was, playing his music, surrounded by sprites. Was this another one of those times when he had them over to distract them?

She knew he’d done that a handful of times, but of course, he would have no idea what it was like to be with them almost constantly, like… Cordelia racked her brain to think of the last time the sprites had paid her a visit. The night after her and Micah revived Morgyn, when the angry spellcasters showed up at the door, she remembered.

After that, they barely made an appearance all summer. And before that…

“Cordie!” Dandelion noticed her, abruptly putting the violin away. “Is everything ok?”

“Of course it is, why wouldn’t it be?” She asked. At the back of her head, Cordelia knew the answer, but she didn’t really want to.

“I just figured… oh, wait, I’ll get rid of the sprites!” Dandelion exclaimed, interrupting his own train of thought.

“Oh no, it’s fine.” She said quickly, feeling guiltier by the minute. “Have you been distracting them again?”

“Maybe…” He smiled sheepishly, as if she caught him in the middle of something he wasn’t supposed to do.

“Dandy… do you do that often?”

“It’s no big deal.” He shrugged the question off. “I don’t mind them, really, you know that.”

“I know, but… you don’t have to do that.” Cordelia told him. “I… I have realised I’ve not been a very good friend lately.”

Ok, perhaps it was Micah that made her realise, and perhaps ‘not a very good friend’ was putting it mildly, she cringed inwardly. But one step at a time.

“Oh, don’t worry. You’re busy, I understand.” The elf replied brightly.

The same excuse she’d just given herself coming into the glade. The same excuse she knew was just that, an excuse.

“I’m not that busy.” She admitted. “I know I mess up sometimes. But I’ll do better, I promise.”

And this time, she would… wouldn’t she?

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  1. Oh, poor Dandy. Cordelia was mad at L Faba for never visiting, now Cordelia is doing the same thing. Morgyn is a bad influence on her; she is neglecting her friends for them. I guess a sort of get it, her relationship is still new and many people will give up time with friends to spend time with their SO. But I do think she is spending way too much time with Morgyn and needs to spend more time with Dandy. He has been very helpful, and unlike Morgyn, he doesn’t do things to be manipulative or show off, he truly cares about her and doesn’t care if he gets anything in return. Dandy, your poor heart is being broken and you don’t even realize it.

    Ah, so it does bother Micah that Cordelia and Morgyn spend so much time together. This open relationship the three of them have is doomed to failure. No one is communicating, and this is the first time Micah has voiced his opinion, but he phrased it so Cordelia didn’t know for sure if he was lying or truthful. Yep, I don’t have high hopes for this threesome lasting long, and I see a huge fight, or at least misunderstanding, between the three of them and lots of heartbreak.

    I also feel bad for Tomax (probably an unpopular opinion). Morgyn broke his heart and is now flaunting Cordelia around. Yeah, I’d be a little angry too. Grace is his friend, so she is probably caught in this weird middle area. I also feel like she probably feels betrayed by Cordelia. Cordelia is friends with a vampire that feasted on Tomax in front of her, and now she can’t do anything because Morgyn threatened her and the other spellcasters.

    Man, this is a giant mess and Cordelia is alienating herself from the townspeople by being with Morgyn and going around as if nothing happened. I do think this chapter really highlights Cordelia’s selfish tendencies. On the other hand, she’s had a hard life, so maybe she feels like for the first time she has felt happy or accepted. I still think Morgyn is horrible for her, her actions are showing that, but she’s too blinded by love to see the full picture.

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    1. I guess we don’t always recognise the behaviour we dislike in others when we’re exhibiting it ourselves… But yes, poor Dandy. At least he has Micah to hang out with now, right? Right? Ok, it’s not exactly the same.

      Haha that’s one optimistic prognosis. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. My poor, poor characters…

      Tomax definitely has a good reason to be upset. he got attacked by a vampire, tried to prevent that from happening to others, and never got any justice for it. Seeing Morgyn with Cordelia, the person that defended the vampire is probably not great either, though I’d imagine that he has much more of a problem with Morgyn seeing said vampire. And his friend Grace didn’t even fully stand behind him when it came to it… lots of salt rubbed in those wounds, yes. And yes, Grace probably feels betrayed by Cordelia, and Cordelia feels betrayed by Grace. Good times all around…

      Well, it was the townsfolk that came pretty close to ending Cordelia. I guess her options are hide away or pretend everything is fine, and we all know how Cordelia acts in the face of trauma… Though I doubt she’d be venturing out much on her own, without Morgyn.

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  2. Aw Dandy noooo! Poor Dandy. It’s so telling where Cordy’s priorities lie in this chapter. And Dandy had done so much for her and almost got snacked on by Verena for her. And that bit where he said LFaba didn’t stay so why would Cordy. The poor elf. Cordy get ahold of yourself. 😫

    Im surprised at Micah’s truth/lie statement. Did he give her two truths? One lie, one truth? So her hanging with Morgyn bothers him?

    Im glad Micah reminded her of Dandy. Cordy has gotten herself in a dangerous situation there. Completely dependent on Morgyn on living conditions without job or her own means of surviving. Its nice to be cared for and to be able to rely on someone for once but the way she framed her thoughts, she really believes it to be long term when Morgyn is as fickle as a candlelight. 😥 she and Micah are so dependent on Slyvan Glade and Dandy for survival it’s insane.

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    1. Cordelia hasn’t really been prioritising Dandy for a while now, unfortunately. At least she’s kind of realised that now.

      One lie, one truth. Technically we already got some of Micah’s thoughts on Cordelia and Morgyn spending time together back in the chapter where Morgyn told him they were taking Cordelia to Selvadorada. Err, I meant to say, Micah is a cold, cold vampire and nothing bothers him. Yep.

      I’m glad you point out the job thing! You’re right, dangerous territory there. Although in her defence, I can understand why she wouldn’t be so keen on working for the Charms after what happened in the last chapter, and Glimmerbrook is a small place, not exactly many employment opportunities around, especially for a non-spellcaster.


  3. At least Micah recognizes something precious when he sees it. I’m not angry with Cordelia for ignoring Dandy what are you talking about. Now excuse me while I whisk him away to the precious cinnamon roll demi-plane where Cordelia can’t hurt him by forgetting about his darling existence. >=(

    Ouch, and that line from Dandy… “Any company is good company.” Gah. My heart. Plumbob why do you do this to me. xD Dandelion is so good to both of them. The fruit for Micah, the sprites for Cordelia, and that whole unconditional love thing he’s got going on. But he’s so sweet that it’s easy to take him for granted. And he still doesn’t realize that he fancies Cordelia, the poor darling. I like how Micah wants to spend more time with Dandy now. He’s a good guy.

    Once again Morgyn seems to be getting everything they want, while nobody else is happy. Not Cordela, not Micah and, by association, not Dandelion. I think this is the most selfish we’ve seen Cordelia act yet. Maybe it’s because Morgyn is with her that she braved seeing the townspeople, but, well, they did resolve to attack her in order to get to Micah. That doesn’t just go away. And even Micah doesn’t seem happy to have Morgyn spend time with Cordelia and not him. Gah, what is it about Morgyn that has everyone bending over backwards to please them?

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    1. Oh good, I’m glad you’re fine with it 😀

      I’m sorry. It’s as you say, Dandelion gives a lot and asks for nothing in return, easy to fall into taking that for granted. Doesn’t make it ok, though.

      Yes, I’m not so sure Cordelia would be venturing out to seeing the townspeople without Morgyn at her side, that’s for sure. Living in Glimmerbrook will probably never feel the same for her again. But there’s not a chance of her leaving it now, is there?

      Gah, what is it about Morgyn that has everyone bending over backwards to please them?

      It’s probably their taste in lingerie 😛

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  4. Hi, ThePlumbob! I haven’t replied earlier, but I did read all fifty-two chapters so far! 🙂

    About the chapter(s), I can tell Cordelia is very, very naive. I guess it’s because her mother didn’t teach her a lot about the outside world(?) and didn’t really get a chance to do so when she passed away. (That’d be like one of my main characters, in fact. 😥 ) So I guess she has all these romantic fantasies with Morgyn even though they also spend half of their time with Micah. I think she needs pure heartbreak to learn that Morgyn is too manipulative and a showoff and finally leave him. I’m sorry, but I’m saddened to see Cordelia falling into many traps of his. 😥 I feel like we need to rescue her now. Not questioning your plot, of course! 🙂

    As for the sprites, I’m curious to learn about where they came from and what kind of cult Cordelia’s mother was in. It seems like we’re focusing too much on bloody Morgyn here, XD. I’ll be patient, though, not that Morgyn is uninteresting or anything like that! 🙂

    Micah has a good heart, I can tell! I want at least him to have a happy ending! 🙂 I hope he also leaves Morgyn alone (after he gets his answers, anyway) since they are intent on a polyamorous relationship (which neither Cordelia or Micah are happy with)! Though things might change in the story, though. Maybe Morgyn learns from his mistakes and forgives them both? (Okay, that’s honestly a bit too far-fetched for his personality, haha!) Or maybe that snobby sister of Darrel’s will end up with him? Perhaps find out his true colors? 😀

    Also, I want to see Verena and what she thinks about Micah, Morgyn, Cordelia, Dandy and the other characters in the story. Will something unexpected happen and she crosses Morgyn on her hunting trip at nighttime? That might just be one example, though! Millions of things can happen at the rate this story is going! It’s exciting to wonder! 🙂

    The Charms and Grace and Tomax, they’re reacting towards Cordelia and her protective actions towards Micah really badly. I wonder if they do think she’s permanently mesmerized by him or something. (If that’s even possible? Haha!) And what about Emilia? She was nice to Cordie in the earlier chapters, but how did her attitude change towards her now? Did Darrel influence her somehow? I think Minerva is wise (she is a spellcaster from an older generation after all) so I think she has reason to think there’s something wrong with her. Though I can’t say that’s right, since she doesn’t know the entire truth. Nobody else knows the entire truth behind Micah’s past either, except for Cordelia, Morgyn and Dandy.

    Finally, Dandy. He is definitely a giver and not a taker or even a matcher (giver & taker)! He is too nice for his own good, though. He’s too easy to forget as well, and ends up alone again (like with L Faba). He does have the sprites for company, though! I hope at least Micah stays with him, since I think he’s a good person and is grateful for the plasma fruits! (Does he have anywhere better to go other than Sylvan Glade and Cordelia’s home?) I’m also curious to learn about his past with L Faba and his relations to others. Was he more happier in his past? And does he have any family?

    I have a TON of questions with this story! Looks like it’s at the climax so far! 🙂 Everything fits together in the story as well (along with some void where there’s supposed to be answers)! 🙂 I hope most of the questions gets answered eventually! 😀

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    1. Hi, thank you so much for reading, and for taking the time to comment! ❤ I love the amount of thought you've put into this, though I can't really go very in depth with my response because spoilers 🙂

      Cordelia definitely is naive, and yes, in part for the reasons you mention. Her becoming sort of shunned after her mother's death because of her "imaginary" sprites also plays a role.

      You know bloody Morgyn, they love being the centre of attention. Most of Cordelia's focus is on them, so we of course have to come along. Though I will say this was never meant to be just Cordelia's story 🙂

      Micah would definitely deserve a happy ending, I haven't quite decided if he'll get one. We'll have to wait and see.

      It's not the last we have seen of the Charm family. They have never been the main characters in this, but they will continue to have an influence.

      I know, Dandy is too precious, poor dear.

      I can't promise everything will be resolved so to speak, but you will get answers to most of your questions. The plan is for "season" 1 to have around 80 chapters, and I think by that point, you will be much wiser about the above. 🙂 Maybe one or two of those will spill over into season 2. But the vast majority of them will be answered. Of courses, chances are you may also have some new questions by that point 😀

      Thanks again for the lovely comment! 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome! 🙂 It’s a relief to know some things will be resolved! I don’t know why, but I always like the heroes to win and the villains to lose (even if it’s somewhat cheesy?), maybe it’s because I feel too much for them than I should? Haha! Either way, I’m excited to see how this story continues! 🙂

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        1. Haha, you will get answers, not so sure about resolutions 😅

          Makes sense, it’s natural to feel that way when you get invested 😊 Though you should know that I don’t necessarily believe in heroes and villains. We all consider ourselves the hero of our own story, after all.

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  5. Why am I always so much harder on Cordelia? I think Dandy is just too precious and I feel like he has to be protected at all costs. Every time we have a chapter with him in it, I’m reminded of how Cordelia and Morgyn are similar in the way they get wrapped up in themselves and their own pursuits and forget about others. Once Cordelia had other friends and the Sage and the sprites not bothering her, all of a sudden she was too busy for Dandy. Sigh.

    I’m more curious about the past relationship with L. Faba. When did she live there? Why did she leave?

    And I’m with Micah, I’m not so sure what happened to Cordelia’s mother was the sprites. I’ve been so focused on Morgyn, I kind of let that mystery go. But now that I think about it, I do find it a bit suspect!

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    1. Yeah, why are you much harder on Cordelia? 😆 I am too, so I could hypothesise, but I don’t know if your reasons are necessarily the same as mine. But yes, there’s definitely some commonality between Cordelia and Morgyn there. I’m a sucker for parallels. And yes, Dandy’s selflessness probably emphasises any contrast in the scenes that he’s in.

      Ooh, I can confidently promise that those questions will get answered by the end of season one 😊

      “I’ve been so focused on Morgyn, I kind of let that mystery go.”

      Haha, Cordelia can relate 😛 But no, I know what you meant, you were zoned in what Morgyn may be hiding. Hard to say, Cordelia is pretty set on her version of events. Even though so many people didn’t believe her, growing up.

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  6. I admit I’m a little lost here with Micah’s one truth, one lie.

    “It doesn’t bother me when you spend time with Morgyn.”
    “And your friend Dandelion is completely smitten with you.”

    We know the second one is definitely the truth, but the question is how much are the characters aware of it. Cory’s reaction suggests she believes the second one is a lie, therefore she must think the first one is true.
    Now I don’t know if Micah is aware of the fact that Dandy is into Cory, but since he’s not dumb and also seems to have bonded well with the Elf, I guess he knows it.
    Which would make the first one a lie, and also makes me wonder if he’s bothered because he is worried for Cory, or upset that Morgyn doesn’t invest more time to help him (both of these I seriously would prefer) or if he is hurt for not being Morgyn’s only target of affection. I assume the last one is correct, but I can’t help and wonder how Micah ended up there. Morgyn is all red flags (which Micah sees), and very little someone could actually like.
    And I don’t think the sad story from their childhood makes them any more likeable.
    They are cold, manipulating and selfish, and while their ambition and confidence surely is smh attractive, it is not enough to make up for the other things they lack. And Micah is very well aware of Morgyn’s personality.
    So, HOW could Micah end up being jealous of Cory? I don’t get it. He’s too rational for that.

    Cory tho v.v I hope she’ll finally realize and focus her attention on the people that deserve it.
    And probably need it much much more, than an arrogant Morgyn.

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    1. I see you got your answer about the truth and the lie in one of the further chapters already 🙂

      Technically this is not the first time that Micah’s thoughts about Morgyn spending time with Cordelia, we got a bit about it in the chapter where Morgyn told Micah they were taking Cordelia to Selvadorada, though what Micah said and what he thought was not necessarily in line there.

      Haha, I don’t know if Micah is that rational. He’s good at rationalising, whether he’s rational when it comes to relationships is a whole other thing (Is anyone rational when it comes to relationships anyway? 🙂 ). But interesting point. What do you think Micah might see in Morgyn? Presumably there ought to be something, given that he’s been with them for some time now.

      I will say again that Morgyn’s backstory isn’t intended to make them more likeable (I mean, everyone in this has an awful backstory, so it’s a level playing field in that respect, lol). It might, however, be something Micah can relate to, given his own past.

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      1. Yeah, but there it did indeed look as if Micah was worried more about Cory. Hmm.

        I also think being rational and having strong emotions do not exclude each other. But Micah always seemed like he preferred listening to reason than act on impulse, and if you’re used to take what you know into consideration, it is less likely to blindly fall for someone.
        I may not use the correct words here but I hope it is understandable what I meant x.x
        I do get that Micah may be intrigued or curious, and ofc he must like the attention.

        Oh and I meant likable for Micah, not us readers xD sometimes I type too fast

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        1. Don’t get me wrong, I did not say Micah doesn’t care about Cordelia. He generally cares more about people than he likes to admit (hey, clearly he even cares about Dandy to some level). If you think about his relationship with Cordelia, from the beginning, he sort of saw her as this “weak” human that needed protecting. I doubt he thinks Morgyn needs protecting. That might sway what levels of worry he will feel over who 🙂

          That’s true. And Micah does like to think of himself as preferring reason, although objectively we’ve also seen him act in ways that were not necessarily driven by logic alone. I do get what you mean. I’d just keep in mind that there may be discrepancies between his inner rhetoric and reality. Which is what I meant by he’s good at rationalising things for himself.

          I could definitely list what I think Micah might find attractive/appealing about Morgyn, but I’m not sure if I should because there’s no “right” way to interpret his feelings, per say, I try not to sway the readers too much haha. I definitely have different character biases than you, for instance 🙂

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  7. Poor Dandy… I guess it was easy for Cordelia to forget him since he lives in a tree. Out of sight out of mind? Still it’s kind of sad. And he isn’t even mad, he’s just so damn cheerful all the time even though he’s so lonely. I can’t imagine what that’s like.

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    1. Ah, poor Dandy breaks my heart, he’s too goo for these lot. Yes, he does have this way of still appearing somewhat upbeat even when he is all alone. I’ll stop talking about him because it makes me feel guilty about all this crap I put him through, my poor dear.

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  8. Time for random tidbits because everyone else has already done a thorough job of summarizing the dynamics!

    “I wonder if Cordelia’s misremembering the event that traumatized her for life… after all, the sprites look friendly and they haven’t bothered me. How could they do such a thing?”: I think I speak for many of us when I say, boy shut UP.

    That self-awareness, though, when rather than him ‘splaining the fallability of human memory and her own trauma back to her, he tells her exactly what she needs to hear in a constructive manner. And she, what, totally glosses over the implications of his feelings about the yee-yee-ass open relationship they’ve found themselves in?

    (Execution note: given the truth/lie construction, Micah’s feelings here were totally crystal clear and I appreciated that the narrative & dialogue didn’t explain further. Nice illustrative example of how to cater to a higher reading level in that experienced readers prefer less explanation.)

    Okay, okay, repeating one more thing people have said already. Cordelia’s not intending to keep that promise—I’ll be surprised if she visits the Friendzone of her own accord anytime soon.

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    1. I suppose having had his own traumatic experiences, he’s aware of the possibility of people blocking certain parts out, rather necessarily questioning if it happened. But certainly not his trauma to question in the first place, like you say.

      Ah yes, Cordelia doesn’t quite realise what he’s telling her about the yee-yee-ass open relationship (love that term 😀 ) because she is quite set in her won truths.

      Thank you!

      Lol, visiting the Friendzone, I’m dead 😂

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  9. ‘And perhaps replaying a memory over and over in one’s mind made people misinterpret it somehow.’ I’ve been thinking this may be the case since the beginning, actually, that maybe the memory is not exactly as Cordie remembers it. Having a friend in Dandy would do Micah good. At this point I wouldn’t mind going off to the Sylvan Glade and hanging with Dandy for a week too XD Cordie’s going through a lot but it’d benefit her to spend more time with Dandy. IMO, he is a good influence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The mind definitely works in funny ways, sometimes blocking out traumatic memories to make them more manageable. Plus things obviously seem a bit different from a child’s lersoective than they would to an adult. So who knows!

      Cordelia could definitely use more friends. Haha, holiday in Sylvan Glade for all!


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