1.54 Make Things Right

The sound of Cordelia and Dandelion’s chatter grew louder as Micah made his way downstairs. The vampire smiled to himself. He was glad those two were spending Harvestfest together, seemed like both of them needed that.

Ever since Morgyn told him about Dandy’s age, Micah looked at Cordelia’s relationship with the elf differently. It was definitely a good thing she didn’t believe him when he told her about Dandelion’s feelings; what good would have come of that? Still, it made some memories of his own resurface, long-forgotten mortal memories that had almost slipped his mind. A boy’s first crush…

Of course, this being Micah’s life, a smile would never stay on his face for long…

His body froze at the sight of the gnome in front of him. The glowing eyes, the scythe. It was all too familiar. It was odd how quickly his mind transported to his last day with the coven, him and Delphine staring at Verena, his decision solidifying… in some ways, it felt like a whole other life, but at the same time, he still remembered exactly how he felt back then. Cold. Dead inside.

Was Verena back to claim him? And why on earth where Dandelion and Cordelia completely at ease?

“You two better get out of here right now!” He yelled into the kitchen.

“What? Why?” Cordelia called over her shoulder. “The turkey’s in the oven, we can’t exactly up and leave…”

“The gnome- gnomes?” Micah corrected himself as he spotted another gnome on the kitchen counter, and yet another at Cordelia’s feet.

“Wait, you of all people are afraid of a few Harvestfest gnomes?” Cordelia giggled.

“Harvestfest gnomes?” Micah repeated, looking around the kitchen uncertainly.

“You weren’t too sure about them when you first saw them last year either, Cordie.” Dandelion turned from the cooking hobs, giving Micah an encouraging grin.

“I wasn’t scared of them.” Cordelia retorted. The egg she was holding slipped from her hand, falling right into the batter mixture with a loud crack. “Rats!”

“The gnomes come visit Sylvan Glade every Harvestfest.” Dandelion explained. “Seems they’ve ventured out a bit further this time.”

“Right.” Micah glanced back at the gnome with the glowing eyes. Didn’t seem to be changing or taking on a vampire form. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, then. After all, surely Verena would be back to her former appearance by now.

“Are you joining us for dinner tonight? There’s way too much food for just Cordie and me,” Dandelion said brightly. “Though I guess you wouldn’t be eating. I mean, I can run to Sylvan Glade quickly and pick up-“

“Sorry, I already have plans.” Micah interrupted the elf.

Naturally, Cordelia’s posture and expression changed in an instant. Micah felt a surge of guilt seeing her face fall like that.

“Micah is seeing Morgyn tonight, Dandy.” She said quietly.

“Oh. Right.” The elf looked at her uncertainly, his own smile wavering for a brief moment. “Do you… would you rather go with Micah and spend Harvestfest with Morgyn too, Cordie? I can stay on my own, I mean, the gnomes are here, so…”

“Oh god, Dandy, no.” Cordelia looked as if she wanted to disappear, but of course, Dandelion was oblivious to the cue, his grin returning.

“I best go.” Micah cleared his throat.

He hated this. All of it. Especially now, the more he got to know Cordelia. Best get out of her sight, stop the reminders. Hopefully, Dandelion would cheer her up, distract her.

The vampire sighed as he headed out, but he couldn’t help but glance back before leaving the house. It wasn’t the gnome his eyes lingered on now, though.


“I remember this place.” Micah noted as they sat down, looking around the Windenburg ruins. He still felt on edge, Cordelia’s face haunting him. He tried to turn his focus back to the date. “You took me here for Love Day.”

“That I did,” Morgyn nodded. “And this time, you won’t go hungry, what an upgrade… what exactly is the meal you brought? Some kind of fruit?” The sage dug into their own meal.

“The working name is plasma fruit,” Micah said evasively. “It’s… experimental.”

Micah still hadn’t shared any of the secrets of Dandelion’s Sylvan Glade gift with Morgyn, or anyone for that matter. He had assumed the sage would be curious how he’d tamed his thirst after all this time, but if they were, they never let it known.

“Hm.” As expected, Morgyn didn’t fish for any further detail. Perhaps this was their way of trying to get Micah to tell them more how he sustained himself. But perhaps not.

It was so hard to tell if Morgyn cared at all. This wasn’t one of Morgyn’s switched on, mesmerising moments like the one back at the magic realm cemetery. The sage seemed distracted, their mind clearly only halfway here. Or maybe it was him who was not present, still on edge from earlier.  Micah wasn’t sure. He just knew he had to say something.

“How much longer is this going to go on?” The words escaped Micah’s lips before he could stop them.

“I beg your pardon?” Morgyn stopped mid-bite.

“Don’t play coy with me.” Micah wasn’t in the mood for one of the sage’s games. “You know what I’m talking about. This whole mess – you, me, Cordelia… it’s been going on for too long.”

“I thought one of the few virtues of a vampire was patience.” The spellcaster said calmly.

“I thought by now you know me better than that.” Micah snapped back.

Morgyn sighed, putting their knife and fork aside. They looked directly into Micah’s eyes. “What is it you want, Micah?”

“I want you to choose. We can’t go on like this. I can’t go on like this. So choose, her or me.”

Micah hadn’t intended to be quite so blunt, but it all seemed to be pouring out now. No going back. No more poker face. No more games.

It was freeing in a sense. However the sage might respond, surely it would be easier to deal with than the current situation.

“Fine. I choose you.” Morgyn replied without hesitation.

The vampire blinked, incredulous. Felt like it took him longer to process the response than how long Morgyn took to make up their mind.

“You choose me?” He repeated. “Just like that? But…“

The sage frowned. “Micah, why is it so impossibly hard to make you happy?”

Their words eerily reminded him of Verena. Micah, always so miserable. Always the martyr. And all I do is try to make you happy… Her words rung in his head as if she was here. Was it just the earlier brush with the past he had before leaving the house?

He wondered what came of his former mistress. It shocked him how much seeing the gnomes shook him, how much she still made his skin crawl, even though she wasn’t anywhere near here. And the idea that his lover was anything like her in any way made Micah incredibly uncomfortable.

Why would Morgyn question his reaction? After all these months, he had a right to feel disillusioned if the sage could make their choice this easily. If that was the case, why string them both along in the first place?

“Cordelia’s going to devastated.” He realised.

“You let me deal with Cordelia.” Morgyn said. “We still have the whole night ahead of us. So… to us, I suppose.”

The sage raised their glass.

He was supposed to feel relieved, Micah thought. It was what he asked for, and the response tipped in his favour. So why did even the plasma fruit suddenly lose all appeal?


He still didn’t feel quite right when he rose from his coffin the next night. But there was no time to assess the situation. Cordelia was sat on the floor in his bedroom, motionless.

For a moment, neither of them said anything. The look in her eyes told him all he needed to know.

“You spoke to Morgyn.” Micah said finally, although he knew how pointless his statement was.

“I want the house.” Her voice was dull, distant.


Micah wasn’t sure how he expected her to react. But it wasn’t this. He thought back on the time she cried in his lap in that cave, back when Morgyn was gone. That girl wasn’t here tonight.

“Cordelia, I didn’t want this.” He told her.

“Funny.” She said flatly. “Seems like all these things that you don’t want just keep happening to you. Through no involvement of your own. So how is it that you somehow always end up with everything?”

Micah opened his mouth, and then promptly closed it. There was nothing he could say in response.

“I want the house.” She repeated. “You already have it all. Go live with Morgyn in the magic realm or whatever. I don’t care. But this place is mine. Let me keep my home.”

Micah didn’t understand why she’d want to stay there. All the memories of the two of them living there, his paintings on almost every wall… But if the house was what she wanted, she could have it. She wasn’t wrong, he’d already taken too much from her.

“Ok. It’s yours. I’ll pack as soon as I’ve… fed.” Definitely not the time to get into his fruit arrangement with Dandelion, he thought.

“No. You don’t need to pack. You already have everything.” She reiterated her earlier words, her voice trembling slightly. “Just get out of here. Please.”


Hopefully Dandelion would let him borrow some clothes, even though it would be a tight fit, Micah thought.

He half-looked over his shoulder on his way out, but he didn’t dare turn around fully, or say anything else. She was right. He did this to her.

Didn’t matter that all he’d wanted was to make things right.

35 thoughts on “1.54 Make Things Right

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  1. What a chapter I just woke up to.

    Sigh. I get why you’re mad at Micah, Cordy. But the real person you should be mad with is Morgyn. Takes two to tango, or I suppose in this case, untango.

    Hm. I’m not sure I believe in Morgyn’s decision and if they mean it at all. They could mean it, since theirs and Micah’s relationship seems deeper than with Cordy’s, and they do have a more equal relationship with Micah, so mutual respect is more likely, but there’s also Morgyn’s penchant to orchestrate grand plans to get a final outcome (arranging their death to defeat Aine (?)) So who is to say they aren’t doing the same here? Ofc, that’s just my opinion since we don’t know if they actually did. I wouldn’t put it past them that they’re being patient in having Micah accept the situation “on his own terms” like how they did Cordy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Um, good morning 😅

      You’re right, it’s not really Micah’s fault, but in Cordie’s eyes he was the one that prompted the change, and the one that gets what she wanted, so it’s difficult for her to not direct her anger that way. Perhaps in time she might feel differently.

      That’s an interesting perspective. I supose we’ll find out one way or another soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I wouldn’t put it past Morgyn to pick Micah because Micah knows too much about them that could hurt them. Keeping Micah as their partner ensures to keep some power over him.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha you get the award for “hates Morgyn the most” – quite the achievement around these parts 😀

        Who knows what Morgyn’s exact motivations are. Perhaps we’ll get a bit more clarity on that later… perhaps not. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes it is really hard to do the right thing because everything has a price 💔

    The day starts skewed for Micah when he catches sight of the garden gnome. It speaks straight down into his traumatic memory of Verena.
    Micah has plans and refuses to celebrate the fest with Dandelion and Cordelia. Of course, Cordelia immediately knows it’s with Morgyn. If you are in love, all the senses are sharpened extremely.

    It was really nice to see Cordelia and Dandy together again.
    Sweet, sweet Dandy who interprets Cordelia’s sorrow as she would rather hold Harvestfest with Micah and Morgyn 💖

    Morgyn has made the perfect setup for the date, but the mood seems somewhat forced.
    When Micah asks Morgyn to choose between him and Cordelia, it helps even less on the mood. Even if Micah wins, he still ends up paying a big price.

    I was wondering how Morgyn has handled giving Cordelia that message? 💔
    Cordelia asks Micah to move. She says that Micah has got everything, but you can also claim that he has lost everything … except the relationship with Morgyn.
    I mean, I know Morgyn well enough to know that nothing is certain when it comes to them.

    I feel so sorry for Cordelia and Micah 😭
    … maybe for no reason? Maybe you can convince me it’s unfounded?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’d imagine the gnomes would have influenced Micah’s state of mind during the date – which might be one of the reasons why this was the first time he brought it up. Or perhaps his patience really did just run out. Who knows.

      I know, Dandy assumed she would have preferred someone else’s company. Poor dear.

      Yes. Not sure if there’s really any winners in this scenario, per say.

      I was wondering how Morgyn has handled giving Cordelia that message?”

      I’ve thought of including the breakup scene, but ultimately decided it wouldn’t really add anything – we’ve seen Cordelia heartbroken by Morgyn so many times already I’m kind of sick of it myself, so I decided to just jump straight to the outcome. I suppose how Morgyn delivered the news is up to your imagination, though I find that often, in a breakup, it almost doesn’t make a difference because no matter what the person might say, you just feel rejected (and in this instance specifically rejected in favour of someone else).

      She says that Micah has got everything, but you can also claim that he has lost everything … except the relationship with Morgyn.

      That’s a really valid point! Probably tells you all you need to know about how much value Cordelia has placed on her relationship with Morgyn compared to everything else in her life.

      I wouldn’t say it’s unfounded.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I also think I’ve seen plenty of Cordelia’s breakdown 💔
        I hope something good happens to her now.

        The positive thing in crises is that when the grief and anger is over, it provides fertile ground for a new development 🎁

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh man, when I saw the gnomes I almost thought Verena was back for a second or maybe someone was playing a joke on Micah, lol. Harvestfest is such a weird holiday, I don’t know why they decided on gnomes popping up and dropping seed packets when you kick them (don’t get me wrong, I love gardening in the sims so it’s nice to get some free seed packets, lol). Anyway, I’m getting off-topic.

    I’m actually glad Micah stood up to Morgyn and made them choose. It was the right thing to do, and I think he realized how much it was hurting Cordelia. And Cordelia wouldn’t have stood up to Morgyn, she would have just kept living in misery. I kind of thought this open relationship they had going wouldn’t work out in the end, so I’m not surprised this happened. Also not surprised that Morgyn chose Micah. He seemed to respect Micah more than Cordelia, and the two of them have much more of an equal power balance between them than Cordelia and Morgyn had.

    I know Cordelia is upset, but at least let Micah put some pants on, lol. And it is strange she wants the house, I suppose it contains her original house and maybe is the only place she felt was really home. I guess that shows that she isn’t running away and is actually setting roots down somewhere. I wonder what this means for her and also Micah? She’s burned some bridges with the locals, and even though Micah is gone, can’t say the locals will easily forget what happened. She does have Dandy, so at least she’s got one friend. And I can’t see Micah living happily ever after with Morgyn in the magic realm. He still has some inner demons that he needs to overcome. Not really sure what will happen from here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly what Micah thought 🙂 Not sure he’s keen on that particular Harvestfest tradition. I kind of like the gnomes, but for the purpose of BC lore it’s only limited to Sylvan Glade and the immediate tree surroundings, because it’s jsut too weird haha.

      You’re right, Cordelia wouldn’t have made any of those demands. And I’m glad it’s not surprising Morgyn chose Micah – it’s not supposed to be. Perhaps it’s only surprising to Micah.

      It is a bit odd that Cordelia wants the house, yes – though it’s not like she has anywhere else to go. She’d literally have to start from scratch again, shack number 2, I guess. Though there’s more to why she wanted to keep the house.

      Micah and happily ever after do not sound like two things that hugely go together, yes.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That was a very snap decision, even for Morgyn. They remind Micah of Verena and Micah still wants to stay with Morgyn for some reason even though he’s hankering after Cordelia. What are you not telling us? 😉
    Agh no! Don’t kick men out of the house in just their underpants! It never ends well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps it wasn’t a very difficult decision. We’ve heard Morgyn tell Cordelia that they were unwilling to give up Micah, have we heard them make any claims like that the other way around?

      Verena must have had some appeal for Micah if he stayed with the coven for 13 years. She didn’t exactly hold him prisoner.

      Haha, I know you are eager to make table smut a thing, but maybe Micah really just feels guilty about Cordelia because they’re sort of friends and that’s all there’s to it.

      Luckily Micah is somewhat better equipped for encounters with throat ripping vampires than Paul was.


  5. Hmm, the mood was finally happy (for once!) but then it became sad in the end. Interesting roller-coaster here! 😀

    I wonder if the reaper gnome was supposed to remind us of Verena and how Morgyn is sort of Verena-like in the next scene. I’m glad Cordelia doesn’t have Morgyn anymore, even if she doesn’t realize that now. Too unhealthy relationship to be in, she was too dependent on him. 🙂 Although being angry at Micah isn’t the best reaction to have, I mean, isn’t it mostly Morgyn’s fault? He skewed everything up with those two.

    Maybe Cordelia can pursue a relationship with Dand- Oops, I mistyped! Haha… I think that Cordelia needs someone who actually cares about her and is loyal to her without wooing new lovers left and right. So far, only Dandy fits that description! Of course, if they leave the matter of age aside… 😉

    I think Cordelia wants to keep the house because it reminds her of Morgyn. After all, Morgyn conjured that house for her! Just an idea. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! This entire thing is basically a rollercoaster.

      Certainly worked that way for Micah. And yes, Cordelia and Morgyn’s relationship was pretty unhealthy, and she was way too dependendant on them for sure. I’m not sure Cordelia is currently in a state to think about things rationally.

      To be honest it would probably be a good idea for her not to date anyone now and get her ish together – not to say that’s necessarily what she’ll end up doing, we’ll have to wait and see. But it would be a good thing for her to take a bit of a break. If she was to pursue Dandy, that would have to be a very very long break, lol. He really is very young.

      You might be on to something there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, I suppose so! Maybe some alone time would do good for her. I do hope she gets back on track with her original mystery, her mom, the masked cult and the sprites now! That’s how everything started… right? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Micah is slowly really getting attached to Cory, isn’t he? 😏 I do like the portrait on the wall, too.

    Oh I’m glad it was cleared up now what the one truth-one lie thingie ended up to be. So Micah is indeed aware of Dandy’s feelings.

    Also I like that at least for Micah, slowly reality seems to kick in. He seems more and more aware of what kind of person Morgyn is, and also, he is repulsed by it. As I would expect of him. Not that he’d judge or look down on Morgyn, on the contrary, but he cannot truly like a person like them.

    I can absolutely understand Cory’s reaction. Her anger may be directed towards the wrong person first, but that happens just too often, and for a person like Cory it makes absolute sense. (And also I don’t think Micah was innocent in hurting her too, though it was not his intention.)
    Anyway, I am happy she reacts! She’s finally taking matters in her own hand, asking something for herself, and not hiding in a cave and bawl (she may, but at least it is not the only thing she does)
    It’s finally some development!
    Yay xD
    In time I am sure she’ll understand that Morgyn deserves most of her rage though, and I hope she’ll learn and grow and do better next time.

    Okay I just had the blink of an image of her destroying the house Morgyn hexed for her and Micah, but I think that would probably be a little too much for her. (would it? 🤭)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t tell him that, he’d probably bite your head off 😀 Glad you like the painting! 🙂

      Yep, you were correct in your interpretation of which was the truth and which was the lie (unlike Cordelia).

      Perhaps Micah just gravitates to certain kind of people. Like I said in my reply to Snuffy, he did stay with her coven for a very long time.

      My mum made this beautiful analogy about Cordelia’s reaction, describing it as an outpour of desperation, when you might smash a beautiful vase you are fond of just because it’s the nearest thing to you in that moment and you feel so powerless. I think that’s a really good way of describing Cordelia’s actions towards Micah here.

      I’m glad you’ve found something to cheer for in all this mess, haha.

      Haha interesting visual. I could kind of see it, though it would be difficult for someone with no spellcaster powers to pull off 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well yeah, there is the fact that he very likely thinks that he doesn’t deserve good people around him. But that doesn’t make him like them?

        That is really a beautiful and very fitting analogy. Micah may well be one of the better Vases Cory had in her life so far. But I’m pretty sure he won’t be gone forever.

        Why, she’s good with an axe, no? XD But yeah, that would probably not be her style (and better for her to keep the roof over her head)

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m with Cordelia on this, GET OUT DUDE. Your decisions have consequences. You wanted Morgyn to choose because you thought he’d choose Cordelia and then you’d have a reason to miserable. But then Morgyn chose you, and that wasn’t quite right either.

    I know I’m biased but for once, Morgyn is actually the only one in these relationships laying it all out on the line.

    I’m sad that Cordelia and Micah’s friendship is on the rocks though…

    Okay, I have to go gobble up the next chapter so you can completely throw me off my game (I love that I end a chapter feeling one way and then BAM! You completely flip the script on me).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You always bring a different perspective to the table and I love it! I think you’re spot on about Micah here – yes, his “preferred” outcome would have been Morgyn choosing Cordelia and he could then go on to be miserable. I don’t think he really considered things going the other way around, after all, he doesn’t exactly have a very high opinion of himself.

      Okay, I have to go gobble up the next chapter so you can completely throw me off my game (I love that I end a chapter feeling one way and then BAM! You completely flip the script on me).

      Ha, I suppose I do do that. Hopefully it doesn’t feel too jarring – in my head no one ever acts “out of character,” but they do all have different sides to them so fingers crossed it doesn’t feel like I’m just making them do random crap for the hell of it 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh it is definitely good! I feel like they are true to themselves. More like, you reveal another layer and then I’m forced to expand my definition of they are and what they are about. It’s one of the things I really enjoy!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Of course it had to end like this… this love triangle has gone on too long like Micah said. And Cordelia might not realize it yet but it might be for the best. She was so miserable all the time whenever Morgyn was with Micah. Once she get’s over the break up maybe she can turn a new leaf.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was never going to last, considering neither Cordelia or Micah really wanted a polyamorous relationship. But of course, they did actually grow close over time too, so that complicates things even further, because they did not want to hurt each other… ah, what a colossal mess. Oops.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Cordelia has won two (2) vouchers for herself and a friend of her choice—provided that it’s Dandelion—to spend an afternoon at one of CT universe’s all-you-can-eat cream puff buffets, because girl, you dodged a BULLET. (The vouchers are also good for bottomless mimosas.) Micah’s super-happy facial expressions really sell how good a deal he’s getting.

    Ahhh, loved the callback to Verena. GNOMES FEEL LIKE HOME! The transition into Micah noting the parallels between Morgyn and Verena and possibly starting to understand that Morgyn has the same manipulative, secretive, controlling mindset even if it’s harder to catch, that was slick too. I do respect the bait-and-switch where the fun, heel-loving, fan favorite character gradually reveals their toxic side as time goes on. Doubly so because that toxic side is present from the beginning and anyone who knows red flags to look for can clock them from a km away. It’s like an instruction manual for avoiding crappy relationships!

    Okay, while I did laugh at the “she thicc” moment, (300-ish, idk)/2 + 7 > 19. I guess it’s a grey area if he’s physiologically 18–24.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Since you’re already further, I’ll skip the bullets… So…. GNOMES!

      I never quite subscribed to the idea that the sage of untamed magic would just be fun and bubbly. So I wondered what would make somebody want to master the branch of magic that focuses on “controlling the uncontrollable” (that is pretty much how the official description of untamed magic goes). That’s not to say I think Morgyn is a moustache-twirling villain either, though. It’s complicated.

      Oh gosh, nowhere near 300! Micah is a pretty “new” vampire. I think it’s been mentioned in some of the earlier chapters he’s only been a vampire for 14 years. He did get turned when he was 24. I’m not sure he’d have it in him to make it to a several centuries old vampire with his guilt levels, considering he didn’t have the plasma fruit until now. But yes, still older than 19. He’s been sort of stuck in time but sort of not, so his mental age is open to interpretation.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I feel like when Morgyn says ‘I choose you’ to Micah they’re just saying what they think they want Micah to hear. Also when they ask Micah why it’s ‘so hard’ to make him happy…Mate, all Micah is asking for is for you to stop being a melt and to stop beating around the bush and leading people on! It’s not Micah’s fault! I hope Cordie can come to sort things with Micah after this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, but is what Morgyn’s saying actually what Micah wanted to hear? He certainly doesn’t look happy with the outcome…

      Haha, I love a good burst of outrage. Yeah, Morgyn, it’s not that difficult, is it? 😆

      Micah is an easy scapegoat for Cordelia to blame, she’s not really in a place where she can think rationally in this chapter. Hopefully she’ll get some perspective when the heartbreak is not so raw.


      1. Exactly, it’s not what Micah actually wanted to hear at all, because it’s never been about how either Micah nor Cordie feel at all with Morgyn… : (

        I just want to grab Cordie Micah and Dandy and invite them over for a batch of warm cookies.

        Liked by 1 person

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