1.55 The Other Lover

Cordelia didn’t have a lot of experience with heartbreak. Weeks went by in a grey haze. When would it feel better, Cordelia wondered? She and Morgyn hadn’t really dated that long… No, they never really dated at all. So why was it so hard to get over whatever it was? Why did she feel so empty? People got over much longer and much more serious relationships much quicker than this.

But how could she think about anything else? It was New Year’s Day. This time last year, her and Morgyn shared their first kiss on that balcony at Von Haunt Estate. She still remembered how magical that felt.

But it was the beginning of the end. Because it was also this time last year when Morgyn met Micah. As soon as that happened, she’d already lost them. Stupid Micah and his stupid perfect face and the stupid perfect way he acted, always so stupidly considerate of her…

And yet, she still felt guilty about how she went off on him after Morgyn ended things with her. Kicking him out of his own home, even though he’d always treated her with nothing but kindness. He did not deserve that. And in a way, she missed him too.

It was definitely not normal to miss your ex’s other lover after the breakup. But this was no breakup, and Morgyn was not her ex. They were never anything at all.

Cordelia had been invited to the magic realm for Winterfest – she had received both an official invite from Morgyn through the post, and had been asked by Dandy to come join him as his guest. But how could she go? See Morgyn and Micah together and happy. Face L Faba’s satisfaction at the sight of her misery. No, the idea of being alone with the sprites seemed more appealing. Except this year, even the sprites didn’t come to see her.

There was a knock on the door, forcing her to temporarily withdraw from the gloom of her thoughts. It was probably Dandy, she thought. But she didn’t want to see the elf. She didn’t want to see anyone.

The knocking was persistent. Typical Dandy, Cordelia groaned inwardly. She forced herself to get up.

It was the evening already, and she hadn’t even mustered the energy to get dressed. Luckily, Dandy wouldn’t care that she was just in her PJs. Not that she’d be asking him to come in anyway, hopefully, she could keep the visit brief.

She opened the door. “Dandy, I told you I-”

“Good, so you are alive.” Morgyn invited themself in.

Cordelia couldn’t even protest. After all, the house technically belonged to the sage. As do you, a little voice at the back of her head reminded Cordelia. It wasn’t wrong. It was the first time she’d seen Morgyn since that awful talk, and just the sight of the sage somehow still made her heart weak and her hopes unreasonable, even though Micah was with them.

“Everyone in the magic realm was worried when you didn’t show up for the Winterfest celebrations.” The sage continued.

Cordelia highly doubted that. L Faba would probably consider it a gift from Father Winter himself if Cordelia was found dead in a ditch, and Simeon made it perfectly clear that he considered her an inconvenience, a stray, as he’d put it.

“I… I’m fine.” She said weakly.

The sage made themselves comfortable in the armchair by the door.

“Have you made any new year’s resolutions, Cordelia?”

“What?” Cordelia stared at them. She didn’t dare glance Micah’s way, the vampire hadn’t spoken a word to her either.

“You should consider making one.” Morgyn told her brightly. “You look like you need some direction.”

“Anyway, personally, I did make a resolution this year, one of great significance.”


“While I do not age, as you are aware, the events in Selvadorada have made it abundantly clear that there is still a possibility I may not live forever.” The sage informed her.

Cordelia wasn’t sure where they were going with this. “So… your resolution is to change that?”

“In a sense,” Morgyn affirmed. “I detest complying with convention, but I keep coming back to the same conclusion – the conventional way mortals ensure they live on would still be… appealing.”

What was that supposed to mean? “I don’t understand,” she admitted.

“I desire an heir. A child.”

Cordelia could feel her jaw dropping. “I… why are you telling me this?”

“I think you know.” Morgyn looked into her eyes. “For obvious reasons, I am not able to have a child the traditional way. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have an heir regardless.”

She still didn’t know where this was going… or perhaps she did.

“How would you feel about having a child, Cordelia?”

This couldn’t be real. How could it be real? “But… why me?”

“Contrary to what you believe, I do consider both you and Micah special. So when it comes to who should be the mother, I can’t think of anyone but you.”

Cordelia’s head was spinning. Morgyn called her special. She did not see any of this coming when she answered the door. I can’t think of anyone but you. She knew Morgyn didn’t mean it that way. And it hurt like hell. But it was what she’d wanted to hear for so long… Of course, Morgyn wasn’t just speaking about her.

“Me and Micah?” She realised, looking at the vampire. He just stared at the ground, his eyes avoiding her.

“Micah has already agreed.” Morgyn confirmed casually, as if all of this was a trivial matter. “It’s your call now.”

Micah agreed? He was looking anywhere but her direction. “Can vampires even have children?” Cordelia wondered out loud.

“I suppose we will find out.” The sage shrugged. “Well, we will find out if you agree, that is. So what do you say, Cordelia? Will you do this for me?”

Morgyn said she was special, special enough to have their child… she’d never dared to dream they would say anything like that. Not that she would have dreamed of it happening like this. But still…


Micah stopped avoiding looking at her, turning to her abruptly with a stare of disbelief. “Wait, what? You’re not actually-”

“Perfect, everyone’s on board then.” The sage interrupted.

“How does this work, exactly?” Cordelia asked. “Some kind of spell?”

“Yes. Some kind of spell.” Morgyn nodded, standing up. “I must admit, this is one I am borrowing from L Faba’s repertoire, but I promise it won’t be unpleasant. Infatuate!”

A beam of light enveloped her briefly.

And then Cordelia saw Micah.

Of course, she’d seen him countless times before. But somehow, this felt like the first time she could actually see him. His perfect face. The way he acted, so considerate of her. The way he always treated her, with nothing but kindness.

Perhaps she’d never truly seen him at all. Not until now.

Now he was all she could see.

Felt like everything but him had disappeared. The two of them were the only people in the world that mattered. She wasn’t sure if anyone had ever looked at her the way he was now. But he still tried to do that whole sensible thing of his…

“Cordelia, I don’t think this is a good… idea.”

His conviction seemed to have died mid-way through the sentence.

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  1. I-
    I know I wanted to hold back on Morgyn.
    But now I actually have nothing to say anymore.
    I’m done.

    I think I’m done with Micah too, unless he agreed as a joke (I mean his surprise that Cory agreed, may suggest that) but how can you be such a tool.

    I’m also done with Cory. I hoped the heart break and anger might have released something in her, but nope, she’s still a tool.

    I think none of them could sink any lower and now excuse me while I go throw up 😫

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha! I love your completely spontaneous comment 🥰
      I love that you are able to respond at all!

      I was shocked and speechless! 😶
      But then I came to think …..

      Liked by 2 people

    2. This may not have been the time to decide to start trying to go easier on Morgyn, yep 😅

      Oof, so that leaves us with… Dandy and L Faba. Let’s hope the two of them can carry this thing going forward, then 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 😀?

    I’m stumped. Okay.

    So in Morgyn’s mind as long as its his loves’ children, the kid will be their heir.

    In Cordy’s mind, she accepts that even though she’s carrying Micah’s child, she will be able to see him/her as Morgyn’s.

    And Micah… agreed to this. Okay… From the way he acted, it was as if he expected her to say no. Why did he agree when he thinks this plan will never work out? He cared for her, but I don’t think he felt anything more than a friend or being responsible for someone like a guardian of sorts. Did he think Morgyn was joking and hence agreed to it? Why is he acting all mopey and guilty when he consented anyway? Unless he didn’t consent but he did some form of bet with Morgyn and lost.

    If he did agree to it, that would mean that he’s in on Morgyn’s plan. Definitely much more than Cordy. So I can’t help but think that Micah must think this arrangement benefits him in some way. Maybe he and Morgyn made a trade of some sort. He sleeps with Cordy and Morgyn does something for him. Because Micah isn’t as far gone as Cordy, he should be able to see that Morgyn is using Cordy’s feelings against herself, but he does nothing to stop it. That would be sad. I don’t think I can see Micah the same if it were that. :\

    Cordy. I’m speechless.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lol! I’m going to take these emojis to mean that you’re really happy 😇😂

      It would appear so.

      She’s a bit of a lost cause, oops.

      Interesting thoughts on Micah. I can’t really answer, but you’ll get a lot more insight into what the hell Micah might be thinking in the next two chapters.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. As she started the chapter on the bed, hopefully this is some weird dream where Cordelia realises her subconscious feelings for Micah. I mean, Micah, Cordelia… as much as I’m rooting for you two, copulating under the influence of a spell when no one is even sure if vampires can have babies is just wrong. It won’t end well. Please put your pants back on and get off the table.

    Plumbob, if you could please pass this letter on, I’d be very grateful.

    Dear Morgyn,

    My cherished one, my sweet, my darling spouse. What the actual heck?! Now, I enjoy your messed-up attitudes and that you constantly keep me at a suitable level of rage with your twisted antics but even I, with my questionable moral fibre and complete disregard for life, have a lower limit of what is acceptable behaviour. Please stop being such a giant 🎃🎃🎃🎃.

    Yours, Snuffy.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Classic, just as your hints at table smut are about to come to fruition, you are not happy. *sigh* Fine, no table then. To be honest their table is pretty small and rickety anyway, and very awkwardly positioned by that grandfather clock.

      Ooh! Fan mail/love letter for Morgyn! They’ll be delighted!!! ❤️ I’ll see to it that they get it ASAP 😆

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  4. I… I have no words.

    All three of them have sunk to new lows. And now they’re trying to bring a child into their mess of a relationship. Micah for unknown reasons, Morgyn because they want an heir, and Cordelia because it keeps her bound to Morgyn.

    Forget the wildlife pit. I’m going to throw all three of them into the depths of the abyss, even Cordelia. You do not use a child as a means to an end. Ever.

    “While I do not age, as you are aware, the events in Selvadorada have made it abundantly clear that there is still a possibility I may not live forever.”
    “I desire an heir. A child.”

    This is bone-chilling. Are they really searching for someone to succeed them? Or are they searching for a way to “live on” after death? Because we’ve already seen that souls can linger. Who is to say that a soul cannot replace another soul inside a body?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I don’t know if simple rellocation of venue will make this party any less of a disaster. Weird conjured house, abyss, same difference 😆

      Oof, that’s dark. I mean, you say I’m evil, but you’re the one who came up with this theory, so… pot – kettle. High five! Or scythe five! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Morgyn’s completely autistic approach to life surprises me every time 😶
    But I know autistics and I know that their astonishing lack of empathy is not due to evil.
    As you can understand, I have now given Morgyn a diagnosis.

    It’s probably even more surprising what makes Micah enter into that trade … not to mention Cordelia.
    I had not seen it coming 😦

    So now the three become a rainbow family !?
    I know rainbow families. I know gays and lesbians who form families together.
    Maybe a child is what Cordelia needs, to take focus away from her own misery?

    It opens up a lot of new questions.
    Should they all live together now?
    Should the child live with Cordelia?
    Should the child live in the magical realm of Micah and Morgyn?
    I dare not think about how the last choice will affect Cordelia.
    However, I just want to point out that Cordelia does not seem to be able to raise a child as long as she is in such an emotional morass. Too many children are born out of the wrong intentions 🙁

    Well but this removes me from the story.
    Morgyn’s spell has spoken and Cordelia and Micah have ended up in each other’s arms.
    I assume this means that this child will not be conceived in a teacup.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t know if I’d diagnose anyone, I mean all these people just came from my head rather than actually existing in the real world 😊

      Rainbow family sounds like such a lovely and cheerful term compared to what mess this actually is 😆

      Those are all very good questions – questions Cordelia should have probably asked…

      I assume this means that this child will not be conceived in a teacup.

      LMAO! Probably not, it would seem 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Wait… What????

    Okay, that came completely out of the blue. What the heck Morgyn? I just… I have no words for them right now. They have stooped to new lows that I can’t find a means to justify.

    Man, I pity this poor child. They’ll have an unfeeling, narcissistic sage as their mentor/parent whatever Morgyn is going to be. And then both their bio parents don’t have their heads in the right place. I mean, Micah is suicidally depressed. Cordelia is probably depressed too, and also very naïve in the way she sees things. Maybe I’m being a pessimist, but bringing a kid into the world isn’t going to solve their problems, it will probably make it worse. I know a lot of people have kids that aren’t planned, but these three had the opportunity to sit down and talk about what this would mean and didn’t. It wasn’t just an oopsie; it was… let’s make a baby, no questions asked. Somehow it actually doesn’t surprise me that Cordelia agreed to this. Well, I’m hoping Micah’s vampire balls don’t work anymore, lol.

    Sorry, I sort of went on a long rant, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, not too sure if there’s a way to justify this one, definitely a low point for everyone involved.

      Now that you put it that way, what a summary 😅 Err, I mean, these guys would be terrific parents, totally.

      Well, I’m hoping Micah’s vampire balls don’t work anymore, lol.

      Ok, this made me laugh far more than it should have 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. *awkward silence* Uh… interesting! XD The way Cordelia started praising Micah made me laugh. Like what! I guess this means it completes the love triangle… in a very unorthodox way! Hooray! 😀

    Okay, no, this seems wrong in many ways! :O I mean, is Morgyn going to raise this child? I hope not! And if Cordelia is going to have a child, I want it to be with the right man! Let’s hope someone breaks the spell… L. Faba? I mean, she’s a sage… right? XD

    I do like stories with interesting twists though! It turned a 180! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unorthodox is how we roll around here 😁

      Interesting thoughts – I admire how solution-oriented you are, even when I spring something completely wacky at you! 😆

      Thank you, I think 😆 I’m almost surprised no one predicted this, actually. Must just be my brain that’s twisted, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you and you’re welcome, haha! 🙂 I usually like to pamper my sims and story characters, so throwing them into tough situations can be a bit daunting for me. But it seems you have a knack for these kinds of things! xD

    Liked by 1 person

  9. ::steps onto the platform of the Morgyn train::

    ::looks down at the water below::

    ::calculates trajectory::


    HOLY %*#@$@#*($@*($@#$(*$@(#$)#@


    Okay, I’m trying not to lose my mind. What in the heck is wrong with Micah? Why would he agree to this? He knew how badly Cordelia was hurt and he got everything he wanted. The least he could do is stay away.

    And Cordelia. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. You cannot just fall apart because Morgyn—WHO DID NOT CHOOSE YOU—pays you a small compliment.

    Any Morgyn…wow. So I suspect that they’ve been using this power to convince people of things ever since they got back from the dead. Simeon agreed to something pretty out of character too. But this was a bridge too far. They are 100% manipulating and taking advantage of everyone around them. Especially the two people they proclaim to care about.

    I knew they gave up on Cordelia too quickly.

    Oh man, this is delicious. This is so good. I love that this story is not afraid to make their characters messy, to bring them to the edge of abhorrent behavior and still ask us to go on this journey. I AM STRAPPED IN!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha this particular chapter is definitely not anyone’s high point, lol.

      We’ll see a bit more of what Micah’s thinking in the next two chapters, though that’s not necessarily to say it will justify his behaviour. We’ll also hear a bit of Morgyn’s take in the second one, though it’s not their POV so I suppose you may need to take it with a grain of salt.

      Good advice for Cordelia, unfortunately she’s too busy puttting the stuff Morgyn said out of context to hear you.

      That’s an interesting theory. Morgyn definitely manipulates people a lot, although they typically seem to be doing it the non-magical way. After all, if they were just going to cast the spell anyway, why ask them both to agree first? I don’t know whether that’s necessarily better or worse though 😀 But you’re right that we don’t necessarily know the full extent of their powers, so who really knows…

      Haha I’m glad you’re still on board, I wouldn’t be surprised if people just went “you know what, plum these guys, I hate all of them” at this point and rage-quit. The characters are definitely all messed up in their own ways, so thank you for getting comfy on this trainwreck of a ride. 😅

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh wow, what kind of twist is this. Now Cordelia is having a child with Micah that Morgyn will raise as their heir… with Micah by their side. I wonder how that will make Cordelia feel once the reality of the situation hits her. Very Third wheely, I’m assuming…

    Liked by 1 person

  11. As the other theater person in the comments (the one who is not Ferosh), I feel compelled to drop a link to “The Other Other Woman” in response to the chapter title.

    Also, after careful consideration I regret to inform you that Bernard is not in the background of the second pic.

    “Even the sprites” didn’t come to see her: oof. Oof oof.

    I’m going to do the rest of this comment unfiltered-reaction style.

    – Get out her house
    – Get out
    – Oh my god. Why are you here. Get out
    – “You look like you could use some direction” get OUT you condescending b-word
    – you want a WHAT
    – and you’re asking WHO
    – oh yes, seeing a child as the extension of the self, definitely the correct attitude to have while childrearing
    – you are NOT entitled to her uterus, get your untamed ass out of here and go literally anywhere else
    – Cordelia, you have to say no, this is so ridiculous, right?
    – oh no, they called her special, oh no
    – no no no
    – resist, Cordelia, resist, Morgyn’s going to get bored of that kid in 2 months and move onto another cheese plate
    – you are asking the WRONG QUESTIONS Cordelia
    – there is one question and it is “what is WRONG with you”
    – there is also “get out of my house” but that’s not a question
    – if Micah’s not shooting blanks after a couple centuries I’ll be impressed, ngl, but that’s beside the point
    – god
    – damn
    – it
    – Cordelia
    – pffft Micah chose the wrong option in this Prisoner’s Dilemma situation
    – definitely, DEFINITELY sounds like Micah’s on board with this
    – if Morgyn insists that this has to be done “the natural way” instead of in vitro or something something magic I am just going to throw something at the screen
    – oh, they have a date rape spell
    – are there LAWYERS in this universe, are there MAGIC LAWYERS like there are SPACE LAWYERS because I swear to god Morgyn is 3000 walking lawsuits and at the end of all this, the house is going to be 100% Cordelia’s
    – “I don’t think this is a good idea”: enthusiastic consent given! push forward boys
    – oh no, the camera’s going to pan out and Morgyn’s just going to be watching, aren’t they
    – no?
    – ok well at least get off that rug, seems like a nice rug and there’s probably foot dirt on it
    – pffft at the detail that Micah goes for the butt
    – ugh this prick should have stayed underground in Selvadorada

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaand you’ve made it to the questionable chapter. I remember when you brought this subject up with vampire feeding, and I was just thinking “Yeeaaah, I think I have a more fitting analogy in store for you than that one.” Phew.

      Infatuate is indeed a spell that exists in the game.

      “pffft at the detail that Micah goes for the butt” So there’s actually a different detail in that screenshot (and in some of the others, but it’s especially prominent in the second to last one) that I quite like, but so far it’s gone undetected. Something that’s been in the conjured house since the beginning.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Almost expected “infatuate” to be “impregnate” (I say “fetus repeatus”) but I guess Morgyn doesn’t really have the capacity for jealousy after all this. 😛 I like that they can get to be a parent without having to change their pregnancy options in CAS because it’s that way for a reason. Whether or not a child is a disastrous and terrible thing is a different subject! All while Dandy watches.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahaha “fetus repeatus” 😂🤣😂 I’m ded, that would be a brilliant spell. I do try to stick to spells that exist in the game, though I take some liberties with what exists in potion and spell form. Yes, Morgyn hasn’t really shown any jealous tendencies so far; infatuate spell aside it does seem like they intended for their lovers to interact a fair bit one way or another, with the whole shacking them up together scenario…

      I agree, I didn’t want to change their CAS settings (getting rid of that awful top bun hairstyle in some outfits is another story though, hair should not change length and texture in different outfits IMHO 😆) and I didn’t want to make untamed magic so all-powerful that it could just conjure up a child from nothing. Much like how I’ve put a bit of a time limit on people being brouht back from the dead. There’s got to be some stakes and some limitations, since an all-powerful character would face no obstacles (I guess you’d know that, with your daemon lineage 😉)

      Hey, a potential child might have three parents and an elf uncle! What could possibly go wrong? Nothing disastrous in these parts, I’m sure 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Although I keep saying ‘Cordie stop falling for Morgyn again!’ I can see why she does. She strikes me as the type who feels incomplete without others at times and who might dwell on the smallest false bit of validation she is given. Cordie isn’t a bad person though and she will realise her outlook on Micah is rather irrational and will apologise.

    Geez Morgyn, that’s a bit of a big thing to ask of the girl you’re using isn’t it? ‘Mate do us a favour, have a kid for me, yeah cheers’ : p
    ‘Contrary to what you believe, I do consider both you and Micah special.’ No no you do not Morgyn > : I

    Oh goodness, they both agreed… This is gonna be all Cordie and Micah’s work raising that child I bet and I’d be surprised if Mx. Chessmaster has anything to do with taking care of the resulting child! Also a human bearing a vampire baby sounds like it’ll take its toll physically. I wonder why Micah agreed though and what’s in it for him…

    (Sorry if this is a duplicate comment I had issues posting this comment last night!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right, Cordelia does get fixated on people – I think she’s even admitted that herself at one point, and she does seek a lot of external validation. Which, with her past of constant rejection growing up is not surprising.

      Lol, just a teeny tiny favour 😀 I mean, maybe Morgyn does find them special, though I’m not sure if that’s a good thing 😀

      They are on board! What could possibly go wrong… Ooh, that’s an interesting perspective! We’ll see what involvement Morgyn envisions, tough to picture them changing diapers. Then again, there’s probably a spell for that kind of thing.


      1. Ahh, the ultimate practical spell, Shittinappio! Morgyn would probably rather get their hands covered in it than touch something as ‘boring’ as Practical magic!

        Liked by 1 person

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