1.64 Flaming Bird

Cordelia only intended to rest her eyes a little bit. Next thing she knew, the whole house was dark. Must have been out for way longer than she intended. She sat up groggily. If it was dark outside, Micah had to be up and about already, but he clearly wasn’t home. Cordelia spotted a note... Continue Reading →

1.63 A Bit of Magic

Hawthorne adored her trips to the magic realm with Morgyn. Today’s was no exception. She was a little disappointed that they didn’t spend much time at the headquarters, but it made sense – aside from Morgyn, the other sages didn’t seem particularly fond of her. Especially after last time, when she fell into that cauldron... Continue Reading →

1.62 More Than a Mother

Cordelia barely looked into the mirror as she pulled her hair into a lazy pony. This would do, she thought, yawning. It was almost 5 am. Not long till sunrise. These long summer days were a killer. She made her way out of her room. Hawthorne’s voice reached her all the way on the top... Continue Reading →

1.61 Demon Spawn

They planned for this. If Cordelia went into labour during the day, when Micah was confined to his coffin, she was to call Morgyn. After all, nobody could get her to the hospital quicker than the sage. It was the logical thing to do. But now that the moment had come, logical did not matter... Continue Reading →

1.60 Ever-Growing Collection

Disclaimer: Swearing. Micah found Morgyn helping themselves to a large glass of liquor from the bar. “I wasn’t sure you’d be back.” The sage said over their shoulder. “Drowning your sorrows, are you?” Micah asked dryly. Morgyn closed the lid on the globe bar, turning around. “I’m celebrating, actually.” They avoided Micah’s gaze, their eyes... Continue Reading →

1.59 Dead Inside

Cordelia did not particularly want to visit the magic realm. But it was time to stop putting her head in the sand. She took a deep breath as she climbed the steps to the HQ main entrance. As luck would have it, of course it was L Faba she ran into as soon as she... Continue Reading →

1.58 Feel Better

Cordelia picked up the plain cracker without the least bit of enthusiasm. Come on, she willed herself. You have to eat. She didn’t have the slightest desire to eat the cracker, but figured that surely she could stomach something this inoffensive. There was no denying of what did sound appealing, and it wasn’t the contents... Continue Reading →

1.57 Shallow Waters

Micah stomped through the portal into the magic realm. He wondered if he’d ever felt this out of control. When he left Cordelia’s house, he was filled with despair. The way she looked at him, the pain in her lovely face. Her words rung in his head. That’s not fair. Why would it all my... Continue Reading →

1.56 Conjured

Disclaimer: There’s naked people in this one. Strategically naked, so you don’t see anyone’s bits, but still pretty naked. NSFW-ish? The smut levels are relatively low, but it’s there. Oh, and some swearing. Just an all-round classy chapter. Apologies for the cringe in advance. Cordelia’s mind was pleasantly blank and fuzzy when she woke up.... Continue Reading →

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