1.56 Conjured

Disclaimer: There’s naked people in this one. Strategically naked, so you don’t see anyone’s bits, but still pretty naked. NSFW-ish? The smut levels are relatively low, but it’s there. Oh, and some swearing. Just an all-round classy chapter. Apologies for the cringe in advance.

Cordelia’s mind was pleasantly blank and fuzzy when she woke up. It almost felt akin to a hangover, but no matter, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept this well. Not waking up to a sea of questions and what ifs for once was a welcome change. She kept her eyes closed, taking in the morning sun creeping in, gently kissing her skin.

The bed was strangely cold though, and the bedsheets seemed oddly stiff, as if they’d barely been used before. Peculiar, given she’d spent the last several weeks barely leaving her bed. She shuffled a bit, turning around to try to make herself comfortable.

It was only then when she remembered that those were not her bedsheets, and she was not in her bed at all. Why it was so cold.

Micah was looking at her. How long had he been watching her, she wondered? She knew he couldn’t really sleep as a vampire.

He wasn’t saying anything. She tried to decipher what he might be thinking, studying his face.  

And then she realised there was a soft smoke rising from his cheek where the rising sun touched his face.

“Micah!” She covered his hand with her face to shield his skin from the light. But he just placed his hand on hers.

“The sun!” She tried to warn him frantically. It didn’t seem like her words registered at first. His ordinarily heightened senses didn’t seem to be kicking in. He was probably in a hungover-like haze of his own, it dawned on her.

“Micah!” She repeated his name, shaking him. He finally seemed to react, but was still slow. Maybe it was the sunlight.

Cordelia dragged him to the coffin by his arm. At least he didn’t protest.

She slammed the lid shut, breathing out a sigh of relief. That was close. If he died, she’d… she’d what, exactly?

Was this the love spell talking, or her genuine feelings for him, she wondered? She was struggling to work out how she felt. But she reminded herself she’d flung herself in front of him as a human shield before, with the spellcasters threatening him way back in the summer. Those feelings were not new.

But then, there was a vast spectrum of emotions between simply trying to prevent someone’s death and being in love with them.

She was not in love with Micah. She was in love with Morgyn.

Morgyn. Their request. Last night…

What on earth was she thinking? Why did she agree?

Cordelia rushed to her room, getting dressed in a hurry, trying to discard all reminders of last night. She needed to do something to keep her mind occupied.

She suddenly wished she hadn’t quit her job at the Hex Shop. Somehow, working for Darrel and with Grace, two of the people who came close to ending her last summer, seemed like it would be a brilliant distraction today.

She ventured outside into the snow.

Her eyes lingered on the old tree passaged for a moment. But there was no way she’d go to Sylvan Glade to visit Dandy – what would she even tell him?

She understood he was friendly enough with Micah, from what she could gather, but he wouldn’t understand what she did. Heck, she didn’t even understand.

She found herself in the shed. That would give her something to do.

Her fingers traced the dusty tools. There was wood under the workbench. She could make something meaningless and arbitrary. A sculpture, perhaps.

Cordelia hadn’t done any woodworking ever since Morgyn conjured the house. Didn’t seem like there would be a point. Tinkering and making things the old-fashioned way had lost all meaning.

What she held dear was replaced by the artificially conjured.

But if even love could be manufactured, what did that mean about her feelings for Morgyn? If a spell could make her fall in love with anyone, was love even real at all?

Cordelia forced herself to focus on the statue, carving the shapes. But annoyingly, she’d done this so many times that even though she hadn’t made anything for a year, the task required very little concentration.

I can’t think of anyone but you, Morgyn had said. Well, that was the part she heard. Her heart had conveniently discarded the beginning of that sentence, the part that actually mattered…

When it comes to who should be the mother, I can’t think of anyone but you.

The mother. Cordelia remembered very little of her own mother. Muddled bedtime stories of faeries. Her bright purple eyes. Not much else. She knew next to nothing about what being someone’s mother entailed.

But she wouldn’t necessarily need to know. It didn’t sound like even Morgyn knew for certain if it was possible for vampires to have children. Besides, even if vampires could hypothetically reproduce the traditional way, what were really the chances? It was just one night.

Because there wouldn’t be any other times. Yes, she felt something for Micah, but it wasn’t real. She wasn’t sure what was real anymore at all. Morgyn…

Morgyn would have to find someone else to be the mother of their child. As far as she knew, they had plenty of former lovers the choose from.

She evaluated the sculpture she made. Not bad, for a piece of useless tat, crafted mindlessly.

But of course, it was still meaningless. Best use she could think of for it was for firewood. It was the middle of winter, after all. But with Morgyn’s magical fireplace, even that was pointless.


Cordelia felt anxious when the darkness descended. Sure enough, it didn’t take long for Micah to appear downstairs. Thankfully, fully dressed by now.

“Hi.” He said awkwardly, sitting down beside her.

It took a while for either of them to speak.

“Why on earth did you say yes to that?” Micah finally broke the silence. “Having a child for Morgyn?”

“What do you mean?” She looked at him, bewildered. “Didn’t you do the same?”

“I didn’t think you’d actually agree! Why the hell would you do that?”

Cordelia felt like her head was going to explode. “So you said yes because you assumed I would say no? That doesn’t make any sense!”

“I guess it doesn’t.” He sighed. “Doesn’t matter now.”

“It was only one night,” Cordelia reiterated her thoughts from earlier. “I don’t even know if it was the right… time.” She cringed inwardly.

“I doubt it’s possible for vampires to have children anyway,” Micah nodded. “Well, that kind of children. Definitely haven’t heard of any.”

“That’s good.” She struggled to look at him. Why did he have to be so… It wasn’t real, Cordelia repeated to herself. “Micah, I don’t think I can do this. A child…”

“Why didn’t you just say that last night, damn it?” He glared at her.

“That’s not fair.” Cordelia said quietly. “Why would it all be my fault?”

The look on his face was pure horror. “It isn’t. Of course it isn’t. I didn’t mean… I’m sorry. I’m a fucking idiot.”

As if by instinct, Micah’s hand shot to her face, caressing her cheek to comfort her. She melted at his touch.

“Damn it.” Micah uttered under his breath, drawing away. Cordelia didn’t want him to. But he was right. It wasn’t real.

“Will you tell Morgyn?” She looked into his eyes. “That I… that I can’t do it?”

“Of course.” Micah gave her a curt nod. He looked around the room uncertainly, as if to look for a cue. “Right. I should probably take off.”

Don’t, her heart said. But her heart was stupid, she knew that already. When in this last year did it do anything that didn’t bring her pain? When had it ever?

“Micah… this doesn’t mean anything, does it?” Cordelia asked. “I know I feel… it’s a lie, what I feel.” She corrected herself.

“I know.” The vampire agreed. “Doesn’t mean anything. It will probably go away.”

His eyes didn’t really match his words. But then, this was Micah. She remembered the countless times they’ve played cards, him trying to teach her how to bluff convincingly. Whatever was in his eyes wasn’t necessarily true. Micah had a better poker face than anyone, after all. He knew how to lie.

He’s never lied to you, her heart pointed out helpfully. But even that could be a lie. How would she even know?

Besides, everything in her life was a fabricated lie, wasn’t it? Down to the very house she lived in. “Probably.” She said. “Anyway… Don’t you need to feed?”

Whatever his feeding actually involved these days. Cordelia wasn’t sure. Maybe what he had once said about not needing blood anymore back at the beginning of the summer was all a lie too. More illusions. What was she even supposed to believe now? And did it really matter?

“You should go.” Cordelia added finally.

“Yeah.” He stood up, only turning around briefly. “Bye, Cordelia.”


It was not real.

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  1. It seems Cordelia and Micah can do very well without Morgyn whether they are spellbound or not, their emotions speak their own language.
    Morgyn thinks that they can handle everything with a magic spell, but I wonder if they have any idea what instincts they have turned on 🤔

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  2. Wow, this a dangerous spell Morgyn. Don’t you care at all for either of your ‘loves’? Micah might have died in his trance in the sunlight and Cordelia is already dead inside. I want them to genuinely fall for each other but I also want it to be a mega awkward, crash and burn, first of its kind vampire pregnancy disaster.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess that depends on whether or not Morgyn was aware of possible “side effects.” Does anyone ever read the patient information leaflet?

      Rooting for disaster has worked well around here so far, I suppose 😅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Infatuate.
        Dosage: one swirl of magic per couple.
        Side effects: pregnancy, awkward conversation, blame, self-hate, anger, actual love, burned skin, death.

        I wouldn’t say ‘rooting’ for disaster, more ‘prepared’. There are a plethora of happy, perfect sim stories out there if I wanted that. I’m all here for the dark, miserable fairy tale. 🙂❤

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  3. Oof. This circle of shifting blames, and denial, and suppressed emotions, and confusion, and … *list goes on* There’s a cringe, but not from the pictures or swearing. I thought they were very respectful. More from the painful awkwardness between these two and the whole list of stuff going on from my first sentence.😅

    These two pitiful lost souls. My heart broke for Cordy when she smashed her own little statue, but whether she learnt anything at all from this episode has yet to be proven. I’m not surprised if she falls right back into Morgyn’s arms the moment they so much as looks at her cordially. But I can’t help but feel a glimmer of hope from that statue smash that she could’ve learnt some self-perseverance from this. I’m keeping my expectations super low though. It’s unlikely.

    What I think is more likely to happen next is her getting pregnant next and more chaos, at least going by Bloomer legacy. 😅

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To be honest the cringe part of the disclaimer was referring more so to the awkward turtle vibes of the whole chapter (or at the very least the first third) than the sexy images, necessarily 😊 But yes, definitely all of the things you list in the first sentence are present here, for sure.

      That’s interesting that that scene gives you hope (or indeed, that you were able to find something to be hopeful about in this chapter 😅). You’re right, it remains to be seen what her takeaway from all this is.

      Hahaha that comparison is hilarious to me. I know you may not think so from the portion of the Bloomer Legacy you’ve sampled, but the Bloomers were not a story about descent into chaos 😆 The main themes throughout the generations there were actually those of personal growth and accepting yourself for who you are. Those are not the main themes in BC, lol.

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      1. OOh Turtle vibe is definitely there 😂 I’m trying to be optimistic haha. There’s no such thing as giving up until the main character does so I’m kinda crossing my fingers hoping for the best..
        Aww that’s so sweet! Makes me want to read the rest of Bloomers now ❤ Btw, do bloomers have any reference to… Boomers? 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m still baffled that Morgyn would rather tempt fate with potential vampiric offspring that may or may not be viable in the first place because of the whole undead thing than, y’know, magically fix their own private parts.

    Come to think of it, “I can’t think of anyone but you” doesn’t even have to be positive. You can interpret that in many many disturbing ways. They can’t think of anyone else that is broken enough to agree. Or they can’t think of any other “loves” at the moment. Or even they can’t think of a better doormat that will let them do with a child as they please. Gah, this is my own black heart talking I’m sure.

    I wonder what Micah is thinking. Did Morgyn offer him something if he agreed, and was he banking on Cordelia refusing to get out of it in the end? What did Morgyn offer Micah that made him agree and risk it in the first place? Renewed efforts at finding a cure? All they seem interested in is their own power, as always. =/

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    1. Tempting fate by pursuing something improbable that may potentially result in something with unprecedented powers sure sounds like something that Morgyn wouldn’t do… 😇 (Also, how many times can I squeeze the world something into a single sentence? Lol)

      More serious answer – we do know that even untamed magic has limits, like that it can’t bring back the dead once they’ve “moved on,” and that master level spells can only be performed by the sage in the school, unless the other sages cooperate on a workaround. Morgyn may be able to alter their private parts (what we’ve seen suggests they likely have), but that doesn’t mean they’re able to magically restore their fertility if they’ve lost that in the process. I didn’t really want to make any of the magic boundless or all-powerful, because there wouldn’t really be any stakes. (Not to mention that if that was the case, Morgyn would be able to do absolutely anything, which is slightly terrifying 😀 )

      Come to think of it, “I can’t think of anyone but you” doesn’t even have to be positive.

      This is very true. Might well be the case of Morgyn having gone through their little black book and Cordelia’s name was the only one that wasn’t crossed out due to burnt bridges 😀 Then again, ordinarily people choose to have a child with someone they are fond of at the time, when said child is planned, so I guess it depends on how ordinary you think Morgyn’s approach is.

      The next chapter is Micah’s POV, so you’ll get some answers there – though whether they’ll be satisfying is another story!

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  5. well, I’m actually surprised how reasonable Cory suddenly is. Funny, bc the day before she has stooped down to craziest possible xD
    She’s questioning everything she knows, but without sinking into senseless moping. Smh reminds me of Micah. Did smth from him rub off on her? (no pun intended ok 😅)
    She finally questions the importance of her feelings for Morgyn and therefore she may realize that she does not have to blindly act on them. Love can be wonderful, but in her case it destroys her.
    It’s the first step, and I really hope she does not fall back again like she used to do.
    My heart can’t take that anymore fall backs 😭😭

    What also I find peculiar, smh Morgyn’s spell seem to have brought out the feelings for each other that may always have had lingered inside them, but at the same time, because they know what spell it is, they will question it and may do so far after the spell has faded.
    I can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad thing now 😄

    Anyway I just hope there is no pregnancy coming out of it.
    Also bc I really want to see Morgyn not getting what they want for once – especially from their favourite doormat 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Did smth from him rub off on her? (no pun intended ok 😅)

      LMAO this line killed me 😂

      But yeah, it’s kind of ironic, she agreed to this because she was so singularily obsessed with Morgyn, but now because of that very spell, she has a contrasting view that’s making her question everything. I guess we’ll see what she does from here.

      Hold on to that thought…

      I guess we’ll see if a pregnancy comes out of this – both Cordelia and Micah seem to think it’s unlikely, so that’s something, right? Haha, favourite doormat, ouch. Poor Cordelia 😅


  6. Well, this was another interesting chapter indeed! I do think Cordelia and Micah have feelings for each other, but I don’t really want them to… well, get together right now, after everything that happened. I do have a feeling they might fall in love with each other after Cordelia realizes she’s pregnant… (which I’m pretty sure is what’s going to happen, I mean in these wacky types of stories, anything can happen, right? 😆 )

    Ah, finally, Cordelia’s mother gets spoken about! 🙂 (Even if it’s just flashbacks in a few words…) I do wonder what Annaliese thinks about her daughter’s decisions from the afterlife! Would she be happy?

    Hmm, I wonder if Morgyn has an ulterior motive to Cordelia and Micah having a child. There is a high chance of the child being a vampire, so that can’t really be possible. I wonder if he’s going to give the vampire cure to the child and dump Micah and Cordelia? That’d be really bad! 😮 And maybe perform the rite of ascension on the child (with or without the other two sages’ permission, I don’t know)…

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    1. Thank you! They definitely do have feelings for each other – that’s what the Infatuate spell does, after all. It’s now up to them to figure out what to do with that, and whether to acknowledge it at all. Haha we’ll see if she’s pregnant or not 🙂

      Unfortunately Cordelia doesn’t remember very much about her mother, so that provides limited flashback opportunities. She remembers the absence of her mother much more strongly than she does Annaliese herself. You might just get what you’re hoping for before the season’s over, though 😉 Oh, that’s a good question. No, I don’t think she’d be happy at all. She would definitely not approve of any of this, lol.

      Interesting speculation. That sure would rub some salt in Micah’s wounds! Of course, this is assuming Morgyn even knows a vampire cure. I will say this much though, because technically it’s already been said in a couple of the early chapters already: It’s impossible for one of the sages to perform the rite of ascension on their own in the BC universe. All three sages need to be on board with the person ascending to spellcaster. That’s how Emilia Charm became a spellcaster, and why Morgyn couldn’t even contemplate giving Verena the spellcaster powers she was asking for back when she held Cordelia captive.

      Your speculation poses a really interesting question though – if Morgyn’s goal is to ultimately have a magical heir, why did they choose Micah, a vampire, and Cordelia, a non-magical human, for this?

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  7. YASSSS!!!!! I’m such a degenerate. I love a romance scene.

    I went from screaming that they were sleeping together and being 100% against it to being 100% into it and like, what if they just ran off and left Morgyn behind? Am I under a love a spell cast by Morgyn?!?!?!?!?!

    My heart was in my throat when Micah’s face started burning! And I feel like this is the first time Cordelia is really seeing how much of herself she lost. Making the sculpture and then just discarding it because it didn’t matter was just a knife to the gut.

    Okay, okay let me get out of here and read the next chapter before I make any of my lofty, but incorrect predictions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woo, I’m glad, I’m a bit of a prude so I try not to just show sexy times too much, but I felt like it did add something here and wasn’t just gratuitous… at least that’s what I’m going with in my head 😀

      I mean, they could be a nice couple, all of the mess aside. Except that they are neck in deep in the mess, haha.

      Yes. She’s wrapped a lot of her identity around Morgyn in the past year or so and didn’t even realise. Which is also why the breakup was so earth-shattering to her. Perhaps the spell might have ironically helped her realise that, though we have yet to see if it’s a good or a bad thing overall. The sculpture moment was definitely painful to write.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. NAKED PEOPLE!?!?!? And SWEARING?!?!?!?!?!? Oh no!!! Don’t you know there are children in the world? What would baby Jesus say???

    (Totally glossed over the swear and had to scroll back and look for it again.)

    Well, I’m often glad to be proven wrong, but I’ve been writing under the assumption that sexual assault is impossible in the sims universe, and “Infatuate” wrecks that. (Does “Beguile”? Hmm.) Calling attention to the messed-up implications while also pointing out that you need a content disclaimer about swearing but not for the magical roofies: A+, A+ all around. One vote for structural meta-jokes here.

    I’m impressed with the way it’s being handled, though. Cordelia’s cognitive-dissonance battle with herself hits hard. What I do find interesting is that Cordelia inwardly blames herself (“What on earth was she thinking? Why did she agree?”) but is able to correctly stand her ground when challenged by Micah (“Why would it be all my fault?”). And many of her problems have to do with her refusing to listen to her intuition if it reflects poorly on herself or doesn’t mesh with how she wants the world to be. Still, she doesn’t deserve the blame—like this chapter already suggests—she just sorely needs a positive role model who specializes in telling Morgyn to F off.

    Though she’s raising the concern as a form of doubt, Cordelia’s genre-aware enough to be concerned about the first rule of pregnancy in fiction: if you have had sex once, you are now pregnant. That said, I’ve come to expect a fair amount of mess, and if this trope is subverted in the next few chapters (“what?! No, I didn’t expect you to get interspecies pregnant the first time, the odds of that are infinitesimal”), so that the drama is sucked out of it and the reader has to wait through several 2-month periods for anything to happen, I will fall out of my chair clapping. I’m a sucker for deconstructions.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s plenty of features in the game that can be interpreted in a rather iffy way. Infatuate is not even the worst offender. Yep you’ve got beguile, you’ve got the potions, flirty cookies, decor, you’ve got… Get Together club rules. Oof. I’ll avoid nose diving in there.

      “And many of her problems have to do with her refusing to listen to her intuition if it reflects poorly on herself or doesn’t mesh with how she wants the world to be. Still, she doesn’t deserve the blame—like this chapter already suggests—she just sorely needs a positive role model who specializes in telling Morgyn to F off.” I agree.

      A fair amount of mess is the best expectation to have for BC. I should use that as a tagline.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OH YES, THE CLUB RULES. Okay, that is worth getting into, and does slightly change context and help progress my worldbuilding. Lol.

        What’s funny is Ferosh suggested “everyone is a hot mess” as a potential CT tagline, and I’m really hoping Fig will adapt “too hot for fashion” for Xaos. Because Fig needs a medal for her characters’ sartorial choices and she needs it yesterday: soooo mannyyy vampires in crop tops and ridiculous poofy seizure-inducing ’80s jackets.

        Liked by 1 person

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