1.61 Demon Spawn

They planned for this. If Cordelia went into labour during the day, when Micah was confined to his coffin, she was to call Morgyn. After all, nobody could get her to the hospital quicker than the sage. It was the logical thing to do.

But now that the moment had come, logical did not matter to her one bit. Morgyn was the last person she wanted in the hospital with her. The mere thought filled her with an irrational fear that if the sage came along, they would steal the baby and she’d never see her child again. And so she opted to go alone, the regular way, without fancy teleportation magic.

Cordelia hated the hospital. Every time she’d come here for a scan throughout the pregnancy, she half-expected them to tell her the baby was undead, a demon spawn, that there was something wrong.

But if Morgyn’s theory about the child being a vampire hybrid was right, the scans failed to pick it up. All the doctors ever told her was to eat more – which was still virtually impossible, even at 9 months, the only thing she could stomach was Dandy’s fruit.

But that didn’t matter now, the baby was coming. Slowly. At first, the contractions were sparse, so all there was to do was wait.

She thought of the last few months. It was strange how quickly her and Micah settled into the routine of living together again, as if he’d never moved out.

Of course, there were some differences. Micah moved his easel downstairs so that she could sit on the sofa when she watched him paint, and was generally lovely, making daily trips to Eden to stock up on plasma fruit for both of them.

They never broached the subject of Morgyn, bar one time; the night when she told Micah the story of how she got her scar, as dumb as it was.

With everything she’d been through, it seemed silly that a bunch of kids made her run, that she was so scared of them she tripped down the stairs, cutting her head open.

But at the time it was enough to make her skip school at every opportunity from then on.

“It’s stupid.” She said. “At school I was scared of the kids, outside of school I was scared of the sprites… I should have still gone. I… I’ve always felt so self-conscious around Morgyn, about not being as well-read as them…”  

“I really doubt Morgyn cares about that.” Micah told her.

A numbness overcame her. “You’re right. Morgyn doesn’t care about me at all.”

“That’s not what I meant. I’m pretty sure Morgyn didn’t get a lot of formal schooling either.” He did not elaborate. “But that’s beside the point. If it really bothers you, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming ‘well-read’ now. If that’s what you want to do. For you, not for Morgyn.”

Cordelia didn’t know what exactly Micah and Morgyn relationship was these days, and she didn’t ask. Best not to know. At this point, she wasn’t even sure who she’d be jealous of more.

The sage would come visit them from time to time to see how Cordelia was doing, and were perfectly cordial with both Micah and Cordelia, but nothing more.

A part of Cordelia dreaded those visits, though she couldn’t put a finger on why.

Dandelion became a fairly common fixture in the house too, especially once Cordelia grew too big to manoeuvre through the tree passage. In spite of his initial shock about the news of her pregnancy, he soon got used to the idea, it seemed.

The elf’s interactions with Micah always caught Cordelia by surprise, she hadn’t realised how friendly the two of them had gotten.

It was apparent to her now that Micah must have spent a great deal of time in Sylvan Glade when they shared the house the first time around. Had she really been so blinded by Morgyn that she never noticed?

Then again, she’d had no idea about the fruit until she needed it either. Clearly, Micah was a better friend to Dandelion that she ever was. But that was hardly surprising. Micah had always been a better person, hadn’t he?

The contractions became stronger, and more frequent, forcing Cordelia out of her head. But if she didn’t distract herself, all there was pain…

The midwives came rushing in. It was time. Cordelia wished Micah could be there with her.

Though more than anything, she wished she could be with her mother. As little as she remembered of Annaliese, one thing was for certain, her mother had been through this.

What Cordelia wouldn’t give to have mother her hold her hand. But she had to settle for one of the nurses.

Everything became a blur. Next thing she knew, the baby was in her arms.

No demon spawn. The most perfect baby she’d ever seen. Looked so much like Micah. Even had his eyes.

“It’s a girl.” Someone in the room said, but Cordelia was too mesmerised by the beautiful creature to pay attention to who it was.

She only managed to acknowledge anything but her child when Micah and Morgyn entered.

Micah. Was it night time already? She hadn’t even realised the darkness had descended.

The vampire looked apprehensive at first. But once he joined her and their daughter, for the first time ever, Cordelia felt… complete. It was the best feeling in the world. All that mattered was that the three of them were together.

But the blessed moment was fleeting, of course. Surprisingly, Morgyn opted to stay in the sidelines, but even their presence in the room was a painful reminder that whatever sense of feeling whole she may have gotten from her, Micah and the baby together was artificial. Wherever Micah was in her heart, what was there in reality was a big black hole. She couldn’t forget that.

Her eyes met Morgyn’s, prompting the sage to come closer.

“So, what are you calling her?” Morgyn asked.

“Hawthorne.” Micah told them.

“Blackwell. Hathorne Blackwell.” Cordelia looked up at the spellcaster defiantly. “She gets my name.”

“Do you think that bothers me?” Morgyn raised an eyebrow. “There’s no long line of Embers I’m hoping to honour if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m the first, likely last. I quite like it that way. Hawthorne Blackwell it is. Though it is a bit of a mouthful, if you ask me.”

“No one was asking.” Micah interrupted, his voice calm but resolute.

“Of course.” Morgyn nodded. They paused for a moment. “May I hold her?”

Cordelia instinctively pulled the infant closer to her.

“I promise I’m not taking her away. Do you really think I’d want to deal with diapers?” Morgyn smirked.

She glanced at Micah. He didn’t seem concerned. Begrudgingly, she handed the infant to the sage.

So many times she had wondered if Morgyn was capable of true emotion, if they were capable of caring for anyone. Seeing them hold Hawthorne now, the look on their face finally answered that.

But strangely, Cordelia wasn’t sure she was happy about that at all.

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  1. “Congratulations, Miss. Blackwell on your happy, healthy, oddly grey baby.”

    I assume that if scans didn’t pick up any issues that, other than looking undead, Hawthorne appears ‘human’ and has a pulse. But now I’m thinking of the practicalities of having a vampire hybrid baby in the picture. What will little Hawthorne eat? Will Cordelia be trying to breastfeed a fanged infant? (Ouch) Spoon feed her plasma fruit puree? Will baby be crawling around catching mice to nom on? So many questions.

    This was actually quite a lovely, if disturbing, chapter given the situation the three of them are in. Disturbingly Lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! 😂 I mean, sometimes babies are a weird colour when they first come out, right?

      She has a heartbeat and a pulse, yes. You know, a perfectly normal baby. I mean, most babies aren’t born with teeth so fanged breastfeeding may not be an issue. Fanged toddler would be fun, though. Imagine those tantrums 😀

      Yay! It’s all lovely, yes. Just a lovely, happy family.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “”Clearly, Micah was a better friend to Dandelion that she ever was. But that was hardly surprising. Micah had always been a better person, hadn’t he?””

    There’s no better person here Cordy. You need not compare yourself to others. You are whole as you are.

    I wonder if she’ll grow to love herself one day. Kinda hard if she loves two people, then gauge her worth based on how much they love her back. : Am wondering about Micah’s pov in all this so we know what’s the new dynamic between the trio, but will have to wait for next chapter.

    Oof Micah’s painting in the back is preeety! Is that a fairy on the moon?

    Cordy’s so brave going to the hospital on her own. Not even asking for Dandy when she knew she’d never have Morgyn accompany her. Whole hospital scene had me anxious. Cordy’s maternal instincts are super strong.

    I’m also wondering if she wasn’t happy about the way Morgyn looked at Hawthorne was due to her maternal instincts, or because the look Morgyn had had never been directed at her. Hopefully it had been. >.> Don’t think I can stomach a mother being jealous of their own child.. Hopefully we’re not looking at the makings of Sandy 2.0. 😂 Why does my brain auto direct to the worse case scenario.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww if only she could hear you. It’s true, Cordelia has been comparing herself to Micah as soon as it became clear he was also Morgyn’s romantic interest. And she always came to the conclusion that he’s better than her in every way. Which is ironic, given Micah’s opinion of himself…

      Ah, yes, what is Micah thinking? I think at this point in time, it may not be dramatically different from his thoughts in the last chapter. Soo… conflicted. 😀 But wanting to be there for Cordelia. I haven’t quite decided when we’ll hear his thoughts next.

      It is, isn’t it? It’s been fun finding paintings for Micah. They’re all courtesy of Takissis on the gallery 🙂

      You know, I considered if she’d ask Dandy to come, but I concluded she wouldn’t. I don’t know if he’d be massively helpful there anyway, mind. It would probably all freak him out 😀

      You’re right, Cordelia does have strong maternal instincts. And that’s an interesting speculation. I think you’ll get an answer to that quite quickly, so I’ll leave it for now. Hah, the world is definitely not ready for Sandy 2.0. Though I think Sandy and Cordelia are on other sides of the spectrum when it comes to self-esteem/perceived self-worth, so there’s that, in any case.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve always thought of Sandy to have low self-esteem and self-worth. Cordy directs those feelings inwards and beats herself up while Sandy tries to make others (April) worse off than her.

        I think it will be cute if Dandy went to the hospital with her. Watching him freak out will be kinda fun. Nyehehe! But okay his ears. Not sure how people will react. Maybe he can don a hat. Or maybe its no biggie to humans. 😮

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That would make sense, definitely would explain why Sandy always demanded so much external validation.

          Lol yes, it would be havoc for sure. Yes, the humans would definitely notice his ears. Maybe keep him in the hospital for furhter study. Haha.


    1. Oh, how annoying! I’ve lost comments in the past too, though it was mostly all or nothing, so this is new to me – I wonder if there’s a word count limit or something.


        1. That must be very frustrating! Maybe there really is a word limit. I feel like I would have hit that on some of the tea party stories, so now you have me wondering if parts of my comments disappeared too in the last and I just never noticed. I’ll be all paranoid now 😆


  3. Ah, so the baby is born… Perhaps it’ll just be like an alien hybrid, she has vamp skin and is otherwise a completely normal sim. Would be kind of boring though… 😆

    I wonder if she would need blood or if she can just drink it as a snack, if it’s the former, well, I guess she’d have a tough time with Cordelia as her mother… if it’s the latter then I guess it’ll be all right! 🙂 Why do I get the feeling it’s the former, though… maybe it will be! Always predicting the worst, right? 😀

    Speaking of which, would Cordelia be returning back to her normal diet? I hope so! If not, well… *trails off* Also, I wonder why Micah’s skin color didn’t stand out… I mean it is very gray indeed! 😆

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  4. It’s very telling how, in her moment of need, Cordelia no longer wants Morgyn to be with her. Looks like her maternal instincts are very strong, even wanting to keep the baby away from Morgyn because she’s afraid they will take her away. A shame that it’s still “afraid that they’ll take her” and not “it’s my child, Morgyn, go make your own heir”. Baby steps, so to speak.

    Oooh and even Micah is rejecting Morgyn a little with his “No one was asking”. I really wonder how the dynamic between the three (four) of them is going to be moving forward.

    That last picture gives me such a bad feeling. Maybe it’s the idea of Morgyn molding a tiny person into their ideal picture of a future heir that’s creeping me out.
    Or maybe it’s the fact that they’re holding a newborn baby with hands that are full of jewellry and other hard, painful bits. Morgyn! Take off yer damn rings! xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely telling.

      “A shame that it’s still “afraid that they’ll take her” and not “it’s my child, Morgyn, go make your own heir”. ” – I mean, if Morgyn was just a regular human that only happens to be good at manipulating people, I’d agree with you, but seeing that’s not the case, I think being afraid is probably the more sensible reaction here. Cordelia herself has seen Morgyn perform all kinds of powerful spells, like blocking off a bunch of other spellcasters with a wall of fire, for instance. Just telling them to go get stuffed might be a luxury she just doesn’t have. Would probably achieve as much good as Dandy did by yelling at Verena.

      Definitely a bit of a pushback from Micah. Then again, he’s made similar snap remarks at the sage in from the beginning, so it’s not necessarily that different from some of their interactions we’ve seen already.

      Haha. Morgyn, taking off their jewellery? That would be preposterous! 😂


  5. Welcome Hawthorne! This entire situation is a hot mess!

    I hope Cordelia takes Micah up on his advice: start doing some things for herself, to make herself feel more complete and secure.

    I’m actually quite curious about what comes next, in part because Cordelia doesn’t have the same affection for Morgyn once the baby was born. I mean, sure, she talked about being jealous. But I loved that line about a black hole in her heart where Morgyn used to be.

    Though she did seem sad that they were cuddling the baby and showing emotion…

    Whew, there is a whole new dynamic in the story now, which I really love! Alliances and friendships have shifted in ways that will be really interesting for the next part of the story.

    Again, I ask, what is Morgyn’s end game here?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hawthorne, meet Madness. Madness, meet… I guess you already know.

      She really should listen to Micah’s advice, yes. He’s got surprisingly useful insights, when it comes to other people and not himself 😆

      The love spell and the baby have definitely out some things into perspective for Cordelia. After all, there’s now other matters – and other people – for her to consider, rather than just blondly making Morgyn the centre of her universe.

      I mean, I’m not going to answer that no matter how many times you ask 😁

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  6. I did not expect that from last chapter we’d jump directly to Cordelia giving birth.

    That love spell was truly a curse, bc it’s obvious that whatever there was between Micah or Cory, could never develop naturally and never can again, so their relationship is probably ruined forever.
    Cory is more alone than ever before 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear from you, and I hope you’re having a good Christmas! 😊 Haha, yes, a lot of timejumps incoming.

      True, Cordelia and Micah will now never know how their relationship would have developed naturally without the love spell. Makes it tather tricky to determine what was there to begin with, if it even matters now.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ehehe it is late now, but thank you & I hope you had happy holidays too 🙂

        even if not romantically, but they could have become good friends. Who knows v.v

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m still so confused as to what role Morgyn will play in this little girl’s life. I mean they’re not one of the parents, the child is Micah’s and Cordelia’s, she has Cordelia’s name, Morgyn said they won’t take her to the magic realm. So how is this child Morgyn’s heir exactly?? I don’t get it.

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  8. Cordelia gets top marks for listening to her intuition to distrust Morgan—for once! finally!—and for this great tautology:

    As little as she remembered of Annaliese, one thing was for certain, her mother had been through this.

    I’m out of insight and ass observations so I’ll keep it short and just say GOOOOOODDDDD LUUUUUUUCCCCKKK HAWTHORNE.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yikes, in labour with a half vampire baby sounds like fun XC
    ‘You’re right. Morgyn doesn’t care about me at all.” Sad truth Cordie… 😦 Naww Dandy coming to the house cuz poor Cordie can’t get through the tree!

    ;O; tiny bab!! Cordie with the baby is adorable < 3 I love the name! Morgyn staring at the baby like ‘I’m going to control the fuck out of you < 3 ‘

    Breastfeeding a part vampire baby is going to be fun : p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure any kind of labour is a whole lot of fun. 😅

      Thank you! I considered a few names, and I actually didn’t even like Hawthorne as much as some of the others, but I kept calling her that in my notes and then I couldn’t think of her as anything else. I blame all the Hawthorne trees around Micah and Cordelia’s house.

      Haha you’re not the first person to mention the vampire baby breastfeeding, but in fairness, babies are typically born without teeth, and by the time they get a full set most people typically don’t breastfeed all that much. So hopefully no fang issues. If the baby will even be interested in breast milk at all, haha.


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