1.63 A Bit of Magic

Hawthorne adored her trips to the magic realm with Morgyn. Today’s was no exception. She was a little disappointed that they didn’t spend much time at the headquarters, but it made sense – aside from Morgyn, the other sages didn’t seem particularly fond of her. Especially after last time, when she fell into that cauldron and couldn’t get out…

Still, everything in the realm was exciting.

Morgyn took her to a place called Caster’s Alley, a large square filled with shops that sold the strangest things.

But what was even more interesting that the items on sale was the magic folk all around – some casting spells, some shopping for brooms, some even duelling – there was a spark of magic in the air wherever Hawthorne looked.

She spotted a boy about her age. There was a strange creature fluttering above him. At first, it reminded her of Dandelion’s sprites, but this was way larger.

“What is that?” She motioned towards the boy.

“Oh, I believe that’s a glowfrog,” Morgyn said casually.

“A glowfrog?” She repeated. Morgyn didn’t get a chance to elaborate further – the boy had noticed Hawthorne and came over, with his strange creature.

“It’s my familiar. He protects me.” The boy explained. “His name is Crispin. And I’m Ollie.”

The boy’s parents joined them. Morgyn knew them, the girl realised.

“Darrel, Emilia, what a pleasure to see the whole family on an outing.” The sage was smiling, though Hawthorne noticed it wasn’t the same kind of smile they usually gave her.

“Morgyn.” The man, Darrel, nodded. “I assume this is your…” He struggled to finish the sentence.

The way the man looked at her seemed odd. Hawthorne wondered if he’d eaten something unpleasant.

“My goddaughter Hawthorne. She’s my pride and joy.” For some reason, Morgyn’s eyes narrowed as they spoke.

“Uh, yes, I’m certain she’s… distinct.” The man said stiffly.

The woman beside him seemed to be his polar opposite. “Nice to meet you, Hawthorne.” She smiled at her warmly. “Perhaps you could come over to play with Ollie and Crispin some time?”

“That would be neat!” The boy on her side exclaimed.

“I’m sure that would be delightful,” Morgyn cut in. “But don’t let us keep you from your family fun day.”

“Have you read my proposal, Morgyn?” The man asked.

“Afraid I haven’t had a chance yet. I do want to make sure to give it my undivided attention, you see.” Morgyn replied pleasantly. “Now, if you excuse us…”

She couldn’t help but look over her shoulder. A magical boy. With a strange family.

“That man is a little boring, isn’t he?” Hawthorne asked Morgyn as they walked up the alley.

Morgyn gave her a proud look. “More than a little, I’d say. He’s not worth your attention…”

“But you were nice to him.” She pointed out.

“Painful side of being a grownup.” Morgyn sighed. “This way, through the portal.”

She followed behind them. “What does a familiar do?”

“As the boy said, their main purpose is protection. It’s common to have one for spellcaster children.” The sage explained.

There was so much more Hawthorne wanted to know. “So the boy, Ollie, he knows magic? Like you?”

Morgyn let out a laugh. “Definitely not like me. I’d be surprised if he really knows any spells yet. But yes, no doubt there’s magic in his veins. Long line of spellcasters in the Charm family.”

“We don’t have that.” Hawthorne frowned. They walked through yet another portal, one that lead to a greenhouse of some kind.

“It’s not how many spellcasters were before you that matters, Hawthorne. That’s why I brought you here, actually.”

“Where are we?” Hawthorne asked.

“The main gardens.” Morgyn told her. “I used to come to the gardens when I was young.”

She looked around the gardens surrounding them. It seemed too unexciting of a place for the Morgyn she knew.

“Why?” She asked, puzzled. “There’s nothing here.”

“That can sometimes be a good thing.” Morgyn said after a while. “There’s a freedom you can only get when no one’s watching. Time for me to just… be myself, think.”

That made very little sense to Hawthorne. “Why couldn’t you do those things when people are watching?”

But Morgyn didn’t answer her question.

“You know what else is good about this place?” They said instead. “The view. You can see most of the magic realm from here. Just look past the edge…”

They weren’t wrong. The realm was huge. Beautiful. Even Sylvan Glade was no match for it in Hawthorne’s eyes.

“The whole realm… All of this will be yours one day.” The sage told her. “So don’t you worry about the Charms.”

Hawthorne thought of the spellcaster boy. Of his father that looked at her as if she was smelly.

“Why one day?” She looked up at Morgyn. “That boy from earlier is a spellcaster already, and he didn’t look older than me.”

The sage didn’t seem to understand. “Oh, you’ll be far more powerful than him.”

“But why do I have to wait till I get magic?” Hawthorne repeated. It made no sense. If she was as brilliant as Morgyn always told her, then why wait?

The sage hesitated. “Because you get to enjoy being a child without having to worry about setting the world on fire.” They said eventually.

The girl’s eyes widened.

“I would never do that!” She cried out.

“Of course you wouldn’t.” Morgyn nodded. But then their tone changed. “Although one day, you’ll have enough power to do so, should you choose to.”

Why would she ever want to do anything like that, Hawthorne wondered? Her head was spinning.

The sage seemed to have moved on already. “But for now… let’s see. Perhaps I could give you a little bit of magic.”

Hawthorne cowered at the sight of the bird that appeared above them. It was covered in flames. Did Morgyn really summon that?

“Morgyn? What is that?” The girl pointed at the creature.

“It’s a phoenix.” The sage said. “Possibly the only creature in the world that’s managed to defeat death. They cannot die, you see. At least not forever. A worthy familiar, don’t you think?”

Hawthorne’s eyes widened. “That… that’s a familiar too?”

“Your familiar.” Morgyn nodded. “You didn’t think I’d make you settle for something as boring as a glowfrog, did you?”

She turned her eyes away from the majestic creature for a moment, beaming at Morgyn.

“You’ll always have magic, Hawthorne.” The spellcaster told her. “You’ll have anything you can dream of. I promise.”

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  1. ‘Especially after last time, when she fell into that cauldron and couldn’t get out…’ The cauldrons ARE ridiculously huge.

    Oh piss off, Darrel. It’s not Hawthorne’s fault that she’s tangled up in this triangular disaster. Don’t look at her like she’s smelly. Is the trade-off for learning spells that it turns you into a big poohead? When I read ‘proposal’ I immediately went to the marriage kind and laugh-snorted coffee everywhere.

    Aw, what did Morgyn do when no one was watching? Bad things? Embarrassing things? Taboo things? I am guessing that it involved fire and lacy knickers.

    Hm. “You’ll have anything you can dream of. I promise.” From anyone else I’d think this was sweet but coming from Morgyn? Nope. Sinister. Keep dreaming kind, little vamp hybrid.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, they are. I figured a child would inevitably fall in one 😆

      I mean, Darrel looks at almost everyone like they’re smelly. Hawthrone just doesn’t know that. Lol, yes, and then Darrel proposed to Morgyn and they all lived happily ever after. That is the climactic finale I’m working towards.

      I feel like if it involved lacy underwear, Morgyn would want other people watching. They’re not very secretive about their lingerie.

      Hey, why can’t Morgyn be sweet? 😊


  2. Hawthorne is so adorable 💖
    The picture with her big round eyes when Morgyn announces that she will be able to burn the world down. What a terrible promise! I’m glad she’s dismissing it right away.

    Morgyn is obsessed with the desire for control but see where it has led them 😫
    Of course, they have to surpass Ollie’s glowfrog. Like everything in the world is about being the biggest and best.
    I hope Hawthorne does not accept that lesson. The price is to high. It’s going to cost her her humanity.

    I would like to know what Darrel’s proposal is about? Maybe something about throwing all the vampires out of the magic realm? 😬
    I hope Hawthorne and Ollie become friends despite the adversity of the adults.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suppose if one is a powerful spellcaster it could be something they are capable of, it’s just a matter of choice. Knowing it’s something you could potentially cause is not necessarily a bad thing. But of course, Hawthorne’s not even a spellcaster as of right now.

      Where has it led them, exactly, is the question? 😊 I’m not sure I’d say things aren’t working out for them. But yes, of course Morgyn wants to exceed others, so by extension they want the same for Hwthorne.

      The only vampires Darrel is aware of are the ones linked to Morgyn, so I doubt he’d just casually come up to Morgyn and propose banishing the child Morgyn basically sees as theirs and the child’s father. Darrel’s proposal is as insignificant as Darrel himself, lol.

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  3. So, this is where Hawthorne went to the Magic Realm (for the hundredth time? Lol). Interesting. 🙂

    Wait, what happened after she fell into the cauldron? Did something happen with Simeon or L. Faba at that time? 😮

    So we meet Ollie… Interesting. Emilia and Ollie were nice to Hawthorne but Darrel wasn’t. Hopefully Darrel doesn’t brainwash Ollie when it comes to her, since she doesn’t know a single thing that happened between her parents and godparent.

    Morgyn isn’t off the hook completely either. Turns out they still want her to be their heir. 😬 Hopefully Hawthorne doesn’t listen to them and follows what her parents always wanted even since she was born; to not be taken away. 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, did it read like she’d been to those places a hundred times? It was actually Hawthorne’s first time in both Caster’s Alley and the gardens, sorry if that wasn’t clear. Hawthorne had been to the magic realm before, but mostly just to the HQ – to her going to the magic realm is basically just the equivalent of going to Morgyn’s “house.”

      Well basically the way I see it she would explore HQ and look at all the neat nicknacks the have around there, so she’d often fall off things or into things. I would imagine neither Simeon nore L Faba are particularly impressed with that. Think of it like that annoying coworker that brings their child to the office all the time and lets them run free so they end up jamming the photocopier, or something along those lines. Lol.

      I’m pretty sure Hawthorne’s connection to Morgyn is the only thing that makes Darrel tolerate her. Considering he’s not that fond of vampires 😊

      Haha well yes, of course Morgyn still wants Hawthorne to be their heir, they were quite clear on that from the beginning and it hasn’t changed 😊 I guess the only thing we don’t know is what that entails, exactly.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, haha, now I understand, although it did feel like she knew a lot about the place. I wonder how she interacts with other spellcasters than the Charms and how she interacts with the sages, haha, since she’s been to HQ a lot. 🙂

        Haha, I can see that. That actually reminded me of something; recently I went to a wedding and there were a lot of little kids there playing and making a lot of noise. The grownups didn’t care obviously but I thought it was funny. xD One kid fell off a sofa while there though… 😬

        I do hope Darrel comes around with Hawthorne at least, if not her parents. Sure, her father bit him a looong time before and her mother defended her father, but that has nothing to do with her. 🙂

        It does seem like Morgyn wants Hawthorne to be their heir in a different way than I thought. XD I thought maybe they changed their mind? But no, they’re doing it in a different way that her parents don’t know about, so that’s what I thought, haha. 😉 If she’s half-human, will she be able to turn into a spellcaster from that side? It would be interesting if that was so. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I reckon she’d treat any adult the same, human, spellcaster, sage… I don’t really think kids distinguish status at her age, everyone’s either a kid like them or a grownup 😊

          Aww, how cute. Kids at weddings are adorable. As longs as they kind of manage to stay quiet through the ceremony part, haha!

          Well you know Darrel, he ain’t the friendliest of dudes, other than Emilia he’s generally only noce to people when he feels there’s something to be gained from them, haha.

          Ooh, interesting, what way were you thinking? Hmm, do her parents not know? They obviously are aware Morgyn spends a great deal of time with Hawthorne and clearly seem to allow it (however begrudgingly, in Cordelia’s case). Anyone can turn into a spellcaster, theoretically, but as we know from Grace and Emilia, this needs to be authorised by all three sages 🙂

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  4. I wonder who Ollie will be influenced by more — Emilia’s kindness or Darrel’s biases.

    Hawthorne is really cute and she looks so much like Micah! 😮 and Morgyn is teaching her their biases. 😅😂

    I wonder what part of themselves are Morgyn pouring into Hawthorne. Children imo brings out who a person really is. Hawthorne is making Morgyn do a lot of reflection. Reflection is probably not the right word but i cant think of it at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good question, Ollie’s parents are definitely quite different! Much like how the main influences in Hawthorne’s life have very different perspectives too 🙂

      She does look like Micah a lot, colouring-wise! Some of her facial structure does resemble Cordelia more – but that won’t be apparent until she gets only (err, I mean, I haven’t seen her when she’s older *cough*). Morgyn definitely plays a part in shaping her views, yes.

      “Children imo brings out who a person really is.” That’s a really interesting way to look at it, I like it! I know what you mean about the reflection. Yes, Hawthorne is potentially making Morgyn reminisce on their own past, and what their perceptions of the world and were when they were much younger. Their own experiences when they were Hawthorne’s age definitely affect some of their choices/behaviour with her.


  5. Lol, leave it to Morgyn to feel the need to best a little boy with a better familiar. “As boring as a glowfrog”. Sheesh. Everything just has to be better, doesn’t it?

    On another note, I wonder what that proposal is that Darrell seems to be so focused on. And what his problem with Hawthorne is. I get why he dislikes/d Micah, being biased towards a vampire and all, but seriously? She’s just a little kid, dude. Get your head out of your bottom and take an example from your wife. *grumble grumble*

    “He’s not worth your attention…”
    “The whole realm… All of this will be yours one day.”
    “You’ll have anything you can dream of. I promise.”

    Oh lordy. None of those are good things to talk into the head of an impressionable child. Looks like Morgyn is working hard at imprinting their own self-importance and sense of grandeur onto Hawthorne. I hope that Micah’s and Cordelia’s humbleness is enough to even it out, or we’ll be looking at a Morgyn 2.0, More Obnoxious Edition.

    It does speak for them that they’re “allowing” Hawthorne to just be a child for now, though. It sounds like Hawthorne is reminding them of themselves, and they want her to have the childhood that they never got to have. I still wonder how Morgyn went from a scared child who set their house on fire and ran away to thinking they’re the most important, best, biggest, most powerful, yadda yadda of everything. That has to have come from somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Technically Morgyn doesn’t want to best. alittle boy, they just want “their” child to. Much better! 😆

      There’s not many people Darrel likes. I doubt that will change.

      “Morgyn 2.0, More Obnoxious Edition” made me lol. But yes, a very good point. Hopefully Hawthrone has enough influences in her life to dillute this.

      Indeed, Morgyn does not want Hawthorne’s childhood to resemble their own in any way, that is true. And good question! How did Morgyn change so much?


  6. Honestly, Morgyn is over here looking like a snack and wearing a 10/10 outfit, and I just cannot take it!

    :: puts Morgyn Fan Club t-shirt back on::

    Listen, I know the Sage of Untamed Magic has a lot of issues, but this was an adorable moment with Hawthrone. You can see them trying not to repeat the mistakes of their childhood, though the whole “this will all be yours” thing is a bit creepy.

    I can’t believe it…I mean…has Morgyn evolved? Are they thinking about someone other than themselves? Has this child actually settled them?

    I’m wearing the t-shirt, but I’m scared to get too excited!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I see you can’t stay away from good old Morgyn 😄 I did enjoy their little makeover. I still went reserved, considering they’re spending the day with a kid, haha.

      That t-shirt has seen a lot of wear and tear 😂

      Morgyn definitely wants Hawthorne to have a better childhood then they did. Which doesn’t take much, lol. But of course being Morgyn, they will go all out.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Uh… while I get that Morgyn is v proud and invested in little Hawthorne, it can’t be good to tell her all the time how special and powerful and great she is and will be even more than that. Even worse, that she’s better than anyone else.
    I have a feeling they’re raising a little arrogant tyrant there 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right, not the best lessons to impart on a young impressionable mind, no. But of course Morgyn would tell her she’s better than anyone else. Don’t know if anyone expected Morgyn to be parent of the year, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Let the shipping begin.

    I’m still itching to know about the tradeoff. Something concrete that acts as a metaphor for a real-world problem that is also entangled with that real-world problem? Like the gifted-child baggage Morgyn’s unwittingly piling onto Hawthorne?

    “You are special and smart. All those other kids are your competition, but you should have no trouble beating them because of how great you are.” Yes. Yes. Excellent parenting. Keep going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol!

      It’s something that will probably not be addressed for a while, so hopefully you’re not too itchy.

      Ah, what a surprise, Morgyn won’t be winning the parent of the year award? But they have such a healthy outlook on life, how could they not impart some of it on their “heir” 😀

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