1.64 Flaming Bird

Cordelia only intended to rest her eyes a little bit. Next thing she knew, the whole house was dark.

Must have been out for way longer than she intended.

She sat up groggily. If it was dark outside, Micah had to be up and about already, but he clearly wasn’t home. Cordelia spotted a note on the table.

Off to see Dandelion, Micah’s scribbled writing said. Did that mean Hawthorne was already back, Cordelia wondered?

She got her answer almost instantly, as the unmistakeable flash of the transportalate spell shone through the windows. Cordelia headed out.

Sure enough, Hawthorne and Morgyn had just landed in front of the porch. But what was that thing following them? Some kind of a huge flaming bird… Cordelia didn’t like it one bit.

“What the hell is that?” She turned to the sage.

“Our day was fabulous, thanks for asking.” Morgyn disregarded her question. “How was yours?”

“Morgyn. The bird.” Cordelia couldn’t take her eyes off the thing.

“It’s a phoenix.” The sage replied, looking slightly irritated. “They’re masters of rebirth, rising from the ashes…”

“Why is it here?” Cordelia cut in. She had no patience left for Morgyn’s nonsense.

“Mummy, it’s mine!” Hawthorne interjected. “His name is Smokey.”

“Smokey.” Cordelia repeated, shooting an angry glare at Morgyn.

“It’s just a familiar, Cordelia.” The sage told her. “It’s meant to protect her from death. No better choice than a phoenix, if you ask me.”

Cordelia remembered the Hex Shop stocking familiars, though nothing quite like this.

“Can I keep him mummy, please?”

Typical Morgyn, making sure she was the bad guy while they were the brilliant flaming bird-gifting godparent. How could she say no now?

“It can’t actually set anything on fire, can it?” She turned to the sage.

“It can, but only if it deems it necessary to protect Hawthorne.” Morgyn said with irritating nonchalance.

Great. She rubbed her temples, willing the bird to disappear when she opened her eyes again. “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“Cordelia, familiars are commonplace among spellcaster children.” The sage changed their tune slightly. “You don’t want Hawthorne to feel left out when she starts school, do you?”

Cordelia’s throat felt dry. Damn them. Still knowing exactly how to strike a chord.

“You’re telling me all of the other kids will have their own flaming birds?” She snapped at them.

“Well no, a phoenix is quite rare. They’ll likely have bunnerflies, or ravens, or leafbats… but I’m sure you get the idea.”

She was sick of the entire exchange. “You better say goodbye to Morgyn, Hawthorne. Daddy is in Sylvan Glade, visiting Dandy. We should join them.”

“Can’t Morgyn come with us?” Her daughter gave her puppy eyes.

Now this was better. “I don’t know. Can you, Morgyn?” She pierced the sage with her eyes, challenging them.

“I’m afraid I’m not welcome in Sylvan Glade, princess.” The sage told the girl softly.

“Why not? Dandy is the most welcoming person in the world!” Hawthorne objected.

Morgyn waited briefly to see if Cordelia would interject, but she’d be damned if she helped them out.

“I’m sure he is.” Morgyn said finally. “But it’s not that simple.”

Annoyingly, Hawthorne decided not to question the matter any further. “Can Smokey come?”

“That’s your mother’s call.” Morgyn tossed the hot potato right back at her.

Cordelia sighed. “Yes, Smokey can come. Now let’s go, we don’t want to keep them waiting.”

She hurried Hawthorne through her goodbyes.

Mercifully her daughter’s attention soon turned to the tree. She called into the tree opening, greeting Dandelion – Not that Cordelia was sure if the elf could hear them all the way from here. But it didn’t matter.

Soon enough, they’d be in the Glades, and Morgyn would be out of her hair, for a while at least.


They found Micah and Dandelion by the bug hotel that Hawthorne had recently painted with all kinds of colourful flowers.

The girl dashed towards the elf, her new familiar flying in tow.

“Dandeee!” She squealed, leaping up at the elf.

“Hey, little sprout!” Dandelion caught her, spinning her in the air.

Micah spotted the phoenix flapping their wings around them, but didn’t interrupt Hawthorne’s moment with the elf.

“Well that’s new.” He said to Cordelia instead, eyes on the bird.

“Ugh, don’t get me started.” Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Bloody Morgyn…”

“You wanna sit down?” Micah gestured towards a bench made out of an old tree trunk.

“So typical of them, giving her something dangerous, not even bothering to check with us…” Cordelia vented.

“Is the bird dangerous?” Micah pondered. “It got to Sylvan Glade, didn’t it?”

You’re dangerous, doesn’t stop you getting in here, Cordelia wanted to say, but she managed to keep quiet. Wasn’t fair to let her anger out on Micah, and she knew those words would upset him. She knew better. She knew it was the intent that counted. But did she trust this bird thing? Not particularly. Like she could trust anything to do with Morgyn…

“I can ask Morgyn to tone down the gifts going forward,” Micah offered, his tone reconciliatory. “Anyway, how was your day?”

“Weird.” Cordelia admitted. “Was stuck thinking of things to do, with her not around. And then the oddest thing happened – Emilia Charm came over.”

A hint of worry flashed through Micah’s face. “Emilia Charm?”

“She said she wants to leave the past behind, because Hawthorne and her son will likely be classmates. Offered me a job too. Can you believe it?”

The phoenix flew over their head, briefly distracting her.

“Maybe she has a point.” Micah surprised her. “I don’t really know her, but if she came with a peace offering, I think we should take it.”

“How can you say that? With what happened with Darrel and Minerva…”

“Because of what happened with Darrel and Minerva.” Micah corrected her. “What use would carrying a grudge be? Won’t help us. Definitely won’t help Hawthorne. Best move past this before it affects her too, if the Charms are willing.”

Cordelia couldn’t believe what he was saying. Move past this… how could they?

“Are you thinking of taking the job?” He asked.

“What? You can’t be serious… even if we try to make amends with the Charms… I really don’t think I have the time. You know what a handful Hawthorne is.”

“Funny, weren’t you just complaining about being stuck on what to do with yourself with her gone?” He pointed out. Cordelia hated when he did this.

“No wonder you’re so eager to get all friendly with Emilia Charm. You sound just like her…”

Cordelia felt strangely jealous, which was ridiculous. Emilia Charm was married, and Micah never even met her. Not to mention Cordelia had no claim on Micah anyway. This was all dumb.

“I just meant that soon enough, you’ll have a lot more time on your hands, with Hawthorne in school.” Micah shrugged, proving Cordelia’s point.

“Why is everyone so worried about what I do with myself?” She protested.

“Well of course I’m worried, I care about you.” Micah said in that tone of his that made all of the stupid love spell fuzzies flare up. Cordelia willed herself to shut it down.

“I know you’ve had to focus on Hawthorne a lot, but I just… sometimes I wonder if that’s an excuse. An excuse for you to keep yourself from living your life, from being happy.”

He was really set on laying it on thick tonight, wasn’t he, Cordelia frowned.

“That’s rich, coming from you.” She muttered.

“Fair enough. But there’s a difference.” Micah didn’t seem discouraged. “I’m undead, I don’t really have that much living to do. But you… in the nicest way possible, you need to live now. While you can.”

Felt like a punch in the gut. The man she loved reminding her that she’d die one day, and he would not. Good thing that the only reason she loved him was a spell, Cordelia told herself.

She wasn’t sure how to respond. Micah fell silent too. He looked torn. Perhaps he regretted his words. Did it even matter?

A scream pierced into the silence between them. Dandelion’s scream.

Cordelia’s first thought was the damn bird. But that wasn’t the cause of the commotion.

She froze in horror. It was Hawthorne. Feeding on the elf.

Thankfully, Micah’s reaction was far more responsive then hers. In a flick of an eye, he sped up towards the girl and pulled her off from the elf.

It was only then when Cordelia managed to compose herself enough to move.

“Dandy!” She called out, dashing to the elf on the ground. He was conscious, rubbing his neck. “Are you ok?”

As she knelt down beside him, it occurred to Cordelia that perhaps the Charms and the flaming bird were the least of their worries.

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  1. Ha! They can’t get in the tree! Yeah, you stay out there, Bloody Morgyn.

    Well, damn. But wait… now Hawthorne has ill intent against Dandy, will she be able to visit him again? Oh wow, not having a familiar would be the least of her worries at school when she starts snacking on her classmates. Ah, crap.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, they cannot. Of course, Morgyn themself has admitted to not being “pure of heart.”

      Good question! I suppose it depends on what exactly her intent is. Ha, the girl who bites people and has a flaming familiar. Sounds like a fearsome classmate, lol!


  2. I wonder what the phoenix will do? I hope it protects Hawthorne and does nothing with ill-intent! 🙂 I do think Cordelia is right to question it, though, in a way, since Morgyn’s creations might be a bit… Morgyn-like? 😂

    Innocent Hawthorne. She doesn’t know about her parents & godparent’s history. Hopefully Cordelia and Micah tell her one day when she’s old enough to understand; she’s too naive to understand her mother’s hatred for the sage.

    I think the dream that Cordelia had on Chapter 57 really was a premoniton! Not exact, of course, but this time, it was Hawthorne (the child she was pregnant with in that chapter) who did it and Dandy didn’t die. 😮 This makes the story all more interesting, though! 😂 Assuming she bit Dandy because of thirst, I’m guessing that she indeed does have a thirst! I pity her just a little, because she’d have to deal with thirst now. I doubt Dandy will harbor any personal feelings against her (he never did that before with L. Faba or Cordelia, haha) so he may be fine with it. But what about Hawthorne? Will she feel guilty or confused? Just trying to see what kind of person she’ll be. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, Morgyn-like 😂 Definitely can’t blame you – or Cordelia 😀

      True, she definitely does not know their history, and you’re right that she likely wouldn’t understand at this point. I doubt Cordelia or Micah would explain it particularly well either, haha.

      That’s a good point! Yes, it’s not exactly an accident that she had that dream, and cravings for blood – especially Dandelion’s – while she was pregnant. If anyone can forgive that kind of attack, it would be Dandelion, yes. And a good question indeed – how will Hawthorne feel about this?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😂 Guess we’re all like-minded!

        I hope, maybe when she becomes a teen her parents tell her (with no bias from Morgyn, of course 😉 ) and she might not listen to Morgyn’s sinister words. 🙂 Or will Morgyn tell her first? 😮

        Haha, thanks! That just occurred to me once I read this chapter twice, haha. I hope Hawthorne learns how to deal with thirst and instead drink the plasma juice (actually, that’s a bit weird since the plasma inside the fruit is Dandy’s, 😂 no wonder people are getting cravings for his blood) that her mother gives her. Hopefully she doesn’t share that juice with others at school… 😬

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, if you were to tell her what went down in an unbiased way, it would go along the lines of “Morgyn dated both of your parents, your parents were not together and you would have never been born if Morgyn didn’t cast a spell on them” 😅 I don’t know if that would particularly make her see things the way you want her to 😆 They could of course tell her that Morgyn is manipulative, but that’s a tricky thing to convey second hand.

          actually, that’s a bit weird since the plasma inside the fruit is Dandy’s

          That’s a good observation! It’s a bit of a chicken and an egg situation – is Dandy’s blood so alluring because that’s what’s in the plasma fruit, or is the plasma fruit so effective because it’s made of Dandy’s delicious blood? 😊 I can at least reassure you that the plasma fruit (and the fizzed juice made from it) would not be an issue when it comes to Hawthorne’s classmates. We know that Cordelia couldn’t stomach the fruit anymore once she gave birth, and Dandy described it as tasting like copper, so it’s safe to assume it doesn’t taste great to non-vampires.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I doubt that would convey things properly either, although I wonder if Hawthorne would even want to listen to what seems like nonsense! 😂 It is a weird truth, though. xD

            Haha, thanks as well! I was thinking about this for a few chapters now until I saw the last part of this chapter and I was like, hmm, what happened here? I’m guessing elf blood is yummy to vampires, but coppery to non-vampires which is why the plasma fruit tastes the same to people, haha. 🙂 Hopefully no one bullies Hawthorne for her diet, that’d be bad… 😮

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I mean, blood doesn’t taste great 😀 I don’t know in non-vampires would necessarily distinguish any difference between regular blood and elf blood 🙂

              Ha, I guess if someone tries to bully Hawthorne, she can just bite them 😀

              Liked by 1 person

  3. I also would not be too excited if my child came home with a burning bird, so there I can well follow Cordelia.
    But I really think she needs a little love in life so she does not end up as a sour dried up nightmare. Excuse my expression 😳
    The relationship with Morgyn is ruined forever and she will not allow herself any emotions when it comes to Micah. It’s just a spell.
    I love Micah’s concern and care for her. I really hope he gets her convinced to take that job and live life while she has it.❤

    It’s an even bigger problem that Hawthorne suddenly bites her teeth into Dandy. I can understand that it has not happened before.
    Poor Dandy 😰
    I hope Micah can teach her to curb her desires before she starts school …. otherwise the future looks gloomier than it has done for a long time.😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that is fair! And I think the expression is accurate 😀 Yes, it’s unlikely Cordelia will ever be open to anything when it comes to Morgyn (which is understandable), but she does need to open up to something. You’re right about her relationship with Micah too, whenever she feels something for him, she dismisses it. Micah is genuinely concerned for her, yes.

      Definitely hasn’t happened before. But I suppose it was only a question of time. What happens next is the bigger question. Micah does have some work cut out for him, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, lordy. So much for Hawthorne not showing any signs of thirst. I suppose something as appetizing as Dandelion’s elf blood is too much even for a hybrid. I wonder if Micah is going to be able to teach Hawthorne how to control her thirst, or if we have another drain-until-dead vampire disaster on our hands in the tea party. Man, that does make the little phoenix seem like a trivial problem in comparison. I hope that Dandy is okay. Looks like he grew his hair out but I’m too worried to properly appreciate it. xD

    Cordelia seems to slowly be growing bitter. Part of it is the love spell and Morgyn and the whole twisted three-way dynamic that they have going on for sure, but she seems to be shutting herself off completely to everything else too. That’s not a good mindset to be in for too long. No wonder everyone is trying to remind her to live.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I guess she is showing some signs of thirst after all 😀 And yep, the phoenix got its place in the spotlight stolen, lol. I’m sure Micah will try his best to handle the situation, let’s see if he succeeds. Dandelion did grow out his hair a little, though the only person that got good view of that in this chapter is Hawthorne 😀

      You’re right, while some of her attitudes might be justified it’s not a very healthy way to operate. Cordelia has pretty much made Hawthorne her sole purpose in life, but she should at least be a touch more open to other things. I guess it’s one way of pre-empting getting hurt…


  5. The “brilliant flame bird gifting godparent” made me laugh. xD

    Cordelia’s hostility towards Morgyn is such a refreshing change. Is Cordy feeling challenged by change? Am wondering if she’s really holding a grudge, or because it’s a bad day since it was Morgyn and Hawthorne’s day. Am thinking it’s probably because she’ll be ‘losing’ Hawthorne and has to face herself. She also reminds me of people who shifts blame at everyone else but herself for some reason. Maybe it’s because of how hostile she is with Micah and how she keeps blaming the love spell. Hopefully it’s just that and I’m jumping to conclusions. xD

    I was so surprised at the end. If there’s no ill-intent she could pass through the tree. Am wondering if the ill-intent can be masked. Or if it was a ‘play’ moment gone bad. Or maybe Verena mind controlled her. They’re both kids after all. It’ll be weird if she suddenly developed an appetite for Dandy. If she did it should be during infancy where there’s less self control, or puberty? Was she really feeding on him? Or looked like it only? o.o

    I didn’t realise the ecoliving bug box can be colored like that. Pretty!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, only in BC is that a thing 😀

      Oh yes, she’s done a full 180 degree on Morgyn. Definitely does not thing the sun shines out of their behind anymore, haha. You’re right, both the fact it was Morgyn’s day with Hawthorne – something she doesn’t cope well with – and the fact Hawthorne will be starting school soon are influencing her state of mind here for sure.

      That is correct, if Hawthorne had ill intent she would not have been able to get into Sylvan Glade. I suppose there’s only so much that can be said for intent; after all, Micah did not intend to kill Carys either… Interesting theory about Verena! They are both “vampire kids,” though in very very different ways.

      If she did it should be during infancy where there’s less self control, or puberty?

      That is a fair point! Then again, hard to feed on people in infancy when you have no teeth 😀 Perhaps milk teeth aren’t strong enough to pierce through the skin 🙂

      It is lovely isn’t it! I love the swatches of items that look like they’ve been decorated by children, this and the Parenthood breadbin make my heart melt.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What’s a parenthood breadbin? o.o I’m pretty clueless when it comes to kid items that doesn’t increase skill points xD That’s all I see of sim childhoods. haha.

        Haha I just thought there’s a higher chance of Hawthorne befriending Verena since Verena looks like she were in the same age range as she. But of course, Hawthorne starts school in Glimmerbook so not much chance there.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s just a bread bin that comes with the Parenthood pack, not necessarily child-related – it’s under kitchen clutter decorations 🙂 Most of the swatches are just simple, but there’s two painted ones, one more professionally and one that looks like it’s been painted by a child. I use the bread bin in most of my houses because I like cluttered kitchens – Cordelia’s kitchen is an exception, not much clutter there because it barely gets used, haha.

          Oh yes, that would be a smart move. Only obstacle would be that Verena can’t go out in the daylight, and while Hawthorne doesn’t do much sleeping, she’s definitely not allowed to go out at night unattended, so Verena’s window of opportunity would be minimal. If she was near Glimmerbrook at all, haha.


  6. ::screams:: DANDY!!!!!!!

    Okay, first of all, these screenshots are stunning. Second of all, Dandy’s hair looks great. Third of all, Cordelia needs to listen to everyone and let go of the past and focus on building a life for herself. Also, if she could just go ahead and date Micah for real, that would be great, lol.

    Really though, I’m enjoying watching them try to navigate this whole parenting thing. Not just how to balance things out with Morgyn but also how to manage their very special kid. I mean, Hawthorne eating Dandy is, umm…a bit of a problem.

    Sigh. I hope this doesn’t get her kicked out of Sylvan Glade!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Glad you like Dandy’s hair. And Cordelia definitely should listen to all this well-intentioned advice coming her way. Haha, and date Micah already. Why would anyone not want to date Micah? Ok, he is pretty messed up, but he is lovely, mostly. Then again, he’s just as stubborn about this platonic relationship only thing as she is.

      Haha a bit of a problem 😅 You could say that. They definitely don’t have an easy task at hand raising this child.

      Let’s hope so!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Yep, totally with Cory here, Morgyn should have asked before giving Hawthorne the familiar.
    You don’t go around and give other people’s children pets, not even if you’re the brilliant flame bird gifting godparent 😆
    But Morgyn always did as Morgyn pleased, so whatever.

    Ugh. I’m sad I’ve been right, that love spell really destroyed any trust Cory could ever have in her feelings for Micah and vice versa.
    Thanks Morgyn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That might be because Morgyn considers Hawthorne their “heir,” not somebody else’s child. That and what you said 😆

      There were a few ways the love spell could have turned out, but yes, it very much turned out the way you predicted, with Cordelia now never fully acknowledging any feelings she may have for Micah as real, irrespective of what may have been without the spell.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh dear…. now she has to learn how to control her thirst. How scary for a child. I wonder if she will stay a child forever since she’s technically a vampire and shouldn’t age. But then again, she did age so far didn’t she…. hmmm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I mean, I guess you know the answer to this already, but yes, she has been aging so far, so will likely continue. The main reason vampires don’t age is because they’re, well, dead, which she is not 😊 But she does have some of their strenghts and vices, that’s for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. So… I’m going to admit to having read ahead, like… a lot… and didn’t have the energy to comment even BS that time. But now I’m back and refreshed, and will stop myself from commenting anything that might be a spoiler. Which means you can expect almost exclusively BS and character-specific speculation here for a while.

    Oh no! You said the key word and now it is time for


    This is a terrible idea! Let’s take these sassy little assholes who sink their teeth into anything they can reach and give them WINGS! Yes! Splendid! The kids with bunnerflies are constantly like “the bunnerfly ate my homework” because they totally will! Every scrap of paper in the house has to be shut in a metal box, and you can forget about going to libraries! You had better have a spell, say, “Encordio,” that fixes chewed electrical cords! Seriously! Cordelia should count herself lucky that all she’s dealing with is a bird made of fire, but either way she’s not going to want to leave any cardboard boxes or Chipotle bags lying around.

    I’m not sure what to make of this Emilia Charm conversation. It’s my favorite part of the chapter, sure, because of how much extra insight we get into Cordelia and Micah’s characters. Cordelia right off the bat assumes Micah’s going to have the exact same opinion on the situation as she does, which speaks to her tendency to base her world view on her emotions at the time rather than aiming for factual accuracy. But given that she dated Morgyn—and then turned on them just as quickly—that behavior’s pretty consistent.

    Then Micah responds to her fully emotional outburst by offering a logical solution, which is NOT at ALL what she wanted, and is indeed not acknowledging the emotional component of the problem at all. I guess this could do with him either suppressing his own emotions or wanting problems to have an easy solution? But given that he’s dating Morgyn, that behavior’s pretty consistent. I mean, in that Morgyn doesn’t have an easy solution.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, now I’m curious what chapter you’ve actually read till. No pressure to go back and comment on them all, feel free to skip ahead to where you actually are if that’s easier 😊

      Lol! I bet “the bunnerfly ate my homework” is a common excuse at the Glimmerbrook school! Encordio should totally be a spell! I wish it detangled tangled up cords for you, that would actually be extremely useful in my house 😄

      Glad you enjoyed that conversation. Yes, Cordelia and Micah are both pretty flawed, but at least they’re flawed in a consistent way like you say 😆 Cordelia definitely does act on her feelings more than anything else (leading to the excellent choices she’s made), and you don’t need to spend long with Micah for him to remind you that vampires are so so cold and emotionless and that’s the total truth, or he will will it to happen 😆

      Haha, the fanfic was excellent! Though of course, if it wasn’t for the fanfic, these two would have never even met. But also Dandy wouldn’t have a mini half-vamp at his throat, so there’s that.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I read… far ahead. On one hand, I hope you take it as the most sincere compliment—on the other hand, I’d feel bad about not leaving comments on the chapters I accidentally binged! Maybe I’ll catch up and then go back to the skipped chapters later.

        Liked by 1 person

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