1.70 Overdue

The dinner was every bit as awkward as Hawthorne had expected – Morgyn being their usual chirpy self, her mother throwing death glares at them, and her father trying to keep the peace while staying out of it… in other words, a disaster. She wasn’t sure why her mother insisted on hosting these Winterfest dinners.... Continue Reading →

1.69 Secret

The two girls hurried inside the pub, escaping the snow outside. “Brrr,” Chloe shivered, looked around the pub. “None of the others are here yet. Are we early? That’s so embarrassing...” “Not as embarrassing as falling on our asses in the blizzard would be,” Hawthorne shrugged. “Let’s get some drinks.” “I do look forward to... Continue Reading →

1.68 Genius

Disclaimer: Language. The university campus looked grander than Micah expected. Old. He’d never gone to university himself. When he was Hawthorne’s age, his plans merely involved painting, and standing on his own two feet as quickly as possible. His first place when he moved out was definitely nothing like this. It had been a whole... Continue Reading →

1.67 Silence

Cordelia I thought getting rid of the grandfather clock would help. I didn’t notice its sound from the start; at first, I had my head filled with all kinds of petty hopes and dreams to pay attention, and then later on, the house was never quiet enough to hear it. It was only once Morgyn... Continue Reading →

1.66 Basically an Adult

Disclaimer: Swearing, more swearing and crude humour. Hawthorne Too much cleavage? Yep, definitely. Which is kind of the point. Still, don’t want to scare him off… Ugh. This shouldn’t be so hard. Or perhaps, if it was hard, I wouldn’t have a problem, I smirk to myself. Better not say that kind of crap in... Continue Reading →

1.65 Ordinary Child

Hawthorne didn’t understand. Her mother was sat next to Dandelion, consoling him. The sprites appeared from who knows where and flocked towards them. The fae caught the attention of Hawthorne’s phoenix, but Smokey didn’t linger with the sprites once her father carried her away from everyone else. Micah only put her down by the waterfall,... Continue Reading →

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