1.65 Ordinary Child

Hawthorne didn’t understand. Her mother was sat next to Dandelion, consoling him. The sprites appeared from who knows where and flocked towards them. The fae caught the attention of Hawthorne’s phoenix, but Smokey didn’t linger with the sprites once her father carried her away from everyone else.

Micah only put her down by the waterfall, when he’d put enough distance between them and the elf’s house. Hawthorne examined his face. He looked so sad.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” she said instinctively, although she was unsure what exactly she was apologising for.

“Dandelion is hurt,” he told her.

“Badly?” The girl asked. She couldn’t help but think back on the lure of the elf’s blood she felt when she spotted the veins in his neck when she got close…

“He’ll be ok. But it could have been bad, if you didn’t stop.” He added, frowning.

She didn’t stop though, did she? He pulled her away by force.

“I couldn’t stop.” She tried to explain. “I saw… things.”

“What kinds of things?” Her father asked, crouching by her to level their eye high hights. Hawthorne tried to make sense of what she’d seen.

“Mostly mummy. With long hair. Picking up some shiny fruit, where the plasma fruit should be. Giving Dandy a weird violin. Looking pretty. A bit of you, too. And L Faba, but much more young, and not mean. So was Dandy, actually. Young, not mean. Duh.”

“They’re Dandy’s memories.” He explained.

“I want to see more of them.”

He shook his head. “You can’t. Each person’s memories are their own. When you take them away like that… it hurts them.” He paused. “Do you want to hurt Dandy?”

“No!” The girl cried out. “I love Dandy! That’s why I wanted to see more.”

Of course she didn’t want to harm Dandelion. The elf had been in her life as long as she could remember.

Her father sighed. “I can understand that. But you see, the more you saw, the more you were hurting him. And if you hurt him too much, he’ll be gone forever. No more memories. Not the ones you saw, and not the new ones, the ones he’ll make with you. Do you understand?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt Dandy,” Hawthorne pouted. “But… what if I only took a little bit?”

“Taking only a little bit is hard. Too hard. You’ve just told me yourself that you couldn’t stop.” He reminded her. “That’s why you shouldn’t take any. It’s the only way for nobody to get hurt.  That goes for everyone, not just Dandy.”

It wasn’t fair. Why did it feel so good if it was so bad?

“You know the plasma fruit?” Her father continued. “That feels good, doesn’t it?”

The girl nodded. “It’s not the same, though.”

“It’s not.” He agreed. “But let me tell you a secret. Dandelion made that fruit. Put a tiny bit of his memories in every single one of them. So that you don’t have to hurt anybody.”

She never saw any memories when eating the fruit. But if the fruit was a part of Dandy, that made her feel a bit better about not being allowed to drink more.

“Can I have some more of the fruit?” Hawthorne asked.

“Of course. Stay put.” He left briefly, returning with a particularly plump looking fruit, handing it to her. “Hawthorne, you need to promise me you won’t do this again, ok?”

“Ok.” She nodded, sinking her teeth in. She devoured the entire fruit within less than a minute.

Her father looked at her strangely as she tossed away the pulp. Why did he look so worried, Hawthorne wondered?


Morgyn applied the serum to their skin. Not that anti-aging was a particular concern, thanks to the rejuvenate spell, but they could always use looking a bit younger, a bit plumper.

The sage smiled to themself. What a good day. Hawthorne was such a bright girl. Morgyn had no doubts she could achieve whatever she put her mind to one day. Especially with their help. Morgyn thought back on her inquisitive nature in Caster’s Alley, on her intrigue when she saw the phoenix, on her desire for power… already so ambitious, their little Hawthorne.

They’d indulge in reminiscing on the day for the rest of the evening, Morgyn decided. Tomorrow, they’d return to their sagely duties that just seemed never-ending these days. They’d probably have to read Darrel’s uninspired report too, Morgyn groaned inwardly.  Couldn’t even avoid the bloody Charms today.

The sage loathed having to make pleasantries with the Charms. But ever since that night when Minerva lead the coup that could have ended up very unpleasantly for Micah and Cordelia, Morgyn knew it was essential to keep them in check. The Charms were an influential family, if anybody could rile up enough support to overthrow a sage, it would be them.

Minerva was getting on a bit now; while she was still well respected, Morgyn didn’t expend too much of their energy on her. As long as her children were content, she would be too. So it was a matter of pleasing Darrell and Gemma.

For Darrel, that meant the prospect of a career. Butter him up enough for him to think he may have a chance of ascending to a sage one day. With Gemma, it was something much more basic, though oddly more unpleasant.

Naturally, Morgyn had no intentions of delivering on either of those fronts. It was a delicate balance, making them believe it was within reach to keep them docile. To keep Micah safe.

It was simple enough to throw Darrel a bone. Make up some kind of a bogus title for him to pretend he had an influence on their affairs. Advisor to the Sages.

One perk of that nonsense, at least, was that it kept Simeon relatively happy as well. According to the practical magic sage, having a third “impartial” party present helped them all ensure “neutrality.”

Debatable, Morgyn thought – the Charms had their own interests at stake just like anyone else – but a necessary evil. After all, Simeon was another person to keep an eye on, after whatever it was that he pulled during the revival ritual following the Selvadorada excursion.

Either way, Darrel Morgyn could handle, and Simeon always complained a lot, but rarely acted on his threats. It was Gemma Charm who was the most tedious of them all.

She was not subtle in her efforts, and Morgyn had to be just the right amount of flirtatious to keep her hopes up. The sage had a feeling that out of all of them, she would be the one to be the most vindicative should she not get her way.

Which was precisely why bedding her would be a terrible idea. If that ever happened, it would have to be a long-term commitment, something Morgyn was not keen on whatsoever. Not with her, anyway.

Perhaps a few years ago Morgyn would have succumbed to Gemma’s advances, and then had to come up with some inventive way to get out of that mess, but now, it was hard enough to pretend they had any kind of interest in her, let alone actually consider her offer to warm their bed.

Morgyn shuddered at the thought. There was only one person they were eager to welcome in their bedroom these days, and that person kept the bed far from warm.

Serendipitously, that person happened to walk right through the door just as Morgyn thought of them. The sage smiled to themselves. Did they somehow manage to manifest Micah here? His visits, at least private visits on his own, had become more and more rare.

Of course, not getting to spend as much time with Micah as they would like to was a price the sage had to pay for everything they’d gained. Everything had a price, as the vampire had once said himself. Still, Morgyn didn’t like it.

“I didn’t expect you.” The sage greeted their visitor. “Not that I’m complaining. Perfect end to a perfect day.”

The vampire barely seemed to hear them. “She attacked Dandelion.” He said. “Went right for the neck.”

“Oh?” Morgyn chuckled, but Micah didn’t seem amused.

“I hoped that with her only being half-vampire, the thirst would not be too strong in her.” He frowned.

Morgyn tried to make light of the situation. “She can be prickly – what did you expect? You did name her after a thorny shrub, after all.”

“Is this funny to you?” Micah glared at them. “The last thing I want is for her to be torn by the need to feed.”

“She’ll be fine. She has a good role model.” The sage attempted to extend an olive branch his way.

“Modest as ever, aren’t you?”

Trust Micah to not see a compliment when it came his way. But Morgyn wasn’t going to spell it out for him. “What can I say? No ordinary child would benefit from the direct guidance of the sage of the untamed…”

“All I want for her is to be ordinary.” Micah replied.

The thought annoyed Morgyn. “She’s anything but ordinary, you can’t waste that potential. Just imagine, anything I can teach her combined with vampire powers… She’ll be unstoppable.”

“What if that’s not what she wants? What if she…”

Morgyn understood what Micah was getting at. But his fears were unfounded. There was no way a child brought up by Micah and with access to plasma fruit would go on killing rampages. No way she’d end up with Micah’s intense self-loathing that wouldn’t go away, even now, when he hadn’t fed on a single human for several years.

“Micah, she isn’t you. She’ll be fine.”

“Thanks for the pep talk. So glad I came over.” Micah replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

He turned around and headed for the door without another word.  The thought of him leaving was more painful than Morgyn cared to admit.

“You know I think she’s extraordinary, but she can be anything she wishes. If it’s an ordinary life she winds up wanting, then so be it. I’ll see to that.” Morgyn pleaded with Micah. “But let the choice be hers, when she’s old enough.”

Micah stopped in his tracks, but didn’t respond straight away.

“I know your idea of giving people a choice.” He said finally.

“I’ll give her whatever she asks for. You have my word.” The sage promised. The sheer thought that Micah didn’t believe that was absurd. Why would Morgyn not want everything and more for their heir?

“Perhaps you’re right. An ordinary child wouldn’t have the sage of the untamed wrapped around her little finger.” Micah finally gave him somewhat of a smile.

Damn demon was out of control, it seemed. But if the demon could stop Micah from walking away, then so be it. They clutched on to Micah’s hand.

To Morgyn’s relief, the vampire didn’t draw away.

“Stay the night.” Morgyn whispered. “Please.”

Surprise briefly flickered in Micah’s eyes as they found Morgyn’s. “The sage of the untamed, begging?”

His tone was teasing. He wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Morgyn smiled. “The things you make me do…”

“I can maybe stay an hour or two.” Micah gave in. “Hawthorne won’t sleep for much longer than that, and Cordelia needs rest.”

Cordelia this, Cordelia that… Morgyn fought the urge to express their annoyance. It was not worth it.

“I’ll take what I can get.” The sage purred instead, breathing in Micah’s skin, pulling him in for a kiss. Finally. Home.

“So a phoenix, huh?” Micah teased once their lips parted. “Very you.”

Morgyn beamed. The symbolism may have flown right over Cordelia’s head, but naturally that wouldn’t be the case with Micah.

“Well of course. A phoenix never dies, always reborn, over and over again.”

“Depends on perspective.” Micah pointed out. “You could also say that a phoenix dies over and over again.”

Morgyn shook their head with a soft smile. Some things never changed.

“I’d happily dissect the error of your nihilistic ways with you, but you said we only have a couple of hours… Why don’t we use them for something a touch less… dreary?”

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  1. Those were some interesting memories Hawthorne saw and I can follow her desire to see more.
    I would like to see more in Dandy’s memory of L.Faba, but the consequence is frightening!
    Please, forget I have ever expressed that wish! 😶
    I really hope Micah succeeds in discouraging her from ever trying to read memories again … but I sense an unexploded bomb here. Hawthorne is only a child. Children follow their impulsive desires 😨

    Maybe the next victim will be Morgyn?
    They’re hiding some secrets it’s probably worth taking a deep look at.
    Maybe Micah is making a prediction when he says that Phoenix is ​​doomed to die again and again.
    Morgyn answers it all with a plain superficial remark…..I have to think it’s part of their shield.

    Morgyn is completely obsessed with the idea of ​​omnipotence. They can not imagine a better future for Hawthorne.
    There are some gloomy memories hidden somewhere.
    The desire for power is partly understandable after seeing what Morgyn is struggling with. They dance on a knife edge when they just give everyone enough to keep the peace.

    For Morgyn, life always seems to be a lonely battle to keep the the fear and the demons at bay, although they will refuse to have anything to fear..
    Maybe that’s why it comforts me that Micah sacrifices them for a few hours.
    As with Hawthorne, I really want Micah’s love and reason to make an impact on Morgyn’s perspective in life.
    Do I believe in it myself? …… Nah! Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen. 🙁

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    1. Who knows, we might just get to see more of Dandelion and L Faba’s past. Not sure how you feel about that, haha.

      Indeed, a lot of pressure on Micah. Hopefully Hawthorne took what he said to heart.

      Ooh, interesting. I’m sure drinking Morgyn’s blood would be interesting for Hawthorne, though potentially traumatising, given what we know about Morgyn’s memories, haha. Of course, Morgyn even managed to shove Micah off while he was drinking from them, so I don’t know if Hawthorne would overpower them easily.

      The phoenix analogy… is relevant 😉

      Yes, to Morgyn the prospect of Hawthorne becoming extremely powerful is exciting. Which is interesting considering so far we’ve only seen Morgyn want to be the most powerful and omnipotent themself. There’s a few ways that can be interpreted, I suppose. And you’re right, they do have a bit of a balancing act going on. And an endless fight with themselves. But at least they get some sexy time with Micah, lol.

      That’s a nice wish. Of course, you could argue Micah has made some impact on Morgyn already 🙂 Whether it’s as much as you’d want and how far Morgyn is willing to go is another question.

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  2. Wouldn’t it be fun if the Smokey ate all the sprites? I mean, they’re tiny enough that they look like insects.. xD

    Toddler Hawthorne looks really cute o.o Not that she isn’t now but wow. I didn’t realise it could amplify like that.

    “”But if the fruit was a part of Dandy, that made her feel a bit better about not being allowed to drink more””

    I’m not sure what to think about that.. I mean.. most kids would recoil at the idea of drinking from another ‘human’ because its ingrained in us not to harm one another. For her to think like this, I’m suspecting sociopath tendencies, but she did say she didn’t want to hurt Dandy. Unless at that age she’s already good at deciphering social cues so she knows its the right thing to say. Or I could be venturing on the darker side of things as always and things are actually light and fluffy and I’m just messed up. Anyway, at this rate she seems to be taking after her godparent’s self-interested tendencies very well. xD

    Although I thought this chapter shows that Morgyn is willing to compromise for Hawthorne. And am surprised at the vulnerability they portray. Morgyn is referring to their emotions as demon? Also wondering if they’ve always had this vulnerability or that it is something that they’ve developed over the years/interacting with Hawthorne.

    They’re complaining about Micah thinking about Cordelia when they paired Micah and Cordy together. xD

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    1. Haha! What exactly does a phoenix eat anyway? Sprites seem like a good dietary option 😀

      Oh she was insanely cute, yes. She’s very pretty in general. Good genes.

      Well, most kids aren’t vampires 🙂 Most kids do want to have their needs met, and to a vampire feeding is one of those needs. Though with Hawthorne being a hybrid, it’s hard to say whether that need is as strong as with a “regular” vampire. Not sure if the whole aspect of feeding hurting the other person has entirely set in – depends on how good of a job Micah did.

      Ah, good question, is she acting on social cues or does she mean what she says? You could probably find evidence for either argument here – she apologises but isn’t sure what she’s apologising for, which could support the former. Then again, she claims not to want to harm Dandelion even when she’s just trying to make sense of what happened in her own head, in addition to what she says out loud, which is more in line with the latter – unless she’s lying to herself too. She does spend a lot of time with Morgyn, so that’s possible, haha. I’m sure she’s picked up a thing or two from them.

      Oh yes, Morgyn refers to emotions as a demon. Not the first time we’ve seen them do that, actually 🙂 They’re definitely being more vulnerable here than we have seen them so far. Ooh, interesting question. One I won’t answer. At least not now 🙂

      Lol I know. How can they complain about that when it’s their own meddling that caused that in the first place? Morgyn logic, haha.

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      1. Oooh yeah you’re right. I was thinking of it in human context. I’ve no knowledge of vampires at all. Maybe the need to feed could be as strong as needing to breathe or smth like that. But if Micah can control it, there’s hope for Hawthorne. Then again, he’s an outlier of sorts. 🙂

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        1. The need to feed is strong, yes. Though most vampires don’t have the fruit alternative. And Hawthorne is only half-vamp, she apparently even seems to be able to digest regular food, though it’s unclear if it sustains her. So who knows, really 😊


  3. Damn it, Micah! I want to see more of Dandy’s memories too! Aw, seriously though, I feel so bad for everyone in the first scene. Dandy for being vamp food, Cordelia and Micah for raising a bloodthirsty little monster and little Hawthorne who has no idea what she’s done wrong. Still, better to have the ‘good girls don’t eat people’ (unless you’re Gemma Charm) conversation now, before she starts school or goes on that play date with Ollie.

    Oh, Morgyn. I see that time has changed you ever so slightly. I did find this bit particularly interesting: “Trust Micah to not see a compliment when it came his way. But Morgyn wasn’t going to spell it out for him. “What can I say? No ordinary child would benefit from the direct guidance of the sage of the untamed…”” Trying and failing to change? Keeping up pretence? “Home.” Verrrrrrry interesting. The phoenix talk was, too. I think Morgyn’s dead, but if they want to think of it as positive rather than a stinking tragedy, good on them.

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    1. No one is a winner here, that’s for sure. Haha, good girls don’t eat people. That would be a hell of a playdate. Just imagine Darren’s face – might just be worth it.

      Yes, it’s tough enough for Morgyn to say something that might make them look weak in their eyes once. If Micah doesn’t catch it, they will not repeat it. So backtracking it is. The phoenix talk was probably just very weird foreplay. I’m sure it had no significance 😬

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  4. I wonder if the sprites came over to protect Dandelion. I wonder if Cordelia ever thanked him for getting rid of them for her – seeing how they never seem to hover around her anymore these days.
    Aw man, Dandy T.T If Micah and Cordelia hadn’t been there, I wonder if Hawthorne would have drained him completely. Would Dandy have been strong enough to push her off of him? Or magic her off of him? What if she can’t control her urges from now on? What if she doesn’t want to, and attacks Dandy again?

    Hawthorne not realizing that what she was doing is bad and disliking not being allowed to drink from him more can be read in two ways. That she simply doesn’t understand what she’s doing (has she ever seen something/someone die at this point?), or that she does understand, but selfishly wants to do it anyway. Maybe it’s a bit of both.
    If it’s that second one, I wonder if it purely comes from her, or if Morgyn’s “you can have anything you want” has influenced her. The “But… what if I only took a little bit?” is very scary, too.

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    1. That’s a good theory. And a good question. I do wonder if she thanked him too 😕 The sprites certainly seem more bothered about Dandelion than Cordelia, that’s for sure.

      Oof, If Cordelia and Micah weren’t there… well, Dandelion clearly is strong enough to pick Hawthorne up, as we saw in the precious chapter, but she has the element of surprise and he was shocked, so I suppose it depends on how much blood she managed to take and how quickly. Grim to think about!

      Could definitely be either of those things, yes, or like you say, both. And you’re right that Hawthorne has not seen anyone die, or known anyone who has died, although she’s somewhat aware that death exists… but that may be tricky to contextualise at her age. Whatever the case, I am sure that Morgyn’s “you can have whatever you want” mantra is not very helpful for her mindset, yes 😅


  5. So Hawthorne doesn’t feel all that remorse… interesting. I wonder why this is… parenting? And here I thought they were good parents! 😆 Okay, just kidding, they’re good parents emotional-wise, but they do have to teach her about the rights and wrongs otherwise things can get messy… 😬

    So those last memories of Dandy’s… interesting as well. I knew that L. Faba was much older than Dandy but seeing a comparison of their much younger versions is speaking a lot, haha. I also got a weird idea, but I’ll spare you the details. 😉 L. Faba does seem like a mother figure to Dandy in those pictures. 🙂

    So Morgyn doesn’t like the Charms. Understandable, who likes a snob and a flirt? 😂 Also can’t see why Gemma is still attracted to someone who’s in love with a vampire. 😆 Charm logic?

    Hmm, does this mean Cordelia was… *gulp* right to suspect Micah? Or is there something going on behind the scenes?
    Morgyn: So lemme just cast the infatuate spell without Micah noticing I’m doing it… oh, it worked! Well, of course it did, I’m a sage! To not succeed would mean death!
    😅 Okay, perhaps not that, but did something happen to Micah? Or does he have an ulterior motive as well? It won’t sit well with Cordelia if she found out… 😮

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    1. I’m sure Micah and Cordelia are doing their best. It ain’t easy bringing up a little half-vamp, I suppose 😄 I don’t know if Hawthorne is unaware of right or wrong – she did look horrified when Morgyn suggested she may one day be able to set the world on fire. Though I guess there’s no direct benefit in that to her, while clearly here she gains the blood and the memories, so it’s much more appealing than randomly burning down the worl, lol. She’s definitely confused.

      Dandy is approximately 30 years younger than L Faba, according to Morgyn at least 😊 Which, if they were humans rather than elves would equate to about a 7 or 8 year difference. Very curious about your weird idea now! 😊

      I’m not sure anyone likes the Charms, lol. Gemma Charm has quite the obsession with Morgyn, doesn’t she? I’m unsure if she personally has strong feelings about vampires, though she definitely does not like Micah, haha.

      Haha! That would be hilarious. But no spell going on here. Before the time jump, Micah clearly had strong feelings for Morgyn, I guess they didn’t quite go away. We never saw them break up per say either. And in this chapter, Morgyn does say Micah ocassionaly comes over for “private visits,” just not as often as Morgyn would like.

      That being said, Micah isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong. Micah and Cordelia aren’t a couple, they just live together and raise Hawthorne together – hence why Cordelia says she “has no claim” on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cordelia knew Morgyn and Micah are still romantically involved, though she likely doesn’t really want to know either way. Makes it easier that way.

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      1. I can agree with that, haha! Though this does remind me of Morgyn where they usually do something if it has a benefit, even if it’s a bad action, haha. Hopefully Hawthorne grows out of this. 🙂

        Ah, okay. Although this sort of negates my weird idea of L. Faba being the mother of Dandy. 😂 What can I say, I have weird and abstract predictions. She would be a sister to him though, I suppose. 🙂

        Haha, me too. Makes me wonder why Emilia fell for Darrel. It can only be an ulterior motive since who’d like that guy. 😂 If Gemma and Micah met, I think the meeting will end badly, lol.

        Ah, I didn’t catch what “private visits” exactly meant. So it means, well, lovey-dovey time! xD Pretty funny in my opinion, because I don’t know, romance makes me crack up? 😆

        I suppose, but now I wonder what Hawthorne might think, sort of reminds me in the Sims 2, where kids cry if their parent’s “cheating” on their other parent It might actually happen in this situation as well (okay, well, the game won’t direct it, of course 😆 but realistically it can happen), even if Hawthorne doesn’t know much about love. So I hope she doesn’t find out either! 🙂

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  6. I think I have the same problem as Morgyn, I can’t choose. I just want them to all be happy and not jealous of each other. Though, it was pretty satisfying to see Morgyn jealous of Cordelia for once.

    Micah did such a good job handling Hawthorne. I know he’s worried and frankly, I don’t think he’s wrong, but he really handled it well. He was clear about her hurting Dandy and why it was wrong without making her feel like a monster.

    I’m actually worried about Morgyn’s influence on Hawthorne after reading this chapter. They can talk about “choice” all they want, but they are clearly trying to shape the kid into something very specific. They haven’t mellowed out in their question for power and manipulation. They’ve just been hiding it better.

    They all keep taking one step forward and two steps back which is frustrating in the best way. None of them are perfect.

    But the question is, what will their collective inability to let go of the past really cost them?

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    1. I mean, I ship almost everybody that’s shippable in this mess, so I get it 😆 I suppose Morgyn did ultimately choose, they just went about it in a very weird way. Trying to get as much out of the situation as possible… which ultimately led to them not having what they want, it seems. Morgyn being jealous of Cordelia is definitely an interesting role reversal! Their relationship sure has changed over the years.

      I think so too. He did as well as he could have, given the situation. I don’t know if it will be enough, but I don’t think he could have handled it any better.

      Morgyn’s influence on Hawthorne is problematic for sure. You’re right, if Morgyn manages to mold her to become a certain way, it’s then easy to “give up” control and give her a choice – since they could be confident she’d make a similar choice as they would. Then again, it’s understandable that Morgyn would want Hawthorne to take after them. She’s not theirs biologically, so shaping her outlooks is the only way she can be “their child.”

      Oh yeah, nobody perfect anywhere around here.

      Good question!

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  7. Uh oh, Hawthorne…. it kinda worries me that she seems to be more concerned that she wants to eat more of Dandy than that it hurts him, though at least she doesn’t dismiss it completely. I’m with Micah on that one..
    Little sociopath incoming 😬

    Morgyn…. I hope their heart will be broken. 😀 But they’d probably get over it too fast anyway.

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    1. Well, she’s a little bit comcerned, but doesn’t understand the implications of heir actions. Tough for a child who’s not really been exposed to death or anything negative to understand that – especially when that child happens to be a vampire 😄

      Haha that does not surprise me. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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      1. It’s not death only, but all children have a very good idea about pain. I think it also counts for how old she is now to be able to emphasize pain in others. For example a lot of young children refuse to eat meat, at least for a while, when they learn that a cute animal has to die for it and that it hurts. Ofc most adjust and don’t stay vegetarian because they learn that it is okay, as everyone else eats it too. But yeah, a certain age is required to understand that 😀

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  8. You can’t see or hear me but I’m banging on my knees and chanting for a Smokey/sprite adventure chapter. I don’t know, maybe a wordless adventure chapter where they have to find a key or something. Oh! Or, even better, a KEG. I wanna see that bird and those fairies lug a damn KEG.

    Let me be that asshole who points out that Dandy’s memories are in third person. Don’t get me wrong—it’s super atmospheric and I’m glad we got to see child Dandy and all his outfits, and the answer is probably elf magic or something.

    Oh, oh yeah, and also, this is emotionally rough for Micah especially. I don’t think I could put it any better than his blank stare. The guilt must be crushing him right now.

    I know this isn’t the tone BC is going for, but let me offer this summary of Morgyn’s inner Charm-related thoughts: “It was simple enough to throw Darrel a bone… but they didn’t want to give away the kind of bones Gemma wanted.” And in return, Morgyn and Micah are giving us a summary of almost every child protagonist in a TV show ever. “She was totally normal… but also uniquely special and could save the day like no one else.”

    Constant manipulation aside, I’m impressed that these particular cheese plates have held Morgyn’s attention for this long. I’m not quite sure why yet.

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    1. That would be fun! Smokey and the sprites go adventuring around the world! They do have plenty in common, both being mythical creatures of unknown origins and seemingly infinite life expectancy, so it would be perfect!

      Dandy’s memory images are indeed in third person, as were Morgyn’s memories when Micah fed on them, or even Micah’s own memories of Carys. I mean, even chapters I wrote in first person still have screenshots that show everyone from a third person POV. I guess I think of it much more like the reader watching a movie rather than really being in the shoes of the POV character. Though approaching it like a VR game could be cool. Then again, I’m the type that even plays RPGs in thirs person, because I like looking at my character. Pretty outfits over immersion, I guess 😆 Which is clearly logic I apply across the board, haha!

      Hahaha the bone joke made me laugh because I’m mentally 12. It remains to be seen of Hawthorne really is special in any kind of way, but of course Morgyn will insist she is, because anyone they deem worthy of their attention is clearly special and that better apply tenfold when it comes to their heir. 😁

      Guess Morgyn is getting into mature cheese. That or perhaps they haven’t been forced to involuntarily share some of their most vulnerable memories with other cheese plates. Which is a somewhat big deal for someone that prefers to never move from the surface of said platter.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, yeah, pretty outfits are enough of a reason to take artistic liberties. If big studios can do it with VR games (more egregious: where are your controllers? Where are your controllers?!), it’s easily justifiable for us.

        Hahaha, let’s see how far we can go with the cheese plate metaphor. Is Hawthorne fresh mozzarella? I think she might be. For Micah, I’m not totally sure what cheese is sad and hates itself.

        Liked by 1 person

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