1.66 Basically an Adult

Disclaimer: Swearing, more swearing and crude humour.


Too much cleavage? Yep, definitely. Which is kind of the point. Still, don’t want to scare him off… Ugh. This shouldn’t be so hard. Or perhaps, if it was hard, I wouldn’t have a problem, I smirk to myself. Better not say that kind of crap in front of him.

I settle on wearing a leather jacket over the top – should still do the job, but is a touch more modest. I creep out of my room in a rush. The sun’s still out, just about, but I don’t want to take any chances of running into dad. I can’t imagine he’d be impressed with the amount of boobage I’m showing. I’m sure I can get changed again before we set off.

Which is dumb. I mean, I’m basically an adult. I’m off to uni tonight for crying out loud. He’d have a heart attack if he knew what I’m planning to wear there… Can vampires have a heart attack?

Anyway. Definitely dying to get there, and do my own thing for a change. Glimmerbrook is so damn small, and everyone knows who I am. Once I’m in Britechester, I can do whatever I want. Kind of.

The cringy talk dad gave me in the morning before he went to his coffin creeps up on my mind. He went on and on about restraint and regrets and all sorts of bullshit, with that constipated look of agony he has whenever he talks about this stuff.

Honestly, I zoned out halfway through. What’s there to know? Don’t kill anyone is the gist of it, right? I just look forward to actually getting to drink blood. Not that dad needs to know that’s what I intend to do.

Dad’s always maintained that once you drink it’s too difficult to stop, but I’m not so sure I buy that. All this shit he says about it needing too much restraint… I know everything there is to know about restraint already. I grew up around Dandelion, after all.  

All this time and I still remember how good his blood tasted, how close I felt to him. And did I ever try to drink it again? No. As much as I wanted to. The fruit helps, as diluted as the stuff is. But the rest of it is on me. So who can say I don’t know enough about restraint?

For a fact, I did not feed on a single person since. More or less. Can you really count accidentally biting Ollie when things got a bit hot and heavy? I don’t think so.

He was such a wuss about it. Can’t believe I dated him. Sure, most people’s first boyfriends leave a lot to be desired, but I cannot stand a wimp. Dumping him on the spot was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Another good reason to move on to pastures new. Glimmerbrook’s dating pool is pretty dried up by now. I’m ready for something different. Ok, that’s a lie. I did just spend ages getting all dressed up for him. But that’s different. Because no matter what, he’ll never go for me, will he?

Oh shut up, Hawthorne. You can’t go over there with this attitude. You’ve got everything going for you tonight. He’ll be sad you’re leaving. Just ask tell him you want a big send-off and… Fucking hell. If this was any other dude, this would be easy. But of course the one I actually want is so unattainable.

But how could anyone else ever match up?

If they didn’t want me to get obsessed with Dandelion, maybe they shouldn’t have fed me fruit that was made using his blood my whole life. He’s so damn perfect I want to cry.

And somehow, he’s perpetually single. I don’t get it. As far as I know, the only person he’s dated is Ollie’s aunt, and she seems like a giant cow. Figures.

Good timing, he’s just walking out of his kitchen. He notices me as he’s walking down the stairs and smiles.

“Hey, little sprout!” He greets me when he gets closer. I groan inwardly. Not the best start.

“I’m a bit big for that nickname now, don’t you think?” I nod down to my chest so that he can’t miss it.

Annoyingly, he’s looking anywhere but.

“You’ll always be a little sprout to me.” His words sting.

My phoenix joins us. He must have followed me through the tree.

“Hey, Smokey. You know, you do need to get used to me not being around from now on…” Not exactly like I can bring a bigass flaming familiar following me around campus, can I?

“I can look after him for you.” Dandelion offers. Of course he does. He always takes on everybody’s problems. Pretty much a saint. Doesn’t help this whole crush thing one bit.

“Thanks, Dandy.” I smile. “He’ll like that. Anyway. This is a private conversation, Smokey. Go find the sprites or something.”

The phoenix flies off towards the waterfall where Dandy’s sprites like to hang out.

“So, big night, huh?” He says before I manage to make my next move.

I nod. “That’s why I’m here. Came to say goodbye.”

“That sounds so final!” Dandelion laughs. “Won’t you be back for Winterfest?”

“Well yeah, but that’s months away! Are you saying you won’t miss me?” I pout.

His smile makes me melt. “Of course I’ll miss you. I doubt you’ll have time to miss me, though. And you’ll see me again before you know it.”

“Well, I still want a memorable goodbye.” Balls. Sounds a lot more annoyed than seductive once the words come out.

“What did you have in mind?”

He looks like he regrets asking almost immediately, but there’s no chance I’m letting that slide.

“You know what I have in mind.”

“Hawthorne.” He puts on that stupid tone, as if he was talking to a child. “We’ve talked about this. It would not be right. You’re a kid.”

“I am not! When will you see that?” I burst out.

Ok, fine, this is totally negating my point.

“You’re right.” I try to sound calm. “We have been over this. And last time, I did the math, I worked out that with how long elves live, we’re almost the same age right about now, if you think about it in proportion. And my math always checks out. I’ll be doing a Physics degree, remember?”

“Well there’s more to it then math,” he tells me all too brightly. “I still remember you waddling around Sylvan Glade when you could barely walk, pooping your diapers. I think that officially makes me too old for you.”

What a great visual. Is there any way I can recover from that?

“I promise I won’t crap my pants.” I smirk.

“I’d hope not,” he laughs. “But you know what I mean. Not to mention it would be weird with Cordie.”

I roll my eyes. Great. Bring mum into the picture, awesome. What can I say? Hey, I’m a younger, improved model?

“Yeah, yeah, you had the hots for mum way back, whatever.” I make extra effort to sound dismissive. “It’s the same thing as when I had a crush on my teacher when I was 14, until I realised that Mr Collette was actually too old for me, almost definitely not straight and, oh, hates our family or vampires or whatever.”

Dandelion lets out a chuckle. “I don’t think it’s exactly like that.”

I really don’t want him to delve into what his old crush on mum was like. I know. I felt it. I didn’t get it back then, when I drank his blood, but I replayed his memories in my head over and over growing up, and eventually, I understood. Might be that Dandelion himself only really understood around the same time I did. I don’t know. I try not to go near the subject with him.

I look into his eyes. “Do you have any idea how frustrating it is when the person you want to be with doesn’t even give you a chance, and keeps insisting you’re a child, no matter what?”

His expression changes. Takes him a while to reply. He finally clears his throat.

“I do, actually. I’m sorry, sprou- Hawthorne. I get it. But I can’t change the way I feel.”

He almost looks sad. As if he has a right to. He’s the one rejecting me.

“Besides, with all the new people you’ll meet when you get there, I’m sure you’ll forget about crummy old me in no time.” He adds, putting on a weak-ass attempt of a smile.

 Now he’s just patronising. This is bullshit.

“Maybe I will!” I snap at him. A sharp hissing sound comes out.

Shit. I need to get out of here. I turn around and stomp for the tree.

“Hawthorne!” I hear Dandelion’s calls from behind me. “Wait! Do you really want this to be how we say goodbye?”

“Just shut up! Like you care what I want!”

Fuckity fuck. This went colossally wrong.

I wipe my tears just in time, the first person I run into as soon as I emerge on the other end of the tree passage is dad.

He does look at my outfit quizzically, but doesn’t say anything about it, probably too distracted about what a mess I am.

“What’s wrong?” He asks me.

“Period.” I tell him, hoping it will make him too uncomfortable to talk about it any further.

“I’ll be fine. All packed too, so ready when you are.” I add, trying to change the subject.

He doesn’t seem to believe me. Come to think of it, it is a pretty shitty excuse – if I was actually bleeding, he of all people would know.

But he leaves it, thankfully. “Your mum was looking for you. She wants to talk to you before we set off.”

“Ok.” I nod. “I won’t be long.”

“Take your time.” I can almost feel his eyes on me as I walk in the house. He needs to stop being so damn concerned about everything. Gah.

Now for yet another parental talk, can’t wait. Why can’t my parents just be like Morgyn?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” that was their parting advice, word for word. Then they laughed and that was it. Breezy.

But of course a chat with mum will be nothing like that, will it?

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  1. So Hawthorne’s got some sass. Who doesn’t love a sassy girl? One thing that I’m glad about is that she won’t be weak like her mother (no offense, Cordy, but I think you had some flaws in a few of the previous chapters 😊). She’ll be badass. 😀 That’s what I get from the gist of these pictures, anyway. 🙂 She indeed does look like Cordelia when it comes to facial structure. She’s hot, haha.

    Also, a ton of time has passed, indeed, just when I thought no more time can pass! 😆 She was born in Chapter 61 and an adult in Chapter 65 which is sort of quick, but eh, it’s your story, Plumbob. 😊

    The two previous chapters, I was thinking, how would a Hawtholiver relationship go? Turns out, this chapter, they’ve already dated! Okay, it was horrible, why wouldn’t it be! 😆 I was thinking about the Cordelicah relationship before that “happened”, too! Ah, we’re so like-minded when it comes to shipping! 🤣

    So is she falling in love with Dandy? Who wouldn’t, haha? But for the first time in about maybe fifty chapters, I can see his lilac eyes clearly! A very interesting chapter, haha! Also wearing a sexy outfit… she’ll definitely be different from her mother, haha!

    Hmm, Hawthorne saying Micah of all people would know, considering he’s a vampire and a male makes me wonder, what are her menstruation cycles? Does she have them? (Just trying to learn more about these BC hybrids 😉 ) If not, well, I suppose that spares her the chance of randomly getting impregnated from a infatuate spell… 😉 😂

    Okay, why did that one picture of Morgyn give me all sorts of gross vibes? Eugh! 😆 Flashing off some cool rings, a necklace and a vest… okay, no! 😂 Ah, Hawthorne, I don’t know if your mother will spare that easily like Micah, ahaha!

    I am wondering if she actually did learn about right and wrong. Hopefully she doesn’t accidentally kill anyone while drinking blood. She’d probably get first-degree charges, since she actually wanted to drink blood, not like thirst issues, haha… 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Hawthorne will definitely not be a pushover like Cordelia, haha. She does share a lot of her facial features. I think she got her parents’ best features, looks-wise. If I ever had any reservations about getting Micah and Cordelia to reproduce together, they were definitely alleviated once I hoped into CAS and saw how their genetics blend 😄

      I did tell you to fasten your seatbelts 😄 I’m not so sure I’d call Hawthorne an adult, but sshh, don’t tell her I said that. I know it seems abrupt, but you saw all I wanted to show of her childhood. I guess you’ll have to trust me that you saw the important bits 😊 Actually, there will be one flashback in the next chapter, confusingly enough, but it’s not Hawthorne related, really.

      Yeah, Hawtholiver was a bit of a red herring. Boy meets girl, they’re both cute and seem to mesh well, but there’s an old tension between their families… Except that Hawthorne’s attitude was much less Romeo and Juliet and much more “been there, done that” 😆

      It’s about time someone was romantically interested in Dandy. He’s a catch! And now a grown up, too 😊

      Lol, yes, Micah would know if she was bleeding because he’s a vampire, not because he’s particularly attuned to her menstrual cycles 😂 Considering she was using being on her period as an excuse, it stands to reason she does have a cycle.

      Morgyn has been wearing obnoxious amounts of jewellery from the start of the story. Nothing new here! 😊

      We’ll see how her time in uni goes! Hopefully without your predicition of her getting arrested, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This might surprise you, but I like feisty teenage vampire characters so this chapter had me slightly giddy.

    If Hawthorne had purely been raised by Micah and Cordelia with some influence from Dandy, I don’t think she’d be gritty. No… this entitled, brash attitude reeks of Morgyn’s input. With everything they were saying to her back in the magic realm as a girl, I think we’re gonna have a wild ride with her on a massive power trip once she’s out draining poor random sods in Britechester. Yay!

    Her hots for Dandy are unusual. But you know, everyone has their – taste – and she’s been attracted to him since she was embryonic if you think about Cordie’s dream and… oh hell, I’ve just had a wild theory that I’m gonna go add to your notebook because it’s too warped to type here; I’m trying to avoid going into your comment bin this time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is brand new information! 😬

      Morgyn’s input has definitely had an impact. Though Cordelia and Micah both have had a part to play too.

      But you know, everyone has their – taste

      Bah dum tss… I see what you did there 😂 And such a tease, telling me about your wild theory and then not sharing it, tsk tsk.


  3. A rebellious teenager with vampire powers. That sounds really dangerous.

    Hawthorn can not forget Dandy’s memories and now we learn that she has a dream of tasting it once again …. just a little bit.
    I almost got a stomach ache from watching her meeting with Dandy.
    Luckily, she did not manage to put her teeth or lips in Dandy.

    She has planned it all and can handle everything. Morgyn has told her she has nothing to fear.
    She will be interesting to follow at university, but I think she will leave several tears and blood dripping traces.
    Seth and Faith go home in the cradle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Doesn’t sound overly reassuring, I know. But didn’t you hear – Hawthorne totally knows what she’s doing 😆

      Haha yes, she’d definitely like to get her lips on Dandy one way or the other, but at least she’s not going for it without his permission. An improvement of sorts, haha!

      Haha yikes, don’t challenge Seth. Knowing him (and Snuffy), he might just take you up on that 😂

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I’m not gonna lie, aside from the glaring lore discrepancies, I do love the idea of a crossover, but then I don’t know if my conscience could handle the carnage that would create 😀


  4. Awww Hawthorne is so pretty!

    Their living room has been repainted to such solemn colors o.o I wonder which parent/Hawthorne chose the color.

    Dandy all grown up. Daww his cute cheeks are all gone now. That’s a well-defined jaw. O.o He’s quite the looker.

    I’m liking Hawthorne’s go-getter personality! No wonder she feels suffocated by her family haha. What a clash with Micah and Cordy’s character. And Ollie. Oh dear. What happened there lolol. The way Hawthorne talks about the dating pool being all dried up in Glimmerbrook makes me wonder if she’s had quite the string of relationships. I mean she’s really pretty >.> And who can resist such a personality.

    Am curious. Is it her attraction to Dandy that makes her want to drink his blood? Or is that separate? Am wondering if Vamps favourite drinks directly translate to how much they find a person attractive. Also curious how much has her magic developed. Have Morgyn managed to convince the other sages to let her ascend? That would be awesome. And ooof Hawthorne is dabbling in physics! I bet that would be what Cordy would do given the opportunity. Nice to see some strengths passed down from mom.

    I wonder if Cordy ever decided to live from last chapter. Hawthorne is definitely living at least.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She turned out very well – looks-wise, at the very least, haha!

      I like to think that after years of the house having been taken over by toys and bright colours, they wanted something a bit more grown up and sophisticated in the living room. Likely Micah that picked the exact shade, he is the painter, after all, so he probably cares about that kind of thing a bit more than Cordelia does. Considering she was happy living in a shed 😀

      Ah yeah, Dandy has lost the cute little baby face. I’m looking forward to getting to know him as a grown up.

      Go-getter, that’s a good way of putting it. Ollie was fun while it lasted but he clearly could not keep up with Hawthorne, haha. Definitely does sound like she didn’t stop there.

      Oh, that’s a really good question! I’m not sure how much to say, but this is what Micah had to say about feeding way back in chapter 46: “We become one in a way we never have until now” and “In that moment, the hunter and the hunted are closer than anyone. The only real intimacy a vampire can hope for.” Obviously it’s very heavily coloured by Micah’s opinions, so take it with a grain of salt. But we do know that vampires see their prey’s memories, so in general they’d probably be inclined to drink more from people they find interesting (not necessarily in an attraction sense). Who they find interesting… likely depends on the vamp.

      Have Morgyn managed to convince the other sages to let her ascend? That would be awesome.

      Ah, I see you are rooting for this gorgeous and overly confident girl with vampiric powers to get even more powerful and potentially unstoppable. Perhaps there is something you may find relatable about Morgyn after all, then 😛

      We’ll get some insights into where Cordie’s at and what she decided in the next chapter 🙂


  5. Whoa, second time skip! Hawthorne is gorgeous! And she’s such a teenager, haha. Oh my gods Dandelion is stunning as an adult <3.<3 Perpetually single? Haha, nah, dearie, Dandy is already married to three of the tea party simultaneously. xD

    Oof, Hawthorne has quite the forceful personality. Part of it is being a rebellious teenager I’m sure, but part of it is because of Morgyn’s “you can have anything you want” instilled entitlement, too. I’m very scared of what happens once she lets herself loose in Britechester. Can control herself, sure, sure. Oh lordy.

    “Like you care what I want!”
    Whoa, Thorny. You’re being a massive hypocrite there. Dandelion is being very very kind to you. But all you seem to care about are your own lusts/feelings for Dandelion, not at all what he would want. I guess that’s a life lesson she has yet to learn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I promise I’ll curb all the time jumps now 😀 Hawthorne grew up to be quite the looker, yes. As did Dandy, haha. And of course, here is where your multi-marriage pays dividends! Sounds like Hawthorne better get in line 😀

      Both of those are contributing factors for sure. She definitely doesn’t have self-esteem issues, lol. I’m sure her time in Britechester will go just fine. Hawthorne encapsulates restraint, ok? 😀

      Obviously whatever Dandelion thinks he wants is clearly an error on his part, because what he should want is Hawthorne, naturally! 😛 Ah, she kills me.


  6. Wow, good to see Hawthorne grew up being selfless and so full of empathy.
    Not :/
    I get it, she’s a teen, but she’s still horrible. At least she’s pretty?

    I’m cheering for Dandy though. He’s just perfect, I have to agree with Hawthorne.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. She’ll get away easier than if she was not 😏 I certainly like to look at her xD

        It’s not only his looks, but I really like his personality.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Oooo Dandy looked so handsome in that black coat. No wonder Hawthorne has a crush on him. But I agree with Dandy it’s weird to Date someone you knew when they were a baby and you were already and adult.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, I can definitely understand why she has a crush on him 😊 He wasn’t quite an adult (he’s only barely an adult now) when she was a baby, more like a teenager, physically and mentally at least, but yes, it’s quite an age gap, and the elven aging definitely makes things complicated.


  8. In defense of Hawthorne.


    Actual question here. Actual serious question here. If vampires eat only blood, do they ever poop? I don’t have the expansion, so you would know better than me. Just piggybacking off the period joke.

    Hawthorne gives off Salt N Pepa vibes at every turn, which, of couse, come to a high point in that picture with Ollie when she makes the face every straight or bisexual woman has made. It’s worth noting that I thought this was Ollie’s bedroom at first, and was trying to commend Ollie for having such a girly room. My headcanon says Smokey lit those candles and then went off somewhere else.

    “And my math always checks out. I’ll be doing a Physics degree, remember?”

    This is such an undergrad thing to say. The overconfidence, the thinking of math as arithmetic rather than formal logic… if there is a storyline where she skips half her classes due to supernatiural shenanigans and ends up failing Stat Mech, if not E&M, and then blames the professor for failing the class she barely attended, I will fall over laughing.

    (Was Mr. Collette a physics teacher?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now it’s finally acceptable to ship dandy with people, lol. So of course he’ll be hot, because the author is vain, haha.

      Vampires do not poop or pee! Both cannonically in BC, and in game – they don’t have a bladder meter. BC lore wise it’s actually been briefly touched on, believe it or not, back when Cordelia was being held by the coven and needed the bathroom and Micah got all flustered because he forgot humans needed to do that. Technical reasoning is because they convert blood directly into life force as soon as they drink it, which also ties into how much a vampire actually needs to feed and how it doesn’t necessarily reflect their body size, but now I’m straying way too off topic.

      Ahaha I was very satisfied with Hawthorne’s expression in that shot with Ollie (unlike Hawthorne, lol). You know that I like to decorate rooms to reflect the characters, and Ollie is not really important enough to warrant showing off his room. Though Hawhtorne’s childhood bedroom is very much that, it still has way too many things her parents got her when she was younger rather than truly reflecting her personality – but I think that’s often true to life.

      Hawhtorne is overconfident about just about everything, including her chosen subject that she hasn’t even started studying yet. She would probably be very frustrating to teach, I’d imagine.

      I’m not actually sure what Mr Colette taught, though he is someone that was briefly seen in BC (though connecting those dots would require good knowledge of RoM premades).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HAHAHA, thank you for clearing up the vampire bladder thing for my ignorant vampire-pack-less ass. And now that you mention it, I do vaguely recall that scene. That’s what’s hard about the serial format, right? Catching things across chapters is so difficult unless someone knows what they’re looking for.

        As someone who grew up with TV shows where the underage characters got to decorate their own rooms while she herself was surrounded by plushies and little-kid decor, I salute your decision to keep the toys around. (I also salute Hawthorne’s decision to not keep this particular toy around. BOY BYE)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Agreed, I think it’s realistic for teenagers to have a mixture of their old kid stuff with a few more grown up things thrown in. And yep, she was not impressed with Ollie, she needs someone ballsier 😁


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