1.68 Genius

Disclaimer: Language.

The university campus looked grander than Micah expected. Old. He’d never gone to university himself. When he was Hawthorne’s age, his plans merely involved painting, and standing on his own two feet as quickly as possible.

His first place when he moved out was definitely nothing like this. It had been a whole other lifetime, but he could still vaguely recall the sense of excitement. The excitement he now saw in his daughter’s eyes.

As if she was eighteen already. Seemed like not too long ago, he was braiding her hair when she was a little girl.

Then again, he still remembered doing the same for his little sister, and Sasha would now be… in her early fifties. Wherever she was… When he last saw her, she would have been no older Hawthorne. Mortal life passed far too quickly. Like Cordelia’s. Micah didn’t want to think about it, any of it. He needed to get out of his head.

Hawthorne pointed at one of the buildings. “That’s the one.” She said. “I think.”

She’d been very perky the whole way to Britechester. But her crying face from earlier that night, when she came out of the tree, was still fresh in Micah’s mind.

His first instinct was to go check on Dandelion. But it seemed Micah’s worry was unfounded. The elf was fine. A little off, yes, but unharmed. Or at least so he said, and he didn’t seem to have any obvious puncture wounds… But something wasn’t right.

Micah had hoped Hawthorne would open up on her own on their way over she hadn’t as much as mentioned it, and they were running out of time.

“Hawthorne… about earlier,” he broached the subject finally as they stood in front of the hall’s entrance. “You sure you don’t want to talk about it?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” She replied all too quickly. “Should we go in?”

But this was too important to let it go. “Something happened with Dandelion. Did you…”

The realisation spread across her face. “Oh, dad, no. You know I wouldn’t feed on Dandy. That time… It was a long time ago, you know.”

He wanted to believe her. Cordelia was far too eager to leave what happened when Hawthorne was little behind, and Dandelion would have made that easy, but Micah couldn’t forget.

They never did have repeats, and eventually he relaxed a little, even allowing Hawthorne to go see Dandelion alone eventually. But tonight made all the old worries resurface.

It was strange for Micah to reconcile. Was it thanks to having access to plasma fruit from such a young age? Or was Hawthorne’s thirst much weaker than his, as he’d once hoped?

“I did go check on him.” He examined her face, waiting for a reaction. “And he seemed fine but… out of sorts.”

“Was he?” Hawthorne’s voice flew up a couple octaves, her interest in the conversation seemingly peaking. Something did happen between her and Dandelion, Micah was sure of it. But what?

“I… I didn’t like the idea of saying goodbye to him, so I said some things I didn’t mean.” The girl admitted finally. “That’s why I was upset.”

Micah felt the tension in his body easing slightly. He tried to go back to those memories of being eighteen. Of course everything would have felt a lot more intense back then. Not to mention that Hawthorne was not undead. Her skin was warm, her heart was beating, she even had a reflection in the mirror. Perhaps it did make a difference. Perhaps that really was all there was to it.

Having eliminated the worst-case scenario, Micah considered what Hawthorne actually said.

“Pushing people away when you’re hurting is not a good route to go down.” He told his daughter.

“No shit.” Hawthorne muttered.

Micah frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Not that he really needed her to clarify…


Hawthorne thanked her luck when the girl freed her from the misery of the odd impromptu heart-to-heat her father had launched into.

“You guys are moving in late! Are you living in Drake Hall?” A girl approached them.

Another student, though not exactly the kind of person Hawthorne was too keen on associating with. Far too ditzy looking. Still, Hawthorne didn’t know anyone here yet, and the girl did unwittingly help her out.

“Just me.” She informed the blonde. “I’m Hawthorne.”

“Chloe.” The girl turned to Micah. “Are you in one of the other halls? Or in one of the student rentals?”

“I’m just helping Hawthorne move in. I’m not a student.” Her father explained.

“Shame.” Chloe batted her false lashes. Hawthorne couldn’t decide if she found the encounter cringy to no end or hilarious. Perhaps both.

“I’ll go get your stuff, Hawthorne.” Her father informed her, practically sprinting away. She repressed a laugh. She’d bet anything he wished he could use his vampiric super speed to get away.

He’d left the bottled plasma fruit fizz on the ground. Great, Hawthorne thought. Now she had to lug that up to her room on her own.

“Damn.” Chloe finally acknowledged Hawthorne properly. “He is hot. Is he your brother?”

Hawthorne felt like she was going to gag.

“Yeah.” She went along with the girl’s assumption.

“You guys from far from here?” Chloe continued with her questions.

“A few hours on the train, small place called Glimmerbrook. You wouldn’t know it.” Hawthorne shrugged.

“Is he seeing anyone?” So that was why she was asking where they were from… Hawthorne could barely stop herself from rolling her eyes.

The truth was Hawthorne wasn’t entirely sure what the actual answer to Chloe’s question even would be. She was fairly certain about her mother’s love life – she had none. She was not so sure about her father. Not that she was planning to tell the girl that.

“Long-term boyfriend.” She opted for the answer most likely to shut the blonde up. “Sorry.”

Chloe pulled face. “Just my luck. Any chance he swings both ways?” She asked with a giggle. “I mean long-term relationships can get pretty stale…”

Hawthorne couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s persistence. “Nice to meet you too, random stranger who’s trying to sabotage my brother’s relationship.” She smirked.

“Way to make a first impression, huh…” The blonde backtracked. “Let’s start again. Why don’t I show you around the hall! I got here in the morning, you see…”

Hawthorne followed Chloe into the building. This girl was showing no signs of leaving or shutting up. May as well find the amusement in it all, for her own sanity.

Hawthorne plopped the plasma fruit juice on the floor as soon as they got out of the lift.

“This is the main common room. And my room is right over there, number 14.” Chloe waved her arms in the air, gesturing towards one of the doors. “Come by any time you like. I swear I’m a lovely person, when I don’t drool over people’s relatives…”

Hawthorne hesitated. She herself could come on strong, she knew that. Who was she to judge?

“I’m Hawthorne.” She gave the girl a small smile, looking for her own bedroom key. She dug it out of her pocket and read the key chain. Figures. “And I think we are roommates.”


Hawthorne’s head was hurting as she lay in bed. If only sleeping it off was an option… But she hadn’t managed to fall asleep since she was 9 years old.

Her first night in Britechester had been a whirlwind. Her father didn’t stay long – while Hawthorne knew he had to get back home before sunset, she was convinced Chloe played a part in his hasty goodbye as well.

Not that Hawthorne was complaining. It was already so late, and she had people to meet. She resolved to leave unpacking till tomorrow and try to find out more about the other residents of Drake Hall.

This was where Chloe became invaluable. It seemed there wasn’t anyone in the building Chloe didn’t already know. She introduced Hawthorne to people living on their corridor and they all had a little housewarming of sorts.

Hawthorne didn’t quite make up her mind on whether feeding on housemates was a particularly good idea or if she should go further afield, but it did appear she wouldn’t necessarily have to go far to find people who would not be opposed to her having a little nibble.

Not bad at all, Hawthorne mentally evaluated her first few hours of university life when they finally stumbled into their room around 3am. Now she just needed to stare at the wall for an hour or two to purge her mind of Chloe’s never-ending babbling. Unfortunately, her roommate didn’t seem all that tired, still yapping away.

“I think I’m going to do the tryouts for cheer. Definitely joining the Britechester Spirit Corps.”


Hawthorne scanned the room looking for a distraction. That’s when she spotted it. Shiny and green, fluttering right before her. One of Dandelion’s sprites. Holy hell.

She propped herself up in her bed, staring at them. She’d been right. They’d never followed her before.

“What’s up?” Chloe asked, looking in the direction of the fae, confused. She couldn’t see them, Hawthorne realised.

“Oh, nothing. I think I drifted off and had a weird dream.” Hawthorne improvised.

“Well sorry to bore you…” Chloe pulled her duvet up, turning to face the wall. “Good night then… roomie.”



Hawthorne waited for Chloe’s breathing to get heavy before slipping out of bed. The sprites seemed… impatient?

They flew across the room, and out of the door. Hawthorne grabbed her jacket and hastily followed.

She knew all too well that her mother was not fond of the idea of her studying in Britechester. Cordelia insisted Hawthorne could have picked anywhere. Which was a stretch – she was far from a model student – but not completely untrue.

There were universities that would have been an equal or even better option for a physics degree that would have happily accepted Hawthorne. Her choosing Britechester was no accident.

Her parents, Dandelion, even Morgyn… none of them seemed to want to share a great deal about the sprites with her. All Hawthorne really knew was that before they started hanging around Dandelion, they used to follow her mother. All the way from here.

Apparently, her mother and Morgyn even went on some crazy trip all the way to Selvadorada to try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Hawthorne could not picture that at all, her mother hated Morgyn’s guts.

More importantly, she never understood why those two opted to go all the way to the other side of the world. If the sprites came from here, obviously that’s where they should have looked. Why start anywhere but the beginning?

Then again, Hawthorne knew she was clearly smarter than the lot of them.

She realised she had even more company once she neared the edge of the campus.

“Hey, Smokey!” She looked up. “What are you doing here? You were supposed to stay in Sylvan Glade! Did you fly all the way here?”

The phoenix just flapped its wings, refusing to leave.

“I guess it would be nice if you came by for a visit every now and then. But only when I’m alone, ok?” Definitely couldn’t explain away a damn phoenix, not even to someone like Chloe, Hawthorne thought.

The sprites led her through the centre of the small town of Gibbs Hill, past a castle ruin of some sort.

They all ended up on a small clearing under the castle, just outside of Gibbs Hill. Hawthorne looked around. Mushrooms seemed to line the area in a strange, almost deliberate pattern, and that rock in the middle of the clearing could almost be an altar of some kind.

“Trippy,” Hawthorne whispered to herself. She wondered if it was that kind of mushrooms. She could definitely picture it.

The sprites gathered around the rock, almost multiplying. Hawthorne had never seen so many, and all kinds of colours too. She had no idea what any of this meant.

No idea apart from one thing, she’d been right. This was definitely the place to find answers to the mystery of Dandelion’s sprites.

“See, Smokey? I’m a fucking genius.”

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  1. Very nice of them to let Hawthorne move into university at night, so daddy can come along. Ooh, snippets of Micha’s life! He had family… I wonder if we’ll ever meet them. So his sister is in her early fifties, and Micah last saw her when she was at Hawthorne’s age, so about thirty years previous. How long has he been a vampire now, 40 years? So has he been to see her while he was a vampire? Is he secretly keeping in touch?

    A warm-blooded vampire, hey? Very warm-blooded by the sounds of it. So, with all his musings about immortality there, is his own daughter somehow mortal? I’m not buying the whole weak thirst thing. Micah, your baby is gonna go wild, one way or another.

    Blimey balls, that girl is bright in contrast to everything else. Did she fall in a vat of emotional candyfloss? Wait, so Micah doesn’t want to out himself as vamp so… does that mean Hawthorne’s gonna be living incognito too? Oh bum, this is gonna go so badly. Hurrah! I mean, oh no. Go find a nice meaty fella for your main course, Hawthorne and have Candyfloss Chloe as dessert. Oh, he’ll do nicely, he’s even tied his hair up for you, how considerate. Nom nom.

    Ah! OK, so she’s not just here for flesh and the psychics. She’s here for the flies too, I did wonder if they would show up, although I though she’d get her own set. And the plot thickens. But whether she’s a f-king genius or a f-king idiot remains to be seen. I wonder if she knows they killed her grandma? That she’s playing with fire? Maybe she’ll sacrifice Chloe at the mushroom circle and become an actual immortal, losing what little remains of her human warmth and soul and succumbing to an unlife of torment. Maybe Chloe is Verena in disguise. I’m just throwing stuff here and seeing what sticks, don’t mind me.

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    1. You had me worried about my math for a little bit, but I think it all works out, so let me dump a bunch of numbers on you – if you aren’t bothered, skip the next paragraph 😀

      Micah got turned at the age of 24, and when we first meet him, he’d been a vampire for 13 years. 20 years have passed since Micah moved to Glimmerbrook (well, just under 20, since it’s now autumn and he moved to Glimmerbrook in the winter), so that means Micah has “lived” (existed?) for 57 years and has been a vampire for 33 years. Sasha is 6 years younger than Micah, so she would have been 18 when Micah was turned and would currently be 51.

      Phew. To sum up, Micah has not been keeping in touch with his family whatsoever – after Carys, I can’t imagine he would have wanted to risk it. He could probably technically see them now, given that he’s mostly curbed his thirst and has the fruit, but that would probably be challenging to face for both sides. I have actually been toying with the idea of doing a mini spin-off/prequel (under 10 chapters) about Carys and Micah before he became a vamp once we get to season one finale, because I do have their full backstories, but then I don’t know what that would achieve apart from bumming everybody out 😀

      This answer is becoming stupidly long, I apologise! As you can see, Micah himself is not sure if he’s buying the weak thirst thing either. But since they only had that one incident when she was little, he can’t exactly justify keeping constant watch over her either.

      Haha, Candyfloss Chloe, that’s perfect! That’s an interesting theory you have about her. Would Verena bare all these bright pinks for the sake of revenge, I wonder? 🙂

      Flesh, flies and physics, the ultimate university experience. I don’t think Hawthorne knows the sprites killed grandma, no. Her knowledge about them is pretty limited. Obviously she’s an effing genius, have you not been listening to her? 😀

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      1. Aha! Thanks for doing maths for me. Brain said no. Aww, Micah. So much left behind. I would read a spin-off! Sometimes people are in the mood to be bummed out, otherwise no-one would ever watch EastEnders.

        What you apologising to me for; it’s your blog, your answers can be as long as you like. I should be the one apologising for leaving you random sacks of crap dotted about in your otherwise well put-together and family-friendly (ish) space. 😂

        Wait, you don’t think she knows? Of all the people who should know if she knows, you should know. Yeah, I’m listening to you Hawthorne but I got enough experience with the likes of you to hear different. 😁

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        1. You should see my charts about what chronological age Dandy and L Faba are at any given point in time and what that would mentally and physically equate to in human years 😂 I don’t know why I do this to myself, maths is not my strong suite haha!

          I adore your comments, never apologise for those! ❤ Haha, family-friendly (ish). Some chapters are definitely more family-friendly than others, lol. Then again, my mum reads this, so I'll take that as proof that this is totes family friendly in spite of the occasional trauma/murder/turmoil/swearing etc 😀

          Sometimes I swear these characters have a life of their own and I'm just trying to catch up. You may be listening to Hawthorne, but she is not listening to you, because she clearly knows that she knows better than anyone!

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          1. I do like a good chart. Now I totally wanna trade your elf aging chart with my binding traits one, but that’s a bit spoilery right now. Yeah, why do we do this? Is this a general writer thing? Are we anomalies? We should ask around and plot the results on a chart.

            Darn, I always forget that your mum reads your story. Hi Plumbob’s mum! Please ignore my colourful comments; your daughter is a bad influence on me.

            In that case, I can’t wait to see where your rebellious vamp hybrid takes you/us next. I imagine you running after her with your camera. Can she run superspeed? Because if she can, you’ll need a moped or something to keep up with her and now I’m imagining that and my brain is as derailed as your comments. I’ll leave. 😆

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            1. Haha mine would potentially also be spoilery because it references things you haven’t seen yet… not to mention incomprehensible, because when i say chart, it really is just a sheet of paper with hand-written scribbles all over it, lol.

              I like that you have now defaulted to darn. By golly!

              “Can she run superspeed?” She cannot. And that’s actually a really good question, but I don’t think we’ll have anything about how vampire powers work in BC till season 2. Nevertheless, means me and my camera have a chance to keep up, just about 😀

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  2. I was wondering where language was until we reached the end of the chapter and went ‘oh.’ xD

    If Sasha is in her fifties now, Hawthorne may possibly have some pretty young cousins, even nieces or nephews. I wonder if she’ll meet any long lost family members in Britchester. She’s not confined to Glimmerbook anymore.

    Instantly liking Chloe, she definitely fits the sorority life. Nice that Hawthorne got her paired as a roomie. Chloe would be the best person to hang around for socialising xD Definitely suits her needs.

    And we’re back to the same venue in chapter one! I wonder what Hawthorne will find now that she’s here. I’ve never seen the sprites green in BC. This will be fun 🙂

    Also it felt like I was reading about a tinier version of Morgyn lol. She definitely got their confidence and pride there. Then again most people at that age should be like that. I definitely was part of the all-set-for-the-big-world crowd!

    Man, Cordy missed this? That’s just sad. I bet Hawthorne is okay with it though. One parent doing a heart-to-heart is more than enough haha! I can’t imagine how Cordy would react to Chloe commenting on Micah either. 😏

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    1. Haha, I think there’s one more swear word in there somewhere, but the one at the end is definitely hard to miss. It’s hard to get through a chapter unscathed language-wise when Hawthorne’s involved 😀

      It’s possible! She likely has family somewhere in the world! San Myshuno is the most probable, with Micah being from there, but they definitely could have moved around in the last 30+ years!

      Haha yes, if there’s not a sorority in Britechester yet, I’m sure Chloe will start one. She’s a lot, but then so is Hawthorne, so they might just get on.

      Yes, we’re back to the culty grounds, finally! 🙂 There’s been a grand total of one time the sprites have been green in BC – the time Cordelia had her first kiss with Morgyn at the Von Haunt estate balcony. And that all turned out really well, so I’m sure this will too 🙂

      Haha, definitely some Morgyn vibes there, but yes, as you say, she’s young and has had almost everything go her way up till now.

      I know, it is sad. Unfortunately Cordelia’s dead set against ever setting foot in Britechester again. If she was there, she’d probably be so consumed in all of her memories of the place she might not even notice Chloe hitting on Micah, but who knows! But yes, Hawthorne definitely thought one parent was more than enough 😀


    1. Hawthorne is a lot of fun! And yes, quite a looker, though that was almost a guarantee, with her parents genes 🙂

      We might just find out a whole lot more about the sprites – but be careful what you wish for!


  3. Ah, I thought we’d get to see Hawthorne bite someone. Perhaps not! xD Well, anyway, Micah seems to be reminiscing about everything now that his daughter’s off to college, haha. And Sasha? I don’t remember her but perhaps she was mentioned in some earlier chapters? Lol, my memory’s failing and I’m so young… 😂

    Hawthorne seems to be regretting what she said to Dandy, that’s good, I guess. Too bad she can’t see him for the semester, so… yeah. :/ Chloe is an interesting fellow. I wonder what good things happened in her life for her to have such a positive outlook on life? I think it’s infectious, haha. I wouldn’t blame her for thinking Micah is Hawthorne’s brother since he looks twenty-four which is six years older than Hawthorne, lol. Interesting, indeed. 😉

    Now Hawthorne has gone to Annaliese’s death place which is even more interesting (I feel like I’m turning the word “interesting” into a cliche 😂)! I have a theory, did Annaliese use to go to the university of Britechester and joined a cult there, and stayed in the cult to the point of her death? Which might explain the sprites. Idk, just using Discover University ideas, haha. It might be possible she’s part-elf as others have been mentioning. 🙂

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    1. I’m sure it won’t take too long till we see that 😉 I suppose reminiscing about youth is what parents do when the offspring heads to uni – maybe, I can’t say I have personal experience in that regard 🙂 Your memory’s fine, Micah’s sister or his family in general were never mentioned before. All of his thoughts on the past so far had been flooded with guilt over Carys so we hadn’t heard much more up till now.

      Of course she’s regretting it, arguing with him does nothing for her ultimate goal of getting with him 😛 Chloe has a lot of energy haha. And yes, I’m sure they’d get odd looks if they told people the truth, i.e. that Micah is Hawthorne’s father, so claiming he’s her brother when outside of Glimmerbrook definitely makes sense.

      We’ll have to wait and see how much the DU gameplay and BC lore marry up, and where they might differ 🙂

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  4. ::shoves Morgyn out of the way:: President of the Hawthorne and Dandy Fan Club, here, welcome to my TED talk.

    I read the other two chapters last night but WordPress was being so dumb and wouldn’t let me leave likes or comments. Rather than loop back, I’m going to leave all my thoughts here. Let me start with my new fave:

    HAWTHORNE: Oh my gosh, she is everything. Her hair is so fabulous, I can’t stand it. The little white dress with the leather jacket? Perfection. I’m obsessed with her. I have a problem. I also love that she is such a little firecracker. She is so different from Cordelia and not content to hideout or runaway at all. And she did not inherit her dad’s hangups either. I mean, I think she is being a little too chill about feeding on other people, but I’m glad she is saddled with so much doubt. Ultimately, she is going to get herself in trouble, but that’s half the fun right?

    DANDY: Now, I’m going to ask this only once. Who gave Dandy permission to turn into a fox?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh man, I ship the relationship with Hawthorne. I know he’s like a hundred years older but I’m with her, they are effectively the same age. And she really likes Dandy for Dandy, not because he is a convenient friend. And you know what? I like that she doesn’t treat him like he is about to break. Even if they don’t end up together, I hope this is the start of Dandy standing on his own two feet and starting to make his own way in the world.

    MORGYN: No.

    MORGYN: Fine. I’m very annoyed that they just keep getting to be the cool parent. It’s hard to know if they’ve evolved based on these few chapters, so maybe I’ll be taking this back.

    CORDELIA: Honestly, honey, girl, child, what is going on? I was wondering if she would let bitterness eat her up inside or if she would spread her wings. I guess she chose the first option. It was kind of heartbreaking because we started this journey with Cordelia. We got to see her hopes and dreams and yes, even her mistakes. We kept rooting for her and its a shame that she is still stuck in much the same way. It’s telling that Hawthorne was immediately like: duh, just go back to the stones and start at the beginning while Morgyn was too focused on their own agenda to actually attempt solving the sprite problem and Cordelia was too scared. Admittedly, Hawthorne doesn’t have that emotional memory because she never knew her grandmother, but I can’t help but think maybe Cordelia would have grown if she wasn’t so scared to make a move. Either way, I love her as a character. I feel like her journey is realistic and it keeps me interested.

    MICAH: Did I save the best for last? I mean, Micah has really grown on me. Despite his complicated relationship with the Sage, I feel like he’s worked hard to move past his hangups. And the feeling he has about Hawthorne? I mean, he’s not wrong. I’ll admit, I got a little misty-eyed with him dropping her off at campus. When he was reminiscing about his own sister, my poor little heart broke. I’m fascinated by the contrast between him and Cordelia. I mean, her bitterness is eating her up but Micah seems to be chugging along.

    Mystery/speculation: Will the sprites lead Hawthorne to another dimension? Is her grandmother alive?

    Okay, I’m done. Sorry I wrote a novel. THIS IS JUST SO GOOD.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Damn WordPress! I’ve been having issues commenting on blogs lately too – seems to only want to let me through the reader, annoyingly.. I hope they sort their stuff soon!

      Hawthorne is lots of fun. Definitely nothing like Cordelia, yes. I suppose her life experiences so far have been very different from Cordelia’s. She has no reason to think things will go wrong for her, they never have. Plus Cordelia’s made her whole life about Hawthorne, and Morgyn instilled in her that she can have whatever she wants, so how could she not be, err, confident? 😀 She would be very pleased to hear she is your new favourite, though she’d not be surprised, because she knows she is the best 😀

      Dandy grew up rather dashingly 🙂 I mean, it’s only around a 60 year age difference, not too much at all! To be fair Hawthorne does have a point, they are now around the same age physically and mentally – though Dandy is probably quite mature for his age while Hawthorne is… not. It’s tricky since other than L Faba, there are no other elves around in Glimmerbrook, so it’s not like there’s people aging at the same pace as Dandy. Regardless, I’m excited to see where life takes him now that he’s finally a “grown up” 🙂

      Haha of course Morgyn is the cool parent in Hawthorne’s eyes – feed her ego, give her freedom and she sees them the least so they’re only associated with fun experiences rather then the tension at home. Not to mention the whole powerful sage thing, which is probably more impressive and aspirational to Hawthorne then her “ordinary” parents. A lot of Hawthorne’s behaviour is just channelling Morgyn 😀 Admittedly, Hawthorne also has an agenda when it comes to the sprites – she thinks of them as Dandelion’s sprites because she’s never known them to follow Cordelia. They’d probably a lot less interesting to her if they were “just” associated with her mother.

      Cordelia’s not had the most positive character development, I know. I think in the early days I may have given people the impression that this was going to be a lovely journey of Cordelia’s personal growth, when it is… not. Lol. Her story has been much more about a descent than a path to becoming her best self, which I know it is tough to witness when she’s been our main lens into this world. I’m glad you found her journey realistic!

      Micah’s grown on me too, I have a really soft spot for him. I doubt he expected his life to unfold the way it did when he left Verena’s coven, but in a sense that decision was the big break he hoped it would be, just not at all the way he anticipated. I wonder what he would have thought had somebody given him a crystal ball and shown him what lies ahead when he was faced with the decision whether to betray Verena or not back in Forgotten Hollow – I reckon he’d do it all again. And yes, considering that when we first met him he was being completely eaten up by his guilt and his past, he is surprisingly resilient. Maybe the years of brooding helped 😀 It was nice to get to see him thinking back on past memories that aren’t soul destroying for once – though his memories of his mortal family are bittersweet too.

      Ooh, speculation! Very interesting…

      Never apologise for novel length comments, I love them!

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      1. LOL good to know my novel-length comments don’t break WordPress. Ah! I never thought about the fact that the sprites mean a completely different thing to Hawthorne. I’m going to have to keep my eye on this.

        Oh and I love the fact that this about Cordelia’s descent! Her story is still compelling even though she was not going to be the hero. Actually, it’s kind of like we’re getting Hawthorne’s origin story…

        Okay, you are very good at not giving spoilers so I am going to keep speculating 🙂

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        1. Actually, it’s kind of like we’re getting Hawthorne’s origin story…

          It is, isn’t it… 😇

          (And this is why I can’t participate in short story challenges. It’s like the opposite to how my brain operates, lol!)

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  5. I’m really looking forward to following what Hawthorne messes up in college.
    Right now she’s hovering on a cloud and I can follow Micah’s skepticism.
    Her confidence is hilarious! It can lead her into a bit of everything. 😂
    So far, it has led her to a fiery place.

    Chloe is really a wonderful type. Both repulsive and appealing at the same time. It will be fun to see if it develops into a friendship with Hawthorne or she ends up being dinner.🤔

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    1. Have a little faith, why would Hawthorne mess up? She totally knows what she’s doing and knows best!

      It will be fun to see if it develops into a friendship with Hawthorne or she ends up being dinner.🤔

      Haha, I guess those are not necessarily mutually exclusive 😀

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  6. Oooooh, new information about Micah! So he had a sister, and he probably hasn’t seen her since he turned into a vampire. I wonder what Sasha thinks happened to him. Does she think he’s dead? Does she think he up and left one day and abandoned his family? Has she tried to find him? So many questions.

    It’s a bit sad that Micah’s thoughts go to Hawthorne feeding on Dandelion first when something happens, even after all these years. If he’s still that worried even with Hawthorne being able to control herself… I understand his fears, since he was bad at keeping himself under control, but it’s not exactly a vote of confidence in your daughter, is it, Micah?

    Oh geez, compared to Micah and Hawthorne, Chloe looks like a way too colourful wrapper of chilren’s candy xDDD Her fawning over Micah was hilarious. Aaah and she’s even Hawthorne’s roommate! Maybe Thorny can look past the initial annoyance and make proper friends with her at some point. She definitely seems like a good person to be around for socialising.

    Oh lordy and she’s going after the sprite. Ah yes, that lovely habit teenagers have of assuming they have all the information and all the answers, are smarter than everyone else and are the only ones who know what they’re doing. Groan. Thorny darling, has it crossed your mind that perhaps they’re not sharing this information with you not because they don’t know, but because there’s something that they don’t want you to know?

    Oh gods and they’re taking her right to the toadstool ring, too. Is Hawthorne going to get into the same mess that Cordelia’s mother got herself into? Nuuuuu =OOOO

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    1. Yes, he had (has?) a “little” sister. Hard to say what she might have thought since we don’t know anything about her (I mean, I do, but you know 😀 ) – we definitely know that Micah went missing and that Carys seemed to be assuming the worst, but hard to say whether his sister would have accepted him being dead at the time. By now, since it’s been over 34 years, she likely would have – but who knows?

      It is a bit sad. But I suppose Micah’s had a fair bit of exposure to other vampires in Verena’s coven, plus his own experiences of thirst, and he generally has a tough time accepting things he deems “too good to be true.” He’s more of a glass half-empty kind of guy, haha, at least that’s what life taught him.

      Chloe does look a bit like she just inserted herself in from another dimension 😀 Yes, if Hawthorne wants to have that lively social life she’ll probably not be able to avoid Chloe 🙂

      No idea what you’re talking about, Hawthorne obviously does know better than all of them and is brilliant in every way 😛

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  7. To think you can pull an old location over on me! I guess if Cordelia is originally from Britechester, there are a bunch of mysteries to solve. Or miseries. 😛 We haven’t answered if Hawthorne can die yet so at least things POSSIBLY can’t go full circle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ve been blasting through this, looks like you’ll be caught up in no time 😲 Hehe yes, we have made a return to the beginning as the final stretch approaches…

      I mean, everyone in this story can *technically* die, even the “immortal” ones 😇 But it’s true that we don’t know the exact mix of vampiness Hawthorne ended up getting from her dad.

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      1. My goal was “caught up for the season two release” but maybe I’ll get there tonight. Close enough! It’s weird spending time in TS3 where half your town will turn into vampires in an unmodded game to a world where vampires are a little more special and hard to come by (and actually immortal! TS3 vamps age if slowly and maybe Hawthorne just needs to leap into a new game) So I have to keep asking questions. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Definitely close enough, and I’m slowing down my updates to weekly so no rush ☺️

          Oh yeah, I forgot about the sims three vampires, every other person in Bridgeport was one! 😄 I forgot they weren’t immortal in TS3! TS4/BC ones are (though they’re not unkillable), and of course Hawthorne and her hybridness are an unknown in general 😊

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