1.69 Secret

The two girls hurried inside the pub, escaping the snow outside.

“Brrr,” Chloe shivered, looked around the pub. “None of the others are here yet. Are we early? That’s so embarrassing…”

“Not as embarrassing as falling on our asses in the blizzard would be,” Hawthorne shrugged. “Let’s get some drinks.”

“I do look forward to ditching the arctic for a week.” Chloe told Hawthorne once they settled at a table, glasses in hand.

Hawthorne rolled her eyes. Britechester was nowhere near as warm as Chloe’s hometown of Del Sol Valley, but Chloe was exaggerating, as per usual.

“You’d never last in the arctic,” Hawthorne smirked at her roommate.

“Oh, and you would?” Chloe raised an eyebrow.

“I dunno. I’m resourceful.” Hawthorne grinned.

“You’d have to ditch the mini skirts, for starters…” Chloe said, taking a sip from her drink.

That much was true. Hawthorne sometimes wished she was like her father, unable to feel any temperature at all. But that seemed reserved for the truly undead. Still, Hawthorne quite fancied the idea of being challenged by the harsh environment. She’d have to feed on the wildlife… not that drinking from a polar bear would be particularly stimulating, she thought to herself.

Then again, Hawthorne wasn’t sure her current choice of prey was all that stimulating either.

She was had been right about the restraint thing. To think she was almost nervous the first time she was about to feed in Britechester… Her father must have gotten into her head. But of course she’d been right all along. It wasn’t difficult to stop at all. Nothing like what she remembered from when she drank Dandelion’s blood.

These boys… they were all the same. Like that brief time she drank from Ollie. All they cared about was sports, parties, and getting into her pants.

Which didn’t exactly equate to a compelling feeding experience. Basic, boring memories of a jock. No substance.

Hawthorne did enjoy the thrill though. The moment she’d turn that seductive nibble on the neck into fully sinking her teeth in…

She liked the rollercoaster of whether she’d be able to get away with it. But she always did. And beyond that initial thrill, Hawthorne felt little need to continue drinking from them once she had a little taste.

It was almost disappointing, really.

“You’re doing that thing where you zone out again.” Her roommate nudged her. “Honestly, Hawthorne, you’re a terrible listener…”

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“I asked if you were excited to go home for Winterfest.” Chloe asked brightly, undeterred.

“Hm, yes and no,” Hawthorne told her truthfully. “My family is… complicated.”

She was looking forward to seeing everyone, but she could already picture how tense the Winterfest gathering would be.

“Oh I know, my parents are divorced too,” Chloe agreed. “It’s going to be a mad dash to try to see everyone…”

“My parents aren’t divorced.” Hawthorne corrected her. “Well, they aren’t married. Never were. I don’t think they were ever really… together.”

“Oh, they would have have to have been together,” Chloe giggled.

“Ugh, gross. I do not want to think of my parents getting it on, thank you very much…”

“Is your hot brother going to be there?” Chloe changed the subject, perking up.

Not this again. “Yeah. You wanna send him a love letter or something?”

“Is he still with his boyfriend?” Her roommate asked giddily.

Another Britechester student approached their table, sparing Hawthorne having to make up an update about her fictional brother’s fictional relationship. Sparing being a relative term.

“Hawthorne! Did you get my text?” He looked over at Chloe anxiously, toning his voice down as he leaned in closer to Hawthorne. “You never called me after we went out.”

“Oh yeah. I totally meant to.” Hawthorne wracked her brain, but she couldn’t remember what his name was for the life of her.

“You did?” He beamed. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you.”

“Listen, I’m meeting some friends tonight, but we should hang out tomorrow. I’ll text you.” Hawthorne smiled.

“Cool.” He took a step back, trying – and failing – to look tough. “See you tomorrow. Or whatever.”

“Hawthorne! I thought you were already off to your parents’ place tomorrow?” Chloe whispered once he was out of earshot.

“I am.” Hawthorne admitted. Sure, he was cute enough. But his face was familiar, and yet she couldn’t remember a single memory of his. That alone told Hawthorne there was no point in bothering.

“How do you get all these guys chasing after you?” Chloe shook her head.

Hawthorne gave her a crooked smile. “I bite them.”

“Very funny. Though I bet some would be into that,” Chloe chuckled. Apparently, Hawthorne thought. “Seriously though, what’s your secret? I wouldn’t be opposed to getting more action…”

Her secret? It was simple enough. None of them were the one she actually wanted. “I’m not sure if you’d be into my kind of action, Chloe.”

“Kinky!” A familiar voice jumped in. No need to make excuses this time, Harris had never been on the menu for Hathorne, and never would be – he was even more boy-crazy than Chloe. “What else did we miss?” He asked as the rest of the gang joined the table.

“You guys took your time!” Chloe greeted them.

“You know Harris, always has to do his hair, even when he’s wearing a beanie over it…” One of the girls said jokingly. “More importantly, you guys better be back for New Years Eve. Bailey is planning a huge party…”


“Morgyn, a visitor for you.” Darrel’s voice disturbed Morgyn’s writing.

Morgyn tried to gauge whether said visitor was Gemma. Hard to say; Darrel sounded unenthused, but then, Darrel almost always sounded unenthused. No reason it would be any different when it came to his sister.

Apparently, Gemma finally managed to crack the rejuvenate spell. A touch late, in Morgyn’s opinion, her prime years were behind her, but still, almost unheard of, for a non-sage. She was talented, Morgyn had to give her that. Definitely far more gifted than Darrel. Too bad she focused all of her efforts on her fruitless pursuit of the sage. Morgyn would have enjoyed to actually working with her, but she made a professional relationship virtually impossible.

Any other thoughts the sage may have had on the matter became irrelevant when they realised who the visitor was.

“Micah.” Morgyn’s mood instantly cleared. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Can’t I just come over?” The vampire asked.

“But of course…” Morgyn nodded. Except that Micah rarely just came over. “Why don’t we go for a walk, get some air?” They suggested.

Micah followed them out. He seemed lost in thought.

“Hawthorne’s first semester is almost over.” Micah said finally. “Sounds like she’s enjoying it every time I speak to her.”

Seemed unlikely the vampire made the trip just to make small talk about his daughter, but the sage played along. “Yes, studying physics. What a waste of time.”

“Is that what you said to her?” Micah turned to them.

“Of course not.” Morgyn was annoyed. Was Micah doubting them? They’d promised Hawthorne would always be able to make her own choices, and they intended to keep that promise. Which meant they would not belittle her choices, peculiar as they were.

“Doesn’t mean it’s untrue, though.” Morgyn continued. “As soon as she ascends, I will teach her spells that defy all laws of physics, all laws of nature.”

Of course, it wasn’t entirely terrible that Hawthorne wanted this university experience. Gave Morgyn more time to arrange her ascension in the first place.

Morgyn had been near exemplary in their duties for the last decade, but Simeon was still going to be tough to sway. Hopefully this was where buttering up Darrel and his bogus title would finally come in handy. If the advisor to the sages found Hawthorne’s ascension agreeable, how could Simeon block it? It was him who wanted an impartial advisor, after all. And Morgyn would make sure Darrel’s impartial advice would benefit them.

“Speaking of laws of nature…” Micah interrupted Morgyn’s train of thought. “There was something I wanted to speak to you about.”

“Oh?” Morgyn was intrigued. So there was a reason Micah came over.

“It’s about Cordelia.”

Of course it bloody was, Morgyn thought. “What about her?” They asked.

“I… the spell you cast on yourself, to stop aging. Can it be cast on others?” Micah cut to the chase.

So there it was. “Ah. You want me to stop her aging.” Morgyn bargained for time. Ironic, given the subject at hand, they mused.

“She’s been unhappy for way too long. And at this rate she’ll never… she needs more time.” The vampire concluded awkwardly.

“You think time will be the answer? You’ve had plenty of time, has it helped with your issues?” Morgyn maintained their cool.

“I could ask you the same thing.” Micah snapped back.

The truth was, Morgyn had considered it before. Which was precisely why they could almost hear Simeon complaining about the natural order and how they couldn’t just sprinkle immortality onto common humans, or some such. Was it worth everything Morgyn had worked for to try to get into Simeon’s good books? Putting Hawthorne’s ascension at risk?

Besides, there was another matter, one far more selfish. By now, it was crystal clear to Morgyn that as long as Cordelia was in the picture, they could never be with Micah, not truly. Admittedly, by the sage’s own making. But with Cordelia mortal, and Micah and them having an eternity…

Oddly, those thoughts always came with a side of guilt, a sentiment Morgyn had worked hard on burying in the past. Unlike Micah, Morgyn didn’t care for dwelling on things or drowning in remorse. So why did something this irrational bring about that bitter taste? They weren’t doing anything wrong. Everyone’s life would eventually end, so why should it be any different with her? From what Morgyn could gather, she was hollow these days anyway. More hollow than them, even.

By your doing, the demon reminded Morgyn helpfully.

The sage cleared their throat. “There’s no need for hostility. I just think that if you’re asking me for a favour of this calibre, I deserve more than a pathetic excuse.”

“Right, a lecture on being open and honest, from you.” Micah scoffed. “That is rich.”

“When have I been dishonest with you?”

Micah opened his mouth, but seemed to have changed his mind.

“You want the honest answer? I’m not sure I can live without her. Happy?” He blurted out.

“That’s quite the sweeping statement.” Morgyn said slowly. “Don’t know if I have it in me to deal with such melodrama.”

The sage was careful not to give away their concern, after all, Micah was better at reading them than anyone. And this… this was worrisome.

From anybody else, it would have been a cheesy line. But Morgyn was far too well aware that with Micah, there was a good chance he was being literal in this particular case. A good enough chance for Morgyn not to want to find out.

“Very well then.” The sage said casually “I’ll grant your wish. Otherwise you’ll mope about it forever. Though knowing you, you’ll find something else to mope about…”

“Good chat.” Micah hissed.

“Wouldn’t hurt for you to show some gratitude.” Morgyn replied with a frown.

“You’re most gracious.” Micah gritted through his teeth. “What do you want me to do? Curtsy?”

“You could spend the night at least.” Morgyn attempted to change the tone.

“I… have a painting to finish. Custom order.”

That was an outright lie. Micah had become quite successful under his current artistic pseudonym, yes, but the sage knew that he’d never do a straight up commission. Micah liked to paint what he liked to paint.

“I see. I suppose I’ll see you at the Winterfest dinner.” Morgyn said stiffly.

“Yeah.” Micah agreed. “See you then.”

The sage watched the vampire walk away from them.

Suddenly, Micah stopped in his tracks. “Morgyn… thank you.”

Morgyn gave him a small nod. They couldn’t say another word. Micah was slipping away from them, no matter what they ended up doing. Morgyn knew that. Saying anything about how they felt would be far too dangerous.

Now more than ever, the demon had to stay silent.


Chloe was fast asleep. Hawthorne took another sip of her plasma fruit juice. She thought of Dandelion. Not long till she’d finally see him again. But with how they left everything off, what was she even going to say to him?

She noticed a sprite in the corner of her eye. There they were again.

They came by at night time every so often, but disappointingly, Hawthorne hadn’t learned anything new about them since finding the odd ritual grounds of sorts on her first night in Britechester.

Admittedly, a part of that was her own fault. The boys and the parties had kept her busy. Occasionally even actual studying, too. In any case, the first semester was almost over, and here she was, on the eve of returning home for a week, with no new clues.

More sprites appeared and fluttered her around the door. Here we go again, Hawthorne thought, finishing her bottle.

She was sure they’d just lead her to the mushroom circle yet again. But it wasn’t as if she had anything better to do.

She passed the castle ruins, and sure enough, found herself in that clearing once again. As per usual, Smokey made an appearance too. A sigh escaped Hawthorne’s lips. What did any of it mean?

Her eyes wandered the clearing, looking for any new clues she’d missed before. But there was nothing. And as always, there’d been nobody in sight. The make-belief mushroom cult Hawthorne came up with on her first visit never made an appearance. Frustrated, Hawthorne looked up to the castle above her.

It occurred to her she never did go have a look into the ruins. Strictly speaking they were closed off to the public, but she wasn’t going to be stopped by nonsense like that. Besides, beyond the University students frequenting the village pub, the town of Gibbs Hill was mostly dead. Who would really see her trespassing anyway?

As if to show their agreement, the sprites flew up towards the castle too. Hawthorne followed them up the mountain. The walls of the old castle were in better shape than she expected. And the only way in was a large, heavy door.

She tried the handle, but the door didn’t move. Locked. The sprites surrounded her all too closely now.

Hawthorne inspected the lock. As if there was any use, she didn’t know the first thing about lockpicking. She wondered if Morgyn knew any spells to open doors.

She wasn’t sure what gave her the idea to try the key on her necklace, but it was a perfect fit. Hawthorne let out a victorious laugh. How did her grandmother get that key, Hawthorne wondered? Was she secretly royalty? In any case, there was no doubt Hawthorne had been right about finding answers to the secrets of the past here.

The door still didn’t budge, though. She’d celebrated prematurely. The lock required two keys, Hawthorne realised.

Luckily, Hawthorne knew exactly where to find the second key. Not that the mischief sage would ever let her have it.

But this was perfect. Just the excuse she needed to talk to Dandelion.

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    1. Haha, so does Hawthorne! The good news is that Dandelion will feature in quite a few of the upcoming chapters! The bad news is the family is unlikely to become any less wreck-like in the near future, if at all 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  1. For now, it really seems like Hawthorne manages her urge pretty well. I’m impressed 😊

    Morgyn tries to strangle their demons, suffocating their own selves. They seem depressed 🙁
    I wonder if I’m the only one who feels sorry for Morgyn?
    Although it makes me happy that Micah can not do without Cordelia, it makes me sad that she does not live the life she has 🙁
    Too many heavy thoughts ….
    I will immediately change the subject.

    Cool! Hawthorne has found a keyhole that matches her key 🙂
    Has that door been locked since Cordelia’s mother died? So maybe that’s why the spirits have been pretty annoying?
    Should I understand it as that L.Faba who has the other key?
    Maybe she does not know its use? … otherwise I wonder if she has pushed Cordelia away all along?

    The many unanswered questions will surely make me forget the depressions and make me return 😅😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are a few reasons she manages to keep it in check so well, but I’ll let you work out what they might be 😊

      Morgyn’s life is a constant battle with themselves, yes. Ooh, I’d love to know that too. You are definitely in the minority there, but that’s not a bad thing 😊

      Micah would agree with you with your sentiments kn Cordelia not living her life.

      Seems likely the door would have been locked that whole time, if not longer, unless there are other key copies than the ones that belonged to Cordelia’s mother and the one L Faba has. As to what L Faba may or may not know about what the key is for…we’ll find out, and relatively soon! 😊

      Haha I’m glad I haven’t entirely put you off yet 😆❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, Hawthorne. Sure. Just casually run off to the arctic and feed on a polar bear, you can totally do that with all this hunting practice you’ve had. I’m not sure polar bears are really aroused enough by feisty, fanged females to let you bite them, though. Best stick to jocks. Or bite the odd nerd, much more interesting; I’ve always preferred the nerds to the jocks. For conversation, obviously, I don’t eat them. Ahem.

    Oh great, Gemma is going to live forever. Yippee. And yes, Morgyn, Hawthorne needs oodles of additional power, being that unconfident, shy and retiring creature she is.

    …Um, Micah. Maybe you wanna ask Cordelia before going to Morgyn, a person she hates, and asking them to help stop her getting any saggier? Or better yet, you know, help her out of her funk? Get her some counselling, be a friend? I mean, she’s hardly at death’s door, age-wise, there’s time to cheer her up, help her turn her life around. I wonder how desperate Micah will be to keep Cordelia? Will he end up paying a visit to his good, old friend Verena if Morgyn says no? Or figure out how to turn her himself?

    I wonder why Micah still bothers with Morgyn. He clearly doesn’t love them, didn’t want to spend the night, doesn’t even seem to like them. I mean, I get it because ugh, Morgyn.

    Yes! Tick in the notebook. I predicted that L Faba’s and Cordelia’s keys were both needed for something (I thought this something would be a magickal/metaphorical something brought upon by the keys being in too close proximity that would release this terrible evil L Faba once mentioned, rather than an actual door, but let’s ignore that for now). I’m mostly surprised that Hawthorne was still wearing her mum’s/gran’s rusty old key around her neck all this time. L Faba finally has something under the ‘motive’ heading that has been circled through the whole book now and into the table ‘prevent unleashing whatever unholy thing is behind the door’. Which is probably going to happen now and I’m super excited for it. Yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes I doubt Hawthorne would actually enjoy the arctic. Though I sure would love to see her try. And I see you’re rooting for carnage, giving her tips on more palatable meals. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) her social circle is mostly people she met through the Candyfloss Queen, hence the selection.

      Yay, infinite Gemma times, woop doop! Obviously Hawthorne needs more powers, as you pointed out she is not on top of her polar bear hunting game.

      Consulting Cordelia would have probably been a good idea. In Micah’s defense, he has tried helping her out of her funk, at least we’ve seen him try before the last time jump, and it stands to reason that would not have been the only time. Clearly he’s not been very successful so far, so I guess he’s looking for alternatives. Ooh, interesting theory! What would be stronger in Micah, his disdain for vampirism, or his desire for Cordelia to stick around?

      Why does he bother, indeed? Though we don’t exactly know how mich he does bother, when he’s not around asking for favours? Definitely does seem like any fondness he may have had for Morgyn seems to have fizzled out somewhat.

      Ooh, fun! Those keys do indeed go together. Let’s see what’s behind the door. Maybe it’s nothing terrible. Maybe there’s nothing at all. Perhaps Hathorne is more sentimental than she lets on. That, or she figured out the necklace draws attention to her cleavage.


  3. Hawthorne is an interesting character, but parenting probably has to do with half of it, haha. I think those boys are too boring for her, haha. She needs a handsome celebrity with a lot of interesting memories! Actually, no, second thoughts, that’d be too interesting for her if you know what I mean! 😉

    Seems like Morgyn and Cordelia are in a hate-but-forced-to-be-friends relationship which goes both ways, haha. Wait, Darrel looks that old now? I guess age has hit him much harder than Cordelia, xD. Well, Morgyn seems to be losing grip of Micah pretty quick, or at least what they think. Not sure why Micah thinks she needs to stop aging, but I suppose having a longer life (infinite life, actually) tend to make people like him think humans have short lives when in reality they have eighty years on average, haha. He did live fifty-seven years looking like he was twenty-four so I guess this theory stands to reason. 🙂

    I forgot L. Faba had the other key, haha. In fact I forgot either of them had keys until Chapter 67, when Cordelia gives Hawthorne the necklace and where people mentioned L. Faba had the other key. I suppose what’s behind that door has to do with elves, lol. Maybe Annaliese really is part-elf! 😀 Wait, Gibbs Hill is dead? What happened to all those locals? Did they get punished for judging Cordelia unfairly when she was a child? No remorse if so. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Parenting definitely plays a part in it – but when does it not? 😊 Those boys definitely are too boring for her, though you’re right, I’m not sure if her finding someone more interesting is a good idea 😆

      I wouldn’t say Morgyn hates Cordelia, but it’s definitely a complicated relationship there. Darrel doesn’t really look to different IMHO, his hair’s just started to go grey – which is not that uncommon, I have friends who are greying in their 30s and Darrel is in his mid-fourties.

      Well, Micah tells us his reasons in this chapter – one is that he sees Cordelia wasting her life away, and the other that he doesn’t want to part with her.

      That’s a good theory! Let’s see what hides behind that door. Haha, I wouldn’t take Hawthorne quite so literally. She thinks Glimmerbrook is dead too. I’m sure there’s people about, she just means the nightlife isn’t all that bustling 😆


  4. Aww Chloe is so cheerful and laid back. It’s hard not to like her. Well, Seth will hate her guts but I have no problems with characters that are super optimistic and lighthearted haha. It’s nice to see Hawthorne’s life is full of friends and buzzing with social life compared to first gen BC.

    Morgyn really went through quite the long term plan for Hawthorne there. Considering their thoughts on immortality, I’m wondering is it for Hawthorne or for themselves.

    Would it be clarified in the latter chapters Morgyn’s shift in perception of Cordy? They were always attracted by her zest for life and optimism. Is it because Cordy’ has lost both of these that they’ve grown uninterested and apathetic towards her? Okay, they’re not completely apathetic, but simply chose to be.

    Morgyn and Micah’s relationship seems distant now. But Morgyn agreed to perform a personal favor for Micah. With Micah having been with Morgyn for so long, I’m pretty sure he knew what he was doing. My guess is Micah knew which buttons to press for Morgyn now, and has succeeded in doing so here.

    Ooh the key and sprite mystery. Yay we’re tackling them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. Good job Seth’s nowhere near here 😆 Yes, unlike Cordelia, Hawthorne never struggled with her social life.

      Good question. I suppose we haven’t seen Hawthorne say anything about being potentially interested in ascending to a spellcaster, apart from when she was a child – then again, she’s unlikely to discuss anything of that sort with Chloe. Morgyn has said several times that Hawthorne will always have a choice in what she wants to do, but they seem to be pretty certain on what her choice around becoming a spellcaster ultimately will be. So who knows.

      Hmm I don’t think it will be clarified per say, but you have a plethora of options that are not even mutually exclusive. At this point in time, Morgyn’s involvement with Cordelia is fairly limited, she’s essentially just been their ex for the last 19 years, and a pretty openly resentful ex at that. As Morgyn says they also perceive her as an obstacle to being with Micah. And let’s face it, Morgyn was always more into Micah, from running after him as soon as they met him at the Von Haunt estate even though Cordelia and them just shared their first kiss, to not even hesitating when Micah asked them to choose between them. Sure, could Morgyn have gotten away with seeing them both, they would have, but they had a clear favourite. It’s not as if Morgyn was ever passionately in love with Cordelia, and though some feelings were there, as you say the qualities that mainly attracted Morgyn to Cordelia are no longer there. Though one could also argue that they’re not really all that indifferent – in this chapter alone, they admit they feel some guilt over what they’ve done to her, which is rather unusual for Morgyn, and they also reference having considered prolonging her life indefinitely before Micah even came with the request – something that as far as we know, Morgyn hasn’t done for anyone else. Well, I’ve rambled a fair bit and I’m not sure if I even answered your question, lol!

      Yes, I’m sure Micah knows how to best sway Morgyn. Not that he needs to try very hard. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that what he said wasn’t true.

      And yes, onto finding out more about the sprite mystery! 😊


  5. AHHH!!!! I’m finally catching up! Oh my, where to begin?

    Hawthorne is getting closer to figuring out the sprite mystery than anyone else so far. I’m sure it’s in part because she doesn’t have all the emotional hang-ups of her mom or the selfishness of Morgyn. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go with her drinking people, like her dad I was a lil’ worried, but it turns out she’s fine! Again, she seems to be able to trust her own instincts in a way that Micah can’t. She doesn’t have all his hangups either. I really love her character and I can’t wait to read more of her adventures.

    Although she is still a teenager and college student. I can see her teetering on some decisions that might come back to bite her (ha), but I think she’ll learn from it.

    I’m also loving watching everyone grow older and change, even the Sage. They’re right! So much of this is their own doing but Morgyn is still obsessed with turning things their way. The exchange with Micah was rough. Admitting that he needed Cordeiia? That he cared for her?

    Whew. Heartbreaking.

    (Honestly, I did cheer a lil bit when Morgyn was like: lol I’m just going to let her grow old and die so we can finally be together. I know I’m in the fan club for all the wrong reasons lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hawthorne has definitely made more progress than anyone else so far. And yes, everything seems to be going her way. Perhaps Micah was just paranoid. Perhaps being half-vampire does make a difference. Or perhaps she really is as exceptional as she thinks. Haha, come back to bite her. She may have some teething problems yet, haha. We’ll see.

      Oh yes, they have all changed in some ways. Some tense relationships going on as well. And hella complicated. Yes, Micah does care for Cordelia, and apparently dwells on the whole love spell part of that a lot less than she does at this point.

      Haha, I mean, makes perfect sense – Morgyn will generously “allow” Micah a lifetime with Cordelia but in the end it will just be them, or at least perhaps that’s what they envisioned. Hey, no need to justify reasons for being in the fan club 😆

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oooooh, so Cordelia’s mom and L Faba have the same key to this castle. I wonder if the reason L Faba doesn’t like Cordelia has something to do with her mother. Maybe L Faba knew her and blame’s her death on Cordelia?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ehehe I’m laughing at Hawthorne, complaining about all those boring jocks she’s biting, but has it ever crossed her mind that she’s not much more exciting if they’d bite her? Instead of thinking how to get into a girl’s pants, she’s thinking about how to get onto a dude’s neck 😏
    She’s such a typical teen! 😀

    It is sweet of Micah to ask for more time for Cordy, but I wonder if he ever considered if she even wants this. Or did he think Morgyn should do it in secret?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yeah, she probably would be just as uninteresting as them! 😄 To be honest, who knows if they even really are uninteresting; she has a preconceived notion of them already, and doesn’t really drink enough to learn that much otherwise – though that’s arguably a good thing.

      Yep, not sure Micah really thought this through, but I guess he feels like he has to try something.

      Liked by 1 person

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