1.73 Human Nature

Cedmé was special, even among elves. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, but more importantly, beauty filled her heart. No wonder she stole mine.

She was an adventurer, often leaving Syeldell in the pursuit of discoveries. And I always eagerly awaited her return. Luckily for me, she felt the same way. She would say I was the reason she looked forward to returning home.

One day, she came back surrounded by sprites. Nobody could believe it.

The sprites had been fabled to once have lived with the elves in a symbiotic relationship, even rumoured to have given us our magic in the first place. But those times were long gone, stories grandmothers would tell.

Fickle in their affections, erratic, forgetful. So forgetful they’d forgotten the elves altogether. And yet that day, Cedmé was in their midst.

I asked her where she found them, bewildered. My surprise grew when she revealed she encountered them on the edge of a small human village by the name of Gibbs Hill.

If the sprites had long abandoned us elves, their own, why would they seek out humans?

“There’s more to humans than you think,” she told me with that bright smile of hers. “Over our long years, we have grown predictable. But humans, they are fascinating creatures with complex souls. No wonder the sprites have taken a liking to them. I think I have too.”

It was then when she told me of her intention to leave Syeldell, to go live in that human village. She said if the sprites made it their home, it meant it was where the true magic worth pursuing could be found.

I wasn’t sure I shared her outlook on humans, but I could not lose her. Nothing else mattered. So I agreed. I would have followed Cedmé to the edge of the world.

As expected, my older brother Faerandil was not pleased. He claimed the spare should remain in Syeldell.

But the crown had always been his, what did it matter if I was there or not? I was not as crucial to the place as he was, and he never really needed my input to rule anyways. Syeldell would be in good hands when I left, as it always had been.

He did not really understand, but we parted on good terms. He wished us well, and I was excited to start a new life with my love.

Of course, the very humans Cedmé thought so highly of disappointed us. She would say it was because they feared what they didn’t understand, but did it really matter?

We ended up outcasts, living just outside of the village, in the place she first found the sprites.

We had a good life for a while regardless, even a child on the way. We would carve a path of our own. Or so we thought in our naïve youth.

But in the end, nobody could save her. The humans with their medicine, the sprites with their ancient powers, all of Cedmé’s strong magic, none of it made a difference. I lost her in childbirth.

Even her final wishes were with the humans she loved so much. She told me to bring her to the old castle ruins, to this very spot. The well in the old courtyard was so similar to the one we had in Syeldell. I thought perhaps it was because she sought home after all, in her final moments. But my small mind could not have anticipated her real reasoning.

True to her nature even with her dying breath, she amazed me yet again. I laid her body down, and while life left her, her magic absorbed into the well.

It was her one parting gift to those who lacked magic, a well granting each person’s innermost wish.

It was beautiful, and yet, the well could not grant the one thing I myself yearned for, to have her back with me, even for just a moment.

The sprites mourned her almost as much as I did, but life had to go on.

As our son Denillian grew, I saw her in him, her eyes, the same kind mischievous smile. No wonder the sprites adored him the same way they had adored her.

Oddly, not many humans took advantage of the wishing well’s powers. Humans have a way of dismissing magic, dismissing true beauty, dismissing what is important. But I digress.

I will never forget the day she showed up.

Perhaps it was her red hair, perhaps it was my grief, but something about her reminded me of my Cedmé. But of course, she was nothing like her.

She didn’t even look like her, really. A human girl with amber eyes. What was it about her?

“Not many of your kind come to our clearing.” I greeted her.

I expected her to question what we were, or fear our magic, but she didn’t. “My kind? You mean the people in the village? I wouldn’t call them my kind, exactly. They’re definitely not fond of me.”

So much like humans to shun their own, I thought.

“You are welcome here any time,” I told her. “I’m Silveril of Syeldell. And this is my son Denillian.”

“Syeldell? Sounds far from here.”

Perhaps Cedmé’s trust in humans rubbed off on me after all. But what followed was a fault of my own, not hers.

“Not as far as you might think. An elven castle nestled in the trees, you would reach it easily within seven days if you follow the river in the direction of sunrise. As long as you know what you are looking for, of course.”

Old elven magic, that. Most elven settlements were protected by a charm of some kind, much like the magic realm itself. In case of Syeldell, it was a simple one, the charm of the word. I should have known better than to share it.

“Sounds like a fairy tale,” the girl smiled. “I’m Annaliese. Annaliese Blackwell.”

“Black well?” I never understand the ways humans came up with their last names.

“The townsfolk claim I rose from a well, wrapped in black mist as dark as my soul.” Annaliese laughed. “Would you believe that?”

Cedmé’s wishing well.

“What would you say if I told you there is an actual magical well in the castle ruins right above us?” I asked her.

She tilted her head. “If the well is real, does that mean you believe my soul is dark too? Or whatever nonsense the townsfolk spew?”

Cedmé’s voice was clear in my head. “Of course not. Humans fear what they don’t understand. Why don’t you stay with us, Annaliese?”

I could not have been more wrong. Turned out occasionally, humans could be right. But I did not see it coming. All I saw was the humans not deserving the gift of Cedmé’s wishing well, shunning the girl who was born from it, from one of their own wishes. Unless, of course, the wish had been mine, the one I begged for the day Cedmé was taken from me. I clung onto the idea.

And so I conjured a magical lock to seal the well to most, unbreakable unless they possessed magic themselves. I even took the precaution of having two keys for it, one I kept, and one I gave to Annaliese.

“A key to my heart,” I called it when I gave it to her. I was a fool.

I convinced myself that she was a reincarnation of my Cedmé, sent to me from the well. Reborn as one of those humans she once sought. Or close to humans at least. Annaliese didn’t seem to age, at least, certainly not the way humans did.

I assumed it was just another part of Cedmé in her. But there was nothing of Cedmé’s likeness in Annaliese. By the time I realised, it was too late.

She was curious, asked many questions about elven magic, about the sprites and their ancient powers. And I told her all I knew, the fool I was. I didn’t understand what was in front of my eyes, when she watched my son play with the sprites.

When she said she wished to be loved by the sprites as he was, I thought nothing of it. I brought her to the well, so that she could cast her wish, as Cedmé would have wanted.

And when Annaliese’s eyes turned the same bright purple colour the sprites had, I saw it as another sign that Annaliese was Cedmé new form.

But her eyes were a lie. All she craved was power, the old elven magic she as a human could not possess. It was not affection that she watched my son with, not even curiosity. It was jealousy.

I am not sure when I finally woke up to the truth. But once I saw the coldness of her eyes, I could not unsee it. I tried to convince myself I was imagining it, but I knew precautions were wise.

I sent Denillian back to Syeldell, for my brother to watch over him for a while, along with my key. Just until I could clear my suspicions, prove them to be a product of my imagination.

Unfortunately, that never happened. The sprites mourned Denillian’s absence, and their blessings lessened, infuriating Annaliese. And when she learned she could not reach the well to make more wishes with her key alone, she promised me revenge, to track down the other key by any means necessary.

For all her former claims about the townsfolk avoiding her, she had somehow managed to create a small following. She called them the Order of Enchantment, a cult that worshiped the sprites. Their rituals forced me out of the clearing. All I could do was transportalate to the well to protect it, should they reach it. They could not be permitted to abuse its powers, even if it meant I had to stay by it for good.

I’m not certain how she enchanted them. Probably the same way she had done with me when she first arrived. False promises, I can imagine, promises that eventually caught up with her.

I sent a letter of warning to my brother, but it did not reach him in time, or if it did, it did not make a difference.

The entirety of Syeldell was woven into trees, and once those caught on fire, the elven magic was powerless to stop the speed of the spread. Annaliese and her cult burned Syeldell to the ground. There were no survivors.

But they never did find the second key in the ruins, so I had hope. Hope that my son somehow made it out of Syeldell. That the sprites still favoured him and sought him out. That in spite of their forgetful ways, they would one day bring him back to me.

The courtyard fell silent. The elf had finished telling his tale, and the way he stared at Dandelion made it clear he expected him to say something in return.

Hawthorne looked at her friend. Dandelion’s ordinarily expressive face was blank, he did not respond in any way. Must be in shock, Hawthorne decided. Not that she could blame him.

She cleared her throat. It was all incredibly uncomfortable, but she had to know more. “What happened with Annaliese, in the end? Did you get revenge for what she did?”

Silveril shook his head. “Cedmé would not have wanted that. She would not have wanted me to stoop to their level.”

Insane, Hawthorne thought. If somebody burned her world to the ground, she would make them pay tenfold.

“I didn’t have to, regardless.” The man continued. “Annaliese never understood the nature of the sprites, that their good graces come as quickly as they go.  But what she understood even less was the nature of humans. They too like to forget their own past.”

“As years went by, the members of the cult came and went, quickly jumping to whoever the sprites favoured at the time as their leader. Eventually, the cult’s early days were all forgotten. Humans are eager to forget their past sins that way. Annaliese was the only one who remained unchanged, but the world changed around her. She lost her influence. And eventually, she lost everything.”

“What do you mean?” Hawthorne asked. She wasn’t sure she wanted to hear the answer.

“Annaliese had a daughter, decades after the original cult members marched on Syeldell. The child found her way to the clearing one night when the cult was gathering. It was then when the sprites finally defied Annaliese’s will entirely, in spite of her wish to the well. They rebelled.”

“Perhaps they wished to free the child of Annaliese’s influence. Perhaps they themselves chose to take revenge for the lives she took in Syeldell. Perhaps both. Either way, they made sure Annaliese was no more.”

Hawthorne felt sick. “And Annaliese’s daughter?”

“I have no knowledge of what she went on to do. It does not matter.” He elf sounded annoyed. He turned away from Hawthorne, back to Dandelion. “What matters is that you are here, Denillian. So much time we have to make up for.”

“I… I need to go.” And with that, Dandelion bolted for the door.

“Dandy!” Hawthorne yelled after him, but to no avail.

She looked at Silveril, who just stood there in shock, now his turn to be uncapable of speaking another word. Hawthorne had to say something… anything.

“I’ll bring him back. He is processing it all. I think.”

Hawthorne ran after Dandelion. He had to speak to Silveril. If she focused on that, on finding him, on reuniting him with his dad, then she could distract herself from how her family fit into all this.

She found him by the river. He seemed a million miles away.


“She was right.” He said, though Hawthorne wasn’t sure if it was really her he was speaking to.

“Who was?” Hawthorne asked, sitting down beside him.

“Lulu. She said I was better off not knowing.” The pain in his voice was hurting her.

Hathorne touched his hand lightly. “Fuck her. She was not right. What does she really know, anyway? That’s your dad. Do you really think it would be better for you to never meet him?”

Dandelion looked away from her. “I don’t know. I didn’t know what I lost. Now that I do… nothing’s changed, but at the same time, everything has.”

She nodded. “I know what you mean. I… I’m sorry. About what she did.”

She couldn’t bring herself to refer to the woman as her grandmother. How could she be related her? Hawthorne wanted to throw the necklace into the river. But at the same time, the necklace was what allowed them to reach Silveril in the first place.

“Mum’s going to flip when she finds out.” She realised.

“No.” Dandelion’s voice was surprisingly stern. “She will not, because she won’t find out. There’s no need for her to know.”

Hawthorne stared at him in shock. “Dandy, no. This isn’t you.”

“It isn’t me?” He repeated. “Who even am I, anyway? I don’t know anymore.”

“Well, I do! You’re honest, brave and kind. Selfless to a fault… and you don’t keep secrets from people. Everyone else hides behind their masks, but not you, you don’t do that…”

 “Maybe it’s about time I start.” His eyes trailed down to the water’s surface. “She’d just blame herself, but it’s not her fault. And it’s not yours, either.”

Hawthorne didn’t want to think about that. A part of her felt oddly relieved though; he was still the same Dandelion she knew, trying to protect everyone but himself. But she had to put a stop to that.

“So what, you’ll just carry it all on your shoulders?” She wished she didn’t sound so angry, but she didn’t know how else to get through to him. “That’s dumb. And unfair. And I won’t let you.”

“Hawthorne-” His voice broke up mid-sentence. “I don’t know what to do with any of this.”

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    1. Yes, he is – in case you did not think he was already quite a catch, he also happens to be a long lost elven prince, haha.

      True, good job Hawthorne did not fully introduce herself – awkward probably doesn’t even begin to describe what that would have been…

      Good question! How does Lulu know, and how much does she actually know? You’ll get an answer very soon 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You weren’t kidding when you said this was weird, but I’m totally in to it. I hope to learn all about this elf town and all its occupants over the course of the next seven chapters and… ah. It was burned down and everyone died. Never mind then.

    Right, so I’ll just check off all the theories I got right so far… what is that, like, two things? That pointy is Dandy’s dad and that a baby sort of came out of the well! Yay!

    So we finally meet a member of Dandy’s family! And just as I go to rejoice, we learn that Cordie’s mum killed everyone else. Except L Faba… how did she get the key? Where does she fit in this? And why is she so convinced that Cordelia is still a threat? Hmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for liking my weirdness ❤ Might still get to learn a wee bit about Syeldell's inhabitants, before it all went down in flames, that is.

      Something came out of that well, alright 😀 But yes, you were totally right about Dandy's dad. Turns out he is not a complete arse, though there is a solid chance he has gone bonkers after spending 70 odd years in the ruin on his own. Oh man, why am I so mean to my characters?

      Weeell at least you got a tiny glimpse of Dandy's mum, lovely as she was. L Faba probably fits into this somehow, yes…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ::stands up::

    ::sits down::

    ::stands up again::

    ::sits down again::

    I am speechless. I’m going to try and organize my thoughts but I don’t know if I can!

    ::deep breath:: Okay, so what Hawthorne said at the end of the chapter really got me because in a way, keeping secrets and carrying everything was how we got to this mess in the first place. Yes, Cordelia’s mother was a monster, but keeping that information from Cordelia prevented any healing from happening. The same goes for keeping this from Dandy. Clearly, the threat was long gone because Cordelia’s mother was killed by the sprites. All this time, Dandy could have been connecting with his father. Instead, Lulu kept it all a secret and punished Cordelia so much that she ended up creating a whole new dangerous threat with the vampires.

    The story was so heartbreaking and yet, I totally get it. Everyone was just looking for love and being a lil bit naive. I feel like Hawthorne and Dandy have the potential to do something new and different if they can freaking survive.

    The payoff in this one chapter was so beautiful. I feel like the story has been building to this moment and now, there is a completely different dynamic at play. I got questions answered, yes, but now I have so many new ones! And the way all these lives are weaved together is just beautiful. BRAVO.

    Speaking of beauty, the locations were 10/10 and so were the costumes. God, I love Annalise’s dress, even if she was a monster. Everything was just so beautifully shot! Gahh I can’t stop gushing over it.

    This was so, so good. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I’m so worried about the vampires being back but man, if they would all just get over these hurts and join together I know they could stop it!

    Now, I’m going to be sitting on pins and needles waiting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! You’re right, we’ve totally been working towards this for a long time. Right, I should tone it down on the excitement, this was not a happy chapter 😅

      You are completely right, keeping secrets and trying to carry them for other people’s sake has definitely messed a lot of things up. Although, just to bamboozle you even further, if L Faba sat Dandy down and told him her take on what went down, are you confident we would be hearing the exact same story? But you’re right, she absolutely should have shared whatever she knows. Would have done her good too.

      Yes, Hawthorne and Dandy have the potential to break the mould and stop repeating past mistakes. Possibly. If they both start listening to what the other one is trying to tell them. And if they somehow make it through the night past Alba.

      Thank you, and thank you! 😊 I had fun dressing everybody up! The locations are awesome – I’ve linked both on my Credits page. The old castle ruins are particularly amazing, I only used a fraction of that build but that build almost makes me want to write a whole other story, it is so cool!

      Ah, yes, joining forces. That would be a good idea right about now, for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Woah okay. That was a lot of backstory in one chapter! I’m glad we finally find out how everyone, or almost everyone is connected.

    LFaba took Dandy from Syeldell to Gibbs Hill o.o I wonder if she’s Faerandil’s daughter since Dandy got sent to Cedme’s brother after all. There might be a chance she knows Cedme then! I suppose it makes sense why she hates Cordelia, even if its misdirected.

    Aww Dandy’s dad, before getting stuck for 75 odd years beside a well seems just like Dandy! Trusting and too loving of others. Still like these traits though. I wonder what Annaliese wished for herself that made her eyes purple and that this power could then be passed on to Cordelia since hers are purple too. Annaliese wanted the sprites’ powers, but for what and why? So much mystery there. And the sprites eventually killed her anyway. >.>

    I think this is the first time Hawthorne has expressed a thought that doesn’t just concern herself. It’s refreshing! So she is able to empathise after all. 🙂

    I’m the kind of person who believes truth should prevail, get it all out, forgive yourself (even if there’s nothing to forgive) and move on. But tbh there’s no right or wrong in Dandy telling or not. And it’s really much a play by ear scenario so I can understand why Dandy doesn’t want Cordy to know. It would be different if Cordy was in a good place mentally. Telling her that her mom caused an entire population’s almost demise and is Dandy’s uncle’s killer while she’s in her current state could very well make things worse for her. There’s no such thing as a right timing though. And it would be super awkward and painful if Cordy then finds out on her own and realise everyone has been keeping stuff from her this whole time. So oh well. Lets see what Hawthorne and Dandy decides

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, I know, sorry about the information overload 😀 More backstory in some of the upcoming chapters, but at a much slower pace!

      Faerandil was Silveril’s brother rather than Cedmé’s, but same difference, he was Dandy’s uncle. As to how Dandy ended up getting to Glimmerbrook/Sylvan Glade from Syeldell when it burnt down, and what involvement L Faba had… I won’t make you wait too long to find out 😉

      That’s true, Dandy does share some of his parents’ qualities, even though he didn’t know them! Nurture and nature and all that… Silveril was quite lovely before his life got ripped to pieces, as was Cedmé. Ok, now you’re making me feel bad. Moving on… Cordelia’s eyes are actually the same colour Annaliese’s eyes were before the well changed them – I need to remember to do more closeups of my characters, since the eye colours are somewhat relevant 😀 But you’re asking good questions! That being said, tough to say what Annaliese’s motivations were exactly, with her not being around anymore to share that. Perhaps we’ll learn more about her one day.

      Haha yes, Hawthorne is not entirely awful 😅 She is pretty flawed, but she does genuinely care about Dandy, for what it’s worth.

      Oof, you raise so many valid points there! There’s definitely pros and cons to both approaches, as you say, Cordelia’s not in the best place as it is, and there’s not many benefits to her knowing, it’s not like she can change the past. And there definitely isn’t a good timing to break something like this to someone. At the same time, she does have a right to know, and yes, if she was to find out on her own in other ways it might hurt even more. It’s a tough one!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh oops his name is Silveril. If this isn’t obvious already, I’m very bad with names. I thought Silveril was called Cedme the whole time I was writing the comment (even after I double checked to make sure I got all the names right.) 😳 Welp.

        I don’t think Hawthorne is awful. Just that her personality wasn’t explicitly revealed to readers so we’re left to infer and decide. Like, Hawthorne could’ve rebelled throughout her early teen years against Cordelia for enforcing a Christmas tradition that she never quite understood, or she could’ve called out this strange facade going on between her parents but she didn’t. She was tolerant when Micah seemed as if he was going to pry between her and Dandy. So I wouldn’t call her awful. Just that it wasn’t outlined if she had a more compassionate nature than the self-interested side of her that we’ve come to know. Am liking this side of her of course. No surprises what traits I am drawn to. 😄

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol, no worries, both of those names are made up, so easy to get them mixed up!

          Hawthorne has a few conflicting pulls, just depends on which one is the strongest at any given time. Make no mistake, the self-interested side is most definitely still there 😁


  4. I love the description of Cedmé, Silveril and the city of the elves ❤
    So sad to hear of the annihilation of Syeldell and the elven people.😢

    Poor Dandy. I can understand that this story is hard for him to consume.
    At the same time, I feel the reason for Dandy’s beautiful being. He is a true love child conceived by the meeting between two beautiful creatures.
    Both his father and mother possessed the same kind of fidelity and naivety as Dandy.
    My heart breaks at the thought of Silveril’s loss … and that he now, for the second time, seems to be losing his rediscovered son 💔
    Finally, Hawthorne shows that she sets another higher than her own pleasure. She shows courage and compassion. Well done by an egocentric young teenager. There is hope that she will unite Dandy and his father.

    There are so many layers in this story and so many unanswered questions.
    Who is Lulu and how did she and Dandy end up in the magical realm?
    What created Annaliese’s powerlessness, her ruthlessness and malice?
    Who is Cordelia’s father? Has he had any influence on her nature … which fortunately is not evil.

    The sprites are another unanswered story. They possess all kinds of feelings and power. They fill me with mystery 🤔

    I look forward to discovering even more of your story layers 🧅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Finally unveiling some of the grim fairy tale roots. Yes, the story of Syeldell is a tragic one, unfortunately.

      For sure, it was quite a lot for him to take in, a lot to reconcile. Poor dear. Yes, Dandy’s inherited some of his parents’ qualities. Are they the only reason for him to be the way he is… we shall see. I always think both nurture and nature play a role.

      Yes, it must be crushing for poor Silveril to have his son run off like that. Though at least he’s had confirmation his son is actually alive, which is more than he’s had in decades.

      Hawthorne is egocentric, but not heartless. She has her moments 🙂

      Ooh, questions! Let’s see… the one about Lulu will get answered sooner than you might think. The others are excellent questions… that will need to wait for now. We will know more eventually, but we have quite some time to go. Good job this thing will have more seasons 🙂

      The sprites are very shrouded in mystery, for sure. I don’t know if we’ll ever fully understand them, with that ancient fae magic of theirs.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Whoa, that is a lot of plot twists and new information =O so Dandelion/Denillian is a prince! Ish. And his father and Cordelia’s mother not only knew each other, but she seems to be an evil witch and the one responsible for the destruction of their ancestral home… yikes. I wonder if L Faba is Dandy’s niece. It would explain how she got the key, and them being together when he was a child. Maybe she got him to safety at the last moment.

    Oh geez and she went and wished herself more power, too. She wants to take all the elven magic and blessings of the sprites for herself. Why? To what end? What was she trying to achieve? Was it pure power-hunger, or did she have something in mind for that dangerous an amount of magic? Gah, that picture of Anneliese in her hood holding a torch is so dark and creepy, despite the daylight brightness.

    Oh, man. And now Anneliese’s granddaughter, that is also a vampire, is friends with Silveril’s son (and coincidentally has a major crush on him). What a mess. So this is what Faba was trying to shield Dandy from, and why she was so angry Cordelia and her key. Poor Dandy. This is so much to take in. I wouldn’t know what to do with it all, either.

    And despite the major plot twist bomb that just dropped in their laps, there’s still the vampire threat of Alba back at the university to worry about, too! I doubt that she’d just give up and leave, especially after draining the information out of poor Chloe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I debated splitting into a couple of chapters but decided that having all of this in one go on high level is the best way to go – because that’s exactly what Dandelion has to work with. Helps you know how he feels. Well, that plus the whole family got massacred by his good friend’s mum thing. Oops. As for L Faba… the next chapter will shed some light on how she fits into all this.

      What the hell was Annaliese’s deal and what did she want… Doesn’t seem like anyone we know has the answers to that, and Annaliese can’t tell you anymore. There is more to know about her but we’ll have to track down a source of that information first. If any of these guys do track that down. As you say, they do sort of have more pressing concerns right now.

      A mess? Everything’s fine. Toootally fine! I’m sure Alba will just move on too. Everything is great! *eye twitch*

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  6. ohh so it is Dandy’s dad! Poor kid, he got a lot to process there. He’s lucky that Hawthorne is there too, she’s more capable to distance herself from what happened.

    So Annaliese is the evil witch that burned down the elf village, no surprise here that Faba hates Cory’s guts. I’m curious to learn about the other side too, though, Annaliese’s.
    I can understand that Dandy doesn’t want to unload more sad news onto Cory, but I think if she finally learns what really happened with her mother and that that is the reason Faba can’t stand her, it can help her find closure with this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely don’t envy Dandy here! Yes, Hawthorne is a good person to be there right now, would have been a lot trickier if this reunion occurred with Cordelia there instead of Hawthorne, for instance.

      As you should be! It’s trickier to tell Annaliese’s side since she’s not really around anymore to share it with us, but we will still learn more about her at a later point. Took us a good while to even get this information, after all, BC is definitely more of a slow burn.

      True, she could definitely use the closure! I think Dandy needs to digest it all himself first before he’s able to figure out what to do with the information and who to share it with. Though of course, he’s not the only one who potentially could share it.


      1. whoops, that would have been one big break down fest 😢

        Ha, tricky or not, I’m glad we’ll learn more from her side too!

        Yes, he needs to process first. And yeah, even Faba could potentially tell Cory. But I’m quite sure she’d be much less sensitive about it than Dandy or Hawthorne 😏
        Tbh I wonder why Faba hasn’t slapped it in Cory’s face yet. I suppose she still has some qualms as most likely she’s well aware that Annaliese’s crimes are not Cory’s fault.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That weird moment when we learn that perhaps Faba is more open-minded than we have been lead to believe 😀 Then again, who knows what Faba’s take on this is. As you sort of said, the same story can be told several different ways depending on who’s telling it 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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