Interlude 6: Glass Jar


I’m struggling to focus on what Aine is saying. I know these thoughts are counter-productive. I need to concentrate if I am to master untamed magic. But I can’t help it. L Faba has always had a way of creeping into my mind, ever since we met.

Which is logical, I remind myself. I am in her debt for everything she’s done for me, right from the beginning. I’d still be lost if she never showed me the way into the magic realm, but now I have a purpose. Potential.

Yes. It’s logical.

Damn it.

She’s just so… At first, I thought she was too good to be true. And it seemed to be the case – she said I’d see her again if I went through the portal, but then months went by, and she never showed up in the realm. Even when I subtly asked around, nobody really knew much or was willing to share.

I figured that was that, and then she suddenly appeared at the fair looking amazing. There I was, trying to impress her with my barebones knowledge of the realm, and she just casually announced she’d be around from then on, just like that. The whole year since has been a whirlwind. She changed my life for the better again and didn’t even know it.

And now she goes and does it for the third time, makes everything fall into place somehow, in that breezy way of hers. How is everything she does so effortless? She’s like the opposite of me; I feel like I’m constantly trying to contain a tornado in a glass jar.

I still sometimes think she’s too good to be true. Just yesterday, when she showed me where she lives. An actual fairy tale meadow.

It should not be real, but it is. And L Faba is real.

 And she wants to be with me.

Aine flashes her charge in front of me. “You of all people should be paying close attention when I talk about magical charge.”

“I wasn’t-“ I stop myself. If I give her an excuse, she’ll just turn it against me somehow. “It won’t happen again.”

“I suppose you are distracted by the upcoming ball.” She says. I try to gauge her tone. Aine never outwardly shows anger. I could hazard to guess why.

I stay on the cautious side. “I suppose.” I repeat her words.

“It’s only natural, it will be quite the event, after all.” She nods. “With Haruka retiring and L Faba taking her place…”

“What?” I lose my composure.

“Oh, Luella didn’t mention? How odd, I was under the impression you two spend quite a bit of time together.” Aine’s eyes are on me as she speaks.

This is bullshit. L Faba is becoming a sage? Why would she not tell me?

“Perhaps she did not want you to get jealous.” Aine offers an explanation. “She did only formally become an apprentice after you, after all…”

She does not need to remind me. How did L Faba manage that, shoot up to becoming a sage so quickly? I know Aine wants me to feel jealous… and it’s working. Don’t let her.

“I’m happy for L Faba.” I manage to say. And it could be true. It should be true.

I was blindsighted, but why would I not be happy for her? I have fantasised about the two of us eventually becoming sages, side by side. I just never imagined she’d get there first.

But I suppose she has been training with the sages even before she was formally an apprentice, wasn’t she? And she does deserve it…

“That’s very generous of you.” Aine cuts into my thoughts. “Especially considering what she had to do to in order to secure the position.”

“What do you mean?”

I regret asking instantly. I should just ask L Faba. Would she tell me, though? She didn’t even say she was becoming a sage in the first place, and that’s not exactly something she could keep a secret forever. Of course she would tell you. This is L Faba. You know L Faba. Stop giving Aine what she wants.

“One of the old traditional ways to ascend to a sage role is to complete a challenge given by a current sage of the discipline.” Aine explains. “Used to be that this was an actual daunting task, in extreme cases even a duel to the death. Nowadays, it’s more of a formality. Like in this instance, all that Haruka requested was for Luella to master the Infatuate spell. Are you familiar with that one?”

I’m not, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the spell might do. And I don’t want to hear any more of it. Why can’t I go back to not concentrating on what Aine is saying?

Unfortunately for me, she doesn’t seem to have any intentions of moving on.

“Only mischief sages would base succession on something as petty as a love spell. Surely there’s worthier ways to name a sage than by the ability to make some fool think they are in love…”

No. She wouldn’t. She didn’t. Stay calm. This is useful information. Make it productive.

“So what kind of a task might an untamed magic sage give their prospective successor?” I ask. I will not let Aine get to me.

“That is completely irrelevant.” Aine replies curtly. “I have no plans of retiring. Not now, not ever.”

“Not ever?” I repeat her words before I can stop myself.

“Thanks to untamed magic, I will live forever. And keep what’s mine forever.” Something flashes in her eyes for a split second.

She doesn’t say anything else. And then it sinks in. I’ll never be a sage. And L Faba… no, I refuse to believe she did that. She wouldn’t.

Aine finally speaks again. “Apparently, Haruka has no issue with practically throwing her title away. And now that she’s verified Luella’s spell… I suppose you’ll be back to being the only apprentice again.”

She wants to deliver the final blow to my ego, no doubt. Probably would have worked too, except I can’t focus on anything but what she said about Haruka. She verified the spell. So it happened…

How does one even verify that? Did she measure how in love I am?

My chest is burning. My head is burning. Shut it down. Be rational about this. You know you have to be.

I have to get out of here.

“Can I… can I be excused?” My voice is barely a whisper.

Aine agrees, or at least I think she agrees. I can barely see her. I stumble out of HQ. I run straight to my safe haven. The old gardens.

I first came across them early after arriving the magic realm. Most of the magical plants are kept in the HQ botany wing these days, so the old gardens don’t get much traffic. They’re a safe place. A place where I don’t have to worry about not showing weakness, unlike when I’m in Aine’s vicinity.

And damn I feel weak right now. How could L Faba do this?

There has to be some kind of explanation. Think. When would she even have even done it? We have practiced magic together, but she never hit me with a spell of any kind. She’d have to somehow do it in secret, without me looking.

I think back to our time in Sylvan Glade last night. It was so peaceful there we both fell asleep in each other’s arms at one point. Or at least I thought we both did.

Imagine that, feeling at peace. Distant memory now. What did you think, that you could feel at peace? How delusional are you?

Was it just me that drifted off? Would she really cast a spell on me while I was sleeping? No, she would never do something so low… And there’s no other time she could have done it. So she couldn’t have. She wouldn’t have… She…

She did.

She did hit me with a spell, the very day we met. And I haven’t stopped thinking about her since. It suddenly makes so much sense now. That’s why it’s effortless. Because it’s not real.

Maybe she’s been an apprentice all this time, and this was just her final trial. All an elaborate lie.

My whole body is burning now. I was such an idiot. What was I thinking? That it meant something? That somebody actually understood me?

My head feels like it’s going to explode.

Oh no. No no no no…. This can’t be happening.

Calm down. Stop it. You know how now.

I’ve never used the Chillio spell on this scale before, but it has to work. If I have enough raw magic to cause this, I have to have enough to stop it, right? Just calm the hell down.

I finally manage to contain the fire. It’s ok. My legs give out underneath me, making me fall back to the ground. I breathe out.

Have you forgotten? This is what happens when you let feelings rule you. The demon of destruction rears its ugly head.

Shut it down. Shut it down. Before it’s too late, like last time. You can’t burn down the whole magic realm.

If not for any other reason, she’s in it…

No. Shut it down.

You were fine on your own. Controlled. The demon contained. The way it has to be. You knew it back then. You were stupid to allow yourself to go there again in the first place.

Then again, I had no choice but to go there, didn’t I? If she put a love spell on me, I couldn’t really fight the conjured feelings, could I?

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe I would have loved her anyway. How could I not love her?

But the real question is, would she have loved me? Does she love me?

Doubtful. It was just a game to her. A task, checked off so that she could ascend. Of course she doesn’t love me.

Get out of this damn loop. Stop this.

Do you really need more times to see the demon in action? What would the cost be?

What if something happens to her?

This can’t happen again. You can’t set the damn world on fire. The demon must die.

Conjured or not, you will find a way to kill it, once and for all.

Even if it kills you.

I am so scared.

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  1. And there it is ladies and gentlemen… the resentment.
    There is always resentment.

    This is really tragic, how Morgyn would believe Aine over Lulu because he doesn’t believe she can really love him. Kinda relatable, actually.

    My assumptions for what’s up next: Morgyn confronts Lulu and says things he can’t take back. Then he kills Aine. Or maybe Aine just died in that fire. Either way Lulu is heartbroken and goes to talk to Haruka who reveals that the spell wasn’t even the real trial.
    Something like that. Sorry my thoughts are a mess right now, lol.

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    1. You were freakishly accurate in your comment on the last chapter when you talked about burning wreckage 😅

      Interesting, you think what Morgyn is feeling here is resentment? They’re definitely hurt, I will say that. But yes, people can buy something easily if they think someone is too good for them already, as you say I’m sure many of us can relate.

      Lol, imagine that, if Aine was just in the gardens for a casual stroll LOL. No, nobody died in this fire. But someone easily could have, which is sort of Morgyn’s biggest predicament right now.

      We shall see what happens with Aine soon!

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  2. Poor Morgyn. I just feel like hugging him 💔
    Everything makes sense now.
    Morgyns fear of the demons.
    His obsession with maintaining control.
    Not least his desire to wipe out Aine completely.

    I see I was wrong and Lulu was absolutely right in her aversion to Aine.
    Aine and not Haruka is the vicious manipulator. She has started this avalanche of failure and hatred 😠

    I want to give you a huge round of applause for your ability to send all your readers astray.
    How many of them hate Morgyn after today?
    Nothing is as it first seems.
    You’re a genius ❤

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    1. This story keeps spinning around in my head, so sorry I’m coming back.

      Maybe I have nothing crucial to ad and maybe my conclusions will be completely wrong but I can not let go of that thought.
      I think Morgyn will sacrifice everything to protect Lulu…. even their own ego. That he is deeply in love but will do anything to strangle these dangerous demons, to protect the one he loves.
      Unfortunately, Aine has manipulated him into doubting Lulu’s feelings and intentions. Damn the insecurity of puberty! His conclusions are completely wrong, but who can he share it with? Who can he trust?
      He should talk to Lulu, but what if it could put her in mortal danger?

      I “look forward” – or perhaps I dread to see the next Interlude …. the revelation the whole unhappy road to where we are today. The paths of concealment and misunderstanding are full of poisonous thorns.
      How does Lulu end up becoming the bitter cynical woman she is now?

      We know Cordelia’s sad development towards bitterness.
      I keep thinking about Morgyn’s night with Cordelia in the jungle. The night I first became aware of Morgyn’s demons. That he puts those he falls in love with in deadly dangers because they arouse emotions.
      This is Morgyn’s ultimate sacrifice and the curse is that no one will understand what he is offering 💔

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      1. Don’t apologise, I love hearing your thoughts! 🙂 ❤

        You're quite right here that confronting Lulu could potentially have had significant and potentially deadly consequences here. Perhaps it wouldn't have, but is it worth the risk? I think you know what conclusion Morgyn reached here.

        Ah yes, the next interlude will probably be just as fun as you might imagine… I may drag my feet with that one too 😀

        Yes, you're still missing some pieces about Lulu, what did she actually end up doing, and what brought her to where she is today? We will know more after the next interlude, and perhaps the present time might fill in a bit too, once we return.

        Ah, that's an interesting way of putting it. I agree, but the problem is that being on the receiving end of what Morgyn is “offering” isn't all that pleasant. Probably better than the alternative, though 😦

        Side note – since you said you are revisiting some of the previous moments, I wonder what you’d make of the the scene with Micah and Morgyn in chapter 60 now 🙂

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        1. I do not know if this is anything special in chapter 60 you are thinking at, but my thoughts led me to Morgyn’s and Micah’s first date in the greenhouse.
          At that time, I got the idea that Morgyn chose Micah because he was so disillusioned and depressed, in opposition to Cordelia’s lively dreamy innocence. A partnership built on recognition and common sense … with benefits. Two lost souls seeking comfort in each other’s embrace.
          Morgyn was thus able to maintain their control and avoid unexpected emotional challenges.

          In chapter 60, Micah and Morgyn is talking about controlling the love spell and being dead inside.
          Over time, it has turned out that Micah is not at all as emotionally dead as first assumed and the final scene with the burning globe shows that Morgyn is not as unaffected by their breakup as they would like.
          But of course, Morgyn quickly gets back in control.
          I think it’s a sad chapter, but maybe it was something else you had in mind.

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          1. Aww, thank you for taking the extra time to go back and to spend on my little story ❤ I really didn't mean much beyond Morgyn burning the globe, so as you say not having buried all of their emotions as well as they had hoped. But you clearly went the extra mile!

            I like what you said about them being two lost souls and seeking comfort in each other, that is quite beautiful.

            True, Micah was never as emotionally dead as he likes to tell other people, and himself. Whether he’ll ever ackowledge is uncertain.

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    2. I don’t know if I’d recommend hugging Morgyn, they’re highly flammable right now. I’m glad this cleared things up though. Yes indeed, this is why Morgyn thinks emotions are a demon and why they are so obsessed with maintaining control all the time, as well as why they’re so hell-bent on not getting in too deep with anyone.

      Well, I wouldn’t absolve Haruka of all the blame really, she has really asked L Faba to cast the spell, so who started the avalanche is debatable. Aine definitely does not have good intentions here, but that might not automatically mean she’s lying per say. It was after all L Faba who once told Cordelia that “while a lot can be achieved through deceit, there is nothing in this world that hurts as much as the truth.”

      Aww, thank you 😊 I don’t know about genius, haha. I’m sure there will still be plenty of people who will hate them after this chapter, Morgyn makes it very easy to hate them and not particularly easy to like them. That will not change, I’m sure they’ll continue to give people plenty of reasons to… not be their biggest fans 😅 But I am glad you’ve always been so compassionate with them, they do deserve to have someone in their corner, I think, so thank you 🙂

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      1. You’re probably right it would be unwise to hug Morgyn before I put on a flameproof suit 😂
        There are plenty of obvious reasons to hate Morgyn. I’m just always been interested in what’s behind the facade.

        I agree with you that Haruka is not without guilt but Aine seems to me to be vicious. Haruka is a teaser and I have a little harder time understanding her motive.

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  3. No way L Faba didn’t even know the spell when they met. I don’t think L Faba put a spell on Morgyn. I think she told Haruka she did because they were already in love anyway so she “verified” that. But now Morgyn is coming to their own conclusions instead of just talking to L Faba…

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    1. Quite right, L Faba had no idea that spell even existed when they first met, so that deduction is definitely false on Morgyn’s part. Whether she did or didn’t cast the spell since learning about it remains to be seen, considering where her thoughts were at at the end of the last chapter. Ditto for the verification, whether that’s even a thing, of course. Many unknowns here!

      It would be a good idea to just talk to L Faba. Or perhaps not… Morgyn did cultivate the habit of seeking solitude when being highly emotional for a reason, as we can see here.

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  4. Ah…! I’m so glad this chapter exists. I can finally say that I actually empathise and feel enough for Morgyn to ride the incoming wave of dread. Yay, for more pieces of puzzle to fall into place. Still doesn’t excuse what they did to Cordy, only that they’re relatable at this moment.

    Ahh, what a shame. It’s not explicitly stated but I don’t think Morgyn’s ambitiousness or jealousy for Faba’s success stemmed from a place of competitiveness at all. I think Morgyn is subconsciously, or consciously, trying to overcompensate for what they think they don’t deserve, given the way they perceive Faba to be so perfect and shun themselves. That is a terrible mindset to have. Poor Morgyn.

    So.. Cordy is discount LFaba after all? I pointed out how similar Cordy is with Faba a few chapters back, background, mentality, even their worship of Morgyn. And Morgyn in one of the earlier chapters implied that Cordy reminded them of something they’ve lost. I thought it was internal. It could still be, but this chapter does points to it being external, and a person.

    Cordy and Faba, two bitter people who once loved Morgyn. We know Cordy blames Morgyn. Faba’s bitterness though isn’t clear yet. I don’t for a second believe Aine at all and rather think that she made it all up to rile up Morgyn, but if what Aine says is true that Faba is ascending to become the next sage, it would only be that Faba told Haruka a white lie that she used the spell when she didn’t. And Haruka accepted it for some mischievous sagey reason. I don’t see Faba conjuring that white lie in the first place though, given how she never had an ambitious/power-driven bone in her in the first place. She could have an inferiority complex too, but I doubt it. Oh well. Onwards to the next chapter!

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    1. Yay, incoming wave of dread! Oh, wait 😅 I’m glad this has somewhat helped in understanding Morgyn a bit more. You’re right, it doesn’t erase their accountability, nor is it meant to. It just gives you a bit of insight into what led them to where they are now.

      YES! You’re so spot on here. Definitely overcompensating. Which is very much why my response to some of your comments on the recent chapters where you said that Morgyn clearly loved themselves at a young age already was “R U suuuuurrre?” 😀 Sorry about that, I know it was probably annoying! 😅 It may well be possible that present-day Morgyn has repeated that they’re the best enough times to actually believe it now (fake it till you make it, right?), but it definitely didn’t start off that way. So yes, as you say, Morgyn overcompensates a lot, even now to some degree. I mean, can someone who owns a golden sink in the shape of a peacock not be overcompensating? 😂

      Haha, discount L Faba. I think it’s undeniable there are some similarities between young L Faba and young Cordie that likely did play a role. But what you are referencing actually was internal, like you said – background-wise, there are similarities between young Cordelia and young Morgyn too. Let me find what Morgyn said for you (because I’m a loser, lol): “I’m not blind to the fact that there’s a bit of that old me in both of them. Then again, the old me they resemble is dead. And yet here I am, in the middle of a jungle, chasing ghosts.” (Chapter 44) So it’s possibly a bit of both.

      Yes, we’re still missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to Faba’s present day bitterness, but I am mediumly confident that you will have those once the season ends. Hopefully 😀 I can confirm that she does not have inferiority complex. She actually has pretty healthy self-esteem, IMHO. It takes a pretty confident person to get into their underwear in front of their secret teen crush for the first time and not give it second thought or feel self-conscious about it like we saw in the last chapter 🙂


  5. So idk if there’s much more to add about Morgyn’s state of mind or whatever, so I’ll not, but I just can’t comprehend that petty need of the sages to mess with some insecure teens’ heads.

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    1. The sages are pretty perplexing! They have their reasons, questionable as they may be. What I will say is that while Haruka enjoys messing with people’s heads, Aine does not. Everything Aine does, she does because she considers it functional. I’m not too sure if Aine enjoys much of anything, to be honest 😀

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  6. Wait, why take an apprentice if she isn’t going to retire? Just on the off chance that she dies? Poor Morgyn!

    The whole time I was speaking to my phone as if it were Morgyn: “Oh no honey it’s ok.” And “no! She didn’t even know that spell when you met!” And “Morgyn! Just go TALK to her!!! Please!” My little heart is breaking for what you’re about to put these two through. But goodness your writing and story telling is next level.

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    1. There might be a number of reasons for sages to take on students aside from looking for successors, they are the best teachers of their respective magic disciplines for any spellcasters that want to better their craft, after all. Then again, I doubt Aine did take Morgyn as an apprentice purely out of the “goodness of her heart” to help them out with figuring out their magic. I suppose the only potential explanation we have available was the one Simeon gave L Faba.

      Aww, thank you so much, that’s too kind! Sorry for the heartbreak… Would it help if I tell you Morgyn and L Faba were my favourite ship in BC, so this probably breaks my heart more than anyone’s? Probably not….


  7. My gods Aine, that was horribly cruel. Haruka and Aine both enjoy messing with people’s minds and hearts, it seems. Her words cut poor Morgyn so deeply – not only taunting them with Lulu becoming a sage before them, but also the idea of her having cast an infatuation spell on them AND them never being able to ascend as an untamed magic user… that is brutal. This way Lulu doesn’t even have to cast the actual spell. If Morgyn blows up at her over it they’ll break her heart, and if she admits to having had thoughts of doing it, then she’ll break theirs for real. Oh man, if she actually ends up casting it on them for real after an argument… gah, it hurts to think about. T.T

    So that is the “demon” that Morgyn keeps thinking about whenever they’re responding to something with genuine emotion. They link emotion to losing control, and losing control to causing destruction via raw magic. Their thoughts at the end of the chapter are just heartbreaking. Simeon was right about it being better to stay away from the sages. And now it’s too late for both of them to get out of this mess unscathed.

    I wonder what Morgyn ended up doing to themselves to make them arrive at where they are in the beginning of the story. Did they surpress their own emotions? Enchant themselves not to care? Confront and break up with Lulu? And both Aine and Haruka have got to know what asking someone to cast an infatuate spell and being that brutal to Morgyn would do. Is Aine trying to get rid of them as competition? Get them to leave the magic realm? Get them killed? And Haruka is one big question mark, too. Need more information. Does not compute. Does not compute.

    Wow this was a mess of a comment. I’m so sorry. xD

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    1. Compassion is not one of Aine’s strong suits, no. But like I said to Candy, I’m not too sure if Aine really enjoys anything. I think she actually stroke quite “lucky” with Morgyn, I don’t know if she was necessarily even going for double damage. She is not particularly good at relating to people, hence why we saw her trying to sway Luella through power play prospects, which is kind of what she was going for here. She managed to strike the right cord regardless, though… Oof, let’s hope Morgyn does not blow up at Lulu. Their version of blowing up is not the safest clearly.

      Yes, the demon Morgyn keeps talking about is not an actual demon, it’s just… being vulnerable. Which of course is scary for all of us in a way, but for Morgyn on a whole other level. I can’t say I blame them. Yes, it’s exactly like you say. You now understand Morgyn, yay! I’m sorry that it’s not very satisfying, haha. Yes, Simeon probably had a point. Oh well.

      What did Morgyn end up doing? Any or all of the above would work well, I’m sure, separately or in conjuction. We’ll find out soon! Aine definitely had an agenda. As did Haruka. Their agendas were not the same, I can tell you that much.

      Your comment is definitely not a mess. All of these are real words, which is more than what can be said of my comment on your latest chapter 😅


  8. I am speechless. Actually, I want to grab Haruka and Aine and Simeon and just shake them and yell, “WHAT WAS IT ALL FOR?!?!?!?!?!”

    First of all::puts the President of Morgyn’s Fan Club T-shirt back on:: all this time Simeon and L. Faba are running around here acting like Morgyn is soooo difficult and just like why are they like this and meanwhile: Simeon was letting Haruka and Aine pit these two against each other and doing literally nothing about it? Really Simeon, tell me, what was so time-consuming that you couldn’t give either of these two impressionable teenagers a moment of your time?

    Gosh, freaking bravo because this story is a masterpiece. I mean, all of this was floating under the surface of these characters and you found a way to bring it out and make me aware of all the conflicts and tension, but up until now, I didn’t understand why. And then bam! Along come these interludes and the subtext is text and I can see how these destructive patterns started.

    So much resentment and hurt and just…gah…this is so good. I don’t even know what to say. I’m a big mess. I love this story so much!

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    1. Ooh the T-Shirt is back on! I sure hope that in addition to being sturdy against the frequent wear and tear, the material it’s made out of is also highly flame resistant. I did tell you that I love Morgyn, which I probably wouldn’t if they were just awful and nothing more. Even though “present day” Morgyn is kind of mainly awful, haha. My poor baby.

      I don’t know if Simeon could have done much to prevent the teens getting messed with, beyond either keeping them out of the other sages’ way altogether (which he did try to do with Luella and Dandy so desperately he pretty much ended up exiling them to Sylvan Glade) or sitting in on every single lesson and conversation the apprentices had with their tutors, which is probably not feasible…. Aaand I’m doing it again 😀 When people were grossly overestimating Simeon back in the earlier story days, because Simeon seemed like the only sensible sage around, I was like “guys, Simeon’s done some F-ups of his own, quit putting so much blind faith in him for no reason” and now when readers lash out because they need someone to offload the heartbreak the author put them through, my mind switches to “poor dude, he was trying his best in an uneven battle, leave him alone” 😂 I don’t know why I always do this haha 😀

      Aww, you’re making me blush. That is such a huge compliment coming from you, BBD is so intricate with all the layers and timelines you have going on 🤯 My efforts are pretty amateur compared to that! In any case, I’m glad the payoff delivers. Even if said delivery means I’m making a mess of my poor readers. I’m sorry! I’d love to say it gets less gut-wrenching from here, but… well.

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      1. Hahaha my shirt is definitely flame retardant! I mean, I love all the gut-wrenching stuff. It hurts because I’m so invested in these characters, which is awesome. And I feel like these interludes revealed so much.

        I mean, I did totally take my anger out on Simeon. I was like: THIS IS SOMEBODY’S FAULT.

        I get it though, I do the same thing. We put our characters through the ringer and then we’re so protective of them.

        Awww thank you for saying that about BBD. I’m trying land the Book One plane right now and I’m just like: yeesh, what kind of monster did I make?

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  9. Emotion leads to lack of control, leads to untamed magic going haywire. And yet Aine still goads Morgyn to be jealous, to react. ‘Duel to the death’. Hm. Also cutting through his thoughts; when she said “That’s very generous of you” could respond to anything he was thinking as well as what he said, then when he can’t “go back to not concentrating on what Aine is saying” she’s either in his head psychically or is an extremely apt mental manipulator and I’m not sure which I’m more inclined to believe.

    “Only mischief sages would base succession on something as petty as a love spell.” Nothing about a love spell is petty and dammit, she knows it. And so would Haruka. I’m inclined to believe that L Faba didn’t cast it, that she told Haruka that she couldn’t do it, perhaps it was a test of character that has been verified, but of course, Morgyn has Aine in his head, pulling his levers and exaggerating his own self-doubt so whether L Faba did or not is a moot point; Morgyn will believe she did and therein lies the poison, methinks.

    What’s Aine’s? Something’s telling me that it’s not her position as sage.

    Set the world on fire! Just like the globe bar back… whenever it was. Aha! You told me that wasn’t intentional but you can’t fool a fool.

    And, cue Morgyn casting some sort of antidote/numbing spell on themselves… even when there isn’t a love spell on them anyway. Bollocks.

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    1. I’m sure the duel to the death part is insignificant. Lol. Aine is definitely getting through to Morgyn very effectively here, whether it’s expert manipulation, something magically assisted or just sheer luck… well, I suppose it doesn’t matter much in the end. The result is the same.

      Ah yes, what did L Faba actually end up doing? We will find out. But as you say, the damage is sort of done regardless.

      Who knows… maybe she’s worried Morgyn will steal her toothbrush or something. (Ok, this has to be my dumbest reply to anything to date. I do apologise.)

      Ha, one way or another, Morgyn did end up setting the world on fire in the end. Damn pesky emotions.

      “It’s not easy, but it’s not laborious. Doesn’t even require magic. After all, people fall out of love all the time. It’s merely a matter of willpower.” Considering Morgyn told Micah a love spell can be broken through willpower alone, perhaps there’s not necessarily a magical numbing antidote at play here.


  10. Well the comments about the spell got me thinkin’…my vote is “yes Luella knew it all” because it feels like the desperate, gay (since we’re all a little gay for Morgyn~) thing to do. Plus Haruka has been a perceptive sage in the past. I don’t think L could get a fake spell past her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the vote, I’ll add it to the tally! She definitely had good motive to cast the spell. (Lol yes, in my head everyone is Morgynsexual 😅 Though Luella specifically is definitely pan.) This is a good point, it seems unlikely Haruka would be fooled by Luella only pretending she cast the spell.

      Liked by 1 person

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