1.75 Here There Be Monsters

A/N: I feel like there should probably be a disclaimer, but no idea what it should say. Awful? Let’s go with all-encompassing awful. Welcome to the season finale. L Faba watched the vampire storm off. Neither him nor the sage have raised their voices too much during the exchange, but it was clear it was... Continue Reading →

1.74 Merry-go-round

Disclaimer: Language. Micah had never seen the magic realm HQ like this. Golden-lined curtains, drink fountains, uncomfortable looking obnoxious sofas. Clearly all Morgyn’s doing, he thought as his eyes traversed the hall. He wondered how long he’d have to stay. Having been frozen in time for decades now, years passing didn’t make much of a... Continue Reading →

Interlude 8: The Void

A/N: I know I said we were done with interludes, but I’m a self-professed flake. We’ll be returning back to the present day in the next chapter! (Also, yes, two of the images are literally just black rectangles. That is not a loading issue, in case you were wondering 😅) Morgyn I can’t hold it... Continue Reading →

Interlude 7: Rite of the Three

“Why is Morgyn doing this?” Luella looked up to Haruka, desperate for any kind of consolation. She knew something was wrong when Morgyn didn’t meet her after their lessons last night. She could barely manage to get any sleep. And then when she returned to the magic realm this morning, she was greeted with the... Continue Reading →

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