Interlude 7: Rite of the Three

“Why is Morgyn doing this?” Luella looked up to Haruka, desperate for any kind of consolation.

She knew something was wrong when Morgyn didn’t meet her after their lessons last night. She could barely manage to get any sleep. And then when she returned to the magic realm this morning, she was greeted with the news that her fellow apprentice had marched into Aine’s study and demanded to duel her, the old-fashioned way.

Luella felt sick to her stomach. Definitely not how she had envisioned today. The day of the ball. The day of her ascension.

She was going to tell Morgyn. She was. Except that she had no idea how they’d take the news, and even less of an idea of how she would explain that she was to become the new mischief sage. But if Morgyn was acting out this much, it had to mean they already knew.

Still, was Morgyn really jealous enough of her becoming a sage to risk their life? It made no sense.

She realised she wasn’t even sure if Haruka replied to her question. The sage wasn’t even sat at the table anymore. Then again, she had a whole other question, one far more important than why.

“Haruka… they won’t actually fight to the death, will they?” She asked her mentor, aware of how shaky her own voice sounded.

The mischief sage let out a long sigh. Instead of responding to Luella, she turned around to her cousin, leaning down to face him. “Maybe you should head home for now, little one.”

Dandelion stared at the sage. “But… I want to stay with Lulu.”

Luella closed her eyes. She couldn’t deal with this right now. It was too much. How many more times could she bring herself to be his rock even when her world got shaken to the core? How many times could one pour from an empty cup? Luella hoped there was at least one time left.

“Dandy, listen to Haruka.” She forced herself to smile. “Go back to Sylvan Glade. Why don’t you play the cloud game?”

“That’s no fun on my own. And you’ll stay in the magic realm after today. I don’t want to go home.” The boy pouted, standing up from his chair.

“I’m sorry, little sprout. I know I told you there would be a big send-off party in the realm today, but…” Every word was hurting her.

“But Morgyn is doing something you’re upset about. I know.” Dandelion frowned.

How on earth was she to reply to that?

Simeon entered the room before she managed to come up with an response.

Luella’s heart sank at the sight of his expression.

He looked at Haruka. “I tried to reason with her.”  He shook his head. “She’s accepted the challenge. Said she won’t be humiliated by an apprentice…”

Luella’s hands were shaking. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

Simeon noticed her cousin. “You need to go home, Dandelion. Now.”


“I’ll visit you all the time, Dandy.” Luella told him. “I promise.”

Her words finally seemed to satisfy him enough to agree.

“Ok. I’ll miss you, Lulu.”

For a moment, he wrapped his small arms around her, and she somehow felt exactly like when they escaped Syeldell, nothing but his tiny hug there to comfort her as she was about to lose everything.

No, this was not the same. Morgyn had more raw magic than any of Aine’s previous students, she reminded herself. Maybe they had a chance of winning the duel. They had to.

Everything from there on was a blur. Dandelion must have finally left, and then she was walking out of HQ with Simeon and Haruka on either side of her.

Morgyn was already at the duelling grounds, but they didn’t as much as glance in her direction. What she wouldn’t give to know what was going on in their head.

 “Well then. Three witnesses, splendid.” Aine’s icy voice screeched from behind them. “That ought to satisfy the formalities. Time to exterminate some vermin.”

Luella wanted to freeze time. Stop the madness. But both opponents extended their wands, and all she could do was watch.

Morgyn had undoubtedly progressed since she met them back in Glimmerbrook a year and ago. She felt a strange sense of pride of them for the briefest moment. But the moment died as quickly as it came. Aine was every bit as powerful as Luella had imagined. The duel quickly turned into Morgyn just trying to hold off Aine’s attacks.

“Ungrateful brat! Did you really think you could challenge me?” Aine cried out.

A blast of frost and lighting struck through the air. Luella watched Morgyn’s body being knocked back, the light enveloping their body. And then they were on the floor, motionless.

“Morgyn!” Luella leapt down to the ground. “Please… wake up… please.”

But the young spellcaster wasn’t breathing. Morgyn was gone.

Luella barely recognised the sound of her own voice. A horrid screech of despair. And then came the tears. This had to be a dream. She had to wake up.

“Aine.” Simeon approached the untamed magic sage, his tone infuriatingly calm. “You’ve taught Morgyn his lesson. He’s still so young. You can undo this. I’m sure he’s learned to see his error.”

Luella recalled what Aine herself had once told her. Untamed magic can defy near anything in this world – and beyond. It can even bring the dead back to life.

“I intend to keep this a lasting lesson.” Aine hissed at him, crushing Luella’s last hope.

“Aine, Morgyn’s just a child.” Haruka chimed in.

“I can deal with my apprentice as I see fit. Same for anyone else who stands in my way.” Aine’s voice was rising. The sound was making the inside of Luella’s head shrivel. “Do you think I don’t see through the two of you? You’ve been planning to remove me for years. But I’m not going anywhere.”

“Be reasonable-“ Simeon somehow still kept his cool.

“I’m sure you would enjoy that, me being perfectly reasonable while you two think of another way to dispose of me. If you think you’ll take the realm away from me, you are sorely mistaken!”

Aine did not say anything else. She needed no further words to make her point.

All Luella could hear afterwards was the sound of stone crumbling. Entire walls of buildings in Caster’s Alley were cracking apart and flying away, like balloons. The realm was erupting.

Luella clung onto Morgyn’s body. Perhaps they’d all be dead soon. She’d be with Morgyn again… At least Dandy was safe in the glades.

It all happened so fast. Simeon and Haruka exchanged the briefest of looks, followed by both of them extending their wands in unison. Another blast, flashing light.

And then the realm fell quiet again.

Aine was dead. But so was Morgyn.

Luella looked up at the two sages. “Simeon, you said it could be undone, what happened to Morgyn?”

The practical magic sage sighed. “The sage of untamed magic can bring those who passed away recently back to the living, yes. But obviously that is not an option.”

Luella could feel hot tears rolling down her cheeks. “There has to be something you can do… Please.”

“There is one alternative.” Haruka spoke quietly. “The Rite of the Three. If a sage has been lost, a former sage can join forces with those remaining in order to cast a master spell with their cumulative charge.”

That barely made sense to Luella. “I don’t understand…”

“You were already ascending at the ball anyway. If I complete the transition slightly earlier, there will be three sages, two current, one past.” Haruka told her. “That’s all the ritual needs.”

“Haruka, the risks-“ Simeon cut her off, but he himself was cut off by interrupted by a flash of lightning coming from the sky. Luella had never seen lightning in the magic realm before.

“The realm’s already starting to become unstable.” Haruka motioned towards the sky. “We need an untamed magic sage, Simeon. The only apprentice at our disposal is right here.”

“Two spellcasters have died here tonight, and Luella doesn’t have any knowledge of the ritual. Think of the consequences. Do you really believe we’ll be able to fully exclude Aine from the equation?” Simeon asked his fellow sage.

Luella couldn’t believe it. There was a way to bring Morgyn back, and Simeon was hesitating?

“We will guide Luella as best as we can.” Haruka replied. “What’s the alternative? A realm with no untamed magic sage won’t last long.”

“Simeon…” Luella looked up at the man through the tears. “Simeon, please… I’ll do anything… please.”

It worked. Morgyn returned. Luella watched them stare at the ripped buildings, looking disorientated. They were shaken, but alive. Everything would be ok after all.

“We will not speak of this again.” Simeon announced, allowing no room for question.

“We should get back to HQ,” Haruka added. “We do have a double ascension ceremony to complete, after all. And the guests will be arriving any moment.”

The two sages walked with Morgyn, ahead of Luella. She wasn’t sure what they were talking about as they entered the portal, but of course, coming back from the dead had to be a lot to take in. If they had any advice to make this easier for Morgyn, it made sense they wanted to discuss this with the young spellcaster alone.

The important thing was that Morgyn was alive. Luella’s heart danced. Morgyn was alive.


The room was filled with spellcasters Luella didn’t know. Simeon was making the obligatory speech, which, knowing Simeon, he probably hated with every fibre of his being. But none of it really mattered. All that mattered was that she was finally with Morgyn again.

She joined the future untamed magic sage. Finally, a chance to speak to them. Luella suddenly felt oddly nervous.

“I’m glad you’re ok.” She smiled softly.

But she did not get a smile in return. Morgyn didn’t even look at her. It felt as if there was an invisible wall between them.

“And now we’ll get to be sages, together.” Luella tried to carry on.

“I know what you did.” Morgyn said. Their tone had never been this cold with her.

Luella’s smile faded.

“What?” No, it couldn’t mean… how did Morgyn know? Did Haruka tell them? She promised she wouldn’t…

“I know exactly what you did to become a sage.” Morgyn elaborated. “You had to cast a love spell. You’ve put one on me. Tried to make me your puppet.”

“That’s not-“

“Not true?” Morgyn finished her sentence. They finally looked at her.

For a moment, the harshness disappeared, the wall almost dissolving. “So tell me you didn’t do it. Tell me you didn’t cast any love spells, L Faba.”

She could feel her eyes welling up. “I… I did. But-“

“I’m not interested in your excuses.” Morgyn interrupted her. Just like that, the invisible wall shot right back up, now even more impenetrable.

“Joke’s on you, mischief sage.” Morgyn’s tone was calm, but cold. “You really thought I couldn’t break your weak spell? I’ve been to hell and back, came back from the dead. You can’t control me. I am the master of the untamed. Your spell over me is gone. You are nothing to me.”

“But thank you, L Faba, for showing me what love is. I don’t think I’ll be doing any of that again.”

“Introducing the new sage of untamed magic, Morgyn Ember.” Simeon called out. Morgyn headed off without another word.

Everything was wrong. Luella and Morgyn were supposed to be making fun of Simeon’s terrible delivery. They were supposed to step into their lives as sages together. But somehow, Morgyn couldn’t feel further away.

It was Haruka’s turn to speak now, but Luella couldn’t hear a single word of what the old mischief sage was saying.

Morgyn was back with the living, but it felt as if her Morgyn had died forever.

“It’s a great pleasure to introduce the new sage of mischief magic, L Faba.” Haruka announced.

Luella dragged herself over to the mischief symbol on the floor. This was nothing like what she’d imagined. She was glad Dandelion wasn’t here for the ceremony.

She’d lost count of how many times she’d wanted to cry today. But she couldn’t burst into tears now, with everyone’s eyes on her.

She could do this. All her time with the little sprout taught her how to hide the pain of loss. Even when her heart felt like it was breaking into a thousand pieces.

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  1. Welp

    It was nice while it lasted. I guess Morgyn takes till does do us part quite literally. They probably have more lives than a cat. When they schemed to die the second time it was so they could… finally win a duel with Aine, or something? Wouldn’t put it past them.

    I guess they gave up on any sort of meaningful conversation after this point, and it all snowballed into present day. Very sad. At least this chapter, I got a sighting of child Dandy to calm my shattered nerves. Bless.

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    1. Hahaha, this is a good point – not that Morgyn’s in a habit of promising people a “till death do us part” anyway, but even if they did, it would definitely not necessarily mean a long-term commitment with their death rate 😂

      Ooh, dying just to try to defeat their own mentor would be a very risky move! Then again, I guess so is challenging a sage to a deadly duel after just a year of training. So who knows…

      Glad you enjoyed seeing child Dandy, even though it wasn’t a great day for him either. Then again, it wasn’t a good day for anyone, really. Oops. 🙈

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  2. Ok I have migrated from my phone to the pc so I can get my heart broken all over again. PLUMBOB, U PLUMBOB. This chapter is full of knives! Aaah!

    I was so hoping Morgyn would talk to LFaba instead of taking Aine’s words. But of course they didn’t. They’ve been running from their feelings for so long that they’d rather have a physical confrontation against impossible odds than an emotional one. Ugh.

    I disagree. Faba should really pat herself on the back for how well she brought Dandy up. And she’s very mature to be able to discern her feelilngs like that and realise where her patience wears thin and not give in. Not many can do that. It’s quite extraordinary.

    Oh that’s so cool how you weaved the buildings’ broken state into the story! How creative. I like this part a lot! What a nasty piece of work though. What did those ppl in those houses do to Aine in the first place? What a nut job.

    Damn don’t mind me. I love the effects when witches die by overcharge. The effects are just soo pretty and I don’t allow enough of it to happen in my game so I’m always mesmerised. So that’s how Aine died the first time! Pfft. So Morgyn woke their spirit up to beat them properly? xD ahahaha! That’s hilarious. No wonder Morgyn felt the need to do it. They wouldn’t have felt satisfied to ascend as a sage without completing their task requirement.

    What are the risks????? Why did Simeon and Haruka not tell L Faba the risks!? Even if they think that the risks doesn’t concern her, she still has a right to know because she’s part of the ritual. Simeon and Haruka falls into the bottom pit of my list. Imagine that! Full fledged adults who do NOT tell minors the risks these kids are about to undertake yet involve Faba and Morgyn deeper and deeper into into their cesspit of political mess and power struggle. Way to go ya bunch of pumpkins. What was the point of involving Morgyn and Faba into this whole thing when in the end they had to kill Aine themselves? What plan were they trying to pull by involving two teens thinking the kids will be able to handle it better than themselves?

    Anyway I’m cutting the rest and putting it on forums lol sorry for novel.

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    1. Knives? Wut? 😇 No knives, only magic! Let’s hope Voldemort doesn’t arrive with a gun 😀 (Sorry, couldn’t help myself hahaha)

      “They’ve been running from their feelings for so long that they’d rather have a physical confrontation against impossible odds than an emotional one.” Oof, I love that line. Here, have an imaginary pancake! 🥞

      Ah yeah, Dandy did do a great job with Dandy, for sure, she managed to raise the most wholesome character in BC, after all, in spite of everything she’s been through. Ha, who would have thought you’d be calling L Faba mature at the start of this! I agree though. She can be mature, when it comes to some things. She’s such a weird blend of mature and immature, but I guess that’s to be expected with a child that mostly raised themselves. She has definitely had moments of prioritising Dandy’s feelings over her own wellbeing at times though, which probably hasn’t been great for her in the long term.

      Thank you! I always thought there had to be a story behind them 🙂 I suppose the shopkeepers in Caster’s Alley now are technically of the spectral variety if you go by gameplay, so maybe they took their jobs very seriously in spite of perishing in the blast, lol. No, that’s just me spitballing. 😅 Let’s hope most of the people from the houses were already in HQ for the ceremony ball. Yep, quite a nut job. I remember some people hoped it would be Aine to emerge from the dead rather than Morgyn after the ritual in chapter 50. Needless to say that would not have been pretty.

      Yeah I love the overcharge animation! It’s so neat! Ah, did Morgyn die on purpose only to properly defeat Aine? Like I said to Black Undecimber, that would be some risky business… then again, Morgyn is not known for being risk-averse.

      Ah, and speaking of risks, risks! Well, Simeon kind of alludes to what the main risk would be, but you’re right, he doesn’t go into any detail. You’re also right that they didn’t really deem Luella capable of making the decision about the ritual based on the risks…. which, to be fair, she wasn’t. She would have agreed to any risks. As for Simeon and Haruka… just because Aine came to the conclusion they were plotting to remove her doesn’t necessarily mean that was true (though in fairness, it doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t true either). In any case there certainly would be other ways to go about that then bidding on something as unlikely to succeed as getting an apprentice to fight her. We do see Simeon saying he tried to dissuade Aine from accepting the duel at the beginning of the chapter, after all.

      I tried to restrain myself with the reply but clearly I wrote you a novel back, oops 😅 This is me holding back, haha!

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      1. I don’t think Faba being a blend of mature/immature is weird. That would be normal. Imo, we can be mature in some scenarios because we have more experience dealing with those, but completely immature in another. Given Faba raised herself, yet is able to have such a strong self-concept, she’s tbh very wise. Especially as you say she’s been prioritising Dandy’s needs over her own. Some people, can grow to resent that role, but and LFaba demonstrated frustration here. But really, that’s quite an amazing feat that it has only progressed to frustration with her age, balancing her own needs and his. Some dislike the caregiver personality type, but I’m all for it.

        Ah my frustration at Simeon and Haruka was from several chapters back. Not just this chapter. Like who the heck lets two kids live on their own and think that conjuring a house for them is good enough. I didn’t say anything then because there’s so much to process, but yeaah this chapter is the breaking point lol. Especially this line. “They didn’t really deem Luella capable of making the decision about the ritual based on the risks.. which to be fair she wasn’t.” Facepalm. Ngl, this is a pet peeve of mine. Adults who think they know better and completely take away a child’s right to a decision on the premises that ‘The kid’s just a kid! They are incapable of making decisions the way I want them to’! Ugh. Go get a dang dog then. They deem Faba ready to become the next Sage, yet continue to underhand her, keep her in the dark, and when she is about to participate in a ritual of life and death/play the hand of God, they STILL don’t give her the full picture. And Simeon giving into Faba’s pleas was an emotional decision too, so what’s your defense bro? This reminds me of Dumbledore. Imo Harry’s hissy fit against Dumbledore was over the top, but valid. (lol sorry for tangent, but those videos are still fresh in my mind.) Anyway geh. must be a sage thing. Dumbledore, now Simeon and Haruka, at least Morgyn broke the chain and let Hawthorne make her own decisions.

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        1. I agree! I’d like to think that some of it stems from her background before she lost everything, since she did have plenty of teachers in Syeldell and has been brought up as a princess that would one day need to look after her people. And even after that, she still was more cushioned than BC characters who in a way had similar fates as children, living in a wonderland of sorts and having Simeon check in on them regularly. And in a way, having Dandy with her was what kept her going.

          That’s fair. I just feel sorry for Simeon; when he tries to do his best to keep Faba and Dandy out of the magic realm politics and power play by hiding them in Sylvan Glade, the one place the other sages are unlikely to be able to reach, he gets flack for not taking responsibility for them; when he does allow Faba to live a little and pursue Morgyn/get some training, he should have tried harder to keep her out of the politics and power play… Dude can’t win 😆

          You’re right that his decision to go ahead with the ritual is an emotional one, which is highly unusual for him. For the most part, Simeon’s decisions are typically based on what he believes is good for the realm rather than what is good for a single individual, which is probably why he ends up not giving people the full picture – partly because the matter might be too complex to explain in a time crunch, partly because he thinks they’d act on emotion and not on facts anyway. And here he goes and does that himself. It’s definitely a paradox. People, eh? 😆 It likely is a sage-y think like you say, I’d imagine it’s easy to fall in the trap of thinking you know better than everyone else when you generally have a lot more information than other people.


  3. Heartbreaking! 💔

    I know how it all comes to an end, but still, of course, I had not anticipated this interlude.
    That Aine killed Morgyn driven by hatred and lust for power. Her evil is about to destroy the entire magical realm as the two Sages come together to kill Aine.
    This is where the scene has started to repeat itself because we have seen it before, although it will happen in the future.
    Morgyn’s trust and belief in true love have been shattered and to protect themselves, they are shattering the dream and love of the one they love 💔
    I feel like screaming! Give her half a minute! LISTEN! 😱

    So Lulu’s facade becomes hard, cynical and bitter. Another scream presses on …NO! I can not take it! 😱
    When Cordelia later arrives, she represents everything they have lost. Youth, innocence and conditional love.
    Poor girl 💔😭

    However, the whole scene where Morgyn is revived makes me think….
    It is no coincidence that Lulu later sends Cordelia and Micah to Haruka. She knows Haruka can help bring Morgyn back to life and deep down I think she still has love for Morgyn.
    Hm? Everlasting love?
    Maybe there’s something about that spell anyway?🤔

    Sorry! I know I’m a hopeless romantic … I’ve heard it many times 😏

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    1. Indeed, we’ve sort of seen some of this play out before in Morgyn’s memories, except at the time we didn’t really know what we were looking at. Well, you guys didn’t, hah.

      Intriguing, you think Morgyn is trying to protect themselves here? It’s certainly possible, though challenging someone whose power and knowledge greatly exceed yours to a duel to the death that you’re incredibly unlikely to win is definitely unconventional behaviour for someone trying to protect themselves 🤔

      Yes, this was definitely the beginning of Lulu’s journey to becoming bitter and cynical, though of course, the foundation blocks have technically been there for a long time, they just weren’t really being made use of. Looks like one way or another, L Faba was never going to be Cordelia’s fan, huh? It’s quite the ever-growing list of what the mischief sage may have had against Cordie, haha.

      Ah, we do learn that the reason L Faba knew the ritual was possible with Haruka because the three of them have done it once before, yes. As for her motivations for the second ritual… well, the realm almost exploding above their heads was probably quite a good incentive 😅

      Oh dear, I feel like this is a terrible story for hopeless romantics. Sorry about all the heartbreak.

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      1. I can see that I am contradicting myself. After the last Interlude, I argued that Morgyn would sacrifice everything to protect Lulu. I still think so.
        For Lulu, everything has to look different and I had just forgotten the fire inferno for a moment 🤔

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          1. I had to go back in history to investigate something that was working in the back of my head. In the chapter where Cordelia and Micha seek out Haruka in the forest, Haruka says: “A plea of a foolish girl in love, I see.”
            Cordelia finds it strange that Haruka is talking to her as she is not present in the room and it strikes me that it may be because it is not Cordelia she is talking about.
            The first time I read the chapter I just thought Haruka was really weird, but now I think the phrase is aimed at L.Faba … or maybe both of them.

            NB: I still think Haruka is crazy, but I like her 😊

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            1. Ooh, that’s some excellent detective work there! Haruka was not just talking nonsense, even though she often sounds like that haha. (Though you are right, she is kind of crazy, haha). I’m sure Cordelia in that chapter would have reminded her of L Faba in this interlude, there are definitely some parallels 🙂

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  4. I wonder if L Faba will ever get the chance to explain to Morgyn and if so if they will properly listen. But even so if L Faba did actually cast a love spell on Morgyn I understand why they’re so upset even if L Faba had the best intentions.

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    1. Well, it’s been around 40 years since the events of this interlude, so in theory, there should have been ample chances for Morgyn and L Faba to talk things through. Whether they actually managed to communicate during that time… is another story 😀

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    1. Let’s be honest, “Utter Brainfuck” probably would have been way more accurate of a tagline for the Blackwell Chronicles than “Cordelia’s Curse.” But that wouldn’t be very forum-friendly 😀

      Younger Simeon was surprisingly attractive, yeah!


  5. I wonder who she cast the spell. Was it really Morgyn or someone else? She didn’t exactly get to explain that part.🤔

    Not gonna lie, Aine got what she deserved. What a stick up and horrid sage. I love the backstory of the crumbling builds you wove into this chapter. Everything flows so beautifully!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True, she didn’t really go into detail, nor did she get a chance to. Poor girl was all over the place the whole chapter.

      Considering we know Aine was using untamed magic to stop herself from aging (much like Morgyn is in the present), I’d like to think she’s been a sage for very a very very long time. Perhaps Cordelia is right and no one should live forever.

      And thank you! I know EA gets flack about the magic realm not having enough of a backstory, but I like it that way, it lets us come up with our own. Much like Selvadorada. All these places are just begging you to come up with the history behind them, which is exactly the open-ness I want in a Sims game (sorry about the random OT-ish rant 😀 )


      1. I wasn’t expecting to sympathize with these two characters, L and Morgyn, much less ship the hell out of them and get my heart ripped out in the process. That’s such good writing.

        And that’s one thing this game is amazing at; giving story tellers just enough of base layer so that they can craft their own amazing artwork.

        Never be sorry for your rants!🤣🥰

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  6. Did they really just leave Aine dead on the floor to go party? 😆

    I laugh, because otherwise I would cry. And I’ve read and re-read but nowhere does it explicitly say that L Faba definitely, positively cast the love spell on herself and Morgyn. I don’t know who else she would’ve chosen, maybe just Morgyn, they could use some self-love, but I’m sticking stubbornly to my idea that there was no infatuate between Morgyn and L Faba and that’s why they managed to overcome it later. Maybe for my own sanity. 🤣

    Aaaaand now, back to present day for more fuck-ups. Hurrah! 😁

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    1. They did 😂 In their defense, the realm having three active sages is rather critical to stop it from errupting, so they prioritised the ceremony. 😅 Obviously they did bury her at some point afterwards, Morgyn did show us her bigass grave in one of the present day chapters, after all.

      Hah, yeah, maybe she just cast it on some poor unassuming randos. Who knows. “maybe just Morgyn, they could use some self-love” I never thought I’d see someone use that sentence unironically. But it’s totally true, at least in interludeland anway.

      I’m sure that given that present day is around 40 years after this, everyone’s become level-headed and learned from their mistakes, therefore no F-ups can be had, right? Right? 🤣


  7. I wonder what made Morgyn decide to challenge Aine. I suppose they were so upset about the supposed betrayal that they needed something to focus their anger on.
    That Aine is quite someone, though.

    Luella never explicitly stated on who she cast the love spell but it’s very likely she really cast it on Morgyn. It makes a lot of sense in the whole story context.
    Haruka insists it can only be broken by dieing – which Morgyn actually did – but they also seemed to have forgotten it and believe they did break it by sheer willpower alone (plus let’s say their feelings of betrayal may have been to strong to eliminate the feelings that were there even without love spell but they wouldn’t be aware of it).
    THEN it kinda makes sense that they’re so careless throwing it around on Micah and Cory, plus probably blurred memories (this happened a few decades ago) and they were like, yeah let’s give them a few butterflies and that’s it.

    I still doesn’t make much sense to me why Haruka gave Lulu that task and also why she wanted to make her a sage.

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    1. That’s a very good question! It was quite sudden, and as you say their chances of success were extremely limited, if not impossible. Considering Morgyn did not think of themselves particularly highly at the time, it’s unlikely they were simply arrogant enough to assume they’d win. So what exactly was Morgyn hoping to gain from the confrontation? This entire chapter would probably be interesting to see from Morgyn’s POV. Maybe some day in the future we will 🙂

      Yes, Morgyn did die, but whether they thought dying was connected to breaking the spell is another story. They do talk about dying and coming back here, but that’s much more of a “If i can come back from the dead, I can break a love spell, hur hur” kind of statement. It’s true that regardless of a love spell, Morgyn would have had pre-existing independent feelings that too would need to be squashed 😔 I suppose that’s easier to do if you convince yourself they were never real in the first place. Of course, there’s also the matter of how honest Morgyn is being here (or ever, lol). But I’m rambling. You are right that it’s been quite some time since this all went down, Morgyn casting the love spell on Micah and Cordelia was around 20 years after the events of this interlude, so the memories are not exactly fresh in their mind, yes.

      Yep, Haruka’s intentions are still as clear as mud – she’s the sage of mischief after all. We will hopefully learn a bit more about them down the line, if I manage to squeeze it somewhere in season 2, haha. Does stand to reason that she really wanted to retire, since clearly that’s what she does, and her apprentice would be the most likely candidate to replace her, but as for the rest… yep, clear as mud, I know. But hey, I’ve just given you guys loads of puzzle pieces in these interludes, can’t just hand over the entire roadmap 😉

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      1. I can’t really believe that Morgyn would think that the people of the magic realm would come to help them out, so I’d rather guess it’s rather a bet on a single card. If by any lucky accident they win, they’ll be the new sage and also proven very powerful, and if not, well, I can guess Morgyn didn’t think they’d lose very much. I’d think his anger and hurt played a big factor in that decision too.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’d say that’s an astute assessment! Yes, I can’t imagine Morgyn was expecting anyone to help, nobody had really offered them help of any kind before throughout their life, after all. Well apart from L Faba, but of course we all know what conclusion they reached about that in the last chapter 😔

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  8. Reading this again, I can’t help but wonder who L Faba ended up casting that infatuate spell on. When she hears the news from Haruka, her first thought is not that Morgyn is angry over the infatuate spell, but that they’re angry over her becoming a sage before them. She doesn’t even think about it. That could be because in Lulu’s head they’re already so in love that a love spell doesn’t matter – but it can also mean that she didn’t actually cast it on them, and that’s why it’s not coming to mind. But if she didn’t cast it on them, who did she cast it on?

    Oh geeze, so that’s why the realm is looking the way it is! I loved that little bit of lore you weaved in there – what’s your problem, Aine?! Megalomania getting the better of you? Darn – if Simeon and Haruka hadn’t stopped her, she might have actually blasted the magic realm into oblivion. It’s a good thing that, the second time around, it was Morgyn that came back instead of Aine. I wonder if she’s just been hanging around, waiting, watching for a chance to come back to life.


    “Tell me you didn’t cast any love spells, L Faba.”
    There it is again. Gah, I wonder if her answer would have been different if Morgyn had said “tell me you didn’t cast any love spells on me” instead. This is maddening, I need to knooooooooow!

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    1. You’ve been stewing on that for a while, I see 😀 As a fellow member of the GliTS, I of course appreciate a good conspiracy theory when I see it! Could very well be either of the things you say. I suppose later on in the chapter, Luella does let us know that “Haruka promised not to tell Morgyn,” so perhaps she simply thought there was no way Morgyn could know about any love spell involvement one way or another. Am I helping? I think I’m helping 🙃

      Thank you! You know I struggle with finding places to sneak in lore 😀 Aine definitely seemed to have quite a few problems, ha. I’d love to delve deeper into her, but I really don’t need more threads, when it’s taken me 80 or so chapters to even somewhat explain my mains, lol. She definitely seemed to have come close to blowing up the whole realm. Which might have something to do with why Simeon and Haruka were so reluctant to do the revival ritual for the second time.

      They did just leave her body! 😀 Which is an interesting choice, considering what Simeon said about not being sure if they can “keep Aine out of the equation” during the ritual. In any case, they did eventually bury her, since we have seen Morgyn visit her grave back in… chapter 53. 🙂

      Lol! Morgyn, I know you’ve just been through the traumatic experience of dying and generally have a couple of bits and bobs on your plate there, but could you please rephrase your question for Yimi’s sake? 😀

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  9. My little heart just exploded!!!!! Okay, I can see now what they were trying to do, there was a greater good. Aine had to go and I’m betting they needed her weak from a duel to do it. Still, they created another problem in the form of Morgyn. They thought Aine was out of control as Untamed Magic?

    These cycles! I feel like that scene where they brought Morgyn back and Simeon had this horrified look on his face is even more powerful.

    Gah, and watching how L. Faba and Morgyn both just hardened their hearts? SOB. I loved it.

    Theory time: Aine was not able to stay out of the equation. Not that Morgyn wasn’t completely capable of doing all this on their own, but is she the devil sitting on their shoulder? Part of what she did so well was spewing poison in Morgyn’s ear while it making it sound like she was trying to be “helpful” and make them more powerful…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is assuming Aine was correct in her assumption that they were conspiring against her. They did come together pretty quickly, but then again, she was sort of blowing the realm apart so… Oof, you think Morgyn is more out of control than Aine? We haven’t seen them make the realm blow up or attack their fellow sages… yet 😀 It is true that Aine at the time of her death was older than present day Morgyn, so there may well be time, lol.

      We definitely do seem to be in a cycle of sorts. And yes, the revival we witnessed after Selvadorada probably has slightly different implications now.

      Aww man, I know, it kills me 💔

      Ooh, theories! I could do my usual dance of being elusive, but incidentally I’ve just published another interlude that basically shows all of these events from Morgyn’s POV, so I suppose you’ll find out one way or another when you read that one 🙂

      (Also, I saw you’ve posted a BBD update, woo! It’s snowing here and we just got the fire in the fireplace going, so that is so going to be my after dinner treat tonight! 🙂 )

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