Interlude 8: The Void

A/N: I know I said we were done with interludes, but I’m a self-professed flake. We’ll be returning back to the present day in the next chapter! (Also, yes, two of the images are literally just black rectangles. That is not a loading issue, in case you were wondering 😅)


I can’t hold it off any longer. Aine’s magic breaks through mine. The ice and lightning pierce through me more times than I can count. Blinding light.

I hear L Faba calling my name. A least she cared a little bit.

And then it all goes dark.

Nothingness. All around me is nothingness. And I am nothingness. All I see is pitch black, but see is not really the right term. How could I see if I don’t have eyes anymore? My body is gone.

That in itself should feel liberating. Ditching the shell that always constrained me. I should feel light, and detached from it all, shouldn’t I? I thought death would be peace.

But I still feel everything. The anger. The hurt. The love. I thought all of that would be gone in death too. At least here, I can’t set off any fires, though. And that means L Faba is safe. That this was all worth it.

Aine was right. I was a weapon. A ticking time bomb that needed to be destroyed. She managed to contain her own emotions enough to not pose a risk to others, but I failed. But now I can’t hurt anyone anymore. I’ll just absorb into nothingness.

But I am not alone in the void. I hear the thoughts of another, as clear as my own. I realise it’s Aine. Aine’s dead?

I can feel her rage. Her rage made Caster’s Alley erupt. Seems even Aine can lose control.

You think I lost control? If I lost control there would be no more realm. I hear her thoughts everywhere. You’re right about one thing, though. There is no need to stay in control when we’re both in hell.

Hell. Is this what that is?

Every thought I think makes her angrier and angrier. She desperately wants to strangle me, but of course, neither of us have bodies. Just thoughts, thoughts I can’t separate, as desperately as I try. She’s trying to do the same.

The darkness fades. I see… her memories? They don’t feel like someone else’s memories, but they’re not mine.

What is that place? Has Aine been there before? She’s looking for something. A relic. She wants to wipe me out.

But I’m dead already. We both are. And now we’ll merge into the same void, stop existing.

Merging with Aine. No wonder they call it hell.

The temple disappears. I hear voices. I can’t make out whose they are, or what they’re saying. It feels as if though I’m under water, and they’re coming from the surface.

And then I start rising. But how can I be moving at all? I don’t exist. I have no body. But that seems to be changing now.

Is this a body? Not quite, but it’s more than the nothingness from earlier.

I realise Aine is regaining a spectral body of sorts too. She’s below me, but we’re both rising.

The voices are becoming a bit clearer. I can make out their chant now. Dedeathify. Dedeathify.

Aine manages to get hold of my leg and climbs upwards, clinging onto me.

Feels like there’s nothing more important than getting out of her grasp, though I’m not sure why exactly. I just know I have to fight her off.

“Let go of me!” I yell at her, but she keeps clawing at me. We struggle against each other.

“You can’t shake me.” Her voice pierces through the void. “Our minds have touched. I will always be there, whether you like it or not.”

But I do shake her, manage to kick her off, and she falls into the void, while I rise.

Blinding light. The moon. Caster’s Alley ripped to shreds, but this time it’s real.

I’m back at the duelling grounds.

I’m alive.

I don’t have time to think about anything that just happened. Simeon and Haruka usher me towards the portal that leads back to HQ. I don’t recall them paying this much attention to me once since my arrival to the magic realm.

“How are you feeling, Morgyn?” Haruka asks.

They’re both looking at me as if they’re expecting me to spontaneously combust at any point. Which, in fairness, I have been close to not that long ago, but they have no way of knowing that.

“I’m fine.” I tell her curtly.

Simeon still seems annoyingly concerned. “Does anything feel… different?”

Different to what? Different since when? Since I found out L Faba doesn’t love me? Or since my trip to hell with Aine? Of course it’s bloody different.

I need to stay calm. Rational.

“No. Told you I’m fine.” I grit through my teeth.

The demon should be dead, but of course it isn’t. Can you bury what’s not dead? I sure hope so.

I try to think about how to make the situation productive. I have their attention. May as well get some information.

“Do either of you know anything about a… jungle temple?”

“A jungle temple?” Simeon repeats. Must mean he’s playing for time. Which must mean he does know something about it.

“Yes. A temple in a jungle. There’s some kind of relic in it.” I volunteer.

Judging by Haruka’s face, she has no idea. Or if she does, she’s hiding it well. Simeon definitely knows something about it, I’m sure of it.

“What kind of relic?” Simeon asks. More stalling, clearly.

“If I knew that, I wouldn’t be asking.” I can’t stop myself from snapping back. No. Focus. “I think it has something to do with death. It can be used by the dead. To defeat other dead… I think.”

I’m aware how little sense that makes, now that I say it out loud.

Simeon gives me a strange look. “Morgyn. You’re alive. It will be for the best if you don’t revisit the time when that was not the case. For your own good. Concentrate on living, on your new role as a sage. Leave death relics to the dead.”


The ceremony is in full swing. I wait for Simeon to finish his speech. I can tell his mind is elsewhere. Not that he’s ever been a good public speaker.

L Faba appears on my side.

“I’m glad you’re ok.” She says. Even the sound of her voice is too much right now.

She sounds so sincere. Like she actually cares. Why does she bother to keep up the façade? She got what she needed, she’s ascending.

I feel the familiar burning in my chest. Don’t look at her. I can’t cope with seeing her face, her smile, the way she looks in that dress. The damn dress. That evening in the attic. That clearly meant nothing to her. Why is she wearing that same dress? Is she trying to mock me?

The burning intensifies. Shut it down. Don’t go there.

But she keeps talking. “And now we’ll get to be sages, together.”

“I know what you did.” I cut her off. This needs to stop now.

“What?” Why is she doing this? She knows exactly what I’m talking about, doesn’t she?

I feel the demon rising. No. Shut it down. She’s standing right next to you. It’s too close.

I don’t know if I could live with burning down HQ, but I’m positive I can’t let anything happen to her. Keep her safe. Shut it down.

I can almost feel a shadow of Aine laughing at me.

“I know exactly what you did to become a sage.” I tell L Faba. “You had to cast a love spell. You’ve put one on me. Tried to make me your puppet.”

It was easier than I thought. Maybe there really is a part of Aine in me now. Maybe that’s for the best. The demon’s not happy, though.

L Faba tries to object. “That’s not-“

“Not true?” I interrupt her. Cut it off swiftly, while you can.

But I can’t. The urge to look at her finally takes over.

She is just as beautiful in that dress as I remember. Her face though… she looks crushed. Is she not lying?

That’s just the demon talking. Don’t let it win.

I let it win.

“So tell me you didn’t do it.” I plead with her. “Tell me you didn’t cast any love spells, L Faba.” For a moment, I let myself believe that what we had was real, that I meant something to her.

But then she responds.

“I… I did.”

So it was just a task to her. She does not care. I was right the first time. My chest feels like it’s in flames again. It’s like I’m back in the botanical gardens.

But you’re not in the botanical gardens. You’re in a room full of people. Including the one person you love the most in this world. Losing control is simply not an option.

I almost feel the fire at my fingertips. Protect her. Shut it down.

I close my eyes. It’s like time ceases to exist, and I fall back into the void with Aine. I can feel the chill. I will always be there, whether you like it or not. If that is true, I might as well use it to my advantage. Kill the demon.


I need to stop her before she says anything else.

“I’m not interested in your excuses. Joke’s on you, mischief sage. You really thought I couldn’t break your weak spell? I’ve been to hell and back, came back from the dead. You can’t control me. I am the master of the untamed. Your spell over me is gone. You are nothing to me.”

It all pours out. Could almost convince myself that I mean it, if I don’t think about it too hard. Good. Just use the void. It’s working. The burning feeling is lessening.

“But thank you, L Faba, for showing me what ‘love’ is. I don’t think I’ll be doing any of that ever again.”

The look of pain on her face flares up the demon right back, but thankfully, I have an excuse to turn away.

“Introducing the new sage of untamed magic, Morgyn Ember.” Simeon announces in a tone that sounds like he’d rather be anywhere but here. I suppose that makes two of us.

As long as I don’t look at her throughout the ceremony, I can hold the fire in. Just keep using the void.

I think of what Simeon said. You’re alive. It will be for the best you if you don’t revisit the time when that was not the case.

What did he mean by that, exactly? Does dipping into the void keep Aine around? I swear I can hear an echo of her voice somewhere. But if I don’t use the void, how else do I keep the demon buried?

Simeon doesn’t understand what’s at stake. I need the void. The demon is too dangerous without it.

If that means keeping Aine in hell… well, maybe that’s a bonus.

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  1. That confirmed it for me. She couldn’t have used the spell on Morgyn if death breaks it! Morgyn still loves her. Ugh! I feel like Jack Sparrow right now, Morgyn, stop blowing holes in my ship! Just TALK TO HER.

    On the other hand, my goodness Morgyn needs some kind of therapy. They need someone to teach them how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

    Aine got some issues, dude.

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    1. Well, that depends… 😇 Luella’s reasoning when she decided to cast the love spell a couple interludes back was that the two of them already were in love anyway, so whether she did or not, and whether death breaks the spell or not (Haruka wasn’t a 100% clear about that when Micah went to see her, after all), Morgyn’s original “pre-love spell” feelings for her would have stayed regardless. So… not necessarily. But it’s true that at this point in time, Morgyn does still love her, yes. Haha, Jack Sparrow 😀 I’m sorry about the state of your ship, my bad 😅

      Ha, I suppose supernatural therapists are kind of niche, and not sure how a traditional one would react if Morgyn came to them saying that emotional outbursts cause them to set places on fire 😀 I’m sure present day Morgyn and their attitude to relationships can give you a good indication of how well they’ve, um, learnt to deal with their emotions…

      Aine does have some issues. And she’s not that keen on being dead 😀


      1. Hmm I see what you did there. Left it just vage enough to drive me insane🤪🤪🤪

        You make a good point about the therapist. Ugh I just want them to live happily ever after together and I will go to my grave with that desire!

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  2. So the thing I’m getting out of this is, the trip to the temple had nothing to do with the sprites at all. Does this surprise me? No! I always knew Morgyn was a selfish bastard! I do wonder though why they waited so long to go looking for this relic, since I’m sure they’ve had a lot of people besotted with them before.
    And yeah… seeing the trains rapidly derailing…. is still pretty sad.

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    1. Haha, well even Cordelia doesn’t believe that the temple had anything to do with the sprites at this point. Technically speaking, Morgyn never did say they had reasons to believe it did either, only that they were planning on going to a temple that has some kind of ancient power they’re interested in, and that perhaps that could mean there’s answers for Cordelia there too. They even admitted it was a long shot and that she might no find anything useful there. Thing is, Morgyn is pretty skilled at making people hear what they want to hear without outright lying. Yes, why did they wait so long to look for the relic? That’s a good question! 🤐

      Luckily we are now headed back into the present day where nothing is derailing whatsover, yay! 😀

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  3. I think it was quite interesting to see these pictures of Morgyn’s journey in and out of the void.
    I’m glad that it did not seriously change the image I have already formed of Morgyn, that their intention is to protect Lulu and the outside world from their destructive power.
    It is touching and tragic.
    Maybe there is another solution if Morgyn does not have to figure everything out on their own, but we will probably never get an answer to that. It will far from look like Morgyn to reach out.
    The only solution, therefore, is to tame the demons by traveling into the void or more precisely the realm of the dead.

    Your photos are very alluring. They speak their own language. Especially Aine’s attempt to climb over Morgyn. It also shows the danger of returning as long as Aine is lurking in the void.

    NB: I have many thoughts I can not quite put into words. You’ve done it again.

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    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure whether it was worth including this interlude at all but I figured it would be good to at least somewhat address how the Selvadorada temple came into picture and why Aine rocked up during the revival ritual after Morgyn’s second death, rather then trying to find a place to explain those in the second season.

      Yes, you were right about Morgyn’s intentions. Whether intent matters in the end or not when it comes to the results of our actions is another question, one I don’t really have an answer to. I guess it’s up to you to decide.

      Ah yes, who knows if there was another solution. There may well have been, but like you say it’s hard to see that when you’re used to mostly relying on yourself and drawing inwards to deal with things rather than reaching out to others for help. Needless to say, even if there was another solution, it’s not the path Morgyn went down.

      Thank you! I quite liked how the images from the void came out! And yes, not a fun place to return to.

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  4. Well yeah, looks like my guess that Morgyn basically planned a suicide mission was sort of right.

    But look at them, such a skilled liar already 😏 I totes believed that they were hurt enough to believe they’re not in love anymore after they came back from the dead. Means Morgyn took a much bigger risk than I estimated when they cast the spell on Micah and Cory.
    Tbh, I thought they’d rather averse risks so far, and rather meticulously plan and manipulate to make sure to get the outcome they want.
    And I’d also not expect they’d try so hard to protect Lulu though being so hurt.

    Anyway, love or not, I’m certain two decades took their toll and neither Morgyn nor Lulu have soft feelings left for each other.

    On another note, it makes sense why Haruka believes death can break a love spell.

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    1. Yes, you were quite right, a suicide mission of sorts – like you said, in the unlikely event they won they’d become the sage of the untamed, probably the best position to be in to work out their, err, fiery issues, and in the more likely event they lost… well, that would solve their problem too.

      Indeed. Perhaps it’s because we’re all the most skilled liars when we try to convince ourselves. Or perhaps it was Aine’s “help” from the void. Who knows. In any case, it was effective 😐 As for the Micah and Cordelia love spell, there is a reason why Morgyn assumed dying had nothing to do with breaking a love spell – because in their experience, it didn’t. Which is also why they were asking Micah more about the “dying on the inside” part when he returned back from Haruka.

      Ha, Morgyn being risk averse 😂 They definitely do try to manipulate situations, but they have placed several high stakes bets throughout the course of the story. Sometimes that’s paid off for them, sometimes… not so much.

      Well you know, there’s feeling hurt by an ex and there’s wanting said ex to burst into flames, haha. But yes, the original motivation was mainly to protect her, and people in their vicinity in general. Of course, as you say, things can change in time; it’s actually been around 40 years since Faba and Morgyn’s ascension (Cordelia arrived in Glimmerbrook around 20 years from here, and it’s been another 20 years since). So a lot could have changed indeed.

      That’s a good point you bring up, we’ve definitely learned that the sages are not all-knowing throughout the story, so where exactly is Haruka getting her information on the love spell’s breakability (or lack thereof) from? Which funnily enough, Morgyn did ask Micah too.

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  5. “I hear L Faba calling my name. A least she cared a little bit.”
    Ouch. Ouch. Yup, that one hurts. You stupid, potato-headed teenagers, if you’d only talked to each other before all this angst and betrayal and dueling to the death and gaaaahhhhhhh-

    Calm. I’m calm.

    So that’s where the temple memory came from. It wasn’t Morgyn’s in the first place. Aine actually went and looked for an ancient relic while training Morgyn so she could wipe them out if they became too threatening? Ouch. And she never got her hands on it, either.

    Those pictures of Morgyn floating up and a red Aine grabbing onto them from below are chilling. I wonder if Simeon and Haruka expected Aine to appear in Morgyn’s resurrected body instead of Morgyn themselves. Geez, and they never told L Faba about the risk of that happening, either. It probably would not have changed much, but still.

    ““So tell me you didn’t do it.” I plead with her. “Tell me you didn’t cast any love spells, L Faba.” For a moment, I let myself believe that what we had was real, that I meant something to her.”
    Dangit! I ranted about this in the last chapter and I’m ranting about it again, because this is exactly the kind of wordplay that I’d use to confuse someone, haha 🤣 I wonder if present-day Morgyn still has those feelings for Faba tucked away, hidden under lock and key and buried in the void, or if they really did get over their feelings with time and now simply no longer care about her. Or perhaps they turned bitter, like what happened with Cordelia.

    Man, this is all just one big tragedy. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go to Sylvan Glades and eat gummy bear pancakes with Dandelion now and- oh wait, Dandy had a reveal bomb dropped on him as well. And Cordy is old and shriveled and bitter. And Hawthorne is about to have a vampire jump her in the dormitory. But it’s fine. It’s all fine. Everything will be fine. 😭

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    1. I’m glad you are calm 😂

      Yes, we finally get the last memory from that feeding chapter! And yes, that memory was never Morgyn’s in the first place. After all, had they known where exactly the temple was they would have just transportalated directly to it rather than doing the whole jungle excursion thing 🙂 Whether Aine has actually physically been there is unclear, she’s much older than Morgyn – and presumably much more powerful, from what we’ve seen – so she may have other powers we don’t know of. Morgyn did seem to think the relic was specifically to be used by the dead against other dead, after all. (Which is of course exactly how they eventually ended up using it.)

      Haha well of course they were going to phrase it the same exact way in this chapter, unless there was suddenly a glitch in the Matrix 😀 Hmm, how does present-day Morgyn feel about present-day Luella (and vice versa)… that is an excellent question.

      I know, it’s not the cheeriest… Yeah, Dandy would probably not be super cheery right now either. I’ll refrain from reminding you that the reason his diet is so pancake-heavy in the first place is depressing too 😂 (Oops, I did not refrain.) Hey, Cordie is not old! She’s only 38 or 39! And Hawthorne is obviously the best at everything so there should be no issues there. Right? Of course it’s all fine 😀


  6. The recommended reads on this chapter are weird. Anyway, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to grumble further about something that could have so easily been avoided with communication. Gah! You two! (I know I’m also guilty of this, shush.) If they had anything at all you think they’d try and talk to each other?😢 Guys… you had something lovely.

    I really loved the images of the ghosts fighting in the void, they were so creepy and said so much about Aine. What a poohole she was! She showed Morgyn that temple, she knew they’d go there. And Morgyn’s inner conflict, not wanting to experience any kind of emotional extreme is heart-breaking.

    Other than that, I am at a loss for words.

    I feel like I’ve pulled a bandage off really, really slowly over the last few months and at first the wound sort of looked OK, healed enough to carry on but then it suddenly burst open and started gushing blood everywhere and now I’m lying on the floor, looking at the stars and wondering if I’ll be dead soon.

    I give you permission to use that as a testimonial. 🤣

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    1. Ah yeah, I did click on one of them and it was some kind of depressing freestyle poem about nothingness and heartbreak. Which I guess is kind of apt. Not quite Cat Escort calibre, I must admit!

      You’d think they would… alas, Morgyn decided it was not worth the risk of potentially burning everything down, and Luella was probably too crushed by what they said to her to try again. Luckily everything totally turned out fine in the end, if the present day is anything to go by. Woo!

      Thank you! I quite like the void too. Well, not like like, but I like how those pictures came out. Ah yes, and so Morgyn’s fight with the demon starts. They totally ended up getting those emotional extremes under control as you know, which is much less heart-breaking, right? Woo again!

      Oh gods, that’s quite the testimonial. I’m definitely using that, I think I was still kind of unclear when I said “no happy endings are guaranteed” in the blurb, and you’ve summed it up much better. I am sorry. I hope the stars are pretty at least.


      1. I wonder what sort of blogs our stories pop up on. If people who read Cat Escort have ever ventured over to see Caleb in a hot tub, or people who read deep and meaningful poems click over and see ghosts fighting.

        Don’t be sorry. I’m rather enjoying dying on the floor. Metaphorically. The stars are very pretty.

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  7. She cares a lot you stupid mofo. Anyway back to the story. Ahem.
    OOOOH what is this void? I like this exploration into a different dimension/world/realm/w.e! But EW. Morgyn is sharing this void with Aine. I wonder why. Is this void a general place all spirits go? Is it because of their connection to untamed magic that only Morgyn and Aine can enter this special void. Is there anything special about the void? Where does the void lead? Nothingness? Truly? Is it a transitional space? Who knowsss! Bt I wanna know 😀 Why can Morgyn see her memories? Why are they merging with Aine. Yuck. Poor Morgyn. Haha.

    Oh Morgyn has a body now. Why? What changed? Ahh dedeathify spell! This is super cool though! And super scary. What a cool picture! Why the heck is the dedeathify spell working on Aine as well? Did they really merge so the spell actually gave Aine a spectral body too? Gross. That picture is hella scary though! Really nice pictures!! So gross! What does our minds have touch mean? Is it because Morgyn was her student? Or because they entered the void almost at the same time? And that they’ve merged. I still don’t get why they’re merging. Eww.

    Sigh here we go again, Simeon. Yes, keep everything to yourself. Keep telling yourself you didn’t play a part in all this chaos because you did nothing. Nothing is an action. Just so you know.

    Hmm so did Morgyn raise Aine to kill her again because they thought they might’ve harbored a piece of Aine in themselves? I wonder if they did have a piece of her. Yuck. But then if it was self-interested, they shouldn’t have brought Cordy to the temple in the first place! AHHHH C’mon. I bet they’re all like “kill two birds with one stone.” I can see where they get their delusional excuses from. Looking at you Simeon.

    What’s Morgyn implying about the void? They have a piece of the void too? I don’t get the last part. They see Aine and the void as the same thing? Or are they referring to the nothingness of the void?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that’s a class start 😀

      Oof, so many questions! Let’s see what I can answer – a lot of this is up to personal interpretation, but I can probably elaborate a little bit with some of the snippets we’ve technically already had throughout the story.

      One thing I can say is that Morgyn had previously told us that untamed magic can bring back people before they have “moved on,” so the spell needs to be cast quickly. When Morgyn references absorbing into the void here, that would be the point when untamed magic could no longer recover them. Whether the void experience is the same for everyone, and what lies beyond it is open to interpretation.

      Aine talking about their minds touching is definitely her referencing the portion of their time in the void when neither of them had bodies and would just experience each other’s memories and thoughts all jumbled up. Which is very much linked to what Simeon said about the risk of “not being able to keep Aine out of the equation” in the last chapter, and also may have something to do with why Aine was almost able to “hitch a ride.” I guess you can think of it this way, if you crack two eggs open and remove the shells, there will be a bit of mixing going on, especially when you prod them with something invasive like a dedeathify spell cast by spellcasters that normally wouldn’t meddle with that kind of stuff.

      As for Morgyn revisiting the void, they don’t necessarily see Aine and the void as the same thing, but of course, Aine is in the void, so the two kind of go hand in hand. We know that souls eventually “move on” beyond the void, but how quickly they move on depends on the particular person. Certainly when it comes to the one person that had ability to bring people from beyond the dead (the former sage of untamed magic) being the one in the void, and the one person that can potentially gain the ability to use the void to bring the dead back (the current sage of untamed magic) keeps prodding it, it can lead to… interesting consequences.

      Whether Morgyn actually voluntarily intended to bring Aine back to the realm of the living during the second revival ritual – considering what we’ve seen of their fun first time in the void together – is debatable. But you’re right that there seems to be strong evidence suggesting Morgyn primarily went to the temple because of Aine. Why they chose to bring Cordelia in the first place… gets kind of alluded to in a few of the earlier chapters, but of course with Morgyn you can never be too sure when they’re telling the truth, haha.

      Jeez, I wrote you novel even though I said I can’t say much about it, haha. Don’t mind my rambling 😀


  8. MY HEART. I am wearing my Morgyn Fan Club t-shirt and MY HEART. Alright, I did not think about the aspect of this that was Morgyn feeling out of control. I knew they were shutting people down so they weren’t hurt, but to be in their head while it happened? Whew.

    And while I wish they would have talked about it, I do understand why they took Lulu’s spell as a betrayal. And yet, Lulu herself didn’t see it that way. I feel like I’m seeing all the past chapters in a new light. I couldn’t make sense of the love spell they cast on Cordelia. It seemed like it was all about control. But now, I feel like Morgyn was trying to prove something to themselves.

    It’s interesting the way they talk about the demon. I automatically read the demon as bad and encouraging their worst thoughts. But in fact, it seems like the demon is the part of them that wants to feel emotions? Maybe I’m misreading (WINE) and I’m going to shut up soon and just catch up on chapters, but maybe Morgyn calls it a demon because feeling things is what lead them to hurt everyone in that fire?

    Either way, these interludes have been SO SO wonderful. I’m glad they came now while I’m deeply invested in the characters. I love that you’ve bravely written their behavior so consistently, even before we had a “justification.”

    Also, I don’t trust Simeon.

    What he know about Selvadorada.

    Why he so secretive.

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    1. Morgyn’s yapped about control and the importance of being in control to anyone and everyone throught the story, and at the time, it’s possible it may have seemed more like they were talking about controlling other people, but what they actually meant was controlling their powers through controlling their emotions. They are not necessarily afraid of feeling hurt as such, they are afraid of the havoc and destruction them being hurt can cause.

      So yes, as you’re right; the demon Morgyn’s been talking about in several of the earlier chapters is literally Morgyn referring to their emotions/being emotional. Which of course is nothing bad or deviant in itself, but in Morgyn’s case, because they have an unusual amount of raw magic and grew up without guidance around it, emotional outburts can lead to a whole lot of fire… So they refer to it as a demon as a coping mechanism – it’s a lot easier to tell yourself that your family died because of a “demon” than because of you.

      Ah, the love spell on Micah and Cordelia definitely becomes interesting knowing this, doesn’t it? Yes, Morgyn took Lulu’s spell as a betrayal, not necessarily because of the love spell being cast as such, but what they believed was the reason for it being cast – not genuine feelings but just Lulu wanting to get ahead as a sage. (It does not help that they believe the spell was cast when they first met either…) They took it as confirmation of her not loving them, while we know from the 5th interlude her reasoning the opposite – they already were in love.

      So it’s odd that with Cordelia and Micah, the only reasoning Morgyn gives them is the functional one of achieving something – getting an heir – much like they believed Luella’s motivation to be functional, and they don’t really share anything about the thought process that led them to casting the spell, because while they did want an heir, there probably is a bit more to where their head was at when they cast it…

      Thank you! I don’t know if I thought of it as brave, I just couldn’t write them any other way 😆 It’s been amusing to watch the journey of the Morgyn Fan Club t-shirt, though 😂

      What DOES Simeon really know? He’ll be getting some POVs in season 2, I hope.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I WAS RIGHT ABOUT ONE THING! lolololol I am really looking forward to Simeon’s possible POVs. I love the experience of jumping into a new character’s head and having that shift my perspective.

        I mean, the t-shirt has been through some thangs, truly. Morgyn is hard to love, maybe because they don’t love themselves?

        I’m just enjoying that they are such a complex character that really demands me to read them with equal parts empathy and frustration lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ha! Who would have thought when we were somewhere halfway or two thirds through that you’d be saying that Morgyn is hard to love because they don’t love themselves. 😀 But yes, for all their constant talking about how brilliant they are, I completely agree. They’re definitely one of the most complex characters in BC, because what they are telling others, what they are telling themselves and what they are actually feeling are almost always three different things 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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