1.75 Here There Be Monsters

A/N: I feel like there should probably be a disclaimer, but no idea what it should say. Awful? Let’s go with all-encompassing awful. Welcome to the season finale.

L Faba watched the vampire storm off. Neither him nor the sage have raised their voices too much during the exchange, but it was clear it was not a pleasant one, which seemed to catch the attention of several guests.

She wondered why Morgyn didn’t take this fallout somewhere private. Morgyn was always so keen on keeping appearances, surely they would have kept this on the low had they had a choice. Did they not see it coming?

It was an unwise choice on the vampire’s part too, she thought. There were still some in Glimmerbrook who only tolerated his presence in the village thanks to his connection to Morgyn.

Severing ties with the untamed magic sage so publicly lacked any kind of foresight, something an immortal being should have if they wished to stay immortal. Not that L Faba particularly cared about the vampire’s future.

Whatever the case, he left HQ, and Morgyn finally decided to take a leave of absence as well. They turned around abruptly, heading for the balcony at a pace that could almost pass for casual. Almost.

The ever-annoying Gemma Charm must have seen this as an opportunity, dashing towards the untamed magic sage. “Morgyn, are you ok? I’ve always known the vampire would-”

“Not now, Gemma.” Morgyn stopped her. They didn’t even stop in their tracks to acknowledge her any further.

Once again, failing to keep appearances. None of this was like Morgyn at all. Every bone in L Faba’s body fought the urge to go after them. It was much like the battle from earlier. And yet she’d lost that one too, didn’t she? Wearing that goddamn dress, after all these years.

She wanted to blame Dandelion, for coming over, for stirring up old wounds, for reminding her of her ascension ceremony. But Dandelion wasn’t at fault. Only she was, and would always be. Those wounds would never stop festering.

It wasn’t like she was in a mood for mingling anyway, L Faba told herself. Some fresh air would be preferable.

She cursed under her breath and headed to the balcony.

Morgyn stood by the railing, but wasn’t overlooking the view. Their eyes were closed.

They were in pain, L Faba observed, bewildered. She didn’t think Morgyn could care enough about anyone to still feel heartbreak. Not since they died, the first time. The sheer amount of their ex-lovers spoke for itself. But the vampire changed that, didn’t he?

She wasn’t sure what to say, but Morgyn beat her to the punch. “Go away.” They said slowly. Their eyes opened, but they didn’t look at her.


“Whatever it is, now is not a good time. I want to be alone.”

Every word that came out of Morgyn’s mouth sounded like a lot of effort. Which was odd in itself, normally Morgyn would drive both L Faba and Simeon insane with their incessant yapping.

“Do you?” She asked softly.

Morgyn finally looked her way, their eyes lingering on the dress as if it was the most repulsive thing they’d ever seen. L Faba silently cursed herself again. Why did she wear it? Why did she keep doing this to herself? She knew the answer, of course. But it didn’t make this any less ridiculous.

“Your dress is very dated.” Morgyn said finally. “About time you considered something a touch more fashion-forward.”

“Some dresses are timeless.” L Faba replied, her voice stiff.

“I beg to differ.” Morgyn shrugged, turning away again. “I would burn it if I were you.”

The fabric somehow felt tighter against her skin all of the sudden. Uncomfortable. This would be the time to leave, the mischief sage told herself. Just go. So Morgyn was hurting. Let them stew. They could use a bit of pain.

But tonight was not her night. She should have known that the last shred of her self-control went haywire the moment Dandelion asked for that key. At least that was safely locked away.

“He lasted much longer than all the others.” She pointed out. “Must have meant something to you. You actually loved him, didn’t you?”

The muscles in Morgyn’s face tensed up. “Spare me your assumptions, L Faba. You know damn well that I don’t need anyone.”

In a way, L Faba preferred this stone cold Morgyn. Felt more real somehow. More real than the flamboyant façade the sage of untamed magic had meticulously cultivated over the years. Then again, whatever persona Morgyn chose to wear, they were clearly keen on making her suffer either way. But that could go both ways.

“Of course you don’t. That much is evident – all these lovers throughout the years, and here you are. Alone.” She retaliated.

“Who cares? I’ll have three new lovers tomorrow should I choose to.” Morgyn replied swiftly. “He was outstaying his welcome anyway. He was supposed to leave a long time ago.”

“Was he now? Looked an awful lot like you were begging him to stay back there.”

Morgyn looked at her, strange kind of fire in their eyes.

“I do not beg.” They hissed at her.

But Morgyn’s tone changed abruptly, sliding back into monotony. A contemptuous smile spread across their lips.

“As if you’re in a position to bring up being alone.” They told her. “You can’t even visit your little elf in Sylvan Glade anymore. Not that he still cares for you to do so.”

That was low. The nerve… “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” L Faba forced herself not to acknowledge the remark.

“Don’t insult my intelligence.” Morgyn scoffed at her. “But fine, I’ll play along. The bottom line is I’m no more alone than you are. Except that I have something you don’t. An heir.”

An heir. They were talking about her daughter, of course.

Half-vampire, half gods knew what. As if L Faba would allow her daughter to gain any kind of magical ability. Especially after what she’d learned from Dandelion tonight, that she was after they key after all, after all this time.

“Please. You have a vampire brat you barely know, yet you insist on pretending she’s somehow related to you.”

She paused, making sure her next words would strike back in full force. “No matter, it’s irrelevant. She’ll never ascend. You need all three sages’ blessings to become a spellcaster. And she’s not getting the mischief one.”

That seemed to surprise Morgyn. They paused for a moment.

“Sages can be replaced.” They said eventually.

The pain of the statement was gut wrenching. But if that was how Morgyn wanted to play, then so be it.

“That includes you.” She snapped back. “In fact, I seem to recall the last time an untamed magic sage was replaced, it was the mischief and practical magic sage who struck them. Perhaps we could make it a tradition. Or do you really think Simeon will agree to a vampire ascending?”

“Are you threatening me, dearest?” Morgyn slipped back into their standard jovial tone, but there was no affection in their voice.

“As adorable as that is, you pose no threat to me.” They continued. “I’ve risen from the dead twice, gone to hell and back countless times, absorbed power from Omniscan temples and learned from the undead. I have powers beyond your wildest dreams now. Do not challenge me.”

“You would have done very little rising from the dead without my intervention.” She hissed at Morgyn. “You’d very much still be dead if it wasn’t for me. Twice.”

Anger took over L Faba completely. “Rest assured there will not be a third time. The only thing worth a damn in everything you’ve just listed is that you belong in hell.” She concluded.

“Perhaps.” Morgyn cooed back. “But L Faba, my sweet, do not think for a moment that I would hesitate to take you there with me. I had no problem with setting the house with my own parents inside it ablaze when I was just a child. I can end you.”

The world turned inside out. L Faba felt a wave of nausea rising up her throat. She couldn’t manage another word. All she could think of was Syeldell in flames.

Morgyn did not wait for her reply. They smirked, twirled around and headed back indoors. She watched them go through the door, but it barely felt like she was there at all.

“Please pardon my earlier impertinence, Gemma.” She heard Morgyn from the hall before the door shut. “May I just say you look absolutely dazzling tonight…”

The door closed. L Faba felt sick to her stomach.

All these years, everything she’d felt for Morgyn, everything she’d done for them… heck, she’d even mind controlled the closest person she still had left to a father.

“I cannot in good conscience stand for any of this anymore. A so-called sage that keeps on ignoring their duties like that is a hazard to any continuity the realm may have and-“

“We will continue with the ritual.”

Of course, the second Rite of the Three, much like the first one, would have never gone ahead in the first place if it wasn’t for her…


“What else are the two of you going to do all on your own, without your precious puppeteer?”

They finally took the hint and headed off, thankfully. L Faba wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep the charade going for. Some dedicated lovers, they were. They seemed about ready to give up.

She sighed and headed back inside HQ.

Simeon’s eyes locked onto her quizzically. “You went after them.” He stated the obvious.

“I sent them to get Haruka.” She admitted. There was no point in hiding it. If they were successful, Simeon would know sooner rather than later anyway.

“Luella, I know what you’re thinking, and it is a terrible idea.” Simeon said quietly. Then again, Simeon thought almost everything was a terrible idea.

“We’ve done it before.” She reminded him. “And this time around, I have far more experience.”

“That’s not the only variable that’s changed.” The practical magic sage replied. “Last time, the ritual was performed moments after death, not to mention we had the body of the deceased at our disposal.”

L Faba hadn’t considered that. “Can it not be done without a body?”

“It can.” He admitted. “We can summon the dead using the necrocall spell. But I highly doubt it will only be Morgyn we’d be summoning.”

“Didn’t you say something like that last time? That we might not be able to keep Aine away?” She vaguely recalled his brief argument with Haruka.

“And I’m not convinced we did. Not fully.” Simeon’s tone was even more serious than normal. “Judging by the state of the realm, Morgyn has been dead for a few days now. If I’m right, they’ve been spending a lot of time with our friend Aine during that time.”

“Aine’s been dead for years!” L Faba shook her head in frustration. “This is all a lot of speculation. We don’t have time for speculation! You said it yourself, the realm is deteriorating.”

He looked into her eyes. “And you are expecting me to believe that that the state of the realm is your main motivating factor here, Luella?”

L Faba was taken aback. “It is a factor.” She replied weakly. “What does it matter?”

He said nothing, but continued to stare at her. Damn old man.

“Simeon… Do you really believe Morgyn deserves to be dead?” She demanded.

He sighed. “No. But that can be said of plenty of people who died. I’m sure you can think of a few from your own past. Sometimes it’s for the best not to defy fate. We have tempered enough in Morgyn’s name already, and I doubt it’s been without consequence.”


“Luella, after all these years, don’t you think it’s time that you’ve moved on from Morgyn?” He asked, his tone soft.

It would be funny if she didn’t feel like crying.

“I can’t.” She whispered.


The girl dashed into the mischief sage’s study. “I’ve done it, Haruka! I performed the love spell!” She exclaimed breathlessly.

The sage gave her a conspicuous smile. “Is that so? And who was the victim?”

Luella hesitated. “I wouldn’t call it victim, per say…”

“Let’s see your wand.” Haruka requested.

Luella handed her wand over as requested. The sage examined it, twirling it between her fingers.

“I can tell that the spell has been cast.” The sage nodded. But her expression changed from satisfied to… Luella wasn’t quite sure.

Haruka ran a stream of raw magic through the wand.

“Oh sweet child, why would you do that to yourself?”

Luella struggled to read Haruka’s face. She wasn’t angry, but she certainly seemed… disappointed? Upset, almost?

“Don’t you see, that’s the beauty of it! I was already in love, so it doesn’t make a difference!” Luella tried to reason with the sage. “I feel the exact same.”

“You were not supposed to do that.” Haruka rubbed her temples. “Mischief magic is meant to be about tricking others, not falling into your own trap.”

“I haven’t fallen into any traps.” The girl protested. “Your conditions were clear, perform the love spell on somebody. I did exactly that. You never said that person couldn’t be me. If it wasn’t what you intended, well, maybe I’ve outtricked you. Surely fooling the current mischief sage alone should mean I’m entitled to ascend into the sage position.”

Inexplicably, the look Haruka gave her definitely seemed like one of pity. “You’ve fulfilled the condition, yes.” The sage said, her tone unusually sombre. “And you will become a sage as promised. But I wouldn’t be so sure about who’s been fooled in the long run…”


She felt more and more nauseous by the minute. The last four decades or so have been painful, but never did Haruka’s words ring as true as they did tonight. So many excuses, so many sacrifices, and Luella didn’t even know Morgyn at all.

No wonder Morgyn gravitated towards her. They’d done the exact thing that made Luella lose everyone and everything she’d held dear as a child, and they felt no remorse over it either. All these years she had been in love with a lie.

Worst of all, there was nothing she could do to escape this living nightmare, to break the infatuate spell, even now. She was doomed to love them until the day she died.

Her stomach finally gave in. She leaned over the balcony railing to throw up.


Definitely not Alba’s preferred kind of prey. Far too obnoxious; insignificant problems of a “poor” rich girl. Hidden angst about the girls’ parents’ divorce, a pathological need to please everyone, repressed feelings for her roommate and the accompanying overcompensation…

It was all too loud for Alba’s tastes, and mostly inconsequential. But given who said roommate was, Alba persevered through the feed, much to her displeasure.

It all paid off in the end. Just as Alba was almost about to run out of blood, she finally stumbled on something useful.

“I’m just helping Hawthorne move in. I’m not a student.”


“You guys from far from here?”

“A few hours on the train, small place called Glimmerbrook. You wouldn’t know it.”

Alba let go of the girl’s pathetic lifeless body. Good timing. There was nothing left to be seen here, consequential or not.

Glimmerbrook. Alba wasn’t one for wild displays of emotion, but for once, she felt content. The whereabouts of the not-quite-a-vampire no longer mattered. At last, Alba knew where to find the traitor. Who would have thought Britechester of all places would be the one bearing answers in the end?

There was no time to waste. She had a long journey ahead to get back to her mistress. But finally, after 20 years of searching, she had something worthwhile to bring back. And Alba had no doubts Verena would be pleased.

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  1. Well aren’t I glad for that disclaimer :/ The person I feel most sorry for is Chloe.

    There… there WILL be a second season, right? You’re not just going to leave us with an afterimage of a burning dumpster fire? Literally no one is happy here, except maybe Alba and I don’t like that…

    Great chapter, though, as always!

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    1. Haha, I know the disclaimer is a bit useless, I just figured I’d shove it in there to manage expectations in case someone rocked up in the hopes of me somehow conjuring a happy ending out of this mess 😅 Chloe definitely got the worst end of the stick in this chapter.

      There WILL be a second season! Though I can’t promise if it will end on a happier note – I don’t know yet! I will be taking a bit of a break for a month or two to organise my ebil plans, err, I mean, to step away and see how much of this is salvageable.

      Hey, Alba hasn’t had many moments of happiness in her centuries-long existence! Let her enjoy this! 😄

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  2. Boneheads! Both of them, Morgyn AND Faba 😒 Their encounters are just useless dancing around the real issues, and spatting venom in each others face.
    Can’t anyone for once just say stuff as it is??
    Another reason I really celebrated for Micah last chapter.

    Alba!! I am glad to have seen her, but YOU DID NOT KILL CHLOE 😭😭

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    1. You’re right. They’ve both been living this life of never really saying what they mean for so long that I don’t really know if either of them is still capable of that, yep 😦 Micah definitely was refreshing with his honesty among all this, even if it was somewhat futile.

      Um… unfortunately, Alba has no qualms with killing her prey. Especially when there’s valuable information to be learnt. But she’s killed for less.


  3. MY HEART!!! I would like to said that in terms of Morgyn and Luella, I FRIGGIN KNEW IT!!! It doesn’t seem like the poor girl ever got to explain herself which sucks. Maybe in season 2? And is it just me or is there still some *ahem* romantic tension between those two? Everything is starting to make sense and I’m happy and annoyed because now I have to exercise patience. UGH!!!!

    I wonder how Alba plans on getting to Micah. Kidnap his daughter to make him turn himself over? I cannot WAIT until BC comes back! Which is when, exactly? 😉

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    1. I don’t know if she never had the chance, considering it’s been decades, but she definitely didn’t explain herself. I guess it would be hard to tell someone who explicitly says you mean nothing to them that you’ve cast a spell on yourself that will make you love them forever 😔 Ha, there certainly is tension, whether it’s romantic, I don’t know 😀

      I’m not sure if Alba is one to plan much, I suspect it will be Verena’s call, though you may not be wrong that Alba may have an agenda of her own. She never was all that fond of Micah, after all.

      My guesstimate is 1-2 months, but I’m not sure – a couple of variables including a mini-spinoff/prequel I’m toying with; I will make a post about it sometime next week but I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.


  4. Oh this is so sad 😭

    I had already figured out that Lulu still had feelings for Morgyn, but that she had cast the spell on herself? …. of course !! It all makes so much sense now.

    Morgyn is convinced that willpower can overcome the effect of the spell. They really know nothing.
    It’s so sad that Lulu has never been honest. That she has never opened her mouth.
    So much pain, lies and failure spreads like a toxic disease.

    Morgyn fights an endless battle against invisible demons living only in their imagination, evolving into the most destructive demon of them all. They will never win the battle. Only lose.
    It’s heartbreaking.💔😭

    Lulu is forever bound to Morgyn by an unbreakable spell.
    Now my heart broke once more. I’m bleeding.💔🩸

    Now that I’m bleeding I get this ending on the chapter. 😖
    Alba sucks life and the last memories out of Chloe, who innocently reveals Micah’s hiding place “A few hours on the train, small place called Glimmerbrook”
    Verena has a lot of humiliation she must avenge. I fear no one is safe now.
    I’m still bleeding 🩸🩸🩸🤕

    Oh how I miss a Truth Society right now 🚑

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    1. Ah, yes, that definitely played into a lot of Lulu’s present-day behaviour, yep.

      Quite right. Morgyn has no idea what having the love spell cast on you feels like, or how to overcome it, because it’s never happened to them. Not that they know that 😐

      Like I said to Kiersti, it would be tough to say to someone that you’ve cast a spell on yourself that will make you love them forever after they tell you that you mean nothing to them 😦 Especially if you’re as young as Luella was at the time. And then with more time passing, it would probably just get more and more difficult. So here we are.

      Oh dear. I know I’ve done complimentary tissues before, but maybe I need complimentary bandages/first aid kit too.

      Chloe knows almost nothing about Micah, but she had just the information Alba needed, and unfortunately that proved fatal to her. Assuming nobody is safe is a wise decision.

      Ok, definitely getting first aid kits ahead of season 2.

      Ah, the Truth Society. Snuffy?!?! Halp!!!

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  5. All-encompassing awful sounds about right for what happens in this chapter 😂

    Gah, so I was right about Luella casting the infatuate spell on herself. I want to say “Woo! Called it!” but the torment that she’s subjected herself to for what seems like near-eternity is so awful and heartbreaking that I can’t feel happy about being right. Poor Lulu. And Morgyn doesn’t for a second think that she’s cast it on someone else than them, with Luella never telling them the truth. And their whole “coming back from the dead and beating a love spell and absorbing temple mojo” spheal to show off how amazing they are just makes it worse. Morgyn would not exist without the people around them. But they don’t want to see it, and credit themselves for everything that goes right (and blame others for everything that goes wrong). I wonder if there will be a point where Luella finally admits that she cast that infatuate spell not on Morgyn, but on herself. Where she’ll crack. And how Morgyn would even respond to that. I want to think that they’d actually have an introspective moment and realize how absolutely horrifying they have been to Lulu… but knowing Morgyn, it’s more likely to be a response among the lines of “well, then you’re not as bright as I thought” or something like that. Gah. My heart.

    “No. But that can be said of plenty of people who died. I’m sure you can think of a few from your own past.”
    Ouch. That was uncalled for, Simeon. I don’t know why but his reluctant, passive attitude to almost everything is really starting to piss me off. So it was Lulu who possessed them to keep the resurrection ritual going! My gods, so that’s what happened. I wonder if even more of Aine crept into Morgyn that second time around.

    Nooooo Chloe 😭 I mean, knowing Alba there was a good chance of her ending up dead, but… 😭 Oh dearie and now she knows exactly where Micah, Cordelia and Hawthorne are. Well not exactly, but I bet she can find them pretty quickly now. Also I already gushed to you about this in private but I am low-key giddy over the idea of Verena making a comeback. She was such a fantastic villain the first time around and she’ll make a formidable opponent to the cast this time too, I’m sure.

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    1. You were right, yes! And you were right about her keeping the dress too. Those probes are working well, by the looks of it 🙂 But yeah, she’s not been having the easiest time with it, poor thing. That’s a very good observation about Morgyn, yes they have very skewed perception of everything they believe they’ve achieved and how self-reliant they are, when in reality they would not even be here if it wasn’t for all of these people having bent over backwards to bring them back to life. Oof, that’s a good question, will Luella ever admit what happened with the spell? She’s managed to keep it quiet for almost 4 decades so what would it take to admit it I wonder? And how would Morgyn react indeed… who knows.

      Haha I think Simeon’s been rubbing a few people the wrong way. Which is interesting, since he used to get lots of praise for being the “sensible” sage earlier in the story. He’s definitely pretty risk-averse, which sometimes is a great thing, considering he needs to balance out two other sages who are rather impulsive; sometimes, not so much. But yes that remark was awful, whether he intended for it to be awful or not.

      I know, sorry, Chloe! 😬 Yep, Alba doesn’t necessarily have Micah’s exact address, but Glimmerbrook is pretty small, and Micah and Cordelia are not exactly unknown there either. Let’s see what Verena chooses to do with this newfound knowledge. Who knows, maybe she’s totally over it and Alba has totally blown things out of proportion 😁

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      1. Yes! All this time Verena has simply been taking up new hobbies and competing in the Knit and Knatter with Seth 😂 Or adopted a dog. Taken up writing. Gotten into poetry. Developed a taste for gardening yeah no she’s still got a grudge for being turned into a gnome I’m sure 🤣 not to mention Micah running off on her, that one probably stings worse than the cute reaper gnome that Luella turned her into. Heheh. Verena the gnome. Don’t tell her I laughed.

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  6. THIS WAS THE SEASON FINALE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!



    Cool. I’m fine. All of this is fine.

    I was screaming this whole chapter!!

    First, let me say that there were a few nuggets that you put out there a million years ago, and when I read this chapter they finally paid off! I always thought it was Morgyn that changed Simeon’s mind but it was Faba!!!!! And I didn’t even consider that the trick to the love spell was that she cast it on herself. Stupid Morgyn! Why didn’t you give her a chance to explain?

    And now Alba is going to be closing in, just when Micah is the most unprotected? And how will he and Cordelia handle having their kid in danger?

    I can’t believe Faba wore that dress (yes I can)

    Morgyn is going to lose everything! They are going to see how wrong they were way too late!

    Why won’t the characters just listen to me when I yell at them?

    I’m sorry for all this incoherent screaming its just…this was a masterpiece.



    I am obviously going to desperately await the next season.

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    1. It’s all fine, never mind all the burning wreckage! Actually, there is no actual fire in this chapter. I’d dub that alone a success 😆

      Yep, it was L Faba that mind-controlled Simeon. And since Morgyn was facing away from her, they don’t even know that… Add that to the “shit Morgyn doesn’t know” pile. Along with… pretty much everything about love spells, and their past non-encounter with one 😬

      Ah I know, if only Morgyn allowed her to explain at the ascension ceremony. But to be fair I don’t know what I would have done in their shoes. If you knew there was a high probability of someone you care for will say something that will hurt you, and that hurt could directly cause them to die in a fire… would you risk it? Of course, the fact this just lead to the two of them spouting death threats at each other decades later is… ironic.

      Yes, what timing with Alba and Micah. So much time working himself up to do this, and of course he picked the worst time possible. Oops.

      She did wear the dress 😲😔

      That may very well happen.

      I know, why can’t they all just listen to you? 😆 I mean, let’s be honest, they barely listen to me, haha.

      Thank you so much ❤️

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      1. Haha, I mean our characters do what they want!

        Oh man, I’m going to ponder this because in a way, you’re talking about having “tight” control and the illusion of “tight control.” Morgyn hasn’t burned down a building/world, but they have hurt people and burned down relationships all the same. All of this, and someone still might end up dying or being badly hurt.

        Enjoy your break and your writing! I always find a break to be beneficial and to help get things in order 🙂 I’ll be anxiously awaiting the return/frantically finishing Book One of BBD lol

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        1. Oh absolutely, you are completely right – people have already been hurt because of Morgyn’s actions, even though not physically, and it’s definitely possible people could die because of their choices too. In spite of their original motivation being to protect people. Hindsight, eh? If only we could always see what consequences our decisions will have down the line… no, that would be awful, everyone would be in a permanent state of angst about the smallest choices 😀

          Thank you! I can’t wait to see the BBD home stretch, feels like you have some big cards up your sleeve 🙂

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  7. Ooof Im surprised that i got some stuff right. But then they weren’t supposed to be right because it only means things really are as tragic as it seems 😂 aaaaah what a wreck of a finale!

    The person Im mourning the most is Chloe. But then I wasnt surprised that she died. Oh well.

    🤔 Man Morgyn and Faba are all about beating around the bush. No one speaks to anyone for real.

    Btw as much as a tragedy this chapter was, I really enjoyed diving through the different times and have it all come together neatly. I thought that was wonderful and very satisfying to read. A really wholesome chapter if that makes sense.

    I hope you dont take too long a break! Everyone needs to be freed from their limbo 😂😭

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    1. You got lots of stuff right, from L Faba’s voodoo to the love spell! I told you that you are perceptive! Sorry there’s not much worth celebrating, that’s totally on me 😅

      I know, poor Chloe. 😔 She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like pretty much anyone who crosses paths with Alba.

      Yep. Morgyn and L Faba have had 4 decades of avoiding anything real. If you think about it, the closest Morgyn was to opening up with anyone again was with Micah, but they still didn’t quite manage enough, and L Faba couldn’t even be honest with Dandy who she’s known for the majority of her life and who was once all she had… so how can one expect these two to be honest with each other?

      Oh I’m glad it was satisfying in spite of the horribleness, I did try to address most things, though of course nothing’s exactly resolved. Ha, wholesome is not what I was expecting to hear on this one 🤣 But I totally get what you mean, thank you 🥰

      Ha, you say that, but who knows what’s on the other side of the limbo? 😬


  8. How this this finale both everything I wanted and nothing I wanted all at the same time? I think you’re gonna get hit full force with the verbal; I’ll try and keep it ‘Melinda’.

    Right, firstly, Morgyn and Micah have been a thing for a while, and no one cares enough when they have a big, public break up like that? Just relief because they want the vampire gone even though he hasn’t bitten anyone for what, 18 years? Maybe Olly cried to mummy and and daddy that Hawthorne had a little bite when they were banging that one time, refuelling the vampire hatred? Or, maybe, despite being all non-human/freaks themselves, they are all incredibly closed-minded people. Except Gemma, but we all know she’s still only hellbent on finding out what’s in Morgyn’s pants.

    I agree; that dress is timeless. It was in fashion only, what, 5 chapters ago? Then it’s fashionable now. But perhaps don’t take fashion advice from me, L. Or from Morgyn, I mean what are they wearing. Open toe shoes with a suit? Darling.

    So she can’t get in the tree. Hm. Poor Dandy, because I think everyone’s heading right down the path of not being allowed into the tree. He’ll be jumping off his treehouse for sure. OK, Morgyn, sure – no problem burning the house down, it’s only fudged you up for the whole rest of your darn life. Yeah, you go piss off to Gemma and let her eat you with her man-hoe ways.

    YES! I knew Simeon had been influenced by the dolly. Hahahahaha! I mean, darn! Morgyn could’ve stayed dead then and the whole story would’ve probably been much happier. Oh well, hindsight and all.

    I see the Infatuate spell is a selfish one that puts the receiver of the spell’s own feelings for themselves above the feelings for their target, otherwise Luella would want Morgyn to be happy rather than just ‘happy with Luella’. And they say untamed magic is the one to watch. Seriously, not cool Haruka. Luella was a happy, innocent thing then so if you intended her merely to trick someone, you would have known that she wouldn’t.

    You mentioned murder in the finale, so when L leaned over the balcony thinking about dying I was wincing, wondering who would push her. Oh, she’s just throwing up. Good. Hopefully Gemma is standing underneath the balcony, kissing Morgyn.

    I wonder if Chloe tastes of candy floss? Oh, she’s dead. Oh well. Can’t keep any happy characters alive in BC now, can you? They ruin the atmosphere.

    And it ends there. It ends there. Why’s it end there??? I want to know if Dandelion went to live with his daddy in the baby-blasting well, if Hawthorne makes it home or gets eaten by the sprites, if Alba finds Micah or if Verena will, if Cordelia and Micah think ‘to hell with it’ and just go put their sex track back on, if Morgyn ever stops being a poohead, if L kills herself to escape the spell…

    Enjoy your break, but you’d better come back and not just leave me hanging here forever on your meathook * shakes fist angrily *

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha how do I reply to this 😂 Ok. Ok. Straight face. Calm. Phew. 🤣 Ok, I’m calm now.

      Who knows… L Faba unhelpfully doesn’t share who said people with vampire problems are. And of course any information is only as reliable as the narrator. Though there could totally be truth to either of the things you’re saying.

      Yeah, never mind that the dress has been gathering dust for 40 odd years! Ha, are you saying you expected for Morgyn to not show any skin at all? 😁

      Ha, yes, will anyone be able to get in the tree by the end of this? I’m open to taking bets. Morgyn totally had no problem burning the house down or the aftermath and is being 1000% honest and transparent here, totally!

      Oof, if the Infatuate spell caused a ripe and mature kind of love when you’re just happy when the other person is happy, I’m not sure how that would bode for Micah and Cordelia with their respective happiness levels 😅 But no, the clue is in the name, it very much emulates… infatuation.

      I think you’ll find I said death threats, puke and murder – I was extremely helpful and even gave you the correct sequence of events 😆 Haha yeah, if it landed on Gemma, I would not be mad. Though Gemma would be, and I’m not sure if we want to see Gemma mad.

      Exactly. Happy doesn’t go with the ambiance. I kid, I’m sorry Chloe 💔

      Lmao! We’ll have to wait till season 2 to answer those burning questions, though I feel like you’re already making it sound much more interesting than what it will be 😂


  9. Nothing got past Haruka after all huh. 😦 I like how Luella’s actions all tied together…not ethically of course. With the only person really harmed being herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oops I thought I replied to this one! I’m sure Luella would love to take the spell back, you’re quite right, she hurt herself the most. Not sure anyone came out of the whole ordeal as a winner, though!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh, yes. I was going to stop earlier but the author’s note drew me in. I think we already have some sort of tacit agreement that we’re each going to do one of these in chapters where characters make themselves particularly miserable or die or whatnot, but for some reason I still feel like disclosing that “lmao #mood” is my expected emotional response to a well-executed trauma chapter, and this giddiness should not reflect poorly on your ability to influence your readers’ feelings.

    (And I’m actually ahead on yours and a couple other stories, but leaving comments has started overwhelming me and I’m still catching up on those, so expect shorter, intermittent comments.)

    WOOMPH! A+ mic drop. Damn good reveal. I had to look back and check how far off my theories were, only for everything to all come together with this one revelation. Come to think of it, the love spell may have been introduced during my binge phase, so I din’t get credit for doubting that L cast the spell on Morgyn at all. Then cue several days of Jeopardy music where my brain fails to make the connection that if she indeed cast the spell on someone and it wasn’t Morgyn, that leaves yet another possibility from the one I considered.

    So that’s how L was able to cast the spell without yelling! Ah, that threw me off the first time. Very clever of her.

    I had no problem with setting the house with my own parents inside it ablaze when I was just a child.

    Doubt. Even though I don’t remember whether Morgyn knows about L’s past, this is a wham moment either way. Hahaha, these are all just lined up and they all land. Haha.

    (RIP Chloe)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m cool with giddiness! As you say I too can be gleeful about misery (if me writing this story is not enough of an indication haha), so I get it. The author’s note was primarily aimed at the rare few unyielding optimists at the back who still had hope I’d somehow turn the finale around into a happily ever after to alert them they might want to adjust expectations 😅

      (No pressure to comment at all! It’s totally up to you 😊)

      Haha yes, the love spell happened in your binge, but you can still have the credit 😆 It was definitely always a bit ambiguous in terms of what exactly went down with the love spell, so I’m glad that learning the missing pieces was satisfying.

      BC lore fun fact; advanced spellcasters can actually cast spells without saying them out loud – although verbal casting is considered common courtesy. There you go, a random tidbit that was vaguely mentioned once that you didn’t ask for and has no major relevance 😂

      So clever of her. I’m sure L Faba congratulates herself on how clever her younger self was every day. 😄

      Morgyn doesn’t know the precise details but they do indeed know that L Faba’s family died in a fire, it was one of the things the two initially bonded over though they clearly hadn’t shared the nuances. They definitely intended to deliver as much of a blow as possible there, though they can’t quite appreciate its full extent. The truthfulness/accuracy of their statement… is another story. Err, I mean, no problem. No problem at all. They coped with it so well. Totally.

      (Poor Chloe, such rotten luck.)


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