2.1 The Prodigal Son

Screams and cheering filled through the arena as the song came to its close. The air felt electric. Damien grinned wildly, leaning towards the audience.

“I love you, Del Sol Valley! I can’t wait to feast on your blood!”

The crowd went wild. He could make out some of the chanting.


Damien paused to soak the final few moments in. They all worshipped him, and he didn’t have to hide a damn thing, besides his name. This decade was glorious.

Still on a high from performing, he headed backstage for a moment before he would meet a few select fans for the more exclusive experience. Being the last night of the tour, he better make it count.

The door opened briefly; letting in the excited voices of his band. No doubt they’d be celebrating. They’ve long stopped asking Damien to join, used to him keeping his distance by now.

It was a fine line to walk. One band mysteriously disappearing was good for his image. A second would be suspicious.

He turned his attention to the unwanted guest.

“I’m not ready for the VIPs yet, Max.” Damien looked up, mildly annoyed at the intrusion.

But his irritation evaporated the moment he saw her.

“You should know that I’m not Max. Or has all this noise numbed your senses that much?”

She took off her hat, fully revealing the cracks in her face. Where did those come from, he wondered? Her skin always used to be silky smooth, and she was far from reckless.

“Delphine! You’re looking very… current.” He greeted her with a snicker.

She ignored his sarcasm. “Thought I would make an effort for the big city, seeing that I’d be meeting a renowned musician. Or whatever you call this…”

“The term is rock star.” He frowned. Not that he expected her to understand any of it.

“Isn’t a star a big chunk of rock?” She tilted her head to the side, smiling conspicuously.

“Mostly gas, actually.” He corrected her. “I won’t hold your ignorance against you though, after all they did say the earth was flat in your times, didn’t they?”

“Call me ignorant all you wish, but I’m not the one referring to myself as stone and gas.” She retorted. “Not to mention… Billy Bloodlust? Really?”

This was going nowhere. “So what brings you to Del Sol Valley?” Damien changed the subject.

Delphine’s expression grew more serious. “I have a message from Verena. She wants to see you.”

“You’re Verena’s errand girl now?” He raised an eyebrow. “I would have expected her to send her crone.”

“Alba has done quite enough travelling lately.” She replied elusively. “Besides, I’m here on my own accord. I wanted to see that famed Del Sol Valley for myself – well overdue, after all this time. See what all the silver screen buzz is about.”

This was getting more and more peculiar. “I think you’ll find times have moved on from that a tad. Del Sol Valley might be a bit much to take in for you… But I’ll gladly be your tour guide, show you all the hot spots.”

“That won’t be necessary. I think I will be staying here for a while. Ample time to discover things for myself. And you’re going to see Verena, remember?”

 “I don’t answer to Verena anymore, you know that.” Damien said coolly.

Delphine did not offer a reply.

“What does she want with me anyway?” He broke the uncomfortable silence.

“Best let her tell you herself.” The woman frowned.

“Not even a tiny hint? For old times’ sake?” Damien pulled a face. “Is she really expecting me to drop everything without having the slightest idea why?”

Delphine sighed. “Verena would say this will be worth your while, that she is close to uncovering a source of unimaginable power.”

“And what’s that got to do with me?” He shrugged her off.

“Alba would say you are being called upon because another son of Verena’s has betrayed her worse than you ever have.” She told him, her voice strangely distant.

“Somebody trying to one-up me, huh?” Damien let out a soft chuckle, but he knew he wasn’t fooling Delphine. He stood up, reaching out for her hand.

“I’m not all that interested in what Verena or Alba would weigh in. What would Delphine say?” He looked into her eyes. But she simply shook her head.

“It’s not like you to plan an extended covenless stay in Del Sol Valley of all places.” He pointed out. “You crash my gig unannounced after decades of silence to tell me you’re walking away from this source of power?”

“I was never one for power play, in case you forgot.” Her hand slid out of his.

“Forgot?” He repeated. That was rich. “You will find my memory is still very much intact, in spite of all the noise. I remember everything you said when we last spoke, down to the very last word.”

That caught her off guard, he realised to his satisfaction.

“One moment you’re telling me you couldn’t possibly leave Verena to her own devices since she’s oh-so-dangerous, and now you’re suddenly washing your hands off her, with her on the cusp of this supposed power? So which is it, Delphine? Sounds to me like it was all just a convenient excuse.”

Delphine’s eyes met his. “I’m not sure what she is planning, but I don’t want any part in it.” Her voice was quiet. “I was quite fond of the one who betrayed her.”

“Someone’s definitely trying to one-up me.” Damien gave her a jovial smirk. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re trying to break my heart all over again. God job I have none.”

“It wasn’t like that.”

He didn’t feel like entertaining that particular subject. “I’ll hand it to you, Delphine, you’ve always known how to pique my interest. A source of power, a charming traitor… So tell me, what crypt does Verena rot in these days?”

“Not quite a crypt. She lives in Mount Komorebi. Mainly hunts in the Senbamachi area, to be more precise. You shouldn’t have trouble finding her.” Delphine replied mechanically.


“I best go. Can’t keep those VIPs waiting, I’m certain.” Delphine ended the conversation abruptly. “It’s been good seeing you.”

“You too.” Damien mouthed. But she was already gone.


Damien took a peak into the alley. Certainly fit the bill. Delphine didn’t exactly share Verena’s address, but the grand master vampire was predictable. Didn’t take a genius to figure out her hunting patterns.

Quieter corners of parks, inconspicuous alleyways just off a main square – places that were secluded but still close enough to heavily frequented areas to give an illusion of a child that just happened to wander off…

Sure enough, he spotted her lurking in the shadows. No doubt ready to launch into a speech about how she’d lost her mother and hoped the kind stranger would offer assistance.

“I would have thought you’d be bored of this shtick by now.” He approached her, hoping he sounded underwhelmed.

She looked up towards him. Her smile wasn’t quite a smile, but the gloating look in her eyes told him that she too found him predictable.

“The prodigal son returns.” She cooed.

“What can I say, I simply couldn’t stop myself from running back into your motherly arms, mistress.” He said coldly.

“Save the performance.” She replied curtly. “I have no interest in your theatrics.”

“If you didn’t want theatrics, then why did you summon me?” He asked in a mocking tone.

“Just because I don’t appreciate something doesn’t mean it won’t be of benefit elsewhere. Walk with me.” Verena said simply. She propelled herself ahead without another word.

What am I doing, he shook his head, but of course, he followed her anyway. It didn’t take them long to reach Verena’s house.

Delphine had clearly embellished the truth a touch. While the place was technically not a crypt, it sure still felt like on one as far as Damien was concerned. All kinds of unpleasant memories resurfacing.

And the sight of Alba didn’t exactly add a homey touch.

“Make yourself at home.” Verena gestured towards one of the couches, heading towards the one on the further end of the room.

Damien had no intention of sitting down. It was clearly no accident she opted for the more imposing of the seats, in the hopes of sitting him down opposite her like a child that needed scolding. Nothing involving Verena was ever an accident.

“Mistress, if I may…” Alba interrupted. That ought to piss Verena off, Damien smirked to himself. Did Alba not get the memo? “Since he is here now, may I finally be permitted to hunt down the traitor? We are losing time…”

Now this was interesting. Alba was not happy. Not that Alba was ever happy, per say. He knew the wise thing would be to watch Verena’s response play out, but Damien couldn’t help himself. If he’d had an interest in shutting up and observing others, he wouldn’t have taken to the stage.

He made his way over to Verena, making sure to tower over her as much as possible.

“I hope you didn’t bring me here for a tracking mission. Clearly you have no shortage of dogs for that kind of thing.” He turned to Verena, ignoring Alba’s glare.

“No, that’s not what I have in mind.” Verena confirmed calmly.

“The traitor does not need to be tracked.” Alba hissed. “We know exactly where he is. Just say the word, mistress, and he’s as good as dead.”

The grand master vampire seemed bemused. “And what would that accomplish, exactly?” She sneered.

“I can only imagine the kind of information and connections he must have, judging by this warm-blooded vampire alone.” Verena continued.

“But he needs to pay…” Alba protested.

Damien was not following. He wasn’t sure which was more perplexing; the notion of a warm-blooded vampire or seeing Alba openly defy Verena.

The grand master vampire remained unfazed. “What makes you think that killing Micah would equate to making him pay?” She asked Alba.

“You know what he’s like, Alba. If I wanted him dead, all he’d need would be a gentle push.” Verena’s voice lacked any warmth. “Truth of the matter is I’m shocked he isn’t dead already. So I ask you again, what’s to be gained from killing him?”

It wasn’t much to go on for Damien to assess the situation. Delphine had been right though, whoever this sucker was, his prospects were looking grim.

Alba did not respond, so Verena carried on.

“You need to shift your focus, Alba. The question to concentrate on is not how to find and kill Micah. The question is how they’ve kept him ‘alive’ for all this time. Now that is something worth answering.”

Her words seemed to have placated Alba, but Damien’s own patience was running out. There were too many unknowns, and as far as he could tell, none of this was of any merit to him, nor his business.

“As much as I like a good mystery, your riddles are getting a bit tired.” He cleared his throat. “Can’t say I flew halfway across the world to watch you bicker, so if you’ll excuse me…”

“Leaving so soon?” Verena turned towards him. “Some may view that as rude.”

“You better tell me what’s in it for me. I’ve come a long way just to listen to this bullshit, so pardon me if I’m not being a good boy.”

“I’m sure it was a great inconvenience to hop on your private jet.” Verena’s eyes narrowed. “I’ll make sure there’s something to be gained for you in all of this.”

“Let me be the judge of that.” Damien shrugged. “As things stand, I already have everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”

“Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear.” Verena’s smile dropped.

“I’m well aware you enjoy your play-pretend independence, but let me remind you that the only reason you can indulge in your little musician stunt is because I allow it in it the first place. You did come running to me the minute I’ve sent for you, didn’t you?”

“I don’t need your permission.” He gritted through his teeth.

“Of course not,” Verena agreed, her voice turning alarmingly sweet. “But parading in the public eye makes you rather easy to find. As you have said yourself, you have come so very far. Would be a shame to lose it, wouldn’t it?”

“Now, where were we?” She batted her eyelashes giddily, exaggerating every word. “I believe I’ve asked you to sit down, and I’m not fond of repeating myself. So why don’t you be a good boy and stop causing me all this heartbreak?”

Damien’s body felt heavy as he lowered himself onto the couch.

“Lovely.” Verena grinned. “Now, if you’re both quite done interrupting, can we finally move on to discussing what I actually need from you?”

A/N: If you need a refresher on Delphine and Alba (It has been a while since the vampires have made a proper appearance, after all), Chapter 1.25 gives a good overview of the coven. Fun fact; Damien gets an honourable mention in that one too.

24 thoughts on “2.1 The Prodigal Son

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  1. You’re back! That’s exciting. But more exciting: I’m famous!

    Ahem. Hello Damien. well now, aren’t you easy on the eye. Giving me Ville Valo vibes too. Right. Ahem. What else happened in the chapter? Wait. He doesn’t wanna party with his band? Huh. Screw you then. Oh no, wait. Ate the last band. Never mind, you brood alone.

    Ooh an unimaginable source of power. And this pair have some sizzling history. I wonder what the last word was. I’m guessing it wasn’t ‘laters’ or ‘bye’. Or ‘pineapple’.

    I wonder what Verena requires from Damien. He says himself that he wasn’t good at shutting up and observing, so she must need someone designed to catch attention. Maybe she just wants to punish him. I wonder why he went back? He was clearly doing OK without her. Or was he… too early to say. Verena wants to make Micah pay, but not by killing him which, lets face it, he’d probably embrace. So she’ll go after those closest to him. I wonder if she wants Damien to hook up with Hawthorne. That’d be something.

    I’m glad he was a good boy and sat down. Having a conversation where one sim is standing and another is sitting is an AI nightmare.

    Gah! Why you end there? Suspense!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And yes, your band made it big! 😀

      I mean… if I made a vampire rocker and he didn’t look like Ville Valo, what would even be the point right? 😆 Yes, you guys best celebrate on your own.

      Hopefully not too sizzling – that doesn’t sound very safe for vampires. It was probably pineapple.

      Yes, it’s probably not anything discrete, considering he is… not. Rejoice, Verena does not want to kill Micah! Ever so kind of her, I’m sure.

      Oh gods I know. Damn sims and their compulsive need to sit down all the time.

      Hey, we were already nearly at 3,000 words, I thought it was overkill for chapter one already! Heh, overkill.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re back!! Eee I’m so excited!!

    Starting with a familiar skyline! That background of Del Sol Valley is so beautiful. As is… is that Mt Komorebi? I’ve heard the world is pretty but I don’t have the pack myself. Must be, because that’s where Verena is. Interesting choice of settlement for a vampire coven.

    I am intrigued by this Damien fellow. “Billy Bloodlust” though… not very conspicuous, is he? He literally told everyone what he intended to do 😂 Why would Verena call on him? I’m inclined to think she wants to use his influence for something… Maybe he can rally his groupies into committing crimes for them? 😆

    I guess Verena is going to be pretty prominent in this season huh… Gotta accept it quickly, even though I don’t like her at all. She gives me the horrors. Creepy old child vampire… I’d rather see more of Delphine. Whatever she and Damien had, I’d so love to find out. Backstory please!! Maybe a ten chapter interlude? 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hellooo 🙂

      It really is beautiful! I don’t really play in Del Sol Valley much since it’s so disappointingly small, but that view is gorgeous. Mount Komorebi is glorious, and has really diverse landscapes too. Must be why Verena’s there, the scenery 😆

      He really isn’t conspicuous, no. Sometimes hiding in plain sight works the best. What could Verena possibly want from him… They definitely have different lifestyles, those two.

      You really don’t have to like Verena 😆 Horrors is a pretty appropriate reaction, haha. But yes, we will be seeing more of her again. Though possibly not straight away, because we’re returning back to where we left off last season after this one. 🙂

      Delphine and Damien do have some history. We’ll see if we get to see it. I do quite like Delphine too, but it may be tricky to show a lot of her when she’s wanting to distance herself from all this…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! You’re back with new characters and an insanely interesting introduction ❤

    Billy Bloodlust 😂 (aka Damien) a hot well-proportioned Rock star who explores the boundary between revelation and myth as an unattainable sexy idol.
    Only special guests are allowed to enter. I wonder in what state they are leaving the room again or if they are mysteriously disappearing.
    There are always women and men in other cities who will sacrifice their lives to meet a legend. So far, it seems that Damien is doing brilliantly.
    I think the band should be happy that Damien finds it wise to save them. I recognize Snuffy and have a suspicion that I should recognize the rest as well. The three Musketeers? 🤔…The pictures become a bit blurry.

    Delphine is divinely beautiful. Red and black look good on her pale skin. She is the Underworld’s version of Snow White with eyes that can seduce anyone 😍
    So she had a penchant for Micah? I wonder if it was her who turned him into a vampire?
    If we’ve got the story of his transformation, then my brain is blank.

    I will not say I am happy to see Verena again. My association with scary malicious children is somewhat strained.
    However, I will admit that she has great potential and she is intelligent.
    Alba reacts primitively and lacks the wisdom to see that revenge must be performed far more subtly if the pain is to become total.
    Dang! I’m already scared out of my wits 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Lols well-proportioned, love it! 😆 He’s definitely found his niche! Ah yes, the VIP experience is probably… interesting.

      Damien does try to be practical, would be very inconvenient to have to replace your band all the time when you’ve found your sound, wouldn’t it? You’re right, that’s Snuffy there, and of course we have Yimi on the drums and Mercury on the keyboard 😀

      Ooh, Underworld’s Snow White, I like that! Delphine did like Micah, he allowed her to drag him to a ball, after all… We do technically have this information already, though not in great detail – in case you don’t feel like rereading chapter 1.25, to sum up: It was Verena who turned Micah, (as she did Alba and Damien). Basically everyone she refers to as her children. She did not turn Delphine, though.

      Yes, Verena does not necessarily do snap reactions. One does not get to live for several centuries as a vampire if they are impulsive – or in Alba’s case, listening to someone who thinks things through.

      I’m sure everything will be fiiine. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I read chapter 1.25 right after I posted my comment so I realized that Verena turned Micah into a vampyr. Maybe I should have read it before I commented 🙄
        I had also forgotten that we had seen Delphine before.
        I had certainly completely repressed Verena’s story 😂
        I’m fully updated now.

        Everything will be fine! …. for sure 🤪

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No worries at all, it’s been a long time since we’ve been to Verena’s world! Yes, Delphine is not new (by any definition of the word – she’s almost as old as Verena, relatively speaking 🙂 ). Lol, I don’t blame you!

          That’s the spirit! 😀


  4. Yassss welcome back Plumbob! Long time no comment!

    YES! I get to hit things with improvised wea… I mean, play the drums 😁 Haha, that band cameo of the tea party is awesome. Seeing them appear in all our stories makes my day every time one of them pops up. Also those concert pictures look amazing! Well hello Damien, you’re looking very fine on that stage 😏 first Micah, now Damien… how do you make your vampires so hot, Plumbob? 😂

    Interesting lifestyle that Damien has. And I mean that honestly – we’ve seen Micah struggle to feed and become near-suicidal because of his guilt, Verena and her children hunt and hide, but Damien is out right in the open and not even making a secret of his bloodlust. I don’t know about Delphine, but between those three, Damien definitely seems to have the best deal. All of the perks and a great deal fewer of the drawbacks.

    Whew, Delphine looks very good in red and black, too. Am I sensing some romantic tension between these two? Am shipping it. I can’t remember – did Dephine have those cracks in her skin before, when we met her at the ball with Micah? If not, what happened in the meantime? I wonder where she came from, if Verena didn’t sire her, and why she stays around. Maybe it’s a “stay close to your (possible) enemy” type deal? Hmmmm 🤔

    Hehee, Damien says Verena has no pull on him, then immediately comes running when she calls for him. Looks like she has quite a lot of leverage over him even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

    Ooooh Mt Komorebi! I don’t have that pack so it’s great to see the sights a little 😍 and oh my gods Verena even with the school girl uniform. I should be disturbed but I’m too busy laughing 😂 I wonder what plans she has with Damien’s rock star personality. Especially since she’s after Micah and Hawthorne 0.o use him as a lure? Would Hawthorne be interested in a hot rockstar? Is Hawthorne in a one-man boy band phase? 😂

    Yup. Why kill him when Micah has been a step away from offing himself so many times in the past? It’s much more interesting to see what has kept him alive and what/who made him want to live, and capture, harm or kill that. That’s a way worse punishment than death. Like before, Verena’s mind is a force to be reckoned with. I really shouldn’t be liking Verena so much but I do. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us, Plumbob 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ❤

      Haha yes, should an unforseen vampire attack occur, at least you can defend yourself with the drumsticks! 😁 Perhaps hotness is a side effect of being a vampire… no, that can't be right, they're supposed to be cold, lol. But you know, being attractive would technically help vampires to hunt, so maybe there's something to it…

      Yes, Damien offers a whole new take on being a vampire! He sure seems to think his approach is the best one.

      There maaayy be some romantic tension yes. Of course, with these ancient beings, having a history is always likely… Delphine did have those cracks when we first met her, though the masquerade ball was a great opportunity for her to hide them behind a mask. But we did get a glimpse of them in the coven's house, though admittedly I don't think I did any closeups of her at the time! In any case, since Damien seems to consider them "new," she must have gotten them at some point between her last seeing him, whenever that was, and Cordelia and Morgyn's outing to the Von Haunt Estate.

      Lol, quite right, it would appear he does indeed still answer to Verena to some degree, regardless of what he's saying here.

      Mount Komorebi is beautiful! Verena was always going to relocate, but when Snowy Escape came out I knew I wanted her to live there. I don't know if Verena feels like sharing her plans, so I guess we'll have to wait and see…

      Indeed, Verena knows what she's doing. But who knows, maybe after all this time, she just wants to be friends and has no sinister plans… right? 😇

      Liked by 1 person

  5. First off yaaay welcome back! And BC starts with a smash hit metal concert 😍 that is one heck of a stage. And tea party rockstars look amazing so lets hope damien doesn’t have history repeat itself hehehe… 🤣

    Oof Damien likes Delphine who fancies Micah? Drama right off the bat! Although its not apparent how deep everyone’s feelings run. Maybe it’s something, maybe its nothing. Alba’s feelings are clear as day though 😆 Verena being schemy! So who is going to investigate this new source of power. Delphine wanta no part in it, Alba is too stuck on her own agenda. Damien doesn’t wanna do it. Oof not quite the best picks for Verena here. I wonder how old Damien is. Am also wondering how much Verena knows cuz Alba only caught visions and memories of Hawthorne. Was she able to transfer those visions to Verena? Or is Verena’s knowledge via distant third party through word of mouth than actually having saw the memories. Either way, woo! How exciting! And how prepared/aware are S1 BC cast against Verena? I wonder if they suspect anything via Chloe’s death.

    Hope we get to see Damien and coven’s history and get more info. Why he doesn’t like Verena. Is it personality clash or ideology. How did he get turned. You know. Nosy reader stuff. 😄 it’ll all unfold in time so i guess i have to wait bt cant stop me wondering for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤️ I’m glad you’re liking Tea Party rockstars 😁 Yes Damien better not eat them, otherwise I’d need to have strong words with him! 😆

      I mean, Delphine says it wasn’t like that, so who knows. But in any case the dating and friends pool is smaller when you’re an immortal vampire, heh. I’m hoping we’ll get more of these guys’ history too. Lol yes, Alba is the one vampire that’s very transparent about how she feels 😆

      I know, poor Verena, so many vampy friends and offspring and her accomplice options still leave a lot to be desired (queue the world’s smallest violin 😄). Ooh theories! That’s a lot of questions. I think you will bet some answers to those in the future – some sooner than others 😬

      There will be more interludes this season, though I’m not sure if Damien will get a dedicated one. 😆 His turning was… interesting. 😅 Though you could say that about most vamps, lol. But definitely aiming to answer most of your nosey reader questions here, including how several of our friends became vampires. 😊



    God, she is terrifying.


    Alright, so much to unpack here. I feel like we’re shifting focus to a part of the story that I had kind of locked up in a dark room and hoped not to look at again because I don’t want my Micah getting hurt. Alas, denial can’t last forever, can it?

    What is Verena’s deal here? She has changed locations, but she seems…somehow smaller. She and Alba are hung up on a thing that happened like 20 years ago and I just can’t help but think: this is the best you can do? You’re one of the oldest and most powerful vampires, and you’re still hung up on Micah? Granted, I’m sure they are trying to get to his secrets with feeding, but Verena doesn’t seem like the type to enjoy a vegetarian diet…

    I guess that’s why she seems scarier. She’s…desperate?

    And Damien talks a good game but he is outclassed here. What will his role be in all of this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She sure is back, I hope you missed her!

      Oh yeah, it’s funny that, at the time when Micah freed Cordelia and escaped to the magic realm, everyone was anticipating it would kick him in the bum eventually, but over time it was nice to bury that part of the story away… but nothing stays buried forever, especially not vampires, lol.

      Alba is definitely still hung up on it. Verena… in fairness, we’re not quite sure what she’s thinking here. In any case, 20 years is a relative term when you’re a few centuries old, I suppose 🙂 I’m not sure they know much about Micah’s feeding patterns at the moment, given that all the information they have about him is the glimpse of him and Hawthorne Alba got in Chloe’s memories. I’m sure we’ll find out more about Verena’s plans in due course 🙂

      Haha true, Damien’s talk does not necessarily align with his actions. He’s an interesting one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ::stacks a brick::

        Oh don’t mind me, I’m just here preparing my heart for the rest of the story.

        ::stacks another brick::

        Yep, just building up a wall of denial. You know, because Verena is super powerful and I’m a little worried now that you’ve pointed out that we don’t know her motive.

        ::stacks another brick::

        You know, I think Damien is going to turn out to be a lovely and sweet man who doesn’t cause any trouble at all.

        ::stacks another brick::

        Denial. So nice.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! I am indeed 🙂 Aww I’m glad! There’s three chapters out for season 2 so far, so not too many to catch up on – I only update once a week at the minute, every Wednesday 🙂


  7. As far as my disdain for mass-media depictions of vampires as love interests goes, I can’t fault Damien for cashing in on it. My one note for him is, I get Italy in Eurovision 2021 vibes off of him, and I would rather see some Iceland in Eurovision 2021 vibes, please and thank you. (break to learn Ten Years choreography)

    He gets nerd points back for “mostly gas, actually,” which is word-for-word what I wanted to reply to her. Reality parodies itself.

    Agree with Verena here that the best move here is for them to figure out what information Micah has access too, and I’m going to guess they’re bringing Damien back on board to spy because Micah (and Hawthorne?) won’t recognize him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Damien is fully leaning into the trope and loving it. Haha, yes, he is more along the lines of Eurovision Italy than Iceland, guess he’s limited by his author’s taste in music 😄 But you never know, he’s immortal! Plenty of time for him to experiment with his artistic direction, so he could do it all 😁

      Could not resist there.

      Verena certainly isn’t planning on jumping into anything guns blazing, especially after 20 years. We’ll find out what she wants from Damien… eventually 😅 (what a lame response on my part, I know!)


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