2.3 Unanimous Vote

Luella resisted the urge to crawl back under the duvet. She wasn’t ready for another year of… this. Although this year wouldn’t be exactly the same as the last, would it? Memories of last night started flooding back in. She should have stayed in bed.

Morgyn’s admission of killing their own family was too painful to even think about. But what did she have to distract herself with? Dandelion’s betrayal, when he stormed in and demanded the key? For her… At least that was safely locked away.

Her eyes lingered on the metal box. Should she even wear the necklace? Clearly Dandelion’s unexpected visit meant that she was after it. Maybe keeping the key in the box was the safer-

Luella froze mid-thought. The padlock was loose.

As if in a dream, she reached for the lid, lifting it. She could feel her hand shaking. And then all time lost meaning.

Luella wasn’t sure how long she spent staring at the empty box. Thoughts started swirling in her mind. How could this happen? Clearly she somehow took the key during the ball. Sending Dandelion backfired, so she flat out stole it… Gods, was the whole blowout between Morgyn and the vampire a distraction? Luella felt so stupid.

No, it couldn’t be. Morgyn’s pain was genuine, Luella knew that. The untamed magic sage was set on cutting her extra deep last night, which had to mean they were really hurting… or did it? What did she even really know about Morgyn anymore? I had no problem with setting the house with my own parents inside it ablaze when I was just a child. I can end you.

Luella shuddered. Don’t think about it, she willed herself. Whether Morgyn was involved or not, it would not be a stretch for the vampire to be in on her plans. Luella didn’t know much about him, other than that he was the one person that still awoke some kind of emotion in Morgyn – probably because he didn’t reciprocate.

All of this was making Luella’s head hurt, even though she barely drank last night. Focus, she scolded herself. She shut the box lid with far more force than was needed. The whys and hows could wait. The only thing that mattered was getting the key back.

She stormed out of the room, still in her dressing gown. Before she formulated much of a plan, Darrel-bloody-Charm stopped her in her tracks. The damn man always seemed to be in HQ these days. Apparently New Year’s Day was no exception.

“Simeon can stuff it.” She snapped at him. “I have an emergency of my own.”

Darrel looked underwhelmed. “Would you like me to relay that to Simeon in those exact words?”

“I don’t give a rat’s ass what words you use.” Luella replied, hoping he’d finally get the message and get lost. “Now relay away.”

“I would appreciate it if you treated Darrel with respect, Luella.” She heard the practical magic sage behind her. “I am sure he stressed the importance of this meeting.”

She hated when Simeon called her by her given name. Her original reasons for choosing a new name may have been flawed, but L Faba was her professional name, for better or for worse.

For the most part, Simeon complied with that, apart from when he wanted to make her feel like a child. To remind her she once depended on him, back when she was weak. For all their flaws, Morgyn did at least show her the respect of only ever calling her by the name she chose.

Was she seriously going back to defending Morgyn again already? Oh how she hated herself for it. The damn spell…

“For someone who was in a hurry, you seem to be taking your time responding.” Simeon noted, bringing her back to the present. “I expect to see you downstairs shortly. Preferably dressed.”


For once, Morgyn did not look smug. Still sulking about their vampire, clearly. They looked like they didn’t want to be in this meeting any more than Luella did.

Of course, Darrel Charm was more than eager to take part, pen in hand, ready to take notes. Luella supressed the urge to roll her eyes.

Simeon seemed to take notice, but he did not address her attitude. “Good, everyone’s here. I have called this meeting to address a couple of matters.” The practical magic sage paused for a moment before continuing. “First order of business, I am retiring.”

That is your big emergency?” Morgyn raised an eyebrow. “Unless you are planning to drop dead later today, I don’t see the rush.”

“Unlike you, most people don’t make dying a regular occurrence.” Luella hissed at them.

“This.” Simeon interrupted her. “This is the main matter of urgency. You two can barely be in a room together, let alone agree on anything.”

Neither of them replied. There wasn’t much of a point in objecting the obvious.

“I’m sure you can both think of instances where you hoped to achieve something, but were unable to do so because of the unanimous vote rule.” Simeon continued. “And once I am not here to mediate, getting approval may prove even… trickier, for both of you.”

Where was Simeon going with this, Luella wondered? The practical magic sage had technically taken a mediator role on occasion in the past, but what he was failing to mention was that often times, it was Simeon himself who blocked their ideas. Besides, Morgyn was just going to do whatever they wanted.

“Which is why I believe that today should mark the last unanimous vote.” Simeon concluded. “I propose that from here on out, matters are decided on the basis of a majority vote. That way he two of you will not be bound by needing approval from one another. As long as two sages are in agreement, a proposal could pass. I suspect the alternative would mean no notion ever going ahead, so I see no other way forward.”

Luella and Morgyn’s eyes met. As much as Luella hated to admit it, Simeon had a point. Morgyn would be so petty to shut her down for no good reason at all…

The two sages measured each other up in silence for a moment.

“I agree.” Luella said finally.

“As do I.” Morgyn’s eyes narrowed.

“If we can proceed with the formalities, all those in favour…” Simeon said quickly, placing his wand on the table in front of him. Luella and Morgyn followed suit.

The practical magic sage let out a sigh of apparent relief. “Seems the two of you can agree on something after all. Now, to conclude, the final order of business today, I will be naming Darrel here my successor.”

Luella stopped in her tracks. She had been so focused on Morgyn and what they would do once Simeon retired, she’d hadn’t given second thought to who would actually succeed Simeon. In all honesty, she had completely forgotten about Darrel’s presence in the room altogether.

She glanced at the spellcaster to her right. He seemed ecstatic- or as ecstatic as Darrel ever got. Darrel’s well-contained emotions were clearly one thing Simeon approved of.

Darrel Charm. He was so uninspiring, and unlike his sister, lacked any form of exceptional abilities – unless kissing the sages’ behinds for decades classed as an ability in Simeon’s books.

“Absolutely not.” She turned back to Simeon. “Darrel Charm is no sage, I told you this 20 years ago!”

Darrel did not say anything to defend himself, but Simeon was quick to respond. “And you still hold the same opinion, after Darrel’s dedicated years of service to the realm?”

“Years of service do not substitute for talent! You cannot be serious…”

Simeon frowned. “Who I choose as my successor is my decision, and mine only.”

There was no way Luella was spending her days living under the same roof as not only Morgyn, but now Darrel Charm as well. She could not let this happen. Time to improvise.

“Untrue. We just took a vote that determined all official business of the realm must have the support of at least two sages.

The old sage stared at her. “Obviously that does not include the matter of succession. Sages have always chosen their successors as they saw fit. The need for the realm to have three sages at all times supersedes anything else, naturally.”

“Naturally? You said you propose all matters are decided on the basis of a majority vote from here on out, no caveats.” She gave Simeon a victorious smile.

“This is ridiculous!” Simeon huffed. “Are you suggesting that the realm operate without a practical magic sage? Because you know that’s not possible. Or do you propose that I work until the day I drop dead, as Morgyn had put it?”

Luella’s head turned to the untamed magic sage at the mention of them. It occurred to her Morgyn had been unusually quiet. She’d chalked it up to them moping about the vampire, but looking at them now, there was a smug grin on Morgyn’s face.

“If we are putting this issue to a vote, I think you are both jumping to conclusions about where my vote would lie.” Morgyn leaned back in their chair.

Luella was gobsmacked. Morgyn loathed Darrel Charm, she knew that much.

Were they really going to support his ascension to a sage only to spite her?

“You wouldn’t…”

“There’s merits to both cases here, of course.” Morgyn beamed, making themselves comfortable. “I really need to think it through, weigh up all the pros and cons…”

“Stop this nonsense at once!” Simeon raised his voice. “This is not a time for another one of your squabbles. My successor is not negotiable.”

“Oh, but I think L Faba already pointed out the contrary.” Morgyn cooed. “The way I see it, the decision now rests in my hands. What will I ever do…”

Simeon rubbed his temples. “This meeting is adjourned. Until you’ve both come to your senses, Darrel is the acting sage of practical magic. I am retiring no matter what. Enough is enough.”

“I suppose that gives me more time to ponder.” Morgyn replied sweetly.

“Oh shut up. We get it, you have nothing better to do, because all of your loves have abandoned you.” Luella spouted at them. “So go cry about it… oh wait, you’d have to actually be capable of feelings to do that. Tough luck, I guess you’ll just have to go burn some more people alive…”

It felt good in the moment, especially that split moment of getting a reaction out of Morgyn. But their expression hardened almost instantly.

“Maybe I will.” Their voice was ice-cold.

Luella didn’t quite know what to say. All her words did was remind her that she was the one stuck loving a monster. She turned around, heading out of the door.

She did not expect to see Dandelion in HQ, second day in a row. Dandelion.

The key. Suddenly, what mattered came back to her.

“Dandy! The key, it’s missing!” She told him, suddenly feeling frantic again.

He didn’t seem fazed. “I know. I have it.”

She could not believe it. Dandelion. Not the vampire, but her sweet Dandelion was the one who stole the key? Why did she always get betrayed by those she loved the most?

“She can’t have it.” She whispered. “Dandy, please…”

“I brought it back, didn’t I? It’s yours. You can have them both. Do you even know what they open, Lulu?”

She stared at him, incapable of answering. Did this mean he’d used them already? What did she have him do? Did it even matter that he was returning the key now? What was before them? The world was spinning and she wanted to cry.

“Lulu.” Dandelion repeated her name, making her snap back to reality. She studied his face. He looked so calm. So grown up. “We need to talk.”

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  1. Wow, Lulu looks so tired in the beginning. Either the past few days have aged her or it’s the power of make up. Maybe both? I guess those unresolved feelings for Morgyn are taking a toll.

    The fact that Morgyn is in power makes me unhappy 😒 Poor Simeon just wants to retire in peace and everyone else is using the opportunity to power play. I think we are all Simeon here.

    But the Dandy appearance at the end makes me happier 😊 So next chapter is a heartbreaking conversation between Lulu and Dandy? I can’t help but feel Dandy is getting darker and darker… noooo… stay wholesome 😭

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    1. Haha, she does normally wear quite a bit of makeup so not having any would make a difference 😀 But as you say, I don’t think she’s had a great deal of sleep last night after the “fun” exchange at the New Years’ Eve ball so I’d agree it’s a combination.

      Morgyn, on the other hand, seems rather pleased about it. I know, Simeon was just trying to future proof and it backfired on him colossally.

      We will be seeing Dandy and Lulu’s chat in the next chapter, yes – no promises on which way it will go. Ah, well Dandy was essentially the equivalent of a very young teen when we first met him, so his original level of wholesome may not be retainable as he navigates through life, but who knows. He is currently in a rather dark place (who in BC isn’t though, lol), we’ll see where he goes from here.

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  2. First, it strikes me. Lulu is dazzlingly beautiful after her makeover ❤

    Simeon is planning his retirement. His idea that old customs should cease and that everything should in future be adopted by a simple majority, rather than complete unity between sages, seemed practical, logical. Just as one would expect a practical sage to resonate.
    The relationship between Lulu and Morgyn is devastating and prevents agreement. However, not in this matter.
    Ironically, it may be Simeon’s choice of their joint avertion Darrel Charm that can make the other two sages stick together.
    But even the most logical analytical sage can not predict how the more anachistic sages will resonate.
    Lulu points out that they have just agreed that “everything” must be adopted by a simple majority, and old customs have ceased.
    This brings Morgyn to the place they always strive for … in the absolute center of power.

    Maybe I’m overanalyzing here … I love your description of the endless tug of war between the three sages. Everything is put at the forefront here but democracy is really not straightforward.
    Verena rules by simple dictatorship.
    I’m waiting to see who wins in the end, but before then I expect lots of drama.

    Once again, Lulu feels deceived by the person closest to her. Sweet Dandy. Fortunately, infatuation is not something that inflames their relationship.
    Dandy has grown up and hopefully Lulu will do it soon.

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    1. I think her current look definitely is more flattering than the really bold one she had at the beginning of the story. She is very pretty and the amount of makeup she had to begin with was hiding it in a way.

      Yes, Simeon is trying to ensure some continuity, and yes, you would think joint contention for Darrel could bring the other two sages together, but apparently no such luck.

      Endless tug of war is a very accurate description! We’ve not seen that many of the realm’s official dealings in season one, but I’d imagine they are exhausting, with all the pettiness and power play involved.

      “democracy is really not straightforward.” Hold on to that thought! 🙂

      Yes, Verena does not ask others for opinions, that’s for sure 😀

      Dandy has grown up! Lulu technically is a grownup (and arguably had to be one for much longer than he has, from so early on), but in some ways she’s definitely still immature. Not that that’s fully her fault, with her quite literally being under a spell that prevents her from moving on from certain things; and moving on is so important when it comes to growth!

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  3. You left the story hanging hereee!!!???? My heart!!?!?!? xDDD

    First impressions, wow. I’ve gotten to know cold Faba who always seems collected no matter what, then calm and lovely Faba from the past, and now this chapter is tensed, stressed out, hurting and spiteful Faba. Oof. I do like the glimpses into her many sides even if they aren’t exactly happy. I didn’t expect the passing down of the sage title to be so complicated. Thought it was a matter of Sage and selected person and a spell between them. I guess it makes sense that they also need to be recognised socially.

    You know, I can’t help but point out that Faba is very capable of breaking Morgyn’s façade. Cordy was too late last season, but Morgyn only retorts towards Faba. Which makes me wonder if somewhere deep down they actually feel considerably for her. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt or cause a reaction if they didn’t feel anything anymore right? But ofc, it could be that she knows them well enough to press all the right buttons is all haha! Nice to see Morgyn losing their composure.

    Thought in passing: Darrel keeping his emotions well hidden? What happened to that guy with disgust permanently etched on his face when he looked at Cordy? Now I want to put those two in the same room and see how much of a chameleon Darrel has become, or he’s really just wearing a sheepskin in front of the sages.

    I’m really liking the henna on Faba. Is it purely aesthetic? Part of the story? Checking casually for stuff on other peeps. *looks suspiciously at fully covered Dandy* xD

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    1. Eeeebil me! I’m sure you would never leave readers on a cliffhanger like that… oh, wait 😛

      Ooh, that’s so interesting that you saw Faba as collected, in my mind she was quite far from that, but I suppose she does put on a good front 🙂 Although we have seen her flip on quite a few occasions in the past too 🙂 Oh, I’ve actually randomly just remembered you once told me that we don’t know much about L Faba and that it would be nice to see her be less 2D, and I did promise she would have many more Ds by the end of season one 😀 Hopefully this means I have delivered on that promise!

      You’re right, passing down the sage title is normally not this complicated and does not need other sages’ approval, though there is an ascension ceremony for the new sage as we saw in the interludes last season. But yes, typically it would just be up to the current sage to decide on their successor, because as Simeon says here, ensuring the realm has three sages at all times is more important than anything else. It’s only when the realm is required to take an official position on something that something would typically be put to a vote. Except this vote sort of backfired, with L Faba trying to make the way it was worded to work to her advantage… which then backfired on her. Oh dear.

      They do say the first cut is the deepest. Though they also say it’s a thin line between love and hate. I’ll let you decide which cliché applies here, haha. But you have a point, why bother throwing sticks under someone’s feet if you are indifferent about them?

      Ah, well BC is only as reliable as the narrator and whoever’s POV we’re getting. As you say, Cordelia is someone Darrel considers completely beneath him, while the sages are the highest you can go in the magical world. Chances are your boss (who can incidentally make or break your promotion) will have a very different view of who you are than, say, your parents’ neighbours whose house you egged when you were a teenager. That’s a terrible analogy, but you know what I mean 😀

      Dandy and L Faba both have the henna, they always have 🙂 The version of L Faba that I have came that way, and I made Dandy match since I figured it could be an elf thing.

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      1. Oh yes im enjoying Faba’s many Ds. (This sentence is so disturbing hahahaha) i like it really, though its sad that she’s just as alone as most of your MCs are lol. Yeah her cold collected front impressed upon me and even when she was young and had so much going on, i thought for her age, she handled everything rather collectedly so that impression sealed. I didn’t realise that about her henna though. Im obviously blind haha.

        K no sheepskin for Darrel. Give ving him a slimy snakeskin.

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        1. Well here I am, 30 years and change, staying up all night reading a whole story like I did when I was 8. I found your legacy story through the family tree website, then this one from there, and I haven’t been able to put it down since!

          The story you’ve created here is… I won’t say good, because it’s far too frustrating for that, but it’s beautifully crafted and very well thought out. And attention grabbing, obviously 🤣.

          I’m always blown away when people are able to create three dimensional characters out of nothing (or the sims, which is practically the same thing lol) and you’ve done a great job of that.

          I hope that Luella’s talk with Dandelion opens her eyes a bit. And I hope even more so that sometime in the future Morgyn realizes that a good majority of their pain has been self inflicted.

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          1. Hi, welcome! Don’t feel bad, I’m in my thirties too and spend too much time writing a simlit story, so not sure what that says about me 😆That’s neat that the Plum Tree brought you all the way here 🙂

            Haha, thank you, I know these guys are very frustrating 😀

            I think TS4 works really nicely for storytelling, there’s enough to get you started but at the same time they’re enough of a blank canvas to keep control of the story (unlike, say, TS2 sims who really have a mind of their own). As infuriating as they are, these characters are definitely my babies 🙂

            Fingers crossed Luella’s chat with Dandy goes well! You’re right, Morgyn is not really doing themself any favours!

            Thanks again for reading!


  4. The way you have styled Luella in the first pictures makes her look so much like someone I know that I almost thought she was cameoing. OMG. Right, I’m over that fright now, on to the show.

    I’m loving that shrine to Tragic Clown. What an apt painting for the current mischief sage. Oh Dandy, rookie thief mistake leaving the padlock loose. Luckily for you, Lulu doesn’t think you’re capable of doing anything by yourself, so you won’t be getting a smacked bum.

    Micah’s been visiting HQ for 20 years, you think Luella would’ve gotten to know him a bit, right? Unless he went straight up to Morgyn’s room each time. Hmm.

    Ah, Darrel, you wet blanket. But it’s Simeon who gets poked in the eye this chapter. Don’t belittle your fellow sage by using her other name, you beige hole. And don’t tell her what to wear! Her robe is oodles classier than whateverthefuck you’re donning. Ugh.

    I wonder if there’s an anti-infatuate spell. I’m guessing not as Luella would have cast it… or would she? I mean, she doesn’t want to love Morgyn, but she might be motivated enough by artificial love to keep it. I know what I mean.

    And the decision is… majority vote! Aw, OK. *puts reader vote ballot box in bin*

    Kissing ass for decades is quite the skill especially with that beard. Darrel’s lips look in good shape; he must’ve used so much lip balm during his tenure.

    Two references to Simeon dropping dead soon. Bye bye Simon Stinkysweater, I predict.

    I wonder how much Luella knows about what the key opens. GAH cliffhanger. 😫

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      1. I like word vomit!

        Haha, what are the odds! Luella’s appearance doesn’t here isn’t based on anyone I know IRL, guess we aren’t the same persona fter all. Aww.

        I can’t take credit for the tragic clown shrine, it came with my version of HQ, but I agree, it’s very apt. I gutted that part of the building to make space for L Faba’s room, but had to keep the shrine. I like to think it was Haruka’s oringinally and Lulu kept it when she got the room, though it’s probably not something she would have wanted to have installed herself 😊

        I’m sure that L Faba being the hospitable and lovely person she is, especially towards Morgyn’s visitors, she would have invited Micah for tea and biscuits on his many visits and they had a good old chat about how loving Morgyn sucks and they hate it. More serious response, I guess that depends on how often Micah actually visited HQ over the years, and how much of their free time you think Luella and Morgyn willingly spend in each other’s vicinity. HQ is a big place 😊

        In fairness, we don’t really know why Simeon called her by her actual name, maybe the poor dude really is turning senile 😁 After all, he’s well over a 100 years old, and he’d known her for 30 odd years before she even started calling herself L Faba.

        Interesting speculation! If there was a way to dispell… the spell (wow, my language faculties are at their height this morning lol), would L Faba try to break her spell, or is the spell itself preventing her from wanting to do that? We’ll be spending more time with L Faba in this season than we did in the last, so perhaps we’ll find out more about where she’s at on that.

        Sorry! Feel free to leave the reader vote in the suggestion box for the sages to consider next time they vote!

        Lmao, I’ll see if Darrel will share his recipe for keeping his lips from getting chapped. A sentence I never thought I would say, haha.

        Ooh, death predictions! Fun!

        Ah, oops, cliffhanger again, sorry about that. I did actually genuinely consider putting their conversation in this kne, but the chapter would be far too long. I totally don’t do it on purpose. Lalala ❤️

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        1. No, gigantic clown portrait doesn’t really fit with the flowery elegance thing Faba’s got going on but maybe that’s why I like it; clashing styles. Does anyone even use the original Magic HQ? Most unmagical building ever.

          Ah, yes this is L Faba we’re talking here, so I’m guessing socialising with your lover’s new beau is not on the agenda. What a shame; she could have learned an awful lot.

          “Maybe Simeon’s just senile!” Maybe I am too, I referred to her as Luella through my comment. My justification is that was how narrator was referring to her and this is Faba’s POV. 😉

          I’m glad you understood what the heck I was trying to say there about the spell, lol. Looking forward to more Faba POV!

          Sometimes chapters just get too long and have to end at a point immediately after a revealing sentence, I get you. 😆

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          1. I know, I have way too many alternative saves for BC for backup and flashback purposes and the other day I opened up one where I haven’t replaced HQ yet, and my first reaction was that stuff wasn’t loaded or they’d been robbed – it’s so empty!

            Indeed, she could have learned a thing or two.

            Lol! You’re allowed to refer to her however you wish, her own fault for having too many names 😆 Confusingly enough she actually still thinks of herself as Luella, which is why I used that name in the narration, but professionally she prefers L Faba (I actually have a reason for why that is but I won’t bore you 😅). Clearly she doesn’t really mind when Dandelion calls her Lulu, so her reaction is probably more to do with perceived intent 😊

            What can you do, it was the only plausible cut off point 😬

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              1. Haha, ok, but it’s really not that interesting. Luella never necessarily felt the need to shed her old identity the way Morgyn did when she changed her name (since there were significant differences between their childhoods), but of course, she would never admit that she only took on a new name because Morgyn had once suggested it, especially once their relationship ended. So naturally she leaned into the whole professional name thing as her reasoning, not at all any sentimental reasons… perhaps she insisted on it so much that by this point, she’s even convinced herself, we all know these guys are excellent at lying to themselves, after all 😀

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  5. I still ship those two so hard🤣 oooo I wonder how this conversation between her and Dandy is gonna go. We’re three episodes into the new season and I’m living for the thick drama!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you are stubborn! Probably not as stubborn as these two sages, though 😆

      Glad you’re enjoying the drama, definitely off to a less smooth start then we were last season! Or maybe we aren’t, we just see more of what’s under the sirface this time around 😉


  6. F Faba is so incredibly fixated on Cordelia being dangerous. She’s unable to see any other possibility, just like she’s unable to stop loving Morgyn. Oh geez, and even Dandelion’s demand is immediately treated like a “betrayal”.

    I wonder if Lulu has ever tried to find out what her key unlocked in the first place. She’s had it for literal decades, without knowing what it did or why she needed to keep it away from Cordelia’s mum. If it were me I’d be at least a little curious. I wonder if she linked it together with losing her people to fire and just doesn’t want to think about it now, and Cordelia is a living reminder of what happened.

    Aah, so that’s what Simeon had in mind. He kind of goofed on the timing of those two motions, didn’t he? First making sure 2 sages had to be in agreement on everything important, and then trying to shove Darrel forward as his replacement. Then again, if it had been Darrel to put forward that idea, I can imagine Faba and Morgyn both balking and refusing to agree.

    Ugh, and of course Morgyn immediately goes on a power trip. For crying out loud. Just let the guy retire UGGHHH. Wait. Simeon said it – he’s retiring no matter what. If there is no practical magic sage, the realm will fall apart. Don’t worry, Simeon. This is a problem that will eventually solve itself. Hopefully. I’m throwing a potato at Morgyn and Faba both for not just allowing the guy to retire in peace, though. Dear lord.

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    1. I know, she’s become so jaded. It’s very sad, if you think about how open-minded she once was when she was younger. But I guess that didn’t work out too well for her.

      Good question! I suppose we’ll find out soon 🙂

      Haha, he did goof a bit. Though in his defence, naming Darrel his successor was never supposed to be a subject for voting, it was intended to be a swift announcement at the end of the meeting. The voting changes were only supposed to ease passing decisions that already would have been subject to voting under the old system, not invite voting on additional matters. But he did word that very poorly. Clearly the magic realm could use a bit more paperwork on specifying their rules rather than just agreeing verbally, but tradition and all that 😀 In any case, the proposal to changing the voting system was Simeon’s, so naming his successor and then prodding his successor to put forward Simeon’s ideas instead of his own is probably the opposite of what Simeon is trying to do here; unlike Morgyn and Faba he’s hoping to relinquish some control 🙂

      Yep, of course Morgyn will go on a power trip 😀 You’re right, Morgyn and Faba are once again making this whole thing about them, when all Simeon is trying to do is finally retire at the age of 107. Poor dude. 😅 Oof, would Simeon have the nerve to risk the realm collapsing, though? He’s been so dedicated to it all his life. Then again, he’s getting on a bit, and won’t live forever, so he may not have a choice!

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      1. Haha, clearly I would make for a terrible sage, because my very first thought when Morgyn and Faba started being difficult again was “fine, Simeon is retiring no matter what, so either fall in line or watch the world around you crumble to dust, you mannerless bloody toddlers” 😂

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  7. I am going to scream at these characters even though they can’t hear me. Let me start with the good. Lulu’s hair looks fantastic. Morgyn, damn them, looks great. Simeon’s beard works for him. His plan to make all votes a majority worked, though Morgyn will find a way to bend that to their will.

    Now, onto Lulu. I need her and Morgyn to move on. The fact that her mind immediately went to Hawthrone’s mama like SHE IS EVEN THINKING ABOUT YOU. Sigh. And even when Dandy shows up, she is not willing to allow that she did something wrong.

    I just…you cut the tension at that table with a knife! And Lulu trying to hurt Morgyn and vice versa.

    I fear this is going to consume them and they won’t be ready for the vampires…

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    1. Lulu looks great even when she’s upset. Maybe it’s an elf thing. 🙂 Simeon’s plan simultaneously worked and backfired at the same time. What are the odds of that happening? 😀 Morgyn will definitely try to make things work in their favour, obviously.

      There’s being determined, there’s being stubborn, and there’s… whatever you’d call this 😀 Yes, absolutely. Morgyn and Luella are far too focused on hurting each other to even consider the impact of their actions. Definitely not ideal when we know there’s vampires on the horizon. Which, in fairness, they have no idea about – it’s been 20 years since their last encounter with Verena, so who could know it’s now when she’s entering the picture again… Still, wouldn’t hurt for them to actually consider what they’re doing beyond getting each other’s skin.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Lu, I see a lot of “taking what Morgyn says at face value” happening, and it’s going to be really bad for your skin. Cue long, drawn-out GIIIIIRL.

    Oooh, oooh, I just had a bit of a head-explody moment when I realized what this portion of the story is saying about the relative schools of magic. Most of the focus up to now has been on mischief and untamed magic, both of which are risky and have drastic consequences for their wielders, but little has been said about the potential dangers of practical magic. The core mindset behind practical magic seems to be small, incremental changes over time, and while each spell on its own isn’t that powerful, they add up. A good practical-magic sage would be able to manipulate their surroundings through diligence and planning, and because it doesn’t have any of the flashy kickbacks of the other two classes, no one would notice what they were doing. It’s like the difference between a supervillain lobbing fireballs at people in broad daylight and a CEO encouraging people to focus on personal responsibility in order to distract them from larger systemic problems the corporate world creates.

    My theory is that Darrel actually understands this aspect of practical magic on a deep level. He does have the talent, given that he’s been quietly working for years to put himself in the forefront of Simeon’s mind when it came time to choose a successor. Forget natural ability, it’s that kind of boring, bureaucratic diligence that leads to lasting change. Lulu just isn’t seeing it because Darrel isn’t running around screaming HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I’M A MANIPULATIVE NARCISSIST like some other people we could name.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’d think after all these years she’d know better. I’ll blame it on the love spell.

      Ooooooh I like your head-explody moment! That is a pretty spot on analysis of the different schools of magic, yes.

      And you’ve even got a shiny theory to go along with it! We don’t really know enough about Darrel yet to confirm or deny this either way, so I’d say until proven otherwise any theory is fair game. In any case it’s true that Lulu is not particularly aligned with the practical magic approach to be in a position to know whether Darrel would or wouldn’t be a suitable candidate. Which of course is why the sages would have previously just named their own successors…

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