2.4 Locked Away

Dandelion followed the mischief sage to her quarters. He felt conscious of the silence between them. Seemed every time he saw Lulu, there was more and more of a strain on their relationship.

Could he take it all back? He felt conflicted about everything, and wasn’t sure what she even really knew, but felt strangely appreciative of her for shielding him away from a truth he wasn’t prepared for.

She cut into his stream of thought. “What did she promise you?”

The warmth Dandelion felt towards her quicky turned into frustration. He already didn’t know how to explain what he learned last night, and this was not helping. “I told you yesterday, Cordie did not ask for the key. She has no idea I have either of them. She doesn’t even know where they belong.”

“Do you seriously expect me to believe that-“

“You don’t know where they belong either, do you?” He interrupted her gently but firmly, sitting down beside her.

“They belong with me! I think you’re trying to change the subject.” Her eyes narrowed. “I’m having a hard time imagining that you just woke up one day and decided to steal my key on a whim.”

“Fine, it was Hawthorne’s idea – not to steal the key, that was me – but to find out where it leads.” Dandelion admitted.

Lulu huffed. “So it was her daughter, as if that is a whole other thing. Oh so very different…”

He wanted to shake her. She was so stuck.

“Lulu stop!” He didn’t know what else to say, but he had to make her see reason somehow.

“Just stop!” He repeated desperately. “I need you. Please. You need to understand, because if you won’t understand, then nobody will. I suddenly have all this past I don’t know what to do with and this man who is supposed to be my father and I feel nothing!”

The words all poured out, and Dandelion suddenly felt like he was going to fall apart. He buried his face in his hands.

He expected her to get back to continuing her loop, but she didn’t. In fact, the mischief sage said nothing at all.

“Lulu?” he turned towards her. The look on her face was sheer confusion.

“I… I don’t… What happened?”

She was the one who always knew what to do, but now she was struggling to even form a sentence.

Dandelion took a deep breath. Just start at the start, he told himself. “Hawthorne found an old castle ruin in Britechester, and figured out her key, the one that used to be Cordie’s, fit in the door. But it needed another one. Yours. So we unlocked it and… He was behind it.”

“Your father?” She asked quietly.

He couldn’t bring himself to say the words. “An old elf. His name is Silveril.”

Lulu flinched at the name. “I know. He was my uncle. Is my uncle.” She corrected herself. “But… what’s he doing there? He’s alive… after all this time, he’s still alive, and he’s not even far…”

“Dandy, I’m so sorry. I had no idea uncle Silveril was still alive. Him and aunt Cedmé sailed somewhere hen I was little, and then when you came to live with us and father was upset like never before I thought… I thought something terrible happened… like it did to us afterwards.”

She wasn’t looking at him anymore. She was sat right next to him, but it felt as if she was a million miles away.

“To Syeldell?” Dandelion asked, reaching for her hand.

“Syeldell.” She repeated, her voice barely a whisper.

“I know what happened in Syeldell.” He told her. “It burned down.”

She nodded. “It’s been so long since I’ve heard someone speak the name out loud… Dandy, I can still see the flames. Sometimes, when I close my eyes. People screaming. The smell of a world burning….”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” She stopped herself mechanically.

“It was you that saved me, wasn’t it?” He asked.

She shook her head. “I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just following father’s orders. If it wasn’t for him, we’d both be dead, with the rest of them…”

She was crying. Dandelion had never seen her cry. All his life, she was always so strong.

He wrapped her in his arms and let her cry. It felt like he was supposed to cry too. They both lost their home and family, didn’t they?

But no tears were coming. It was a home he didn’t remember, a family he didn’t know. He just felt empty.

She pulled away abruptly. “Wait. Why was uncle Silveril locked behind that door? Did she imprison him? Gods, and I had one of the keys this whole time…”

“No,” Dandelion interrupted her, his voice stronger than he expected. “Nobody imprisoned him. He transportalated to the room castle when it was already locked. He imprisoned himself. To guard a well. He… he’s been guarding a stupid well for over 70 years.”

Anger inexplicably washed over him. Why? He didn’t know this man. Who cared if Silveril sat by a well for another 70 years, or a century? He could stay there for an eternity, for all Dandelion cared.

Lulu seemed baffled. “That makes no sense.”

“I know it doesn’t.” He replied sharply. “But that’s what he’s doing.”

“If I had any idea he was so close… I would have told you, Dandy. I should have told you.”

“No. You were right.” He stopped her. “All this time I wanted answers, and now that I know where we came from and why… I’d rather if I didn’t. You were right not to tell me. I was happier for it.”

Her face was all upset as she looked at him. He hated seeing her like this. He just wanted to go back to how things were. How they were supposed to be.

“I don’t care about the past. I don’t need a father. You were my father, and you were my mother. You’re the only family I need. The only family I want.”

She gave him a sad smile, shaking her head. “I’d give anything to have my father back, Dandy. Uncle Silveril was always kind to me. I’d try to get to know him, if I were you.”

Dandelion felt his face growing stiff. His anger was shifting towards her for some strange reason. This was stupid. He didn’t want to be angry at her. She was the last person he should be angry at.

“Here.” He handed both of the keys to her, trying his best to stay calm. “If you want to know him, you can. Like I said, the keys are yours. I’ll stick to how things are.”


Morgyn finally found some time to be alone. New Year’s Eve had been… challenging. And of course, it had to be this very morning Simeon would decide to do something slightly less predictable than usual.

At least they managed not to set HQ on fire. Came close to it last night on the balcony, when L Faba, the worst person possible, decided to poke them right after the heated exchange with Micah. But Morgyn managed to stay in control.

That did not change the fact Micah was gone. Done with them, this time for good. Off to skip into the sunset with Cordelia.

As they should. That was the plan, Morgyn told themselves. It was always the plan. If anything, it took the to of them far too long.

Plans change. This one did a long time ago.

Morgyn ignored the demon. Plans were irrelevant. Things rarely turned out the way the sage planned. Morgyn was far better at improvising.

The untamed magic sage sat on the ground, tracing the soil beneath them with their fingers absent-mindedly.

All they needed was a new distraction. A decent distraction. Messing with L Faba at the meeting this morning helped a little, but Morgyn couldn’t squeeze more than a few days out of that one. They would have to find a way to break the news without L Faba finding it validating, but the untamed magic sage did agree with her.

Darrel Charm was not sage material, and always acted far too agreeable to be trusted, far too agreeable for someone who had once threatened Micah and Cordelia. Morgyn could not stand being around him – if anything, their initial reaction to Simeon retiring was that they would finally not have to tolerate Darrel’s presence.

But apparently the old man had gone senile. The practical magic sage was focusing all precaution on the existing sages instead of facing outwards. Perhaps that had always been Simeon’s way. Needless to say, L Faba’s quick wit at the meeting had been a blessing. Not that Morgyn was intending on telling her that.

In any case, a more long-term distraction was in order. Perhaps Morgyn could find a bloody practical magic sage replacement, since that was apparently in order now. The sage groaned at the thought. So practical. So boring. Were they turning into Simeon?

In the past, their go-to distraction would typically be a new lover. Glimmerbrook and the surrounding area had once been filled with intriguing prospects. Why were they all so dull now? Limited to nuisance, the likes of Gemma Charm… Was this a by-product of long-term monogamy? Or was Micah really that special?

Of course Micah was special. Micah was the one.

Morgyn dismissed the thought immediately. The one. How pathetic. They once thought L Faba was the one, didn’t they? No. That was not a place in their past Morgyn was willing to go to.

Why were they so out of sorts? Had they learned nothing in all these years? Love was replaceable. Love was a lie.

And yet, that did not stop the fire from burning.

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  1. Huh, that conversation went much better than I thought it would. No raised voices, at least. I feel like they should have these talks more often.
    Dandy might be in a dark place but he’s nowhere near as dark as Morgyn, lol. They’re brooding over lost love and might just end up torching themselves if they’re not careful. Doubt we’ll be rid of them that easily though, so it’s just my wishful thinking…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For once, two people in BC that don’t entirely hate each other’s guts, let’s celebrate! They should talk more often, yes. Even here they barely scratched the surface.

      (Funnily enough I wrote their conversation twice and both turned out completely differently, since they’re both in a pretty unpredictable place. Makes you think about how a single sentence can completely change a course of events! In any case, out of the two attempts this one is the one that flowed better, so that’s what you’re getting 🙂 )

      Dandelion is feeling numb, but definitely nowhere near Morgyn’s levels of dark, lol. I can almost see you adding fuel to the flame there 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Every time Dandy saw Lulu he felt there was more of a strain, hey? I wonder if this is simply due to them growing apart, the events of the last few days or whether something else is at work here. Aw, he realises that she hid the truth for his benefit? So, she knew about the secret elves and the baby well? Oh no, wait, she doesn’t, unless she’s just very good at lying.

    “He’s been guarding a stupid well for over 70 years.” When you put it like that, it does sound mental. Aww, Dandy. Such a lot of information in such a tiny space of time. Can elf heads explode? I feel his may explode soon. Not knowing how to feel and just wanting to pretend it never happened speaks volumes about his maturity. I wonder if he’s ever even known trauma before. Poor Dandelion. 😔

    The scene starts with the word ‘Morgyn’ and I roll my eyes. Right, here we go. Did Morgyn plan to offload Micah on to Cordelia or is this a defence thing to cope with the loss, I wonder. Haha, no one like Darrel. I’d feel sorry for him, but I don’t like him either.

    Micah was the one? Hm, OK. Morgyn has so many conflicting thoughts and patterns, I’m not surprised that they constantly whirl around, half headless and non-directional. Oh, here comes the fire. Um, Morgyn, sweetie… might wanna get a bucket of water on tha— oh, never mind.

    How many times can a spouse claim life insurance? Asking for a friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Likely a combination of things. Their relationship ahs definitely changed over the years. I’m not sure he realises her reasoning for shielding him from the truth was for his benefit, but he does believe he benefitted, if that makes sense. He definitely preferred not knowing, so he agrees with her decision.

      Haha yes, chilling next to a well for 70 years is pretty drastic, even with an elven life span 😀 Poor Dandy. That’s a good point you raise about his previous experiences of trauma. He’s certainly been very cushioned over in Sylvan Glade. He even mentions in this chapter that he’s never even seen Luella cry.

      Lol I see the word Morgyn triggers an allergic reaction in you. As you point out, Morgyn is the definition of unreliable narrator with how much they love to lie to themself, so hard to say if they really intended for Micah and Cordelia or not. Bhahaha, poor Darrel. So unloved.

      Morgyn spends a great deal of time arguing with themself. Must be exhausting.

      Ha, you have me wondering if an insurance company would or wouldn’t be willing to insure Morgyn. On one hand they’ve been pretty prone to dying, but they do have a tendency of coming back too. Does that mean the company would need to pay out or not? Hmm…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor Dandy. He tortures himself, but how can he expect to have a lot of feelings for a father he has never known?
    Lulu is the only one of the two who can remember her past and family and she feels a great sadness.
    I love to see how the conversation develops and to see the close bond that exists between the two. I love how Dandy comforts her.
    Lulu is very beautiful and it suits her to put the anger aside.

    Morgyn has too many emotions and is once again fighting with their demons. They balance as always on a knife edge. A fire is burning on all sides.
    I see I was wrong when I assumed that Morgyn would be on top of the world right now. It is just the opposite.
    As a drug addict, their strategy so far has been to soothe the emotions with a drug …. Countless love affairs or whatever else may distract them from getting in touch with the demons. Thus, they have left behind an endless array of broken hearts and hatred.
    Much against Morgyn’s will, Micah still lights a fire.
    I think I’m the only one who has a soft spot for Morgyn, although I do not approve of their methods.
    I wonder if that fire really is always as destructive as they expect?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dandy is definitely feeling pretty detached from his father, but that’s understandable, yes. Lulu and Dandy may not be as close as they once used to be, but they have a long history and were once all each other had, so that won’t go away easily. Lulu’s had a rough couple of days, the way things have been piling up on her she did finally break down. Whether that means she’s let go of her prejudices is another story.

      Yep, Morgyn is not quite on top of the world 😅 They certainly like to do their best to make it look like they are, though, so I can’t say I blame you for thinking that in the last chapter. Morgyn is so used to dismissing their emotions they probably don’t even know how they feel themself anymore. You’re not the only one who feels for Morgyn, though it’s not a popular club, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hmm.. Lulu is stuck. :\ Very. Extremely. I see her reasons. But she’s so adamant about Cordy. As if Cordy were the embodiment of everything that is wrong in Faba’s life or smth. Anyway, I’m over-dramaticising things 😀 Makes things more intense. I like having Dandy’s pov. It’s very clear how much he looks up to Faba. He’s opening the floodgates but he himself can’t participate or understand Faba’s pain. Welp. The drawbacks of living so long and a pristine memory. I’m in awe and feeling sorry for faba.

    He’s been guarding a stupid well for over 70 years. 🤣 Dandy’s this thought made me laugh. Ahh.. Sweet Dandy. I don’t think he understands love if he couldn’t understand why his dad did it. Or maybe he doesn’t want to understand. Still in denial about the whole thing and finding some way to distant himself from the man er elf. Dandy’s in a tough spot. Envisioning the moment where he eventually breaks the news to Cordy. After this denial phase ofc. Oof yeouch. Yup I get you, better to pretend it all never existed than to have to face that kind of responsibility and be the one who wrecks Cordy’s already wrecked life.

    Micah was the one? Wow. What? I didn’t expect this development this early. Then again they’ve chosen Micah again and again last season. So much pride talking here though. But at least they agree with me on Darrel. Yes. Please. No Darrel. xD Emilia can be the next Practical Sage. Dangit if only she continued to pursue her witchcraft. Ahh I have to resist the urge to react here. Kek. 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lulu has been stuck for a very long time. It would definitely take more than a single conversation to, err, unstick 😀 Even here, she only moves past that subject once Dandy diverts to something else, something so strong she can’t ignore it. They don’t really get back to the subject of Cordelia afterwards, which is probably for the best. Yeah, we don’t get Dandy’s POV’s often, perhaps he’ll get more this season! Yes, he definitely looks up to L Faba, she has been very much a parental figure for him growing up after all, before they sort of grew apart.

      Ah, Dandy may not understand why he’s getting so angry by the fact Silveril’s been “guarding a stupid well for 70 years,” but there definitely is a reason he feels that way. Oh yes, telling Cordie will be fun, not 😀 If he ever does tell her, of course. The BC cast have a terrible habit of holding on to secrets, lol.

      Yes, Morgyn did choose Micah over Cordelia at every possible opportunity, burned their globe over him, told Micah that if they could still love anyone, it would be always be him and then proceeded to only see Micah exclusively for the next 19 years even though Micah was reluctant to come see them all that often… so I’d say it’s not exactly a shocker 😀 Morgyn is good at lying to themself, but even they have to somewhat admit this probably meant something to them, lol.

      No love for poor Darrel once again. Oh yeah, Emilia would have been a great practical magic sage, she’s actually very… practical. But as you say she never really advanced very fan as far as spellcasting goes, she only knows a few basic spells, so sadly she’s not eligible. Noo, don;t resist urges to react, react away! 😀

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  5. Lulu sounds like she’s still in a lot of pain. It was sweet of Dandy to comfort her. She still sounds stubborn when it comes to her hatred of Cordelia. At least they didn’t raise their voices at each other and spiral into an argument.

    Morgyn seems to be arguing against themself. But they have a reason for being conflicted, as L Faba used a spell on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lulu is indeed stubborn, but yes, as you say she’s having a really rough time at the moment. All things considered, this chat could have gone a lot worse.

      Morgyn is always arguing with themself, yep. Not sure I’d blame Faba for that. She never did cast the spell on them, she cast it on herself instead (something she bitterly regrets to this day). But of course Morgyn has no idea that’s the case, so as far as they’re concerned, yes, they do believe she cast the love spell on them and they overcame it thanks to their “excellent willpower” 😅


  6. Ugh Dandy and Luella are ripping my heart out!!! Morgyn! Get over yourself and face your issues. You’re not Elsa! The past is obviously not staying in the past.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you’re on to something, BC is obviously just Frozen, the fire edition 🤣 Morgyn has not exactly faced their issues in 40 odd years, possibly longer. After such a long time, I’m not sure what it would take for them to change.


  7. Woo! I have a four-day weekend – and finally time to catch up 😁

    Oh, Lulu. Dandy is right – she’s so incredibly stuck on Cordelia and keeping “it” away from her, without even knowing what “it” is. I wonder if being forced into thinking about what those keys actually lead to and her uncle being safe will finally pull her out of that mindset. I’m not sure about Dandelion, but for Luella, meeting Silveril might actually be a good thing. Dandy was so young that he doesn’t even remember what happened, but Luella was both old enough to remember and too young to make sense of any of it. Perhaps Silveril can finally fill in the blanks for her and give her some closure. Because it doesn’t seem like she’s had any.

    I feel for Dandelion, too. There’s more to it of course, but he has a point – his father really did guard a well for all of Dandy’s life and missed his son growing up. I’d be angry and sad and confused, too. “I’ll stick to how things are.” Oh, Dandy. Things never stay as they are.

    “The practical magic sage was focusing all precaution on the existing sages instead of facing outwards.”
    Oh, go fall in a hole, Morgyn. The only reason why Simeon is so stuck on you two is because every time he turns his back, you cause another disaster that almost exposes/destroys/shatters/invades the magic realm. He does not have the time to face outwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A 4 day weekend sounds amazing, I’m jealous!

      Lulu cold definitely benefit from asking herself a few questions rather than assuming she has all the answers. Seeing Silveril would definitely be very different for her than for Dandy. It would probably be nice for him to see her too. Let’s see if they can help each other!

      Quite right, Dandy’s father did spend the majority of Dandy’s life locked away (much like the title, haha). He did say he always hoped his son made it out of Syeldell alive, but it doesn’t particularly sound like he’s looked for him, so I definitely don’t blame Dandelion for feeling angry. Haha, Dandy does not like change, in case you haven’t noticed 😀 But of course you’re right, nothing ever stays stagnant.

      You tell them! 😆 Poor Simeon has certainly had plenty of fire to put out right under his roof (no pun intended), so yes, he’s not exactly had a lot of energy and time left to focus on outside threats. Even before Morgyn and Luella and their fun antics, he wasn’t really wrong to be distrustful of the his fellow sages either, so maybe he has a point.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Sorry, I know the story is trying to draw my attention in another direction, but I’m still stuck on the Darrel thing. He’ll find a way to ensure he’s the next practical sage, probably by manipulating L or Morgyn’s emotions on the spot when it comes time to vote, I’m sure of it.

    I don’t comment on the emotions often but that’s because they all make sense to me: Dandy’s content with a simple existence and doesn’t need all this prince stuff, so of course he’s lashing out, and Morgyn’s being a walking fire metaphor that falls hard in love and then burns out. It all feels very natural for the characters.

    However. DARREL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I see you’ve committed to your theory, thinking about Darrel in a chapter that does not even feature Darrel 😆 That must be the most attention he’s from any reader had throughout this whole story. Morgyn would be jealous 😁

      I’m glad the emotions make sense! I don’t tend to explicitly state why characters act a certain way (not many opportunities for that, since so many of these guys don’t understand themselves in the first place), but it’s rarely random.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now I’m imagining Morgyn scrolling past 735198 comments about themself to see one about Darrel, and absolutely seething about it.

        I’m just saying! Someone has to keep an eye on Darrel. This man’s too quiet.

        Liked by 1 person

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