2.8 Borrowed Magic

The light breeze gently rocked the hammock from side to side. Smokey’s fiery wings glistened in the fake sun above them while he flew around, finding his way through the plasma fruit tree branches. Hawthorne could hear Dandelion’s rhythmic breathing. She could stay like this forever. Could she? They’ve been hiding from the world together.... Continue Reading →

2.7 Sacrifice the Queen

The untamed magic sage entered the study. Darrel looked up from his notes. “Morgyn. How can I help you?” Morgyn had no doubt Darrel had zero desire to help them, much like Morgyn themself had no desire to speak to Darrel in the first place. But here they were. “I won’t take up too much... Continue Reading →

2.6 Like a Phoenix

Chloe’s stuff on her side of the room was mocking her. But like Chloe, it would soon be gone. Chloe’s parents were flying over from Del Sol Valley today to collect her belongings. Hawthorne couldn’t be there when that happened. What would she say to them? How could she look at them? She wasn’t sure... Continue Reading →

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