I’m sure you will have noticed it’s been almost two weeks with no update in sight so this is probably not a huge shock. The Blackwell Chronicles will be going on hiatus until further notice.

I don’t really have any kind of excuse for this, other than that I haven’t been in the mood for writing this lately. The feeling crept up on me, but slowly the story’s turned into something I feel like I “should” be doing rather than something I look forward to.

Just to be clear, I still love these characters and I do have most of Season 2 planned out. But that is precisely the reason why I’m going on hiatus – I think the story deserves better than me forcing myself to write it and ploughing through on autopilot. I could still continue writing as normal, I just don’t feel like I’d do it justice.

Does that mean I’m abandoning the story altogether? Absolutely not. I just need to focus on other things for a bit and get this nagging feeling off my back to reset my mind from treating BC as a chore to check off a list. But I will come back to it.

A couple of you know that BC is actually loosely based off of my first Discover University playthrough that I played back in late 2019. The original “Cordelia” (who was not called Cordelia) was also an orphan with no money to her name, because I wanted to see how much of a debt could accumulate if I covered all costs using loans (quite a bit, turns out!).

Since this was my first playthrough, I joined all the societies, including the secret one, which is when the sprites came into the picture. Those of you who played DU on release may or may not remember an early DU bug where the sprites would not stop showing up, even when your sim graduated and left the Order of Enchantment. Meaning “Cordelia” was stuck with the sprites pursuing her. I found out this was a common bug, but instead of restarting what was originally intended to be a pretty realistic save, my brain went “this is great” and decided to send her off to the magic realm in an effort to get rid of this sprite “curse” – since at that point, I hadn’t really touched Realm of Magic either. And so the early BC concept was born.

There were some differences between how things played out in BC and in that original save, although many of the elements stayed the same. The relationships with Morgyn and L Faba were very similar, and Micah and Hawthorne were planned, though I never quite made it to Micah actually showing up in the initial save as I went on to focus on other things. But the premise never left me and fast forward 6 months, I wanted to revisit it, this time with a more fleshed out backstory – which is when I started writing BC.

The point of this rambling trip down the memory lane is that this story is something I do keep returning to, and has definitely evolved past the initial premise. My simself does have the non-committal trait, but there are things I always come back to without fail (I’m looking at you, Skyrim and Fallout). So yes, this is just a break and not the end.

When can you expect BC to make a return? Honestly, I don’t know. Hopefully sooner than another 6 months, lol. I can tell you it’s unlikely to be in the next month – I am (hopefully) going on holiday to Scotland at the beginning of July, so I don’t really foresee myself getting back into writing till mid-July, and even then, it might take some time. I don’t really want to make up an artificial deadline, since that would just contribute to my current predicament. But I will be back! If anyone still feels like reading by then!

Thank you so much for reading the story so far, and I’m sorry this is not the update you’ve been waiting for. It does feel like even posting this is taking the “pressure” off (just to be clear, when I say pressure, this is entirely self-inflicted), so fingers crossed I’ll be ready to come back sooner rather than later.

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    1. Thank you! I love Edinburgh, it’s such a fun city! Our upcoming holiday is in the lochs above Glasgow, we’ve been in the area before, very peaceful, would recommend for any nature lover. I’m really excited to just recharge over there πŸ™‚


  1. Doing other thngs and going on holiday seems like a wonderful way to recharge! If you love doing something, but you do it too much and there’s pressure to keep doing it, it stops being fun and starts feeling like a chore. But if it’s something you love, you’ll come back to it after some time, too 😊

    Lots of us will still want to read after you come back, don’t worry about that! But also don’t eat yourself up over “having” to come back because of us, when you’re not ready to. It’s supposed to be fun for you, too. πŸ™‚

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    1. You’re so right. Too much of a good thing can make it turn sour. I do tend to bounce between stuff so I’m sure I will do some bouncing back when I’m ready πŸ™‚ Thank you for your advice as well, I’ll try to abide by it, but you know that internal nagging haha πŸ˜…

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  2. I wholly recommend the six month hiatus but it needs vacation and travel…or chihuahuas because I’ll admit to this too. They patched out the sprite bug by the time I got around to playing with the EP so that’s nuts! I’m waiting for the cottage pack to fill up Dandy’s home even more. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Oh man, I can’t wait to travel properly again, and yes, would not mind a 6 month long vacation πŸ˜€ Most of my activities currently involve a derpy 10-month old labrador who thinks she’s the size of a chihuahua so I can very much relate to the doggo love πŸ™‚ Ooh yes, the cottage pack should go very well with Dandy’s little cottage. I wish you could bring the bunnies to Sylvan Glade – fingers crossed mods make that possible.

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      1. OMG PUPPY, the most universal thing about them is no one knowing their own size.

        I never even thought of the lack of rabbits in special worlds (or even regular ones outside the new village, I’ve seen plenty of wild rabbits in large cities but will the team give us San Myshuno bunnies? I have my doubts now…)

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        1. Yeah there were lots of bunnies where I went to uni actually, right by the library! I think they’ll mostly just run around the new world, though apparently if you befriend one it will come to your lot regardless of where you move to, so that’s something!

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  3. I am sending you all the cheering and all the vibes! I love this story, absolutely adore it, but as you know from BBDβ€”I completely understand this feeling of burnout. Sometimes it’s good to get a little distance, to play with things, and just be out in the world and see where that takes you and your characters. I’m loving my break from BBD. While I’m doing lots of writing and outlining and playing with characters, I’m in the phase where it can all just be random ideas and I don’t have to “deliver” anything yet. Whenever I start to get burned out, I just stop and focus on something else, and it’s pretty delightful.

    I know you love these characters and this story and even if you decide to come back and take them in a new direction or start something else, I’ll be right here cheering!

    (Hilariously, I was reading through my first SimLit that I abandoned, the Curious Chronicles, and marveling over how many of those themes and characters I carried over to BBD. Even though they are two completely different stories, one could not exist without the other!)

    Enjoy Scotland! We wanted to book another trip to Wales and then spend some time in Scotland but international travel ain’t really it at the moment (lol). But we are getting a lil cabin in the mountains for a week so I’m sending you some vacation vibes!!

    Also- it was so dope to see where this story came from! I didn’t realize how much was inspired by just a general playthrough.

    okay now I’m really done being all over the place with my comments lol

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    1. Thank you for your kind words ❀ I did lots of outlining and planning during my break between seasons – it was kind of weird, I knew I had "scheduled" myself a break to focus on other things but I couldn't really get into anything at the time. Whereas at the moment I've completely parked it and not even pressuring myself to think about the story for at least another month, or whenever it comes back to me naturally. Works much better to go with the flow with these things rather than try to take breaks when the story dictates it in my experience – though I know from a reader perspective that's not ideal.

      I do love these characters and the story! I don't really anticipating changing their direction much from what I have planned already to be honest – it's kind of canon in my head, at least up to a certain point, so deviating from my original plans would feel like "lying" if that makes sense. But I'll see how I feel when I start writing again!

      Ooh that's so interesting that you've carried over themes from your previous story – makes a lot of sense actually! What made you abandon the first story?

      Thank you! Yeah, international travel is not so hot at the moment, which is why we're "just" going to Scotland. I'm in the north of England so Scotland is actually closer to us then most places, way closer than the south of England, actually! Much like you we are getting a little cottage in the countryside and will just enjoy nature, so a similar holiday by the sounds of it πŸ™‚ Enjoy yours!

      Haha yeah this originally just spun from a regular playthough – even this version 2.0 was going to be a "regular" playthrough (with an involved backstory haha) that I happened to be writing about, but I didn't really think about other people reading it much until it got to the season one finale. I need to get back into that mindset of just writing this for me to be honest, that's been the main struggle I've had throughout season two – in season one I just did whatever I wanted as if it was just me playing, while in season two I've kept worrying about what readers might think. Which is silly. I haven't changed any of the story's direction because of what readers might think, but I do keep having this thought of "oh, people are going to hate this development" stuck in my mind, which is not very helpful when it comes to writing this and having fun with it πŸ˜…

      I loved your all over the place comment! ❀ My response was probably even more all over the place haha!

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      1. Lol I now believe that β€œall over the place” comments are a hallmark of SimLit and I’m here for it!

        Omg I totally feel you on the getting back to writing for yourself mindset. Like even though you want to be true to the characters and where it takes you, that little voice creeps in. I totally had that thought about some stuff that happened in BBD and this break has been good for me to just write what I vibe with and not worry.

        In terms of my old story vs BBDβ€”I ended up abandoning it because I started too big and too complicated too fast and I could not see my way through it. Like BBD is now told from like 8 or 9 different points of view, but I built up to that. In my old story, I did that from the beginning. And I was kind of writing and figuring out the characters as I went.

        I did end up keeping a lot of the themes around family, power, and how hard it is to change even if you have like, centuries.

        Enjoy your break! I’m jealous you’re so close to Scotland!


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