Welcome to my little corner of sim-verse. My simself would be a clumsy non-committal geek residing in Brindleton Bay with the husband (AKA the clever human behind The Plum Tree family tree app) and a golden retriever that we have yet to get IRL.

This blog hosts two SimLit stories: My new story, The Blackwell Chronicles, a vaguely legacy-ish fantasy-esque not-quite-a-fairy-tale following the cursed Cordelia Blackwell into the rabbit hole of magic, lies, and maybe just a little bit more than she bargained for, and The Bloomer Legacy, a now complete legacy that starts off as a Build Newcrest challenge but molds into a story about personal growth and self-acceptance that is all sorts of wholesome. The two are are nothing alike, so feel free to pick whichever you think is your jam (or marmite), and dig in!