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Current Story: The Blackwell Chronicles. Season 1: Cordelia’s Curse – Complete (Go to Chapter Index). Season 2 ETA: April 2021.

Synopsis: Meet Cordelia Blackwell. A fiery redhead with a hidden unlucky trait, and according to a certain elf, a bit of a buzzkill. Known as the cursed child for the majority of her life, Cordelia is determined to leave her past behind. Follow along as she stumbles down the rabbit hole of magic, secrets and deception, and maybe just a little bit more than she bargained for.

Genre: If I had to give this a label, I’d call it a fairy tale, but not the bright and happy Disney kind. More so the Grimm brother kind, where the stakes are high and no happy endings are guaranteed. (Disclaimer: I know I say fairy tale, but this story is not aimed at children. The story touches on potentially sensitive subjects including but not limited to death, depression and consent, and features a plethora of toxic relationships. Discretion is also advised if you have any traumatic experiences involving fire. Occasional swearing in some of the later chapters.)

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Too off the wall? My previous story, The Bloomer Legacy, is a complete Build Newcrest Legacy that’s all sorts of wholesome. (Go to Chapter Index) The two stories are are nothing alike, so feel free to pick whichever you think is your jam (or marmite), and dig in!


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Note: I’m using some amazing gallery builds and a couple of gallery sims throughout the course of the story – all credit goes to the original creators. Visit the Credits page for a list of lots, sims and their creators’ Origin IDs.