Bloomer Builds

I don’t consider myself a builder, but of course with this being a Build Newcrest challenge, the Bloomers and I have created a fair amount of community and residential lots. All of these are showcased below and can be downloaded for your game – my Origin account ID is ThePlumbobBlog.

Ruby Perrin Memorial Park
The very first build of the challenge dedicated to the one and only Ruby Perrin after her untimely demise. Some of the most interesting characters in the legacy wouldn’t have been born if it wasn’t for Ruby, so this one has a special place in my heart.

Fun Fact: The public toilets are what used to be the founder’s cottage.


You can take a tour of the park here.


Generation 1 & 2 Bloomer Family Home
This is partially showcased in the post on the memorial park. So far, the house has been the Bloomers’ home for the longest and has truly grown with the family.

Fun Fact: This later became the Bloomer family cemetery and wedding venue (after major alterations).


The house has undergone several renovations and mild redecorations, but one of the later ones can be found here.


Affordable Neighbourhood
The generation two task was building an affordable neighbourhood, featuring at least two starter homes. These were built during the time when Isaac was going through major character growth, and have been re-used by Bloomer relatives and friends down the line.

Fun Fact: Erica started her own family in the first starter home, and the second starter home is where Ethan lived.


Who could forget the sassy Juanita, Isaac’s first grilfriend whose family moved just across the street from the Bloomers. The Perrin house was a part of the affordable neighbourhood project, just a bit over 35,000 simoleons. This is also where the legendary cousin Cassiel grew up.


The layout of the first starter home is featured here. You can tour the second starter home and Juanita and Allen’s house here.




Generation 3 Family Home and Erica’s Family Home
Peter and Erica have always been close, so of course they would choose to live next to each other. However, while Erica opted for traditional, Peter’s house was much more sleek and modern.

Fun Fact: Erica’s old house has been redecorated and reused for Chell’s family, and I intend to continue reusing it further down the line.


The tour and layouts of both houses can be found here.



Lollipop Lair

The home of plotting, scheming and other general villaining carried out by evil cousin cassiel and her subordinates. This is the first time I’ve gone waaay off track and introduced a whole new subplot.

Fun Fact: Aside from Cassiel, every single sim who resided in this house has either come from or moved to another simmer’s story.


The tour of the house is given here, and the layout is featured here.


Generation 4 Family Home
I fell in love with all of this generation’s children and refused to move anyone out, which has resulted into the unusual layout of the house, providing separate condos for the spares.

Fun Fact: No previous Bloomer home has ever offered so many woohoo locations: beds (duh), 2 hot tubs, sauna, rocket and an observatory.


A detailed tour of the home can be found here.


Captain Duckhorse Library
Originally the generation 3 home, the Captain Duckhorse offers amenities suited to all types of sims, not just bookworms. With a games room, an indoor an outdoor cafe and a chess corner, this is one of the most relaxed hangouts in town.

Fun Fact: Peter first came up with the concept of Captain Duckhorse as a child, all the way back in chapter 2.4.


A detailed tour can be found here.


The Bloomer Cemetery and Wedding Venue
In a somewhat unusual combination, this is a place that celebrates the Bloomers present and the Bloomers past.

Fun Fact: I had the idea for this lot way back in generation 2, but I couldn’t execute it until several generations later, because I needed to find a suitable sim with an interest in the family history to “build” it for me.


This venue is first introduced here.


Booker and Keiko’s Houses
After their separation, Booker and Keiko each got a modern pad by the golf course. I just threw these two together quickly and don’t consider them the most practical, but they’re still available for download if you’d like to use them


Both of the houses are featured here.



Sister’s Hideout
Yenn’s tiny house is the home to the current heir, and while not the most spacious or intricate in layout, it comes with all of the photos of the Bloomers past.


Like the lots above, the house is included here.

Garden of Eden Gym and Spa
The 4th generation family home, fully converted to a gym and spa. Comes with changing rooms/lockers, a sauna, two rooms for yoga sessions as well as a protein shake bar.


Like the lots above, the gym is introduced here.


Generation 6 Builds Overview
There’s a fair few here, so jump into the separate post for more details!


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