2.7 Sacrifice the Queen

The untamed magic sage entered the study. Darrel looked up from his notes. “Morgyn. How can I help you?” Morgyn had no doubt Darrel had zero desire to help them, much like Morgyn themself had no desire to speak to Darrel in the first place. But here they were. “I won’t take up too much... Continue Reading →

2.6 Like a Phoenix

Chloe’s stuff on her side of the room was mocking her. But like Chloe, it would soon be gone. Chloe’s parents were flying over from Del Sol Valley today to collect her belongings. Hawthorne couldn’t be there when that happened. What would she say to them? How could she look at them? She wasn’t sure... Continue Reading →

2.5 Morning Sun

Cordelia took her time getting dressed, glancing out of the window every now and then. It was still dark outside. She sighed. Nights were so long this time of the year. She’d managed to avoid Micah for the last couple of days, but now that she had to return to work, she had no choice... Continue Reading →

2.4 Locked Away

Dandelion followed the mischief sage to her quarters. He felt conscious of the silence between them. Seemed every time he saw Lulu, there was more and more of a strain on their relationship. Could he take it all back? He felt conflicted about everything, and wasn’t sure what she even really knew, but felt strangely... Continue Reading →

2.3 Unanimous Vote

Luella resisted the urge to crawl back under the duvet. She wasn’t ready for another year of… this. Although this year wouldn’t be exactly the same as the last, would it? Memories of last night started flooding back in. She should have stayed in bed. Morgyn’s admission of killing their own family was too painful... Continue Reading →

2.2 A New Year

3 months earlier Hawthorne watched the morning rays of sunlight slither their way into the room as she sat on the floor. She glanced to Chloe’s side of the room. Her roommate never came home. At least someone got lucky last night, Hawthorne smirked to herself, feeling a twinge of jealousy towards Chloe. This was... Continue Reading →

2.1 The Prodigal Son

Screams and cheering filled through the arena as the song came to its close. The air felt electric. Damien grinned wildly, leaning towards the audience. “I love you, Del Sol Valley! I can’t wait to feast on your blood!” The crowd went wild. He could make out some of the chanting. “Billy!” Damien paused to... Continue Reading →

1.75 Here There Be Monsters

A/N: I feel like there should probably be a disclaimer, but no idea what it should say. Awful? Let’s go with all-encompassing awful. Welcome to the season finale. L Faba watched the vampire storm off. Neither him nor the sage have raised their voices too much during the exchange, but it was clear it was... Continue Reading →

1.74 Merry-go-round

Disclaimer: Language. Micah had never seen the magic realm HQ like this. Golden-lined curtains, drink fountains, uncomfortable looking obnoxious sofas. Clearly all Morgyn’s doing, he thought as his eyes traversed the hall. He wondered how long he’d have to stay. Having been frozen in time for decades now, years passing didn’t make much of a... Continue Reading →

Interlude 8: The Void

A/N: I know I said we were done with interludes, but I’m a self-professed flake. We’ll be returning back to the present day in the next chapter! (Also, yes, two of the images are literally just black rectangles. That is not a loading issue, in case you were wondering 😅) Morgyn I can’t hold it... Continue Reading →

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