I’ll be using a number of creations from the gallery throughout the Blackwell Chronicles story, whether it be lots or sims. I’ll do my best to credit these below – here is a list of the gallery names and their creator’s origin IDs so that you can check them out!


Secret Fairy House by Gryphi

The Magic Realm Reno by LilSimsie

Hex Spellcasters Shop by Vaelye

Elixirs and Brews Tavern by Trolis555

Halloween Fair by Darthlilos

Rock Ridge Canyon Reno by Doctor_Ashley

X-Mas Street Shops by TomilynYT

Mini Christmas Market by flippinmary

Von Haunt Manor by Simlicy

Forgotten Hollow Town by BeccaTownSims


L. Faba Rework by Liandellin

Simeon Silversweater by terriblecactus

Teen Gemma Charm by trymeagain16

The majority of the builds featured in the Bloomer Legacy were built by me, but where this is not the case credits are given in chapter author’s notes.

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