I’ll be using a number of creations from the gallery throughout the Blackwell Chronicles story, whether it be lots or sims. I’ll do my best to credit these below – here is a list of the gallery names and their creator’s origin IDs so that you can check them out!


Secret Fairy House by Gryphi (First seen in Chapter 2)

The Magic Realm Reno by LilSimsie (First seen in Chapter 4)

Hex Spellcasters Shop by Vaelye (First seen in Chapter 6)

Elixirs and Brews Tavern by Trolis555 (First seen in Chapter 11)

Halloween Fair by Darthlilos (First seen in Chapter 13)

Rock Ridge Canyon Reno by Doctor_Ashley (First seen in Chapter 16)

X-Mas Street Shops by TomilynYT (First seen in Chapter 19)

Mini Christmas Market by flippinmary (First seen in Chapter 19)

Von Haunt Manor by Simlicy (First seen in Chapter 22)

Forgotten Hollow Town by BeccaTownSims (First seen in Chapter 24)

Vatore Manor by Simlicy (First seen in Chapter 25)

Abandoned House by BettyPlumBob (First seen in chapter 30)

Steampunk Starter by audrcami (First seen in chapter 31, but I have heavily altered and extended the original build)

Botanical Gardens by Simproved (First seen in chapter 34)

Spellcaster Cottage by BubblyeZen (First seen in chapter 35)

Sylvan Glade Cottage by AvocadoFresh1 (First seen in chapter 37, without the actual cottage part)

La Taberna Selvadorada by Riemunen (First seen in chapter 41, exterior only)

Knockturn Alley by Simproved (First seen in Chapter 42)

Casa Selvadorada by SarahAmina (First seen in Chapter 42)

Ancient Temple by Simproved (First seen in chapter 45, interior only)

Cozy River Witch Cottage by Lebanese Blondie (First seen in Chapter 48)

Hollow Cemetery by itsangiebug (First seen in Chapter 53)


All paintings featured in the story that aren’t in game have been created by the amazing Takissis and are not CC – you can simply download them from the gallery when you search the Origin ID.


L. Faba Rework by Liandellin (First seen in Chapter 4)

Simeon Silversweater by terriblecactus (First seen in Chapter 4)

Teen Gemma Charm by trymeagain16 (First seen in Chapter 13)


I have quite a few (crept up on me!) and I’m not sure which ones I have used in the story or not, but the sites I typically get my poses from are listed below:

Andromeda Sims





Natalia Auditore



Thee Sims Resource


I don’t use a lot of CC, but I do have CC hairstyles, wallpapers, some furniture recolours and clothes in my game – if you’re after something specific that was featured, let me know, and I’ll try to find where I got it.

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