Me Hearties (SimLit I Enjoy)

Fun fact about me: My maiden name starts with a letter that’s towards the very end of the alphabet, so in school I got called for everything last. I genuinely love all of the stories below and was struggling with which order to list them in, so because of the above, I have decided to go for a reverse alphabetical order. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with any of these!

Tales of Camelot

In her unique take on the legend of King Arthur, Yimi’s Tales of Camelot whisks you away into a fully fleshed-out medieval world. You’ll get to meet the protagonists right as they first start figuring out the world as children and get to grow with them. Between the sassy Morgana, her charmingly arrogant brother Arthur and the good-natured Gawain, there’s a hero to love for everyone in this tale.

Supernatural Misadventures

Supernatural Misadventures follows the life of Hailey, a part-time supernatural investigator and an incredible supporting cast of loveable misfits who join her along for the ride. Lonecat has a real talent when it comes to creating rich likeable characters (I challenge you to dislike the villains – it’s impossible!) and compelling plot twists. This story could easily exist outside of the Sims universe and it would still be just as good.

Dust to Dust & Ashes to Ashes

This one is really close to my heart. Dust to Dust is a beautiful self-contained story about what loving someone truly means, with a sprinkle of supernatural thrown in. But because you won’t be able to get enough of it (trust me), the Ashes to Ashes legacy is here to save the day, offering a sequel following the D2D protagonist’s lineage – and lots and lots of drama.

Between 2 Worlds

Mercuryfoam’s Between 2 Worlds creates a carefully crafted blend of a magical realm with unique lore and a mobster underworld, all connected through a web of characters you’ll love – or will love to hate. A story about first loves, figuring out who you are and what you stand for, and so much more. Warning: This story may break your heart, but in a good way.

Baking by Death

I have been completely swept away by the sheer hilarity of the supernatural escapade that is Baking by Death. We get to follow Alice, who is extremely relatable apart from the minor fact she shares her subconscious with the god of death (as you do). Our other protagonist is the notorious evil vampire overlord Vlad who has been struck with a sudden dose of conscience after centuries of good old-fashioned villainy. A recipe for greatness (no pun intended). And that’s just the beginning as we get brought into a web of complex characters, intrigue and humour.

Almost Eternal

Almost Eternal is a delightfully hilarious story that features all kinds of darker themes, but somehow still feels light and airy at the same time. If you enjoy dark comedy, it’s a must read, but there’s plenty more to uncover under the surface. The mystery amps up with each chapter, and only two things are certain; 1) nothing is what it seems, and 2) there’s vampires. A lot of them.

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