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Chapter 28: Hospitality

The door burst open, causing Cordelia to cower. When she realised it was Micah, a strange sense of relief washed over her. She was aware of how ridiculous that was. He was still a vampire that could potentially kill her, and she was a prisoner in his room. And yet, it felt like the alternatives... Continue Reading →

Chapter 27: The Upper Hand

“What a delightful little surprise.” The vampire whispered in Cordelia’s ear. “I was so disappointed when you left the bakery so abruptly, but here you are, right in my home, in Micah’s room of all places…” The woman lightly stroked through the thick red hair to get it out of the way, her fingers pressing... Continue Reading →

Chapter 26: Sloppy Seconds

Micah stopped in his tracks the minute he walked through his bedroom door. “What the fu-“ “Surprise!” Verena interrupted him impatiently. “I got you a present. Do you like it?” The girl was lying on the bed unconscious, but very much alive. He could feel her pulse from across the room. “You’ve gotta be kidding... Continue Reading →

Chapter 25: Sacrifices

Verena Vampire covens don’t last forever, I’ve been around for long enough to learn that the hard way. These days, I keep my family small. Centuries of failed attempts and betrayals do that. I have learned one thing, there is a time limit on this so-called love. Affection, dedication, loyalty… they’re all fabricated constructs, a... Continue Reading →

Chapter 24: Down the Rabbit Hole

Cordelia didn’t understand. Over a week had passed since the magical night at Von Haunt Estate, and she hadn’t heard a word from Morgyn. It made no sense. Of course, nothing involving the untamed magic sage ever seemed to make sense, but how could they have gone from sharing that incredible first kiss to radio... Continue Reading →

Chapter 23: It Starts with Intrigue

Morgyn As far as first kisses go, this is the rare kind verging on perfect. Not a shabby way to welcome the year.  “Happy New Year, Cordelia.” I whisper when our lips part. She gets adorably flustered, which is quite rewarding on its own. But what’s even more remarkable are the sprites circling around us,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 22: Belle of the Ball

The setting sun had painted the mountains behind the manor gold. Not that the Von Haunt Estate needed that extra gloss. Cordelia had thought the Charm house to be impressive, but the estate in front of her was something else completely. A palace fit for a princess. Of course, she did almost look like one... Continue Reading →

Chapter 21: The Gift

The sound of the bell carried through Dandelion’s tiny kitchen surprisingly loudly. “Ho ho ho, the feast is served!” The elf called out in his finest belly voice attempt. Cordlelia chuckled to herself softly. He was being very over the top, considering Winterfest was not till tomorrow and it was only the two of them... Continue Reading →

Chapter 20: Productive

“Where are we?” Cordelia looked around once the flash from the spell subsided. Once she’d thrown the coin into the fire, Morgyn did materialise in her little shack shortly after, but apparently had no intentions of lingering, teleporting them both away instead. She looked around. Those tall buildings around looked familiar. Of course, wouldn’t most... Continue Reading →

Chapter 19: Easily Distracted

“You still haven’t bought anything.” Grace pointed out as the two women emerged from another shop. “That’s not how you go about Winterfest shopping…” There were a few reasons for Cordelia’s lack of spending. The first was practical; in spite of having a steady salary now, almost every penny she’d earned so far was spent... Continue Reading →

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