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1.74 Merry-go-round

Disclaimer: Language. Micah had never seen the magic realm HQ like this. Golden-lined curtains, drink fountains, uncomfortable looking obnoxious sofas. Clearly all Morgyn’s doing, he thought as his eyes traversed the hall. He wondered how long he’d have to stay. Having been frozen in time for decades now, years passing didn’t make much of a... Continue Reading →

Interlude 8: The Void

A/N: I know I said we were done with interludes, but I’m a self-professed flake. We’ll be returning back to the present day in the next chapter! (Also, yes, two of the images are literally just black rectangles. That is not a loading issue, in case you were wondering 😅) Morgyn I can’t hold it... Continue Reading →

Interlude 7: Rite of the Three

“Why is Morgyn doing this?” Luella looked up to Haruka, desperate for any kind of consolation. She knew something was wrong when Morgyn didn’t meet her after their lessons last night. She could barely manage to get any sleep. And then when she returned to the magic realm this morning, she was greeted with the... Continue Reading →

Interlude 6: Glass Jar

Morgyn I’m struggling to focus on what Aine is saying. I know these thoughts are counter-productive. I need to concentrate if I am to master untamed magic. But I can’t help it. L Faba has always had a way of creeping into my mind, ever since we met. Which is logical, I remind myself. I... Continue Reading →

Interlude 5: Qualified

Luella “I think we’re done for the day.” Haruka tells me. I think I’m getting pretty good at this. “Actually… there is something I wanted to talk to you about. Why don’t you sit with me?” She gestures towards the couch. I wonder what this could be about. “I’m sure you are looking forward to... Continue Reading →

Interlude 4: Options

Luella watched Dandelion’s little face grow animated with excitement as they approached the fair. She smiled to herself. Took a lot of convincing to persuade Simeon to let them come to the magic realm on Spooky Day this year, but it clearly paid off – her cousin was just as giddy about their visit as... Continue Reading →

Interlude 3: Reborn from the Ashes

Luella evaluated the tent setup. Not bad. A little refuge by the river, before she inevitably had to return to Sylvan Glade. She loved Dandelion, she really did. But spending all of her time in Sylvan Glade with a child was suffocating. Especially now, when he was old enough to start asking uncomfortable questions. Painful... Continue Reading →

Interlude 2: Where All Magic Was Born

When Luella opened her eyes, the world around her was dark. The sky looked nothing like it did in Syeldell at night, though. Was it even night-time? She couldn’t tell. Dandelion had stopped crying, but kept clinging on to her. Luella knew they couldn’t stay still. They had to find Simeon Silversweater. Whoever he was.... Continue Reading →

Interlude 1: Key to My Heart

Luella was bored. According to her father, she was now old enough to be present for some of the audiences people had with the king. She was excited when he first told her… until she discovered that most of the court business was dreadfully dull. There was that one time one of the elves in... Continue Reading →

1.73 Human Nature

Cedmé was special, even among elves. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, but more importantly, beauty filled her heart. No wonder she stole mine. She was an adventurer, often leaving Syeldell in the pursuit of discoveries. And I always eagerly awaited her return. Luckily for me, she felt the same way.... Continue Reading →

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