Chapter 3: The Elf in the Tree

It was a beautiful morning in Sylvan Glade. At least, Cordelia assumed it was the morning. She’d lost all concept of time in the magical meadow. Her body was still ticking, though. Her stomach was rumbling loudly. She realised she hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday. She got far too distracted by her discovery of the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: Into the Woods

As far as being secluded goes, this place sure does the job, Cordelia thought. She’d been on the road for days. And there was something peaceful about these woods. She’d passed a house, but avoided going anywhere near it. She was here to hide away, not to seek people out. The sprites did not seem... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: The Dream

It was that dream again. Cordelia wasn’t sure how much of it was real. She was so little back then, and the way her child mind interpreted it all seemed far too surreal to be true. But she knew one thing for sure; that unassuming evening in the quiet village of Gibbs Hill was when... Continue Reading →

The Blackwell Chronicles

Meet Cordelia Blackwell. A fiery redhead with a hidden unlucky trait, and according to a certain elf, a bit of a buzzkill. Known as the cursed child for the majority of her life – or at least ever since that fateful night that turned her life upside down – she’s determined to leave her old... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.85 Mind Reader

“Just look at you, Alexus!” Pauline smiled at the girl next to her affectionately. “You look fantastic! How are you feeling?” “Definitely not used to the whole no disguise thing yet,” Alexus laughed. “But everybody’s been so great about it so far… Couldn’t have done this without you, though.” The journey towards leaving her disguise... Continue Reading →

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