The Bloomer Legacy: 9.56 Babysitting Hope (Part 1)

Carly and Ralph may have felt guilty about leaving hope in Newcrest when they jetted off for their honeymoon, but their worries were unfounded. The girl was getting spoilt rotten.


With not one, but two doting grandparents eager to cater to her every need, she was having the time of her life.


“Would you like some ice cream, pumpkin?” Leo asked her enthusiastically.

“Ice cream? Really? But mommy never lets me have ice cream this late!” Hope exclaimed.

“Well, good job your mommy’s not around then, isn’t it?” Leo winked.


Hope stared at the cone in her hand adoringly. It was huge! Bigger than her head!


She could barely hold the thing. But it was delicious.


“Thanks grandpa!” She said cheerfully. “This is awesome.”

“Nothing beats your grandpa’s homemade ice cream,” Pauline nodded approvingly.

“You’ll have to stay over more often,” Leo laughed. “To see how many flavours you can sample.”

Hope pondered what he said.


She could get used to this.


After the copious amounts of frozen goodness, Leo reached for one of the thick books in the shelves by the fireplace and let Hope pick a night time story.


She was enthralled in his narration. Hope may have taken more after her father, but she ate up all of the bedtime stories Leo read with the same vigour her mother once had.


When she woke up the following morning, Hope made her way to the kitchen to find her grandparents in the middle of showering each other with affection. The girl didn’t make too much of it, after all, her own parents were usually like this too.

She wondered if all married couples acted like that. She’d probably not get married, she decided. The thought of blowing kisses to a boy sounded pretty gross to her. Besides, space pirates don’t have time for distractions.


“Are you excited for today, pumpkin?” Leo asked. “Aunt Sera should be picking you up later in the morning.”

“Can’t believe it’s time for you to stay with her already,” Pauline complained. “It’s gone by too quickly.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll be back,” Hope reassured them. “All the ice cream is here!” She giggled. “And so are my favourite grandparents!”

Leo and Pauline smiled at each other.


The girl hung around the garden until aunt Yenn called for her.

“Hope, aunt Sera’s here! Ready to go?”

Hope jumped off the monkey bars. “Maybe… where are we going?”


“I think she wants to show you something special,” Yenn beamed. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind coming along for a little while, I’m quite curious myself!”

“Please do,” Sera told her aunt as she approached.

“Aunt Sera has finished her Newcrest build, you see.” Yenn explained.


“Ooh, what is it?” Hope was intrigued.

“It will probably be a little boring for you once it’s properly open.” Sera laughed evasively. “But nobody’s seen it so far, so you can be like an explorer.”

“I like that!”


The three girls walked across to the brand new meditation retreat by the golf course.

“This is quite impressive, Sera!” Yenn said.

“You haven’t even seen it properly yet! Would you like a tour?”

“Would we, Hope?”



Seraphina led them into the main house.

“Here’s the main yoga space…”

“Wouldn’t be you if there wasn’t an opportunity to exercise,” Yenn smiled.


“Exactly,” Sera nodded. “It should fit a fair few people, I think.”

“Can I try?” Hope asked.

“Maybe I could teach you a couple basic poses,” Sera smiled. “Not that I’m a pro at expert myself…”


“There’s also a sauna downstairs.” Sera added. “To help with the stiff muscles. But my favourite bit is outside…”

She could barely contain her excitement. She couldn’t help it, she knew it wasn’t the most exciting of places for a little girl like Hope, but she was so proud of her little build she just had to show it off…


Luckily for Sera, Hope was always eager to explore new places. And this one didn’t look like anything she’d seen before.

The fountain could be bigger though, she thought. She wouldn’t even fit in it on her own, let alone if she wanted to play with Aslan! Or could she? She figured she could try when her aunt wasn’t looking…


“This is the meditation gazebo. I just love it,” Sera sighed happily.

“It’s a bit like a tree house,” Hope looked around. “You could do a pretend battle here! Like, one person defending the gazebo and one person defending the main house! That would be awesome!”


“Not sure if that’s what aunt Sera had in mind, sweetie,” Yenn chuckled.

“It could be done,” Sera shrugged with a grin. “Guess we’d just have to put off the opening…”


“When are you going to open this to the public, then?” Yenn asked. “It is stunning! I’m sure everyone in Newcrest will enjoy this slice of paradise…”

“Thanks,” Sera beamed. “I’m not too sure what I’m waiting for, to be honest. It feels like there’s something missing before it’s ready… but I guess it will always be like that, always thinking I can do more with it. I’ve got to open it sometime!”

“I think it’s cool!” Hope ventured in. “So… can you swim in the pond?”


“Go for it,” Sera told her.

The girl dove in with a big splash.


“Now that does seem quite delightful.” Yenn watched hope swim around. “I might just join in.”


She entered the pond carefully, swimming towards Hope.


Sera watched them try to scope out some of the petals for a while. She smiled. Perhaps she should go in too, she thought…

“Quite something you’ve got here,” A deep voice behind her interrupted.


It’s been quite some time since she’d seen the yoga instructor. She never did return to his yoga class after that first lesson. She did start practicing on her own, though.

“I must say I was surprised to see you’ve built this – didn’t think you liked yoga that much, after you never came back.” He said, as if he’d read her mind.


“Sorry, you probably don’t remember me. I’m Lorcan McCoy, I teach yoga over at the Garden of Eden Gym…”

“No, I do remember!” Like she could forget those eyes. “Though I don’t think we ever properly introduced each other. I’m Seraphina, by the way. Bloomer.”


“I gathered as much,” Lorcan nodded. “That’s why this is here, after all, right? Since the Bloomers build Newcrest.”

“I’d like to think I’d want to build something even if I wasn’t a Bloomer,” Sera told him. Though would she? She wasn’t sure. “But I guess you’re right.”

“Well either way, you’ve done great. Newcrest could definitely use a spot like this.” He said politely.

“Thanks.” She smiled. “Wold you like me to show you around?”

“Definitely.” He nodded.


“Well, what do you think?” Sera asked after they’d walked around the grounds. “I’m getting a hang of this tour guide thing…” She giggled.

“I think it’s perfect. I could definitely see myself spending a lot of time here.”

“Are you hoping to become a regular?” Sera joked.


“Actually, I was hoping to become an employee.” He told her. “If you still need yoga or meditation instructors, I do know a thing or two about both.”

“Oh.” She considered it. It seemed to make a lot of sense. She knew first hand that he was good at what he did. Perhaps this was the missing piece for the big opening… Then again there was a reason why she hadn’t come back to his class…


“I thought you worked at the gym.” She said cautiously.

“The gym only offers so many yoga classes.” Lorcan shrugged. “I spend most of my time driving around to teach classes in all sorts of towns. Of course I’d much rather work in this little oasis you’ve created. I could easily pop across the street to teach the few odd classes… that is, if you wanted to hire me.”

“Look, it’s not that I don’t want to offer you that steady gig…” Sera started. “And I genuinely think you’d be great…”


“But I don’t think it would be a good work dynamic.” Sera said awkwardly. Because your face is too symmetrical and your eyes are too deep and the last thing I need is to fall for yet another guy that looks perfect on paper… Of course she couldn’t say that.


“Do you still think I’m trying to chat you up?” He asked.

Ok, seriously, could this guy read her mind or what?

“Not necessarily, but…”

“Would people actually go through the trouble of applying for a job just to get a date?” Lorcan raised an eyebrow. “Look Sera, I do think you are beautiful, but I assure you that’s not where I’m going with this. I don’t date. Prospective employers, or anyone else.” He added.

“Ah.” So he was like Hallie, she thought. Perhaps it wasn’t such a terrible idea, then…


“I’m not looking to date either.” She told him. “But you’re right, I could probably use somebody that actually knew what they were doing working here. I figured it would be more of a self-service meditation and yoga place…”

Lorcan laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody say that!”


“Yeah… that’s why you’re needed around here.” Seraphina replied with a grin.

On second thought, this was a fantastic idea, she figured.

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.48 Whale

Carly stepped out of the changing room. Those photo studio lights were really not forgiving…

“I don’t know if this is the best idea,” she told Vito again. “I look like a whale.”


“Nonsense, you’re glowing,” Vito grinned. “The photos will look awesome, I promise!”

“I’m not too sure about that… I’m feeling so uncomfortable…”

“Do you want to sit down for a bit?” Vito asked.

“No, no, it’s fine… it’s just… I’m hardly a model. And all these beautiful people staring at me from the frames aren’t doing that much for my confidence…”


“Hey! Don’t say that, you’ve got the pregnant lady glow and the awesome Bloomer genes going for you!” Vito told her. “You’re prettier than any of them!”

Her eyes shot to the frame with the angelic boy. “Even Louis?” She giggled.

Vito hesitated for a moment. “Even Louis,” he grinned in the end. “I don’t think he could pull off growing another person inside him while looking amazing, that’s for sure.”


Carly laughed. “You’re such a schmoozer.” She hugged her brother. “But thank you.”

“Now, question is, will we get that star shot?” Vito smiled as he walked back to the tripod.


Carly chuckled. Vito hoped to capture that soft laugh, but for some reason, the radiance just wasn’t translating on film. Carly looked beautiful and vibrant right in front of him, but tired and worried in the frames.

09-05-16_11-03-49 PM

Vito wondered which was the truthful one. Was the camera lense telling him something he couldn’t see in person? Or was it just the harsh lighting?

Either way, this wasn’t working.


“I told you Vito, I’m no model,” Carly shook her head.

“You’re just not a studio type,” shrugged. “I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you go get dressed and we go for a bit of a walk? I reckon field photography is more of your thing…”

Carly rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say, Mr Photographer…”


She slipped into the dress as quickly as her state allowed her and joined her brother again. He was admiring the photo of Louis, with an unusual softness in his eyes.

“He messaged me the other day, you know,” She said casually. “Looks like he was concerned about me when you mentioned my baby situation to him, so he wanted to see if I was ok.”

“He’s such a nice guy,” Vito sighed. “I’ll never deserve him.”


“He looks good in that photo,” Carly changed the subject.

“Yeah.” Vito smiled. “Forget what I said, I bet he could pull of being pregnant. Too bad he’s not in modelling anymore.”

“Is he not?”

“Well, technically he is, just not in front of the lense. He decided to get into management side,” Vito explained. “Though I’m not sure if he likes the industry all that much. He’s not vain enough for it.” He laughed.

“I’m sure he’ll find something that suits him,” Carly said.


“I should take off that picture of Alyssa.” Vito pondered. “Louis hated it.”


“It made him feel uncomfortable since he knew we messed around…” Vito blushed.

“But Vito, didn’t you hook up with a whole bunch of your models anyway?”

He shot his sister a glare. “Ok, since you and Louis are talking again, do me a favour, and don’t mention that par to him, ok?”

Carly laughed. “Of course not.”

“It’s all in the past now, you know?” Vito shook his head. “Anyway, you ready to go?”


“So what are we doing, exactly?” Carly asked.

“I figured we’d walk around Newcrest for a bit,” Vito said. “You’re an outdoorsy type, so it will suit you much better in the photos. And you can start making your legacy plans at the same time…”


“Could have been your legacy too, you know,” Carly pointed out. “How do you feel about it now?”

“It’s not really sunk in yet, to be honest with you.” Vito shrugged. “I try not to think about it too much. But what I am thinking right now is that that lighting works great for you!”


“That’s probably because you can’t see my face in that picture.” Carly laughed when she looked at the photo. “Or how massive I am…”

“I’m just getting started…”


They arrived in the Ruby Perrin Park.

“Such a beautiful day here!” Carly beamed.

“Hold that expression! That’s exactly what I’m after!”


“You’re being ridiculous!” Carly laughed. “This will look awful!”


“It’s called candid shots,” Vito lectured her. “You take loads to capture just the right moment…”


“I don’t know about that,” Carly sat down on the edge of the fountain. “I thought you didn’t even do photos outside the studio.”


“I don’t, normally.” Vito admitted. “But that’s not life, is it? I’ve been making an effort to stop obsessing over artificial things, you know?”

“Sounds like artsy mumbo jumbo,” Carly shrugged. “Sit down with me. I’m tired.”


Vito joined her on the fountain.

“So how are you and Ralph?” he asked.

“That came out of nowhere!” Carly looked at him. “We’re… well there isn’t exactly a we with us, as you know.”

“Sounds familiar,” Vito smirked. “Louis told me more or less the same thing.”


“That’s not exactly the same though, is it?” Carly attempted to lighten the mood. “You and Louis will get back together, I know it. You’re doing all you can to show him you’ve grown. That you can be there for him… I’m rooting for you!”

Vito studied his sister’s face. “That’s interesting.”


“Why are you rooting for me to win Louis back over, when you’re not willing to give Ralph another chance?”

“That’s totally different,” Carly said quickly.

“You’re right,” Vito nodded. “Louis and I don’t have a kid on the way.”

Carly frowned. “Are you saying I’m wrong?”


“I’m just saying you shouldn’t have double standards like that,” Vito said. “Either you believe in second chances or you don’t. So if you’re rooting for me, you should root for Ralph too. And more importantly, you should root for you. You were so happy with Ralph. And now you’ll have a baby with him. Wouldn’t it make sense to give it another go?”

Carly looked away.

“Look, I know I’m no relationship expert.” Vito added. “But I do know a thing or two about how people photograph. And I’m positive it would be a lot easier to take a good picture of you if you were happy about your decision.”


From then on, the chances of getting a decent shot got even slimmer. Carly became rather mopey, even though she adamantly claimed it wasn’t what Vito said. She said she was just feeling a little uncomfortable.

Vito tried to get another picture or two, but the moment of her rejoicing over the promise her legacy held was gone.


The boy on the playground didn’t care for the petty drama of the Bloomer siblings. His ship was sinking, so he needed to abandon it, even though his pirate treasure was stored on it.

“Until another day, and another adventure!” he yelled out and jumped on the slide.


“Woooaaah!” He may have pounced on it just with a tad too much vigour. It was so much fun though…


…even though it made it practically impossible to stop the motion once he reached the end of the slide, catapulting him straight into Vito.

“Oh no, it’s a sea monster,” the boy yelled out when he saw Vito’s irritated face.


“Hey, watch where you’re going, kid!” Vito was annoyed.

“Oh come on Vito, it was an accident,” Carly jumped to the rescue. “I’m sure he didn’t mean to run into you like that…”

“Aslan! What are you doing!?” A woman’s voice got closer to them.


“We’ve talked about this Aslan, you need you need to be mindful of other people when you’re playing!” The boy’s mother scolded him.

“HE was in MY way,” the boy said defensively.

“Alyssa?” Vito wished he hadn’t been so mean to the kid seeing who his mother was. Bad conscience was already kicking in…


“Hi there, Vito… Carly.” Alyssa waved at them awkwardly. “Sorry about this…”

“Not at all,” Vito said quickly. “I was probably in the way…”


“Why are you so fat in your belly but not fat everywhere else?” The boy inquired, eyeing Carly up and down.

Alyssa growled. As if this couldn’t get any more awkward…

“Aslan! You can’t say things like that to people!”


“I was curious,” Aslan shrugged.

“The lady has a baby in her tummy,” she tried to explain it.

“Did she eat it?” The boy looked concerned.

“No, of course not!” Alyssa laughed nervously. “That’s just where babies come from. You were in my tummy once.”



“Do you want to feel the baby?” Carly smiled. “It’s been a bit fidgety today, so you’ll be able to tell that it’s moving in there.”

“Super cool,” the boy exclaimed.

“So uh, good seeing you, Alyssa,” Vito muttered awkwardly. “Your kid is… inquisitive…”

“I’m sorry my child inconveniences you so much,” Alyssa’s eyes narrowed.


“Not at all!” Vito said quickly. “He’s great! Really great! You and the Mr have got yourself a good one!”

“His father’s not in the picture.”

Brilliant. Come on Alyssa, give me something, Vito thought.

“Well with you for his mom, he doesn’t really need one, am I right?” he laughed nervously. “He mainly takes after you anyway. I mean, he looks just like you…”

Carly’s eyes widened.

“No he doesn’t,” She blurted out. “You know who he looks like?”


“Like who?” Vito smiled non-committedly, ignoring Alyssa’s frantic expression.

“He looks just like you when you were his age,” Carly said quietly.

The smile slowly evaporated from Vito’s face.


“Wait… you can’t be saying that he… no…” He stumbled across his words. “He couldn’t… I mean, it’s been so long… Alyssa?”

“Why don’t you go get mommy a bit of that pirate treasure?” Alyssa turned to Aslan.


It’s been so long? Do you think woohoo cancels itself out once it’s been a certain amount of time?” Alyssa hissed once Aslan was out of earshot.

“Oh plumbob,” Carly’s expression grew worried.

“Well newsflash Vito, it doesn’t work that way – the evidence is right there!” Alyssa continued.

“How do you get to be the hurt party here?” Vito said angrily. “Don’t you think you should have mentioned this to me? What the plum, Alyssa!?”

“Um, guys?” Carly interrupted. “I think I’m in labour.”


“Oh plum and llama horns,” Vito froze. “Plum plum plum…”

“Mommy says you shouldn’t say plum.” Aslan, who had just returned, informed Vito.

“Aslan, language!” Alyssa scolded her son.

“Plum! I mean, oranges,” Vito corrected himself, catching a glimpse of the boys curious look. “What do you want me to do, Carly?”


“Pull yourself together, for starters,” Carly yelled at him. “And get Ralph!”

“Right. Ralph.” Vito nodded. “But… who’ll take you to the hospital?”


“I’ll do it,” Alyssa sighed. “Let’s go Aslan. We’ve got a field trip ahead, the baby is leaving the lady’s tummy.”

“Cool!” The boy beamed.

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.47 The Beginning of the End

Pauline and Yenn sat in the garden, trying to not act tense.

“It’s probably not a big deal,” Pauline repeated again.

“There’s no point in speculating about it,” Yenn smiled. “But whatever it is, it’s nothing we can’t deal with.”


Vito finally arrived, bursting through the garden gate. He looked more tense than the two of them combined.

Yenn braced herself.


Pauline stood up. “Hi Vito, it’s good to see you,” she tried to put her son at ease.

“Ok ok ok,” Vito whispered to himself, placing his fingers on his temples.

Yenn and Pauline exchanged worried looks.


“I… I thought this would be easier,” Vito sighed.

“Whatever it is, you can tell us,” Yenn encouraged him. Vito attempted to compose himself.

“Ok… here it goes…”


“I’m not going to continue the legacy.” He said finally.

Yenn tried to hide her disappointment. It felt like a strange déjà vu. She wondered how Pauline was feeling.

“I do have a reason for it, though, I’m not just trying to be a plum,” he continued.

“It’s Louis, isn’t it?” Pauline asked quietly.


Vito nodded. “Not that he asked me to leave the legacy for him,” he added quickly. “But I can’t stay here. My heart is in Windenburg. All I care about is in Windenburg. I need to go back, once Carly’s had the baby.”

Pauline stared at him blankly.

“For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure I’d be a plummy heir,” Vito continued. “It just doesn’t come to me naturally, the whole bettering the community for others thing. I’m sorry. I know the girls will do way better than me.” He sighed.


Pauline looked at him sadly. “Believe it or not, I’ve been there.” She surprised him. “It doesn’t even feel like that long ago. When I first came to Newcrest from Windenburg, everything and everyone I knew and loved was back there. I was going to leave the legacy behind and go back to Windenburg as soon as I could. To get my real life. Follow my real dreams. So I do get it.”

Vito stared at his mother in shock. “So… are you now going to tell me what changed your mind, and how I’ll end up doing the same?”

She shook her head. “No. It’s your call to make. You need to make it with your own heart. I’m just saying I understand. Because I know where you’re coming from.”

Yenn’s heart was breaking watching them. She stood up.


“I don’t think it’s quite the same situation, mind you,” she told Vito. “Your mother grew up in Windenburg, so of course she had stronger ties to that city than to Newcrest. But then she saw all the work the generations before her had put in the town, the soul of Newcrest, and what it stands for…”

She paused. It wasn’t like her to tell people what to do. She could even understand Vito’s point. She just felt awful for Pauline. And deep down, she selfishly felt awful for herself too.


“I do apologise Vito,” Yenn corrected herself. “I’m not trying to blackmail you into staying, even though that sounded like it. I just want to make sure you appreciate what you’re leaving behind.”

“I know, I’m being a plumhead,” Vito looked away, feeling guilty. “All the more reason why the legacy is better off without me.”

“That’s not what I said,” Yenn said. “At the end of the day, you’re the only one that has a say in what you want to do with your life. And I do understand wanting to follow love. We all need love.”

Vito smiled gratefully. “I do really think Louis is my soulmate. You’ve had yours, so tell me, would you not do anything in your power to be with them? Sacrifice anything?”


Yenn didn’t respond. If she was completely honest with herself, it was probably always Ethan who’d done the majority of sacrificing in their relationship. Maybe she was the one who had it all wrong. Who knew. It was all lifetimes ago. Maybe she had been around for far too long for her life experiences to still be relatable.

Neither Pauline not Yenn spoke much more, other than muttering something about wishing Vito well. So he made his way out. He didn’t feel too great about it, but it had to be done. It was like ripping off a band aid.

Louis was worth it, he told himself, trying not to think about their sad faces too much.

Or maybe what Louis said before he’d gone back to Newcrest was true and he was just being a selfish jerk yet again, the voice at the back of his head said.


Pauline looked gobsmacked when he left. This was bad, Yenn thought.



“I’ve failed,” Pauline said. “Back then, when I was about to leave Newcrest instead of carrying on with the legacy… I might as well have. None of my heirs seem to want to keep it going. So the legacy will die with me anyway…”

“That is not true,” Yenn said. “Don’t forget about Carly and Sera…”


“Yes, Carly has a baby on the way, but under what circumstances? I never pictured it would be like this… and Sera? She doesn’t tell me much, but I can see she’s in pain. Poor lost soul…”

“Just because things aren’t the way we pictured them doesn’t mean they’re wrong,” Yenn pointed out.

“But they are wrong, aren’t they?” Pauline asked. “I’ve failed with the legacy. And I’ve failed with my children. I thought I did the right thing. Passing on the legacy to several heirs to make it stronger… turns out it just dilutes it, because they don’t think their decisions matter as much.”


“What’s worse, I’ve failed as a mother.” Pauline said tearfully. “I wanted to give my children the freedom I never had. Give them the world. Let them make their own choices. But they’re all lost and in pain. I’ve failed at everything I could have possibly failed at.”


“We’re human, we all fail,” Yenn raised her voice. “And then we picked ourselves up and rise again. We keep going. And so will you. You’ve given your children the love you never had. You’ve given Newcrest so much hope Pauline. Maybe it’s not the way you’d planned, but without you, the town would have withered away a long time ago. You’re not a failure.”



“If you are a failure, then what am I?” Yenn asked quietly. “I’ve stood here and let it all happen. Watched your children in pain. Watched you suffer. And your mother before you. I’d seen the legacy stumble and almost fall, I’d seen it on hold… but I’ve also seen the good things. So I know it’s not all been for nothing. And you know what, Pauline? It’s not over. We’re still here.”


“You’re right.” Pauline nodded. “It’s not over. And Carly’s baby is coming any day now. I need to stop focusing on the negatives. Maybe they’re not even that bad… I mean, it’s a good thing that both Hallie and Vito are pursing happiness, isn’t it?”

“Exactly,” Yenn nodded, attempting a smile.


But she was far from smiling on the inside. Once Pauline was out of sight, she dragged herself into her room.


She had failed. She had been around for generations, and still wasn’t able to save the legacy.

She looked at the photos on her wall. Will all of them be forgotten in history? Did their lives really matter? Did her own?


Staring at those old pictures of a legacy that was crumbling to the ground, Yenn felt defeated for the first time in a few lifetimes.

The Bloomer Legacy

Welcome to the home of the Bloomer family!

For the most part, this story is based on the #BuildNewcrest legacy – a challenge created by Simply Vanilla Sims, you can find the full set of rules here. I do however see the rules more as guidelines, and will stray from or break most of them throughout the course of the story.

Come along as the Bloomers build Newcrest from scratch; as in real life, there are ups and downs in this story and I may not always play by the rules, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride! The story index for all generations can be found below.

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Do you find long legacies intimidating? I would recommend reading the full story for maximum enjoyment, but if the number of chapters scares you, two good starting points further down the line may be Generation 3 or Generation 7.


Generation 1 – Kirk Bloomer
1.1 Meet Kirk Bloomer
1.2 Perfect Weenie Roast Attempt(s)
1.3 Love and Death
1.4 A New Generation
1.5 A Family Friend
1.6 A Family Friend (Part 2)
1.7 A Ghastly Encounter
1.8 The Mean Teen
1.9 Essence of Coolness
1.10 Double Birthday
1.11 The Sweet Boy
1.12 The Third Trait
1.13 Best Night of Your Life
1.14 Love and Death – Revisited
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Generation 2 – Isaac Bloomer
2.1 Changes
2.2 Festivities (#wheresfree edition)
2.3 The Cross-dressing Baby
2.4 Cousin Cassiel
2.5 Ghosts
2.6 Family Matters
2.7 Birthdays All Around
2.8 Babysitting
2.9 It’s Not Raining Men
2.10 It’s Just a Little Crush
2.11 Girlfriend
2.12 Fish in the Sea
2.13 Little Girl
2.14 The Talk
2.15 Scandal
2.16 The Aftermath
2.17 Honeymooners (Part 1)
2.18 Honeymooners (Part 2)
2.19 Back to Reality
2.20 Happy Birthday
2.21 Grandpa
2.22 End of an Era


Generation 3 – Peter Bloomer
3.1 On the Move
3.2 Lollipop Lair (Part 1)
3.3 Lollipop Lair (Part 2)
3.4 Escape
3.5 Party Time
3.6 Hell Froze Over
3.7 The Power of Intent
3.8 The Time Has Come
3.9 Wedding Crasher
3.10 The Case of a Lifetime
3.11 Fake It Till You Make It
3.12 Show Must Go On
3.13 Just Kidding
3.14 Chell
3.15 Villain Interlude (Part 1)
3.16 Villain Interlude (Part 2)
3.17 Adventurers
3.18 Best Friends
3.19 Speed Dating with the Agustins (Part 1)
3.20 Speed Dating with the Agustins (Part 2)
3. 21 The Aspiration Race
3.22 Discoveries
3.23 Boys Boys Boys
3.24 Lost and Found
3.25 When the Cat’s Away
Behind the Scenes Special


Generation 4 – Booker Bloomer
4.1 Taking Over
4.2 My Home Is My Castle
4.3 Angel Peril
4.4 Strange Days
4.5 Butterflies
4.6 Now I Ain’t Saying She a Gold Digger
4.7 No Wonder
4.8 Midnight Surprise
4.9 Happily Ever After
4.10 What happens After Happily Ever After?
4.11 Keiko’s Day
4.12 Another Adventure
4.13 The last Time I Played the Piano (Part 1)
4.14 The last Time I Played the Piano (Part 2)
4.15 Left Behind
4.16 Hellos and Goodbyes
4.17 Retreat
Collab Special – Yenn visits Tribe Arayeo (written by Julyvee)
4.18 My Tribe
4.19 Favourites
4.20 Time Flies


Generation 5 – Olivia Bloomer
5.1 Home Is Where the Heart Is
5.2 The Cool Kids
5.3 Bonding
5.4 The Cousin’s Girlfriend
5.5 Are you Ready?
5.6 Party Time
5.7 Sharing the Big News
5.8 Perfect
5.9 Winter Wonderland (Part 1)
5.10 (Winter Wonderland (Part 2)
5.11 Unlucky In Love
5.12 The Grandparents
5.13 Little Matchmaker
5.14 Happily Never After
5.15 Solitary Man
5.16 Moving On
5.17 The Last Kiss (Part 1)
5.18 The Last Kiss (Part 2)
5.19 Just Friends
5.20 All About Monty
5.21 Adventure Awaits
5.22 It’s Not What You Think
5.23 Lollipop Lair Revisited
5.24 Live, Liv!
5.25 Cheers!
5.26 You Just Need Vision
5.27 Finally
5.28 If You’re Serious
5.29 Announcements
5.30 Unlikely Friends


Generation 6 – Montgomery Bloomer
Interlude: Unexpected

Generation 7 – Astrid Bloomer
7.1 Windenburg Twist
7.2 Sights of Windenburg
7.3 Carried Away
7.4 Define Involved
7.5 Where Do You Fit In?
7.6 Lone Wolf
7.7 A Star Reborn
7.8 Sonnet 42
7.9 Almost
7.10 Happy
7.11 Unanswered
7.12 Alone
7.13 Monsters
7.14 In the Shadows
7.15 Peyton
7.16 One of Us
7.17 Brothers and Sisters
7.18 Not Fair


Generation 8 – Pauline Bloomer
8.1 Dead
8.2 The Greats Are up to You
8.3 Read My Mind
8.4 A New Beginning
8.5 Reunited
8.6 It’s My Party
8.7 Mother Knows Best
8.8 Brothers and Sisters V2
8.9 Same Love
8.10 Skinny Dipping
8.11 Greenskins
8.12 Guests
8.13 First Time for Everything
8.14 A Chance
8.15 Artistic Expression
8.16 Candy
8.17 Feeling Pink
8.18 Explode
8.19 Serious Business
8.20 Perfect Day
8.21 Romance
8.22 Wedding Jitters
8.23 The Loves Past
8.24 Never Forget
8.25 Grown Up
8.26 Not Compatible
8.27 Welcome Home
8.28 Fruitcake
8.29 Presents
8.30 One Last Return
8.31 Princess
8.32 Bad Luck
8.33 Once upon a time…
8.34 Doll House
8.35 Weirdo
8.36 Move on


Generation 9 – The Quadruple Threat
9.1 The Heir Talk
9.2 Holiday
9.3 Windenburger
9.4 Make Your Mark
9.5 Can’t Be Helped
9.6 Runs in the Family
9.7 Make It Count
9.8 Rewind
9.9 Character Building
9.10 More than OK
9.11 Whatever
9.12 First Day of School (Part 1)
9.13 First Day of School (Part 2)
9.14 Their Own Thing
9.15 Loser
9.16 Beavis and Butthead
9.17 Moonlight Massacre
9.18 Comparison Purposes
9.19 Couples Coustumes
9.20 What does it feel like?
9.21 First Snow
9.22 Snow Ball
9.23 Pure Love
9.24 Paper Doll
9.25 Friendly Advice
9.26 Love Day
9.27 Follow the Ribbits
9.28 Linger
(Building Update)
9.29 Angelic Face
9.30 When it all turned sour
9.31 Matter of Principle
9.32 Mystery Package
9.33 Somebody that you used to know
9.34 Memory Lane
9.35 Jackpot
9.36 The View
9.37 Good Guys
9.38 Our Place
9.39 The Chair
9.40 Fixed
9.41 Cliché
9.42 Be That Kid Again
9.43 Mad World
9.44 Family
9.45 The Legacy
9.46 Letdown
9.47 The Beginning of the End
9.48 Whale
9.49 Father
9.50 Alone
9.51 Selfish
9.52 Hope
9.53 Peace of Mind
9.54 Space Pirates
9.55 For Better or for Worse
9.56 Babysitting Hope (Part 1)
9.57 Babysitting Hope (Part 2)
9.58 Babysitting Hope (Part 3)
9.59 The One
9.60 New Kids on the Block
9.61 Seasons Changing
9.62 Swashbucklers
9.63 Spirits
9.64 Back in the Game
9.65 Visitor
9.66 A Bit Bigger
9.67 Father to Son
9.68 Circle
9.69 Reignited
9.70 Good Name
9.71 Rage
9.72 Normal
9.73 Unpacking
9.74 If the Streets Could Tell Stories
9.75 Proud
9.76 Anticipation
9.77 Long Way from Home
9.78 Four Little Words
9.79 In Love
9.80 Synchronicity
9.81 Adventure
9.82 Wedding Day (Part 1)
9.83 Wedding Day (Part 2)
9.84 Wedding Day (Part 3)
9.85 Mind Reader
9.86 Separate Ways
9.87 This Is Our Newcrest
9.88 Bright Light

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