The Bloomer Legacy: 9.85 Mind Reader

“Just look at you, Alexus!” Pauline smiled at the girl next to her affectionately. “You look fantastic! How are you feeling?” “Definitely not used to the whole no disguise thing yet,” Alexus laughed. “But everybody’s been so great about it so far… Couldn’t have done this without you, though.” The journey towards leaving her disguise... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.81 Adventure

The little girl twirled the brush across her cheek, applying just a little more blush. Like the grown-ups do. She examined her face in the mirror with apparent pride. She looked perfect. “Sadie?” A voice called out her name. “Are you snooping in aunt Sera’s room again? You know, if mom catches you… What the-“... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.80 Synchronicity

They arrived at the market after lunch, ready to explore. Throughout their travels, Sera had been more partial to the remote destinations in the countryside, but that didn’t mean they didn’t take advantage of their time in the cities. “Ok, you’ve got to promise me you won’t let me buy anything for myself again.” She... Continue Reading →

The Bloomer Legacy: 9.79 In Love

Sera woke up with the first rays of sunshine that entered through the window. She jumped out of bed, briefly appreciating the room’s minimalist design. They’d only arrived at the mountain village late last night, so she didn’t really have a chance to take a closer look up till now. But naturally, what she was... Continue Reading →

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