The Bloomer Legacy: 1.6 A Family Friend (Part 2)

It’s become the usual afternoon routine in the Bloomer family – when Maranda left off for work and Isaac returned from school, him and Kirk would go to the park. While Kirk would perfect his fishing…


Isaac was playing on the pirate ship to improve his motor skill.


Kirk’s finally reached the level 10 of fishing skill, but he has yet to catch 20 different kinds of fish to fulfil his second aspiration. Some of his catches are becoming rather impressive though.

Once Kirk start’s fishing he loses track of time, and usually is reliant on Isaac to come tell him it’s gotten too late and that they should head home. Luckily the community is pretty safe, and in any case there’s nobody else around tonight apart from Kirk and Isaac…


Ruby: “…and me! Don’t you dare forget about me! I’m ALWAYS here!”

Sorry Ruby…


Isaac was just on his way to tell his dad it was high time for them to go home, when he noticed Ruby’s tombstone levitating. He was a bit spooked at first, but then he figured it was probably just the wind (sadly he did not inherit Maranda’s genius trait).

He turned around and saw a spectral figure by the fountain.


Isaac: “Hello!”

Ruby: “You can see me? Nobody ever sees me…”

Isaac: “Of course I can see you! Although you are a bit see-through, so maybe that’s why some people don’t notice you.”

Ruby chuckled: “Well that must be it!”

Isaac: “My name is Isaac, and one day I’ll be the leader of Newcrest! I hope to meet everyone in town by then and become their friend, so that they are happy with me being the leader… but I haven’t met you yet! What’s your name?”


Ruby: “What a charming young man you are Isaac! My name is Ruby, and this park is my home. It will always be my home… I can never leave.”

Isaac: “Why not?”

Ruby: “I died here Isaac. It wasn’t my time to go yet, but my body burned and my spirit had nowhere to go… so I’m trapped here forever.”

Isaac: “That is awful! I’m so sorry you’re dead… wait, did you say your name was Ruby? That means we’re already friends! And as your friend I should help you!”

Ruby: “What are you talking about little boy? I’ve never met you in my life! Well… or in my death.”

Isaac: “You’re our family friend, so you’re already my friend! My parents are Kirk and Maranda Bloomer, and they were your friends too!”


Ruby turned a crimson hue of red. She was beside herself with rage.

Ruby: “Friends? Friends! Your parents were not my friends! Your parents KILLED ME!”

The Bloomer Legacy: 1.5 A Family Friend

It is my pleasure to properly introduce the generation 2 heir, Isaac Bloomer! He’s inherited Maranda’s hair and skin tone, but I was pleased to discover he has Kirk’s eyes. He’s an outgoing little boy and wants to be a Rambunctious Scamp.


Still very much a daddy’s boy, he likes to help Kirk out in the garden.


And much like when he was a baby, he continues to go on fishing trips with his dad too. (Author’s note: Apparently fishing raises the mental skill for children – who knew?)


Being a mother has inspired Maranda to work on her cooking more. Some of the meals she makes now look really tasty.


But naturally her true passion still lies with mixology. She is now a Juice Boss!


The whole family likes to hang out in the garden together.


And Kirk has also installed some monkey bars in the backyard – this way Maranda can keep an eye on Isaac from the house, and Kirk can do the same while fishing.


Soon enough it was time for Isaac’s first day of school.


Maranda was rather emotional about it. They grow up so fast!


Kirk comforted Maranda: “He’ll do just fine honey, he’s a smart little boy and he loves making friends. Everyone will love him!”


And they did! Isaac made fast friends with most of his classmates, which should hopefully make his future life as the Newcrest leader a lot easier.


At the weekend the whole family visited the park together.

Kirk: ”This is the Roby Perrin Memorial Park son. Your mommy and I built it together to establish a community heart here in Newcrest.”

Isaac: “Who is Ruby Perrin daddy? And what’s a mermorial?”

Kirk: “Let’s sit down…”


Kirk: “I will tell you all about Ruby when you’re old enough, but for now I need you to understand more about this park, and our family’s role in the town of Newcrest.”


“Look around you, and you will see sims having a wonderful time and creating wonderful happy memories in this park. One day, all of Newcrest will be a happy place like this. And that’s why our family is here, to build a thriving community.


But first, we need to bring more sims into the town. It’s going to be your job to do that by building small houses for them, just big enough for a sim to start off. Everyone will remember you for helping sims come here, and you’ll have many friends for it…”


Isaac: “Will Ruby Perrin be one of those friends?”

Kirk sighs: “Why don’t you go find your mom Isaac. I’ll go have a look if the plants need watering…”


Isaac: “Mom, what’s a mermorial? And will I be friends with Ruby Perrin?”

Maranda raised her eyebrows: “I can see your dad did well on answering your questions.”

Isaac: “All he talked about was many little houses for many little sims… or something.”

Maranda: “Of course he would.” She took a deep breath.

“A memorial is a place for a very special sim that should be remembered. Ruby Perrin was such a sim, she was a dear family friend. She died very young, so we have this tombstone here and named the park after her. That way everyone who comes to the park will remember her in some way, and be thankful she existed.”


Isaac: “But mom, if she’s dead that means I’ll never get to be friends with her!”

Maranda hugged her son tightly. She hated to see her baby boy upset.


Maranda: “Weren’t you listening sweetie? I told you Ruby was a family friend – that makes her your friend already!”

Isaac beamed: “Really?”

Maranda: “Of course! You’re family, aren’t you? Now let’s go play on the pirate ship – I bet we can find a treasure!”


Meanwhile, Kirk was having fun catching up with his beloved plants.


Isaac: “Bam bam bam! Take that cow plant sea monster!”

Maranda: “Just you wait to see the real sea monster…”


“Muhahaha I’m the queen sea monster, and you sailor are doomed!”


Isaac: “Oh noo, the queen of the sea! All men abandon the ship, she’ll drown us all!”


Isaac ended up having an amazing time at the park, and it would become his new favourite place from this day on.


He made many new friends too.


But before he and his parents left in the evening, he made sure to say goodbye to his special new friend Ruby.


The Bloomer Legacy: 1.4 A New Generation

The Bloomers started settling in in their new house (if you would like to have a full house tour, as well as take a look at the newly built Ruby Perrin Memorial Park, click here). Since both Kirk and Maranda are adults now, I gave them both a makeover.


New look and new life stage aside, they’re still very much in love. And for the most part enjoying their new home.


Although Maranda now panics at the slightest sign of fire. With this family’s history, I would say that’s understandable.


She’s much more at peace in her new reading nook – as a genius sim, Maranda needs frequent mental stimulation. It’s all the more intriguing she’s chosen mixology as her career path and lifetime ambition. “Mixing drinks is a science!”


As for Kirk, an outdoorsy sim like him could never stay cooped up inside, so now that his Freelance Botanist aspiration is complete, he’s taken up fishing.


Fishing in the pond near their house in particular is a good way to meet the members of his community as well, something that Kirk perceives as highly important.


Speaking of highly important things, Maranda is pregnant! It took three tries, so she’s overjoyed. She couldn’t wait for Kirk to come home and ran to the fishing pond as soon as she found out.


Kirk is ecstatic! The legacy will continue!


Overwhelmed with joy, Kirk decides to keep the next fish he catches as a family pet rather than mounting it. Seeing as it’s a gold fish, it probably makes more sense anyway. Meet Steve, who narrowly escaped death.


As Maranda grows bigger, Kirk gets even more sentimental.


He visits the Ruby Perrin memorial park for the first time since the family’s left the plot of land. The memories attached to the place are painful, but Kirk can’t help but smile when he sees sims all around him enjoying the new park.

He does of course go pay a visit to his old friend Ruby.


The time has come! Both of the soon to be parents remained unusually calm when Maranda went into labour. They opted for a home birth, since there were no hospitals nearby yet with the area being new.


Welcome Isaac Bloomer into this world. His parents didn’t need more than one glance at the newborn to tell that he’s pure perfection.


Kirk couldn’t believe how tiny and innocent Isaac was. The thought that this little bundle of joy would one day become the new leader of Newcrest was terrifying to him. But it also filled him with excitement. There was so much he had to teach Isaac!


Sure to not waste any precious time, he even took Isaac with him on his fishing trips.


Maranda almost had to steal little Isaac away to get some time with him! She was not really thinking about any of the heavy legacy duties that Kirk kept talking about. Apparently Isaac was meant to build an entire neighbourhood of affordable starter homes? Maranda shook her head. “Now how would you do that little one? With those tiny hands and… diaper changing time!”


The new parents still made sure to spend quality time together, especially with Maranda always supplying an array of exotic drinks when she was experimenting with recipes for work.


While babies are cute, I must confess that with all babies looking exactly the same in The Sims 4, I’m never particularly enticed to take too many pictures of them.


Soon enough, Isaac’s infant days had passed and he was he was about to age up.

Will he take more after his mom or his dad? What will he look like? And what will he aspire to do with his sim life? Tune in next time to find out!


#BuildNewcrest Legacy: Haunted Memorial Park and the New Bloomer Family Home

Since Kirk has completed his aspiration, the family was able to build the first public lot, a memorial park dedicated to their recently deceased friend. I have chosen to only build the park for the money the Bloomers actually have in their family funds – I would have liked to place more shrubbery around, but they simply couldn’t afford it. If you’d like to download the lot for your game, note you can find me on the gallery under the name ThePlumbobBlog. Note that the name of the park spoils who dies in the series, so make sure you’re all caught up with the Bloomer family before looking it up. The lot comes with a tomb, a ghost and a dead cow plant.


The chess table that’s cost us so much.


The camp fire area.


The kids pirate playground incorporates the dead cow plant.


The garden with Kirk’s plants.


The wedding arch area.


As for the Bloomer family, their new home is located near the canal where Kirk first declared his love to Maranda. They have also have a fishing pond in the back yard, which is convenient for Kirk’s new aspiration; Angling Ace. Kirk likes to spend his days fishing, but knowing he’s not too far from Maranda.

06-30-15_10-02 PM

The kitchen/dining/living room area. This is the most furnished part of the house and certainly a step up from the previous home. While the family’s life is no longer as rural as it used to be, it was still important to Kirk to include many plants in their home.


The bathroom is quite luxurious compared to its predecessor as well.


The bedroom is fairly simple for now.


And here is the house floor plan:

06-30-15_9-54 PM

And yes that is a baby in the room on the left… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Until next time!



Newcrest – First Impressions Overview

While I am mainly a legacy style player, meaning that I like to stick to one sim family for several generations, I always get restless if I play in the same area for too long. That’s why in The Sims 3, I often uprooted my legacy family and moved them to a completely different environment, and I appreciated the diversity of all The Sims 3 worlds. Naturally, once Newcrest has been announced I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to give my sims a bit of a change of scenery. Come join me on a first impressions tour of the new world!

The map view of Newcrest shows us the world is divided into 3 different areas, which is already more than we have gotten with the worlds that came as paid content. I commend EA for releasing this as a free update, as it shows they do listen to the simming community (and lets face it, is probably going to help them with the sales of the Perfect Patio Stuff pack coming out next week). I’m going to refer to each of the neighbourhoods within Newcrest in the order I visited them in for the purpose of the review (see image above).

Neighbourhood 1 A

The first thing that struck me when I loaded up Neighbourhood 1 was that we are definitely getting closer and closer to the city. Some of the background buildings seem very reminiscent of apartment style buildings – perhaps this is a hint of a city life expansion on the cards in the near future? (Note, I firmly stand in the semi-annoying toddler fan group, meaning that my preference would be a family-oriented EP before anything else, but let’s be honest… I’m bound to jump on whatever expansion pack comes out next just the same).

Neighborhood 1 B

To me, Neighbourhood essentially looks like an extension of Magnolia Promenade. The area is lovely and looks ideal for a commercial district, but it doesn’t necessarily add much of a new feel. Considering the minuscule size of Magnolia promenade, an additional neighbourhood with a similar style is not necessarily a bad thing though. I also do enjoy the canal flowing through this neighbourhood, since it adds more character to the area – in spite of it mainly being just for show.

Neighborhood 2 A

Neighbourhood 2 is probably my favourite addition to the game. The area combines a a park-like region with the backdrop of skyscrapers – Central park anyone? I feel like this neighbourhood is the biggest change of scenery and look forward to placing hip urban developments in the area for all of my young and trendy sims who are way cooler than I am.

Neighborhood 2 B

I also feel that the second neighbourhood features more details than the other two, such as the adorable boat in the picture above. The only downside is that there’s no way of getting your sims close to them, but I still enjoy the new backgrounds. On the other hand, I have the impression that the backdrop areas seem to get more blurry in Newcrest than in the existing worlds, but I’ll have to play in the area a bit more to be sure.

Neighborhood 2 C

The skyscraper-free area of Neigbourhood 2 reminds me of the Willow Creek neighbourhood where Oakenstead and Cypress Terrace are. Considering I find that particular neighborhooud the richest and most interesting area that came with the default game, this can only earn brownie points with me.

Neighborhood 3 A

Finally, we get to Neigbourhood 3. Again, high rise buildings are prominent in the background, but this area includes a lot more foliage than the previous two we visited.

Neighborhood 3 B

It sort of feels like Magnolia Blossom meets Sims 3 Into the Future, and the emphasis on nature so close to the big city is an interesting concept. My initial thought when I saw the neighbourhood was that there was a lot worth exploring and I wouldn’t be surprised if it even had a secret passage to a new hidden lot.

Neighborhood 3 C

However, on further inspection I realised that your sims can only venture into a small portion of the area and most of the park is indeed just a backdrop once again. As I said, I am always on the lookout for a slightly different scenery, but I can’t help but feel that minimising this into scenery only is a missed opportunity.

All in all, I am quite pleased with the new world though – the sheer fact that all of this content is available to everyone for free makes it hard to complain. I do hope that we will get more diversity in future world themes to allow players to have a truly different experience, even if this means the experience is paid for. Until then though, I am grateful for having the possibility expand without being restricted to the same old lots I’ve played with before.

Side Note: I have not touched on the fact Newcrest is a fully blank slate. In previous Sims games, this would have been a serious issue for me, as I am by no means a great builder and I am only in the mood for building every so often. With the brilliance of The Sims 4 gallery and EA’s inventive idea of inviting the best of community builders to create homes for the world under the #buildnewcrest tag, this is no issue at all. Of course one can think it’s a sneaky move of EA to put all of the responsibility of populating the world with houses on the community, yet you can’t deny the genius of the idea nonetheless. Sure they made it easy for themselves, but with having such an elegant solution at their disposal (and getting two birds in one stone in terms of the community promoting the world’s release), who can blame them? I for one am completely happy with the solution, and am heading to the gallery to download some of the homes tailor-made for Newcrest as we speak.

What are your thoughts on Newcrest?