Welcome to my simlit la la land! This blog is mainly home to The Blackwell Chronicles. The story is currently on Season 2 and updates approximately once a week.

Disclaimer: Both seasons feature a plethora of toxic relationships and touch on sensitive subjects including but not limited to death, depression, suicidal ideation and consent. Discretion is also advised if you have any traumatic experiences involving fire. Occasional swearing. Recommended for mature audiences, although I don’t show anything graphic.

Season 1: Cordelia’s Curse (Go to Chapter Index)

Meet Cordelia Blackwell. A fiery redhead with a hidden unlucky trait, and according to a certain elf, a bit of a buzzkill. Known as the cursed child for the majority of her life, Cordelia is determined to leave her past behind. Follow along as she stumbles down the rabbit hole of magic, secrets and deception, and maybe just a little bit more than she bargained for.

Season 2: Vampire Heart (Go to Chapter Index)

20 Years have passed since Cordelia’s arrival in Glimmerbrook. We may be wiser about the inhabitants of the town and the magic realm, but have they gotten any wiser themselves? More pressingly, how will they deal with the looming vampire threat?


Sound good? Go to Chapter Index. Or if you would prefer to read something a touch more normal, I have a very wholesome Build Newcrest story, The Bloomer Legacy, that I wrote 4 years ago.


Note: I’m using some amazing gallery builds and a couple of gallery sims throughout the course of the story – all credit goes to the original creators. Visit the Credits page for a list of lots, sims and their creators’ Origin IDs.

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