The Blackwell Chronicles

Meet Cordelia Blackwell. A fiery redhead with a hidden unlucky trait, and according to a certain elf, a bit of a buzzkill. Known as the cursed child for the majority of her life – or at least ever since that fateful night that turned her life upside down – she’s determined to leave her old... Continue Reading →

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The Bloomer Legacy

Welcome to the home of the Bloomer family! For the most part, this story is based on the #BuildNewcrest legacy - a challenge created by Simply Vanilla Sims, you can find the full set of rules here. I do however see the rules more as guidelines, and will stray from or break most of them... Continue Reading →

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Chapter 12: The Hollow Pumpkin

Cordelia threw herself into work, both at the store and at her little campsite. She really got the hang of things at the Hex Shop – sometimes, Grace would even let her work on potions on her own, even though Grace was ultimately the one to end the finishing touches to the potions, actually make... Continue Reading →

Chapter 11: Potions

Cordelia heard Morgyn calling after her but she didn’t stop. Thankfully, she was almost by the shop. She didn’t allow herself to think about what just went down and raced inside the shop instead, darting straight towards Grace. The whole ordeal with Morgyn had already side-tracked her enough. “Nice of you to finally stop by,”... Continue Reading →

Chapter 10: Revelations

The mattress below Cordelia was comfortable, the duvet above her soft. She hadn’t slept in a bed so comfortable – well, a bed, in fact – in ages. She stared at the colourful wallpaper and hanging branches for a moment. It took her a while to recollect where she was. Dandelion’s cottage. She’d slept over... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9: Untamed

For the first time Cordelia could remember, things were good. Settled. She was able to buy the tools basic woodworking tools with her first paycheck. It was good to be working with her hands again – and for the first time ever, her obscure hobbies as a lonely teen had finally come in handy. She... Continue Reading →

Chapter 8: Trial of Elements

Once again, as soon as Cordelia stepped into the magic realm, the sprites were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they were as apprehensive about portal travel as she was. Perhaps if she hid in the realm for ever, she’d be rid of them… Except this was no place she could stay for good – even... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7: First Day of Work

To Cordelia’s relief, the sprites had taken their leave overnight, and she found herself alone again in the morning. She reported in for her first day of work at the Hex Shop in much better spirits. The place hadn’t opened yet, so she figured the woman in the bright yellow dress had to be her... Continue Reading →

Chapter 6: Frogs and Bargains

Cordelia woke up in a terrible mood. But when she finally left her tent, she was greeted by a huge frog with shiny turquoise and lime green stripes. The frog was in a terrarium, not lose, so it didn’t quite get there on its own. She could only think of one person that would bring... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5: Motes and Secrets

“Right. So those things are motes.” Cordelia studied the purple pulsing orb in front of her, trying her hardest not to get distracted by a woman petting a giant plant with a cow’s head they’d passed while exiting the mansion. “Yup. There’s loads of them all over the realm. They’re pretty yummy,” Dandelion said happily.... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4: Realm of Egos

Cordelia flapped her arms around wildly in an attempt to fight off the sprites. “Get away, you pesky creatures!” She yelled. “Morning!” Dandelion greeted her. “Are these your sprite friends?” Cordelia stared at him, temporarily distracted from the sprite’s calls for attention. “They are NOT my friends.” She gritted through her teeth. “It’s just, you... Continue Reading →

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