The Bloomer Legacy: 2.5 Ghosts

Ruby has wonderful news for Isaac – their third child is on the way! I’m sure the couple could handle even more children, I on the other hand, could not. Since the Big Happy Family aspiration does not require more than three kids, baby number three will be the last bundle of joy in the Bloomer household for a while.


Isaac: “I had a feeling you might be pregnant – you’ve been glowing the past few days. Then again, you’re always radiant my love!”

I swear he’s never mean to Ruby or the kids… maybe he’s undergone a major character change…


“Tell me what you know you bald plum!”

… or maybe he just compensates elsewhere. Interrogation is Isaac’s favourite part of the job.


Isaac: “Let’s start over. This is the Goth house… look familiar?”


He eyes up the suspect: “Are you sure you know nothing about the graffiti there?”


Isaac: “Ah well, maybe I was wrong. You know what, you and I are going to be great friends!”

Suspect: “We are?”


Isaac: “Of course not you idiot! I’ll get that confession from you even if I have to punch a hole through the wall!”


Isaac: “Listen up punk, I know it was you, and you won’t get away with it!”

Suspect: “Ok, ok, I confess… it was me!”


Juanita shows up at the station. She is disappointed she missed all the action at the last crime scene when she busy changing Cassiel’s diapers and she hopes to make up for it now that her daughter is a big girl.

Juanita: “I’m here to report a crime. A person in the street told me I am not the most beautiful sim in Newcrest! Could you believe it?”

Receptionist: “Um, I’m not quite sure if that would be considered a crime per say…”

Juanita: “What? I demand justice! Is Isaac around?”

Receptionist: “Err, he’s not available ma’am, he’s in the middle of interrogation…”

Juanita: “Unbelievable! What about my husband? He works here too!”

Receptionist: “Why don’t you sit down ma’am and I’ll see what I can do for you…”


Another day, another criminal locked up. He hides by the cells long enough for Juanita to leave the reception area and then heads home. In a profession like Isaac’s you never know what the next day will bring…


But Isaac can count on one thing; his little princess greeting him back home at the end of every shift.


Peter, on the other hand, is normally too immersed in his typing game to notice anything.


The kids make sure to do their homework before going to bed.


And looks like it’s someone else’s bed time too, poor Ruby falls asleep after long hours of programming… wait, she’s only been programming for 30 minutes and she’s not even that tired! I keep forgetting that Ruby has the lazy trait…


Isaac spends some quality time with his father. They discuss the latest happening in the house over a game of chess.


And Maranda checks in as well. This time Erica takes notice of the paranormal activity in the house.


Erica: “Peter, I’m telling you, I’ve seen a ghost in this very room. A ghost!”


Peter: “Come on sis, you’re older than me, you shouldn’t believe in such silly things! A ghost… there’s no such thing as ghosts!”

17 thoughts on “The Bloomer Legacy: 2.5 Ghosts

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  1. “I swear he’s never mean to Ruby or the kids” Aww he’s really great with them.

    I didn’t know lazy sims slept everywhere, I really need to let my sims do things on their own.

    Being a detective must be really fun. Lol Juanita as usual


  2. Isaac is an awesome husband and dad. He does roll wishes to be mean to his coworkers and the chief all the time though – not the best way to climb the career ladder!

    Juanita comes to the police station on a daily basis. Maybe she’s a field agent I’m not aware of…


  3. Lol really? I wonder if they get tired of seeing her there all the time.
    Isaac being mean, too bad he rolled that trait but I think it’s interesting. Those whims could be taken as what they think but not always do because they know better.


  4. “In a profession like Isaac’s you never know what the next day will bring…”

    I sense some foreshadowing with this line. I’m just not sure what for.


  5. Ah I don’t think I was going anywhere dramatic with it. Although it’s definitely a statement that’s quite truthful about Isaac’s career – just the other day one of the crime witnesses he had to get a report from was Grim Reaper…


  6. I love the photo of Isaac and Ruby in her ghost form, it’s so adorable.
    I also love all the houses you’ve built, you are so very talented.
    And I pretty much love everything about your sims and their story (and now I sound like a crazy fan-girl, sorry 🙂 )


  7. That interrogation scene had me in stitches! I’d confess too just to get out of that room with that crazy cop! xD xD And oh, Juanita. xD

    I love that the children had their triceratops toy on the table with them! Super cute.

    Well, I guess Peter doesn’t know the story of how his parents met then… xD


  8. I just noticed a hilarious mistake in this chapter. At the beginning when Isaac is talking to Ruby, Isaac says “Isaac, I had a feeling you might be pregnant.” This just cracked me up 😛


  9. Haha Juanita reporting the crime had me in stitches!! And Isaac placating the suspect with his “we’re going to be great friends! Really? Of course not you idiot!”

    I was laughing!!


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