The Bloomer Legacy: 2.20 Happy Birthday

With a family of their own on the way, Erica and Daniel moved into one of the starter homes. They started their careers as well; Erica started off as a hungry artist and Daniel became an amateur entertainer.


Of course, Ruby visited the young couple every opportunity she had, and surprisingly, she often brought Juanita with her.


Ruby and Juanita have grown quite close since Allen’s death. The entire dynamic of their friendship seemed to have changed. Juanita, much like Ruby, was shaken by her husband’s passing, and has lost all of her sass. Hopefully it’s just temporary!

Isaac stopped by every so often to check in on his daughter as well. But he always conveniently chose the time when Daniel was at work.


With everything that’s happened, nobody really felt like big parties and celebrations, so Peter’s birthday was a quiet and modest affair.

The inspiration to write that he found in Granite Falls stayed with Peter. The trait he gained upon transitioning into young adult was creative, and his new aspiration is to become a bestselling author. But of course, his Captain Duckhorse game might still happen… it will probably just end up being published as a book sooner than becoming an RPG.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Peter is our Generation 3 heir.


Although he didn’t really have much of a chance to celebrate his birthday, he still got a wonderful gift. Lilah called him to let him know that the tourist season in Granite Falls was over, and that she was wondering if she could still take him up on the offer to visit Newcrest.


He met her by the park a couple days later. She leapt into his arms.

Lilah: “It’s so nice to see you again! Thank you for agreeing to be my guide on such short notice!”

Peter: “No problem at all! And as I said, it’s not a problem for you to stay with my family while you’re visiting, we have a spare room since Erica moved out!”


Lilah pulled out her phone to take a picture of the park: “Come on, let’s take a selfie! I’m the tourist now! Ok, why don’t you show me around?”


Peter: “Ok, this is the park that my granddad Kirk built, the first community lot in town! Supposedly he used to camp here when he owned nothing but a tent! Isn’t that crazy?”

Lilah: “Not at all! Your family sounds so fun!”


Peter: “And this the wedding arch under which him and my grandma got married. It’s been here ever since, so that, um, it can be used by, uh, future generations…”


Lilah: “Oh really? Do you think you’ll get married here some day?”


Peter’s hear was racing. Could she actually like him? He thought she must still see him as a little kid. But the way she smiled at him, the way she brushed her thigh against his…


Lilah suddenly stood up: “Ok, what else should I see?”

Peter shook his head. What was he thinking…


Peter: “I’ve always quite liked this waterfront walk, with the view of the city.”

Lilah: “It is very pretty.”

She was looking at him with that gorgeous smile of hers again. Peter stopped thinking and grabbed her hands.


Peter: “Not as pretty as you… sorry! That was stupid. I shouldn’t have…”


Before he say anything else, she kissed him. Kissed him!


Lilah: “I’m liking Newcrest. Maybe I’ll stay a bit longer than I planned. How long do you think I can stay with your family for?”


Peter: “As long as you like!”


They headed home so that Peter could introduce Lilah to his parents. Isaac seemed to have warmed up to her a lot more than to Daniel. Promising start.


Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. Lilah was likeable and bubbly and she shared tips on wellbeing with Ruby. It must have helped, since Ruby seemed to look and feel a lot happier than she had been lately.

Isaac wanted to make sure this girl would be legacy appropriate, of course: “So what is it that you’d like to do with your life, Lilah?”

Peter: “Dad! Stop being so intense!”

Lilah: “Oh it’s quite alright! I want to write about everything I’ve heard and seen. I hope to be a bestselling author one day!”

Peter: “Me too!”

Isaac and Ruby looked at each other. This was new!

Meanwhile, I think I’m starting to understand where Peter’s sudden interest in writing has come from!


After dinner, Lilah went to Erica’s old room to unpack. There was just enough room to place her meditation pod and her yoga mat. She was liking Newcrest already.

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  1. The new heir! I can’t wait to see Erica’s baby!
    It’s so cool that everything he showed her was made by his family. This is really a great challenge. I’m sure Peter will do a great job as well. And yay she came to see him! I hope she likes Newcrest enough to stay there forever


  2. I’m a big fan of Peter. The only thing that bothers me is that it’s yet another male heir, since this was never meant to be a patriarchy!

    For his sake I do hope that Newcrest will hold Lilah’s attention. I see a lot of myself in her attitude to life, and the thought of staying in one place forever terrifies me. So at this point anything could happen.


  3. I LOVED this. Okay, I love all of your posts, but still. I’m adoring Lilah (sooo much more than Daniel..err, don’t tell Erica I said that). I hope she sticks around too — and wow! Two writers!

    Also, I’m glad Peter’s the heir. I love the direction he’s taking it with the who RPG thing. He can totally write tabletop RPGs (what I play) — those are ‘books,’ right? Yeah…I read…games… xD I’m sure he’s a bigger fan of mmorpgs, but whatever. He can get used to it, we dorks need our adventures. You’ll probably end up having so much money from the royalties of having two Bestselling Authors, you could turn that empty lot in Newcrest into a comic book cafe! That’d be adorable. (And I might have to send my Simself over to fangirl.)


  4. I love Lilah! A part of the reason why I wrote the two honeymoon chapters from Peter’s perspective was so that I could gush over her LOL I definitely prefer her to Daniel too (although I do like Daniel better than I used to now that he’s insane), and when I moved her in and found out she wants to be a bestselling author, I couldn’t have been happier.

    Definitely liking the idea of a comic book cafe, maybe I could have that on the ground floor and then use the upper floors for the library…


  5. Lilah is perfect. Or you just made her perfect by your writing. One way or another, I love her! I love her adventurous, open-minded personality and her fashion sense (did that blue top with flowers come with the GP?)


  6. I adore Lilah. I completely fell in love with her when I first met her and saw her enthusiasm for life and exploration – that’s a part of why I wanted to write the honeymoon chapters from peter’s perspective, because it would allow me to swoon over her 😀

    I just checked and the top actually came with Perfect Patio stuff. I didn’t even know, I thought it may have been from Get to Work. It is a really cute one 🙂


    1. I was kind of nervous about this, since I knew he was really into her but I wasn’t sure what she thought, given she met him as a teen. But she was putting the moves on him ever since she arrived to the park, so I went ahead and asked her to move in.


  7. Have to chime in: I love Lilah too! She is one of the most beutiful NPC I have seen so far!

    But a question: How do you make your family photos on the wall so big? Have you enlarged them or is it a special camera?


    1. Yeah, Lilah was lovely, and I enjoyed how free-spirited she was 🙂 The photos – I use the most expensive camera, it has more settings than the other ones and you can pic the photo size 🙂


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