The Bloomer Legacy: 5.2 The Cool Kids

Saturday evenings is when all the teens hang out in the park. All the cool kids know that. Liv wasted no time saving the seating around the fire pit for her gang.

She was joined by her cousin Newton shortly, and soon enough, the Agustins arrived. Liv knew she was vaguely related to Liam, Alice and Josephine – they were her second cousins once removed or something? In any case, they were cool.


“This gig I went to in Oasis Springs was amazing,” Newton exclaimed.

Liv had heard the story already before the Agustins got there, but she couldn’t get enough of it: “I can’t believe you got to go to Oasis Spring and see the Fiery Llamas! Life’s so unfair!”

“Oh I’m sure it must be so plummy to be the heir to the family that leads Newcrest,” Josephine interrupted. “You’ll get to build an epic community lot someday, you just have to follow a few rules as a trade-off, so what?”

“Have you figured out what you want to build yet?” Newton looked at this cousin inquisitively.

“No,” Liv sighed, “though right now I’m thinking a concert hall would sound good! Show us that video again!”


Alice peered over Newton’s shoulder: “That guitarist is pretty dreamy, I must give the band that!”

“I thought girls always swooned over singers,” Newton chuckled. “Maybe I should reconsider my career choices!”

Newton was torn. He had been hoping to play for the same team as Ethan one day, though on days like these, he felt an itch to start a band and tour the sim nation. He did play both the guitar and the piano, and was told he had a decent singing voice. Maybe he could end up pursuing both music and sports somehow?


“You guys done with that video yet? I wanna have a look too,” Liam said impatiently. Newton handed the phone over to him.

Liam watched the video quietly. He liked to keep to himself more than the Agustin girls. A part of him always wondered whether he’d break the Agustin curse of insanity. Both his granddad and his dad had turned gained the insane trait on their young adult birthday, and although he never admitted it to his cousins, he was scared he’d follow suite.


“Hey guys,” Malakai joined the group. Ever since Liv met him in those awkward circumstances, she’d always tried to include him in everything. At first he thought she’d just felt bad for him, but over the years he became a part of the gang. Sort of.

“Hey, isn’t that your dad over there Liam? The dude dressed like a homeless person,” Malakai asked.

“Err, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Liam replied nervously, turning the other direction. “But speaking of outfits, look what that guy is sporting!”

Everyone’s eyes traveled to a teenage boy wearing a crop top.


“The name is Max,” the crop top boy said. “Me and my sis Diane are new in Newcrest. Obviously our original town was a lot more fashion forward!”

“You don’t say,” Alice muttered.

Olivia wanted to make the newcomer welcome: “Nice to meet you Max! We were just talking about the Fiery Llamas, do you know them? Newton saw them live in Oasis Springs the other day.”

“No way!”

“Way! You wanna see the video?”


Max hurried to show the video to his sister. She seemed to dress much more normal, in fact, she was rather cute. Liv decided to go over to say hi.


“Hey there, I’m Olivia, or Liv for short,” she introduced herself to the girl. “Me and my friends just met your brother.”

“Oh, sorry about him! He’s a bit out there,” the girl grinned. “I’m Diane.”

“You should come meet the rest of the gang,” Liv said enthusiastically, “They’re pretty chill people, not a band bunch to start off with when you’re new in town.”


Liv lead Diane back to the fire pit where everyone hung out: “Guys, this is Diane, Max’s sister! Diane, these are my cousins Liam, Alice, Josephine and Newton!”


“Hi everyone,” Diane waved to the group. “Can’t believe everyone’s so welcoming in this town!”

“Not everyone,” Alice laughed, “but Liv’s family has sort of built this place up from the ground, so she feels like it’s her personal responsibility to make everyone feel welcome.”

Liv just smiled and shook her head. She noticed Newton couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Diane. He sure seemed pretty eager to meet the make the newcomer feel welcome, Liv giggled to herself.

Diane’s brother Max joined them again.


“I bet you are pretty glad we moved here,” Max started poking Alice. “I bet you don’t get men like me around here! You and I are gonna be a thing, I can feel it!”

“Back off,” Alice stepped aside. “In your dreams maybe!”O

“Plum Max, do you have to try to ruin everything from us from the get go? I’m really sorry about him,” Diane glanced at Alice apologetically. “It’s time for us to head home anyway, it’s been real nice to meet you all though!”


Max took a last look at Alice: “You know it’s gonna happen, no need to fight it!”

“Maaax,” Diane called out to her brother, annoyed. Max smirked and followed his sister.

“Hey Newton, care to join us here on earth?” Liv looked at her cousin, who was staring after Diane’s figure disappearing in the distance with a huge grin on his face. Liv poked him jokingly.

“Sorry, what?”


“Dude, you totally owe me for this,” Liv laughed. “You are so crushing on this girl!”

“I am not!” Newton blushed.


“It’s cool,” Liv said playfully. “I won’t tell anyone. And I’ll make sure to invite her to join next time we’re all hanging out together.”

Newton smirked and hugged his cousin. “I do owe you,” he whispered.

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  1. I’m getting a bit lost when it comes to Agustin kids 😀 But it’s really fun to see them around! But maybe it’s just fun for me to see teenagers that are social and popular, since I neglect my sim teens so vigorously xD I can’t wait to find out what is this generation’s goal!


    1. I don’t blame you! They’re not really a central part of the story, but I like having them around 🙂 The girl with the short hair and the denim jacket, Alice, is Audrey’s daughter btw. I think she looks so much like her mom!


    1. Thank you! Really they do most of it on their own 🙂 I feel like I can hear Liv’s voice really clearly, which is why there will be a fair few chapters written from her perspective this generation 🙂


  2. He he he, teen love connections! I’m trying to figure out which of the two non-Bloomers Liv is gonna end up with. I think I remember from seeing your family tree one time a very handsome dark skinned dude, so it has to be one of these boys lol.


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